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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  June 6, 2013 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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>> jeff: and never assume a make. >> mike: clutch free throws from both teams. two-point game. miller picks up parker on the screen. now bosh has him. parker on the drive. nearly lost it. still dribbling. parker with two to shoot. just gets it off in time. and he banks it in! what a shot from parker! gets off his feet and puts san antonio up four. now, they'll review it to make sure that parker got it off before the shot clock expired. it was very, very close. falls down -- that looks good.
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still in his hand -- wow. that is so close. >> jeff: now, remember, they called it good on the floor. >> mike: just to see it, you have to slow it down. i -- i've seen it twice and i don't know. >> jeff: well, they'll slow it down to right as he has it in his hands, right at the release point of when it comes off -- i'm glad somebody else is making that decision. >> mike: the light isn't on -- it's right there. it just shows you how difficult it is to officiate. >> jeff: that looks like it's in his hands. >> mike: it looks like it's on the fingertips.
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it looks like it's on his fingertips. >> jeff: that is going to be waved off. i don't note. is that on his fingertip or just coming off? >> mike: let's try this one. see, now, on this one, i think it's off his fingertips. the other one, it looks like -- right there. right there. >> jeff: but if they don't have conclusive evidence anyway, they have to count it. because they counted it on the court. >> mike: but this one, it looks like you can see a little space, from this angle. see, it's gone and then it comes on. i think it's a good basket. >> jeff: i agree with you, mike. the different angle. and they do count it. >> mike: and that's the right call. here's a little zoom in. the ball is off his fingertip. >> jeff: mike, i think that from a one-possession game to a two-possession game --
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>> mike: with 5.2 seconds remaining. so, now, we'll take a break, come back and find out what you think miami should do. huge bucket, needless to say, from tony parker.
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>> mike: well, the old sports cliche, it's a game of inches, never more apparent than here in game one of the nba finals. tony parker shot, the shot clock expired. out of his fingers, just -- just released, the light goes on. and the officials count it. now, it's 5.2. what does miami do? >> jeff: well, they have to score quickly. it's got to be a one-pass score, because they need to make sure they have enough time to foul and then advance it again. san antonio cannot react on shot fakes. >> mike: miller to james.
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quick shot, it won't go. lost it. tipped by miller -- and that's it. san antonio comes into miami and wins game one. here in the 2013 finals. the spurs, in their seventh straight playoff game, where they are now 7-1 on the road here in these playoffs. tony parker, magnificent in the fourth quarter. as he has ten points in the period and the spur defense just stupendous in the final period. >> jeff: well, i thought san antonio was brilliant all game long. defensively, i thought they shared the ball. i thought they got good quality looks. tremendous road game by the spurs. >> mike: parker, 21 points, again, ten in the fourth quarter. he's with doris. >> doris: what's going through your mind when you are on the
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ground with that shot? >> get the shot off. i was just trying to stay composed and get a shot up. >> doris: your defense, from a team standpoint, in the fourth quarter what was so significant about your ability to contain this team? >> well, you know, obviously lebron is unbelievable, dwyane wade was playing great. we just try to contain them and try to attack the paint and take jump shots. >> doris: congratulations. >> thank you. >> doris: mike? >> mike: doris, they outscore them 23-16 in the fourth and the spurs tie an nba finals record for fewest turnovers in a game, just four. none in that fourth quarter. miami had five turnovers. tim duncan, two clutch free throws, as well. as the san antonio spurs continue this incredible postseason run. they're now 13-2 overall in the playoffs. they've won seven in a row and just one road loss. and they steal game one here in miami. for jeff van gundy, doris burke,
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steve javie, producer tim corrigan, jimmy moore and our crew, mike breen saying thanks for watching. more coming up on "sportscenter." following their long layoff, san antonio was ready. stealing game one on the road. again, tony parker, beautifully orchestrating the show. how will miami respond? spurs/heat, game two, sunday night.
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>> we want to get you to what's going on now. the latest on tropical storm andrea. look at mount pleasant south carolina. you can see the famous bridge out there on your right.
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they already started getting rain and they're also watching the worse of it coming in. abc 2 news chief meteorologist wyatt everhart has been tracking it. >> actually more rain is coming in. as you go into south carolina and now into north carolina. that heavy rain shield just passing through the charleston area. that's one of the reasons we're showing you charleston. just experiencing a massive wave of rain. you see the center of andrea over north central florida now. winds 45 miles per hour. the storm weaken some but still tropical storm watches. more specifically here locally, we think this storm will lost all of its wind potential. still flash flood concerns as we get several inches of rain.
