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tv   News  ABC  April 15, 2013 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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hope for peace the u.s. wants to avoid confrontation but remains on alert. >> the united states will do what is necessary to defend our allies, japan, republic of korea and the region against the prove vations. -- provocations but our choice is to negotiate. >> reporter: the north is rejected offers for peace talks calling it a cubbing -- cunning ploy but for many south koreans it's a familiar pattern. on sunday in seoul psy drew huge crowds defying the looming let. u.s. and south korean officials believe they could drag out the threat of a missile launch for sometime. experts believe he will do something to bolster his image at home. 6:31. a day on a mountain turned into tragedy a woman died in of a lanch in washington state. the snow went down red mountain near the area and the other
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snow sure shoer was found and dug out of 5 feet of snow. a search and rest -- and rescue team took her down the mountain in blizzard like conditions and she died at the command post. paper targets are commonly used for shooting practice. we know that. but a police officer is out of a job this morning because of the target he brought for a firearms training session. here's a pick your of what it looks like and many believe it bears a resemblance to the florida teen killed last year trayvon martin. sergeant ron king was fired from the port canaveral port authority but he said it was misunderstood. >> while others used it as a novelty i view it as tool for scenario based firearms training. although today the targets have never been used, i did possess them for the training reasons. >> george zimmerman is tried for the murder of trayvon martin and he claims it was in self-defense. hundreds took part in a
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prayer walk around the courthouse in kaufman county texas on sunday. the event was organized by local churches. the pastor in charge says it was a way to bless the public officials and honor the two prosecutors and a wife killed in the county. a 7-year-old boy from oregon is a hero this morning after helping save a friend who was having an allergic reaction. they aren inseparable and one day at lunch sully wanted one of branson's snack and thought it was chocolate but it was nutella which is a problem for sully. >> sully has a allergy to all tree nuts and he thought it was chocolate. >> he knew i was like this sort of like that. >> ransom grabbed the jar and read ingredients and saw the third ingredient in there hazelnut. he grabbed a teacher and they helped his friend and got him the medicines he needed thanks
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to ranson's quick thinking. here's stories we will follow in the week ahead. gabby giffords is coming back towashington, d.c. lobbying to support the gun legislation they will be debating. she will attend the unveiling of a bust of one of the aides who worked with her killed along with five others the day she was shot in 2011. former british prime minister margaret thatcher is being laid to rest on wednesday. and she will receive the burial service with military honors. she was the first and only female prime minimumser for for britain -- minister for britain. the largest fund-raiser is the march for the animals sunday at druid hill park. this friday we will have a preview of the walk and what to expect if you go. but you can expect a good time. it's monday, which means only one thing. dancing with the stars. everybody is talking about it
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especially some here in the studio who does the weather. tonight the pressure is on for the dancers. we will explain why and details how you can go to the final dance performance. does that mean me too? >> that does not mean you. >> let's check out what's going on here because you need to down load the app and get the weather forecast for today unsettled weather pattern is there. but also, go to the local radar and track the showers that will be moving in today. >> reporter: traffic is really starting to slow down here on the west side of the beltway at internate 706789 and i am -- 70. and i am following a crash. we will have details coming up on good morning maryland. >> just a reminder it's tax day and businesses are giving out freebies. go to smoky bones and give them the password cheesy refund and you will get free cheese cake bites. we will be right back. [ kool-aid man ] people don't realize it,
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one good thing about monday another dancing with the stars competition. we have to find the bright spots. tonight is the side by side challenge. each economytor -- competitor must perform alongside a pro dance couple. talk about pressure. and you can see how they do tonight at 8:00 right here on abc2. also starting today, you can enter for a chance to go see the final performance of dancing with the stars next month. here's what you get. a 3-day two night hotel stay and the round trip airfare. all you have to do is like us on our facebook page and it's abc2 and more people that you get to like our page, the better your chances become at winning. so the contest ends on friday so get to clicking and give us a thumbs up because it would be fun to go. more entertainment news. justin bieber is causing more controversy after a visit to ann frank's house in amter zam.
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the face -- amsterdam. he left a message in the guest book that truly inspiring to be able to come here ann was a great girl hopefully she would have been a believer. that's what they call fans were obsessed with justin bieber. critics called him way too full of himself and some going as far as calling him an idiot. >> 50 shade of grey made the list most likely to be removed from shelves. so it's placed number 4 on the american library association list of challengeed books. those are any works subjected to complaints. number one on the list, captain underpants the series by. [audio not understandable] that's one things to keep in mind. now 50 of grey is on the list. all right they should be some of the cleanest places in the country. we are talking about compound pharmacies responsible for
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making life saving drugs. but they are being watched and monitored so how are they doing? the answer might surprise you. and a viral video has many asking if it was police brutality or necessary force. what the video shows police doing to a man being arrested inrehobeth beach. >> he broke a racial barrier. ball parks across the country will honor jackie robin is -- robinson. >> temperatures are above average this morning and will stay that i will tell you when and how warm we will get coming up. >> reporter: traffic is starting to slow down on 695 at old court road and i am following a crash on 95. i will have details coming up on good morning maryland. kids...
