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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 6, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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bright spot in dark moments. they found her around 10:45 as rescuers were digging in an ar a area. one man and five women died. 14 were rescued. most of whom had minor injuries treated at local hospitals but rescuers have continued to dig. they have lights flooding the site and say they have accounted for everyone that they know they're looking for but officials have said over and over again they don't know how many people were in that salvation army thrift store at the time of the collapse. the search here continues. we've seen heavy equipment being used, buck, bare hands. of course, emergency workers have to use caution as they navigate through the rubble. they're not certain if anyone is left trapped but proceeding carefully in the event people are still inside. no existing violation on the building and the demolition company did have the proper permits but the search
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continues. john and diana. >> katherine scott from action news in philadelphia. thank you for that. our other big developing story. an explosive report certain to put the spotlight on domestic spying. >> a phone company is turning a massive amount of documents over the to the government. devin dwyer. >> reporter: it's coming from "the guardian." it says verizon, when i has 121 million customers in the u.s. has been forced to turn over millions of call records to the national security agency, the nsa. now, the agency reportedly obtained a top secret court order in late april allowing it to collect the data through july. now, the guardian says the government has obtained the phone numbers of both parties on a call, the call's duration, location data and time of day these were made. the contents were not covered under this order. in the last hour, national
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security council spokeswoman told me the white house will not comment on this report. if it is true, it would be an unusually sweeping move for the obama administration to obtain what most americans consider private information. attorney general eric holder will be on capitol hill today. he'll likely face some tough questions from lawmakers. john and diana. >> all right, devin dwyer live for us in washington this morning. thank you. all right, another developing story this morning, the first named storm of the atlantic hurricane season, tropical storm andrea spinning in the gulf of mexico just hours away from making landfall in florida. >> people along florida's west coast were busy filling up sandbags ahead of the storm bracing for soaking rain and damaging floodsment for the very latest on andrea's path here's accuweather meteorologist jim dickey. >> good morning. we're tracking the first named storm, tropical storm andrea moving its way slowly north and eastward. rain will come down in bucks across florida as we head through the day. many spots along the track of
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andrea as it later on through the week into the weekend drifts up the eastern seaboard. upwards of 4 inches and interacts with a front moving out of the great lakes so likely heavy rainfall on tap from the southeast into new england. john and diana, back to you. >> thank you, jim. weather editor sam champion is there in florida and will have the latest coming up on "good morning america." an army sergeant has pleaded guilty to killing 16 afghan men, women and children. robert bales told a military judge that there was not a good reason in this world for his actions. bales agreed to the guilty plea in order to avoid the death penalty. a jury will decide in august whether he serves that life sentence with or without parole. president obama is shaking up his staff and the women involved in that shake-up are not strangers to controversy. as abc's tahman bradley reports, the more high-profile of the two is u.n. ambassador susan rice. >> i look forward to continuing to serve on your national security team to keep our nation
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strong and safe. >> reporter: president obama defied republicans announcing that susan rice is joining him at the white house as his new national security adviser. rice, a tough no-nonsense policy wonk is replacing tom donilon who is resigning from that post. the president initially seemed ready to nominate rice to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state. but senate republicans made clear they would block her nomination because of comments she made on sunday talk shows about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in bepg, libya, replacing her as u.n. ambassador is samantha power, a former special assistant to the president and senior director at the national security council. she will need senate confirmation. >> to ensure we have the principal leadership we need at the united nations, i would strongly urge the senate to confirm her without delay. >> reporter: power herself is not without controversy. in 2008 she was forced to resign from the obama campaign after referring to democratic presidential rival hillary
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clinton as a monster. one of her harshest krit tickets senator john mccain said he'll make every effort to work with her on important issues. >> tahman bradley, thank you. this one seemed like a no-brainer. you may remember the uproar over carrying small knifes on airplanes. the tsa is dropping the idea after getting an earful. they collected more than 2,000 folding knives a day from passengers. one more story that had washington buzzing yesterday. a massive fire last destroyed a nearly century-old hardware store. more than 200 firefighters were you called to the battle the blaze. about a dozen blocks away from the u.s. capitol. it spread to three other buildings. smoke from the scene could be seen for miles. as you see there, it looked ominously close to the capitol itself. time now for the weather across the nation. showers and thunderstorms from the great lakes to the ohio valley.
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rain moves into the northeast by tonight. it's a dry day in the plains and upper midwest. >> could be the hottest day of the season in the southwest with phoenix closing in on 110. warmer than normal in pacific northwest and seattle and portland, 80. pleasant in the northwest with 60s and 70s. which pro athlete banks more bucks? a new list has the answer. the latest on paris jarz after her reported suicide attempt. we're continuing to follow breaking news out of philadelphia. a woman pulled from the rubble after a deadly building collapsed. the latest on the search efforts that have been going all night long. '?ñóóxqwc?w?wó
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the dow opens this morning below 15,000 for the first time in nearly a month. it plummeted 216 points yesterday, the second down day in a row, in fact, all 30 stocks that make up the average finished lower. there is concern the fed may stop boosting the economy. all eyes on tomorrow's may jobs report. investors get a chance to buy part of general motors later today as the government winds down its bailout of the auto giant much the feds will sell 30 million shares of gm today. taxpayers still own 16% of the automaker and that won't be free for gm until next spring. so far the federal government has recouped $50 billion. the golden arches announcing a new menu at some of its 24-hour restaurants between midnight and 4:00 a.m. it will serve breakfast and dinner items so pancakes and a big mac or hashed browns and chicken mcnuggets. to the "forbes" list of the richest athletes.
