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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  August 7, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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they fond nothing dangerous. what they did find was something designed to look like a threat. >> it was clearly an effort to make it appear that there was some type of explosive device at the door. >> now sadly, the congressman said he has become acustommed to threats but they rarely escalate to the pont of today's scare. police are looking for a group of robbers who are targeting joggers for their smartphones. they attacked three separate victims for their phones. in one incident they beat up a man. in another they threatened to kill a woman. the robbers used a pair of vehicles including a black toyota camera that they may have been using in a string of 7 eleven robberies. >> as part of that, if anyone has seen yig in their travels,
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those two cars, white tahoe and a black camry and they believe three were occupied by multiple people, give us a call. >> the white chevy was a tahoe. in you have information that could help detectives, you're asked to call police. another suspected craigslist robber is under arrest. he placed an order for sheeningles using a roofing company's name. he turned around and sold the stuff on craigslist. now butts is charged with felony theft and identity theft. new tonight forget changing a diaper. getting your baby's car seat in a correct way may be one of the toughest to figure out. a group is making this easy. they're offering free inspections handle strags unless harford county. inspectors will look at things from car seat size, to installations to recalls.
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the tips could save your child's life. >> we want parents to best know how to protect their child. they know all the tricks in the trade. we can brake down the car seat instructions and teach them. >> there was a lot i didn't know that they went over. anything that i could have ever wanted to know but needed to know. >> while there are a few free inspection days coming up, we'll post the lists on in health news tonight, fewer maryland children are considered wet. the centers for disease control study looked at children in 40 states. past studies show obese children are five times more likely than their piers to remain over weight than -- peers to remain overweight than adults.
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a new mother press feeding on an american airlines flight was asked to cover up herself and her son. >> reporter: a laurel mother was asked to cover up while breast feeding on a american airlines flight. she receive lad response saying it is reasonable to ask that the mother cover up. the response upset mom so 20 came to the american airlines counter to stage a nurse in. >> we want to stand up for the right to breast need in public. >> reporter: the mothers are meeting at bwi. ver rn ca talbot started american airlines nurse in and received responses from women
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all across the united states. >> anywhere we're allowed to be. policies like american airlines need to come up with the mes. >> reporter: he doesn't see what all the fuss is about. >> in europe women do it in restaurants and all over. >> reporter: she nursed her children and she agrees with american. >> sexuality, our family values are different today, so i think we have to figure in all those things. >> it's hard this believe in 2013 we still have to deal with this issues. >> reporter: at bwi, don harrison. bottle nosed dolphins were washing ashore and they're trying to figure out why. in the month of july 91 were found in the warts in new york, new jersey, delaware and maryland.
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15 were from our state. researchers are having a hard time pin pointing the problem because the dolphins have been too decayed. >> obviously, we want tunderstag it. we don't know if we can influence it, change it or not but we hope that we can. >> pollution is one possibility. veempletal factors are another. a toxic algae balloon caused it. if you is a dead dolphin, you should stay away from it because of the high level of bacteria. the dolphins at the aquarium are thriving. abc2 has been tracking the progress of the black tip reef exhibit. and the space replicates the coral reefs found off the coast.
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the sharks are the stars. >> have zebra sharks. these are all farley small shark species. they're going to grow up in this exhibit and do fine. >> a black tip reef opens tomorrow. if you can't make this downtown, you can watch the action on the shark cam. >> all right. coming up, we've all thought about it. what would you do if you won the lottery. guess what these folks say they know. >> there's a drawing tonight that could change your life. >> we're talking about a solar change or news in the science department that we'll talk about coming up. >> spooking of the sun, did not see much of it today.
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warm than yesterday. we picked up a trace of rain at bwi. most of the rain staying to the west. when we come back, will this impact your week. that's coming up. ♪
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here we are looking at dundalk. you're -- you've got the greatest neighbors. you don't need weather. it's beautiful. we'll have a detailed look coming up in about three
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minutes. >> you do need this, though. right now you've got about three hours and 45 minutes to get a powerball ticket. the jackpot stands at $425 million. the cash option is about $244 million. with that much money you could put 3200 students through harvard law school har send almost 1,000 people into outer space. 70% of people who receive a large sum of money lose this within a few years. >> suddenly you've got societal pressures and friends you never knew you had showing up asking for money. >> chances are you won't have to worry about that because your odds of winning on a single ticket are 1 in 175 million. >> i would finish off that road construction on 95 and
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whitemarsh. >> please, please. hey, you've heard of sun chips but one nasa researcher is worried about sun flips. he said it's about to happen. mike masco is here to explain. >> the sun goes through 11 solar cycles. you see the north and south pole switch around. according to some, it's the lack of activity that's raise eyebrows. when you look up at the sun from earth it looks calm and unchanged. however, the sun is venting its rage. every 11 years the sun reaches its solar maximum. this will reach it over the next couple of months by flipping its are in the and south poles. however, it's not the flip in poles that have scientists concerned but the activity. this may be the weakest in over 100 years. >> it's critical to think if this trend does continue, then
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cycle 25 will be weaker than cycle 24 and the sun may not show spots on the disc at all. >> reporter: they aid the sun spot cycle may disappear all together until the next 10 years comrks is reminiscent of the period knownals the little light age which took place. >> some of the local effects of a low sun spot number are dra plat tech. there's work that suggests that the weather in europe does have a very strange pattern, different from when we have large numbers and low spot numbers. >> reporter: europe and north would be in a deep froze. scientists warn it's an unstable star and little is known what the next cycle might bring to