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blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. make the most of every moment. ask your dermatologist about humira, today. clearer skin is possible. good monday morning. it's 6:44. we are working for you i am megan pringle. charley is off but we will start off with meteorologist lynette charles because as you head out you need to be prepared this morninged good morning -- this morning good
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morning. >> good morning. rain is coming down once again around baltimore and anne arundel county. we zoom in on spots and maybe you are under the rain showers around pasadena and chart ring and-- ridge and crownsville and the list goes on. we will dry out get a break as we go into the afternoon. but it will pick up again. heading to dc silver spring along i-270 gaithersburg and rockville dealing with wet weather as well. so you will need the windshield wipers on heading through the morning. perry hall's temperatures at 52 right now. and the wind will pick up as we go throughout the day as well. and this is what you can expect as we go through time. high temperatures coming in right around 65 degrees with the winds picking up. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we do have a crash on 95. it involves an overturned car on the southbound lanes near eastbound 195. expect delays in the area. northbound travel will be cleared to downtown baltimore and for those of you use 95 in
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white marsh there's absolutely nothing to worry about as you make the push down to the fort mchenry tunnel. we have a crash in white marsh along the westbound lanes of route 43 near perry hall. 695 will be clear from parkville up to towson and you want to watch out for the west side of the beltway. it's going get trekkie at interstate 70. a 7ment delay on the outer loop from 795 counsel to-- down to 70 and those in hunt valley nice and clear and nothing to get in your way making the push from shawan to the beltway. now over to you. a place so many of us go to rest and enjoy the beach this morning an ugly story is out of rehobeth beach. police are investigating thearrest of a man in hotel and it was recorded by a witness. linda so is here with the developing story. what's on the video. >> reporter: the video shows the man being arrested by police. but this morning, many are questioning if the arrest was police brutality or necessary force. take a look. >> put your hands behind your
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backs. >> i want to take him home. guys. stop it. >> ma'am you need to back away. >> can i take him home he is my husband. >> he is under arrest right now. >> the woman you hear is the man's wife. she recorded the incident and the arrest was uploaded to youtube and shows officers tasting the man about a minute into the video. an officer tries to handcuff him and things get wettable. you can see another officer repeatedly-- questionable. you can see another officer repeatedly tasting him and kicking him in the head. they are investigating the incident. police are not saying why the man was arrested. our sister station reports it stems from an incident last sunday at a crosswinds motel. a employee called police because he wouldn't leave the property and was using extreme profanity. she says the man appeared to be under the influence of something. the video and youtube has gotten more than 46,000 views and about 650 comments.
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you can see the entire 5 minute video on the website at just look in the slide show. linta-- linda so abc2 news. a family of a boy needs all the prayers they can get because he is in critical condition after being hit by a suva13-year-old is recovering. they he were a walking on mountain road when they were hit by a dark colored ford expedition around 9:30 on friday. >> the. and police don't know who was behind the wheel. they say the car would have damage to the passenger side. if you have information, call police. the number is at the bottom of the screen 410-222-8573. five things to know on this monday morning. prosecutors in ohio are preventing a -- presenting a case connected to the rape of a girl in steubenville. they will offer evidence to determine if other crimes were committed at the party the night of the rape. two high schoolboys were convicted rape.
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employees will go to the armory in baltimore for a job fair so you can attend. you can participate in workshops and be more effect any of the job search. it's hosted every year by elijah cummings. anthony brown is going to be at a senior apartment complex to announce funding for the anne arundel health enterprise zone. it's the atv and it's part of a four year pilot program to help underserved areas to get better access to health care. president obama welcomes the university of alabam crimson tide. they won the national championship and the president is going to recognize thecrimson tide's communityests. -- community efforts. and adam scott is the first australian to win the masters. on the second hole of the playoff on sunday it was the second year in a row the masters went into a sudden
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death playoff. when you watch baseball today you will notice players wearing the number 42 on their jersey and it's all in honor of jackie robinson. he was the first african american to play in major league baseball 66 years ago and put on a jersey and the legacy is remembered at major league parks across the country where games will be played. the dodgers are also unveiling a statue in his honor. disturbing details are expected out of coming out of washington, d.c. about specialty pharmacies that make command drugs. a new report shows-- compound drugs. a new report shows states don't track or inspect the pharmacies and pharmacy boards in nearly all states don't have the information or the expertise they need. the investigation into compound drug makers intensified after one in massachusetts was blamed for a meningitis outbreak. could your birthday affect your immune system?