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number three, kobe bryant made almost $62 million last year. tennis ace roger federer was second with over $71 million and tiger woods reclaims the number one spot having earned over 78 million buckaroos and was tops from 2001 to 2011. oh, to be tiger. >> when we come back another heartbreaker for the jackson family. paris jackson hospitalized after a reported suicide attempt. what a family friend has to say about the seriousness of the situation. an interview gets out of control for a tv reporter and the cameraman is rolling the entire time. we'll be right back. with our "name your price" tool, people pick a price and we help them find a policy that works for them. huh? also... we've been working on something very special. [ minions gasp, chuckle ] ohhh! ohhh! one day the world... no, the universe will have the pricing power they deserve.
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and for dark spots backflips and cartwheels.mile? love, warmth. here, try this. mmmm, ok! ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching. check this little guy out. commuters in san diego did a double take as the wayward sea lion made his way and officers managed to wrangle him into a
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vehicle to be transported to seaworld to be evaluated. let's take a look at road conditions. wet from the great lakes to the ohio valley and westward to the mississippi valley. there could be areas of heavy rain along i-95 from florida north. >> flying, airport delays possible in miami, dallas, memphis, atlanta and charlotte. turning now to that breaking news we have been following overnight. >> a 61-year-old woman has been pulled from the rubble of the building in downtown philadelphia where she had been buried alive for 13 hours. she was rescued from a salvation army thrift store where six bodies were also discovered. the building next door was undergoing demolition. michael jackson's daughter paris spending the night in the hospital after an apparent suicide attempt. >> her family acknowledges the teenager has had a tough time ever since her famous father died. here's abc's clayton sandell in los angeles. >> reporter: the call came.
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>> od'd on motrin and cut herself. >> reporter: a possible overdecember. >> this was a serious suicide attempt. this was not a cry for help. >> reporter: paris was only 11 when her father died in 2009. >> daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. >> reporter: along with her brothers prince and blanket, paris is now under the care of her grandmother, katherine jackson. she is now suing a concert promoter she blames for her son's death. paris is both a plaintiff and a witness in the case. >> the jackson attorneys have done all we can to keep this trial as far away from the jackson children and paris as possible. >> reporter: paris has largely lived out of the spotlight but has talked about pursuing acting and music. and she even appears in this recent youtube video. >> i got a text. >> reporter: giving her fans makeup advice seeming very much like a regular teen. >> and those of you who have not seen this makeup, well, hello.
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this is my face. it's kind of a shocker. >> reporter: the jackson family released a statement saying paris is physically fine and from her mother, debbie rowe, to her aunt, la toya jackson right now this very public family is asking for privacy. clayton sandell, abc news, los angeles. and we're going to have much more coming up on paris jackson's condition on "good morning america." well, federal judge says a dying girl from philadelphia must be put on the adult list to get a lung transplant, the family of 10-year-old sarah murnaghan filed that suit, that was after the request was turned down by the federal government. sarah's doctors believe they can perform a successful transplant with adult lungs but medical ethicists question the decision saying it's troubling when courts make medical judgments. the susan g. komen breast canc cancer charity canceling some because of decline in participant. they will not return in half of
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the cities they're held in. the group was heavily criticized when it stopped providing grants to planned parenthood for breast screenings. the coast guard rescued five people whose sightseeing plane crashed in the side of a steep mountain in southeastern alaska. all of the survivors were members of the same family from new mexico. 66-year-old man was killed. no word yet on what caused the crash. security cameras were rolling when an out-of-control minivan slammed into the plate glass window of a taco bell in ohio. several people inside of the restaurant were hurt. police think the driver had some sort of medical emergency. that taco bell, by the way, had just been remodeled. a rhode island woman charged with assault after attacking a tv news crew. take a look. melissa lawrence threw a rock at the camera manman. pulled out a bat and sic'd her dog on them. let's talk sports much the
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nba finals. the heat host the spurs. here on abc, as for the hockey playoffs -- >> welcome in, i'm dario melendez. let's hit the ice for game three between the pens and the bruins. tomas vokoun back in the net after that disastrous game two and did not get off to a good start for volk. check it out right here. defensive teammate, david krejci has the puck for five seconds without being pressured. he made them pay. wow. right off the bat the bruins strike quickly to take a 1-0 lead. in the second period, same score. here comes the pens. paul martin going to find chris kunitz, who does the rest. that's your equalizer. take another look. martin sends a pass and through the legs of johnny boychuk and tuukka rask would not be seen
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often. 54 saves for tuukka rask but a double overtime still tied at one and jagr going to muscle it away and finding patrice bergeron a hero, here against the pens, as well. that's your ball game as the bruins, they go on to win it 2-1 taking the commander 3-0 series lead. they are 1-1 all-time in 3-0 series leads. don't forget right here on abc tonight, heat, spurs, game one of the nba finals. you're not going to want to miss it. right now that's your conspiracy sprt update. i'm dario melendez, have a great day. coming up next in "the pulse," we've never heard anything like this. a bizarre sound a dog makes when he is happy. the woman who won the he is happy. the woman who won the ginormous powerball and