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some pockets of 4-inch of rain. it's already raining tonight. we'll talk more about how things will develop through friday. it's coming up the coast. north carolina just now feeling the impact of the storm. officials prepared more anything. closing a park, canceling a fireworks display. all boaters get off the water tomorrow. people in the area have vivid memory. >> we had no hot water for two weeks. >> while heavy rein hit north carolina, the worse of it is expected to hit that area overnight. >>
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>> the french will go to normandy to take care of the graves. one man name bruno and his family.
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>> in all the god's house, like jonathan told david as he was sending him away, pastor tomorrow is accessible and you will be missed. >> later today. new shiloh baptist church will hold the reverend funeral at 11:00 a.m. they are our lifeline. one 911 operator didn't like
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taking calls from everyone. the inappropriate racial comment that have people talking tonight. >> weather wise, it's all about tropical storm andrea. we'll talk about when the heaviest rain likely to arrive here in maryland. >> we'll talk you by an american icon tonight. esther williams was 91 years old.
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>> parents say thank goodness for that. the 6-pound baby was taken to the hospital and the doctor said she is healthy. now the 911 operator fired what some are calling racist
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remarks on facebook. >> 911 operators are your lifelines. that's why dallas officials is so alarmed with this story. april sims took to facebook to vent her frustrations with african-american callers. she went on to say, you want to call 911 because your boyfriend put his hands on you and when you want to press charges when you don't know his real name. sims was fired for controversial post. department said they had the right to based on the social media policy. should she be fired for making these comments on facebook? i like you to weigh in on if you have this frozen berry and mix in your
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refrigerator, you need to trash it out. it's the link to a hepatitis a outbreak. so far the good news, no cases have been reported here in maryland but some of the symptoms of hepatitis a include yellow skin, eyes jaundice, abdominal pain and fever. fierce winds, heavy rainfall and people are making it through the symptom. check out those kids in tampa, florida. all from tropical storm andrea. chief meteorologist wyatt everhart is hanging by. what can we expect here? >> first thought, this kid need a -- heavy rain. that's what we mainly concerned
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with. the flood latest on tropical storm an -- andrea. the center of the circulation. the rain shield is way out ahead by 700 miles. we're already seeing the heavier rains much further north where that center circulation. as we take a look at tropical storm andrea, you see heavy rain band offshore. the storm getting a little more diffused less continued. heavy rain still coming right up the coast here. you look at the radar perspective, very tight circulation there in north central florida. look at the pictures today, what andrea has done so far. it's impressive. clear water beach big waves rock into the beach here throughout the day. anything but clear water here in clearwater beach, florida. tonight florida beginning to clear out. we're watching more active
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weather in orangeburg in, south carolina. look at that heavy rain just pelting the camera here. we got one more for you here in wilmington, north carolina. back here in baltimore, 66 right now on an east wind. here we are, heavy steady rains, we already laid down to a quarter to half inch of rain. we think several more inches is possible tomorrow. remember we had heavy rain in the last week as well. ground fairly saturated still and it certainly will be through the day tomorrow. winds are relatively calm now. very different storm for some of the hurricanes we dealt with in the past several years. remember tropical storms create some of the worse flooding. you have to give that a lot of
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respect. that flash flood watch today right through tomorrow. if i case, right now more rain continuing to move in up and down the east coast. we think several more waves of rain perhaps some of this will stay offshore but more rain lifting in out of the south as we go forward and into the day tomorrow. here we go, take a look at the set up here, rain continuing to push in out of the south and east and more rain will continue to run up the coast. here it is tropical storm andrea making move up through the carolinas. the track right now has generally tightened up a little bit. more rain definitely running up the coastline here with that system. that's the bottom line. 65 tonight, cloudy with rain and it does get heavy at time. tomorrow 78 degrees as andrea
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arrives. here's a look at the next few days. we think we clear out pretty rapidly into the day on saturday. partly cloudy skies on sunday and drier weather will eventually be on tap as we go further into the week. again, key timing tomorrow through the day and into tomorrow night. by the way the morning commute could be a tough one as well with that. >> this is friday. that's the bright side. >> i think so. that one key morning commute to get to and then afternoon, we're still going to have a lot of rain. get through this time tomorrow night. i want to show the path of that deadly tornado in moore, oklahoma. the satellite took this picture of the ef5 twister. to get a closer look at the path, you have to follow the beige colored path running from west oeast. the storm was huge. ripping through a 17-mile
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stretch. at least two dozen people killed and more than 300 injured. orioles are heading off to tampa now after winning two out of three in houston. miguel gonzalez winning his third and jim johnson closing the night. hunter harvey in the draft tonight. his dad former big league closer brian harvey. the san antonio spurs have been to the finals five times. they have never lost a game one. tonight it was in the 4th quarter, tony parker outscored lebron and wade to when this ball game. 92-88, it was the closest game won since 1988. tony parker what a performance. we'll be right back.
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