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as it develops? scientists believe so a study shows some disorders may be linked when a baby is enute row when the baby doesn't get exposed to sunlight and vitamin d the immune system 69 baby may not be as strong. they looked at those with ms were born in the spring and had the lowest numbers of those born in november. promature infants first concert may provide more than entertainment. listen to. this a study finds live music and lullabies appear to have positive health effects on both the premature infant and his or her parents. the biggest benefits helping a preemie breathing and heartbeat. >> when the infant was exposed to light they had lower heart rates and better suck and sleep behaviors and they had parents sing lull abys and when parents
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were singing to the children the babies fed better had better sucking behaviors and parents had lower levels of anxiety and stress. >> studies have shown recorded music can sometimes be overstimulating and can agitate a preemie rather than soothe them. but the study suggest otherwise. facebook is a great tool to share photos and events and milestones but do you know who you are sharing your information with? today's maryland's attorney general is making an announcement about a parer in theship with facebook to educate teens and parents about protecting their privacy while on facebook or other social media sites. more details will be revealed at the national harbor in pg county. that's happening today. it's still looking like the dead of winter in parts of the country especially north dakota. the whiteout conditions are making it impossible to get around bismarck. the d.o.t. closed a highway. it's because of the heavy snows
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and high winds. this is ugly. look at this. several travel advisories have been issued for other parts of the state as well. meantime, in fargo they are thinking about-- not about snow but water. they are filling up sandbags in preparation for a possible floodint from the red river. as you head out today, you might be tempted to complain about the wet weather but don't because you could be dealing with that right? >> you are right. you said it well. we have the wet weather out there this morning. maryland's most powerful radar picking up on rain showers. it's not that heavy as of now. but if you are going to be traveling to virginia, you can see it's around culpepper harrisonburg and in the miel of the areas fredericksburg where the heaviest rain is coming. but unfortunately this is moving south to north so we will get in on the action continuing throughout the day be prepared for off and on showers. take the rain gear as you step out and about. in bel air and you can see clouds across the area, other than that, things are dry a break in the action around
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harford county but as we slide over to mounted airy cloud cover across the area. this morning, and again we will have rain falling from the clouds as we go throughout the day. looking at temperatures this morning, we are coming in at 50 degrees in hickory. 51 sparrows point and shady side 53 and northeast coming in at 52 degrees. the temperatures will go up. we will be a little above average for today. but temperatures will really soar. it's going to be nice going through time and i will show you the temperatures in a second. but at the surface we are waiting for a cold front to move through. it's going to stall out. once it does it will keep us unsettled for the next several days. the most accurate future trend shows us a few spotty showers popping up through the next couple days. and then we are going to see a nice change in the forecast for you. today's high coming in at 65. we should be at 64. not too bad in terms of temperatures. 53 by tonight and 7-day forecast looks like this. 71 going into tuesday. wednesday and thursday, we will
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be at 75 but again we will have showers in the forecast. we dry out nicely as we head towards the weekend. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. good news for those of you traveling on 95. a crash is just moved to the southbound shoulder right near 195 east. the delays are improving and there are no problems traveling northbound from elk ridge to downtown baltimore. a crash along the westbound lanes of route 43 nor perry hall. 695 going to be free of delays in parkville. here's harford road inner loop nice and clear making the push to 95 and outer loop looking at 12 minutes traveling from 95 all the way up to 83. and the west side that's going to be in worst shape. here at liberty road, you will notice inner loop is clear but outer loop jam packed and looking at 10 minutes from 795 down to 70 average speeds clocking in at just 19 miles per hour. that's your abc2 timesaver
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traffic. listen to. this before we head off it's too cute. a young fan thinks he is helping the baseball game along and he is tossed a foul ball and throws it back into the field. that's when everybody is like what are you doing and mom and dad are in disbelief and his older brother is in tears. ball park employees did the right thing and felt bad for the kid and he they-- they offered him another souvenir. he is pouting. >> of course he is. but his brother on the other hand happily accepted the gift. >> i would hate to be in car ride home as a parent because you know the one kid is s- ulking and the other is huh huh looks like the brother hit him what are you doing? >> that's one of those things you live and learn. it's a shape everybody will see it. >> he will never go it -- do it again. >> they did the right thing at the ball park by giving it to him. remember, our news continues24 hours a day. we are always encouraging you
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to hit up on facebook and we love interaction and you can follow us on twitter at abc2 news. have a great day and look at. this our newsroom is so spoiled they didn't wait for us. >> i know. >> smoky bones go there and say the magic word cheesy refund and you will get free cheese cake bites. that's too much bacon.
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said no one ever. baconalia is back! now with even more bacon. come celebrate our bacon obsession with all new menu items like the bacon avocado omelette. only at denny's. good morning, america. a dramatic shift this morning as the u.s. offers north korea they dismantle their nuclear weapons program. the missile still on stand by. quoping now. a break in the case? the fbi descends on the home of a former justice of the peace in texas. he's been charged with making terrorist threats. is his case linked to the murder of two high-profile prosecutors. back lash for


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