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♪ luck be a lady tonight ♪ luck be a lady tonight time to check pulse pus, stories you will be talking about today. that lucky lady in florida claiming the biggest powerball jackpot ever. 84-year-old gloria c. mackenzie, there she is, she chose not to appear at a lottery press conference to take a picture with a giants check for nearly $600 million. she's taking the lump sum payment instead. more than $278 million after taxes. >> wow, mackenzie is not saying what she plans to do with the money but may be trading in her tiny one-bedroom house. she purchased the quick pick ticket after another lottery player let her get in front of him in line. >> boy, oh, boy, good for him. >> wow. >> i guess. all right, what is it about professional sporting events that makes some people not so
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nice? check this out. a fan who runs over a little boy while trying catch a grand slam ball. >> it happened last night. it stretched into eight or 16 innings, the ball in question, blast into the seats. but that's not good. oh, no. >> not cool, dude. >> you know, that's when i see a dad pump a random guy and i want to know what was the back story and i'm okay with that back story if that's what happened after that. >> all right. we've been assured the family pet you're about to see and most importantly hear is not suffering. >> at all. no, no and so we proudly introduce you, cody, the screaming dog. [ dog making screaming sounds] >> there he is, cody. making quite a racket entertaining his owner at the same time. >> he's loving it. his tail is waggingle for some
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checking our top story, a woman has been pulled alive from the rubble of a philadelphia building after 13 hours. six other people died when a building being demolished collapsed on to a salvation army store. the obama administration is collecting thousands of phone records in a secret court order. it does not reveal the content, the white house isn't commenting on the justification. tropical storm andrea is on track to make landfall along florida's west coast today dumping heavy rain and kicking up some rough surf as it moves up the eastern seaboard. hot and dry in the southwest with showers and thunderstorms for the center of the country. a pleasant day for the northeast before rain moves in tonight. and finally as we mentioned, the nba finals begin tonight in miami. the heat will face off against the well-rested san antonio
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spurs. >> miami just beat indiana in seven games and san antonio hasn't played a game since memorial day. scott goldberg reports it's a matchup made in ratings envelope. >> reporter: the in vogue miami heat take on the san antonio spurs. the summer before lebron james stepped on the court he made a bold prediction. >> not one championship. lebron, tell us about that. >> not two, not three. not four, not five. not six. not seven. >> reporter: since then the heat have sizzled making two finals appearances and winning their first last season. ♪ from day one the heat have never shied away from the limelight attracting some of the biggest stars courtside. meanwhile, the spurs have been a model of consistency appearing in the finals five times in the last 15 years, the most well-known player is tim duncan known for the big fundamental known for his blue collar
4:27 am
attitude. >> it doesn't matter what people think or how they take us as long as we're in the mix. both stellar supporting casts, the big three of miami take on the spurs' own three superstars. it's become lebron's league now but he still has some past demons to exorcise. >> i appreciate you giving it up. >> reporter: in 2007 james as a member of the cavs took a much less talented to the finals to be straight by these same spurs in four straight games. >> i have something in me that they took, you know, in '07, you know, beat us on our home floor, celebrated on our own home floor and i won't forget it. >> reporter: some of the names are different on this spurs team but james definitely has revenge on his mind and another ring in his sight. duncan goes for his fifth ring in his career. scott goldberg, abc news, new york. >> going to be a good one.
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>> uh-huh. game one tonight right here on abc at 9:00 p.m. eastern. . >> good morning. it is thursday. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charlie crowson. a lot to get to thursday, but first a lot to get to. we are tracking andrea, but it can impact our weather locally as soon as today, possibly in the weekend. >> you are exactly right. right now, we are looking pretty good. temperature rise 58 in easton. another cooler start o the day. the winds are calm as of now. but big changes are coming to the area as we go through tonight and as we head into tomorrow as well. definitely be prepared for that. in the meantime, this is what we see as we go through the planner. 75 by lunchtime and this
4:29 am
morning we are coming in at 63. also, let me show you what's going on in the terms of the radar this morning. again we will be dealing with tropical tomorrow andrea. that's going to be affecting us as we go through time. again, this is going to bring some rain to our area as we go through the next several days. i can't get this pulled up, but i will sew you the satellite -- show you the satellite image of it right now. we can see the storm. the track of the storm takes it up toward us. i will show you that coming up. but first we will check the traffic are lauren. >> thank you. downtown, the jfx clear all the way down to fayette street. it will take you 11 minutes. it will remain up to speed at 95. northbound lanes at 55 miles per hour. no problems to report on the beltway. we have 55 miles per hour as well right on the interloop at


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