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our solar sam. in the short term nasa said you can expect solar storm activity to increase over the next couple of months. from there scientists will monitor the impacts and see what the lack of solar activity may have. you can read more about this story by heading over to my blog. head over to you can click the weather section. you know, meek, staying on that science weather theme, senator ben cardin is backing a list of 20 things government can do to fight climate change. this comes from a list of 200 companies studying changes. cardin said climate change is an you were jept problem. he believes these steps will move the u.s. away from fossil fuels. the recommendations include things like strengthening energy efficiency standards, pushing for new low carbon technology and encouraging government buildings to install energy
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saving equipment. the radar has been relatively quiet even though we had the clouds and socked in with humidity f your plans will take you west, you'll head out to the 68 split. going toward cumberland and you will see activity, toward hazen, small town in western maryland. future radar into the delay tomorrow, not a lot of new activity, it would appear. the chance for a passing shower but it looks less ominous than it did 24 hours ago. this front is move sog slowly that we don't think this will generate rain until friday, friday evening but the chance for a few showers on your thursday. right now in havre de grace a gray sky. it was very day from across all of harvard county and cecil
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county. we'll cross the susquehanna from the tide water marina. in annapolis, a little sun at times on the severn but a chop. 79 degrees on the southeast wind at six miles an hour. by the way, a chance for the storm in the afternoon at left on an isolated basis. so you have to be careful with that. we'll call it the uv index podium. humidity will be high. temperatures are moderately warm tonight. 81 in hagerstown. 82 in easton but. 0s on the map. winds are from the south. that continues to bring up the humidity level and new we're back to pick summer levels, not in terms of temperatures but humidity. the real feel temps are climbing because that's are in the of 70. it may doctor briefly as we lose some of the moisture and dupe
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and an increase into the delay tomorrow. so i know tough air days here. i think there will be some shower action overnight, limited rain, maybe damp, maybe rain on your windshield, your car. did the to i would that off or hit the wipers quick. otherwise, we're relatively quiet. this is a large boundary that's slowly, slow moving pattern. even though this at been a classic summer, the slow moving boundaries typical. that humid air there full some showers. more numerous showers friday. the very dry air will not sweep down. it does not appear until we get into like sunday and monday. it will be a slow process. you can see the front lining up to our west on thursday which is dpd for the concert. as we go into friday or numerous rain breaking out. looks like your pri day evening plans could be wet.
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tomorrow 69. rain over the next several days. the most significant late day friday if everything pans out as projected. have to keep the chance for rain in saturday. that front is not going to move very quickly. this will stall out, but i thy -- think it will push east. looks like a sunnier shift in the weather. it will take a will to get here. concert tomorrow. >> all right. >> got a favorite song? >> mirrors. >> suit and tie is a good one. >> i would say the one from snl but i can't say it on tv. >> no, you can't. abc2 is teaming up with the preston mitchum foundation for the annual back-to-school. we're looking atens, pencils and le ring binders.
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you can get a full list of supplies and donation centers at supplies. we'll be right back.
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here's a lock at what you'll see at 11:00. we'll take you to a neighborhood that's everyone with rats. neighbors said this home is
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vacant. >> plus, chocolateaholics have a new way to enjoy their favorite treat without dpilt-- guilt. >> chuck can -- chocolate can be dpd for you. rain for late thursday, friday and lgers no saturday. i see improvements. sunshine will come back. it as a slow process. >> keep it right here. >> world news is next.
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this is "world news." tonight raging water, dangerous floods after torrents of rain. rescuers out in force hauling out cars, even man's best friend. tear it down, the house of
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horrors in cleveland dell monthlyished today as one of the former captives issues a call to action. last man standing. for the first time the surviving member of the hot shots fire fighting team tells of the story of the fight waged by his 19 friends who were lost. brian ross with an abc news exclusive. >> a asked a million times why am i sitting here. and another record powerball jackpot looming. so where are the luckiest stores in america? good evening and we begin tonight with a water world from colorado to the airlicarolinas. we're seeing families stranded on water logged porches, a car turned into a kind of a noah's arc and there in missouri what
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looks like a lake is actually a highway. 12 states are facing threats of floods tonight, so much rain they're measuring it not in inches but in foot. ginger zee tells us what's to come. >> reporter: that's the bank of the river there, and all these houses underwater. swallowing neighborhoods whole. flash flooding in central and southern missouri. shutting down highway 44. dismantling roads from beneath. the floodgates erupting on the osage river. the relentless rains leaving camp grounds, and soccer fields, hardly identifiable. in waynesville, missouri, they are still searching for a woman swept away tuesday. her 4-year-old son already found dead. in the last seven days, parts of missouri have had more than 16 inches of rain -- the town of richland with at least 17 inches. the culprit -- this stationary front, complex after complex of heavy rain and storms have been
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riding along this thing. it's slow dancing around the southern plains and northern ozarks. unfortunately, north georgia is suffering a similar scene. >> i can't live here no more, i'm through. >> reporter: charles wittington's dog diesel, got stuck. right there, being rescued in the raging floods in pickens county. and this backhoe, caught in the swirling muddy waters, had been brought in to clear the road -- in case there was flooding. now needing its own rescue. >> we just found out tonight that the community of wanesville in missouri, one of those hardest hit are letting some folks go back in to get things but the evacuation order right back in place. this is why, unfortunately i've got a map to show you that has a lot more rain on it and especially for that same area that got hit. you can see south of kansas city there and north of spring field back into parts of eastern kansas and of course the


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