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tv   News  ABC  August 21, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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of decatur georgia where a man armed with an assault style rifle and other weapons got into a shootout with police tuesday at an atlanta area elementary school before giving up. that suspect has been identified as 25-year-old michael brandon hill firing at least half a dozen shots from inside the ronald e. mcnair elementary school as officers swarmed around that campus, they returned fire once the man was determined to be alone and hill eventually surrendered shortly after thanks in large part to a staff member who sat with him and talked him into surrendering. a number of weapons were found with hill. the exact number has not been released just yet. just a week into a new school year more than 800 students in pre-k through fifth grade were evacuated. buses arrived and delivered those students to a nearby shopping center where their parents were waiting to pick them up. that school superintendent michael therma is praising faculty and authorities who were able to get the students
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out to safety and following all the plans that were in place as they were put in by the school. teachers and students made it out unharmed. investigators are trying to figure out how michael brandon hill got through the school's tight security system and got inside the building. 5:35 right now, christian missionaries in california are bringing their message to baltimore and it's not going over well with everyone. they're accused of targeting predominantly jewish communities going door to door with a dvd from a religious leader who claims it's okay to be jewish and accept jesus. >> what they're saying is that you can accept jesus and also be jewish, and there is not a rabbi from the established jewish community who would accept that. >> our forefathers fought for the freedom of religion, so for me to be offended for someone to knock on my door with a piece of literature asking me to embrace their i deals and
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their religion i think would in some regards short circuit what american society and a free society and democracy really stands for. >> that was pastor allow rossi. they provided the young women with lodging and transportation. both sides have met to discuss their missionary tactics. drivers will have company when they hit the road for labor day. aaa is saying 34 million americans are going to travel. the final weekend of summer, that's more than last year. aaa says the improved economy, recovering housing markets and more spending are giving some people extra money and motivation to get out and hit the open road. one baby boy was really excited to see what the outside world looked like. coming up we're going to tell you how dad and a very calm 9-1- 1 dispatcher helped make his birth one that the family will be talking about forever. >> plus we're going to kick off the ravens season the right
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it appears teenagers aren't going to amusement parks like
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they used to. 67% of teens visited a u.s. theme park in the last year, that's compared to 76% five years earlier. they found rising prices for admission, food and games are the factor. there's also stiff competition from video games and online gaming. theme parks can attract young visitors by integrating the games and also the internet. and now from abc2's maryland's most accurate forecast. >> we have some patchy fog around, 66 for a dew point in bel air and the temperature coming in at 66 degrees. take you outdoors, very difficult to spot this morning, we have a few clouds hovering across the area. i'm going to call it partly cloudy as we continue throughout your day. if you do run into some patchy fog make sure you take it easy and put a lot of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. the high temperature today coming in at 87 degrees. we have the potential for showers and storms, and if you're heading out to the game, that's going to continue through the 7:05 first pitch and beyond.
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that temperature coming in right around 83. we'll have to see if we have a rain delay. also the storms will be scattered in nature. we'll do more of the same as we go through tomorrow. it will be more humid and going to be hotter as well. this is what we can expect for the next few days. we have the potential for showers and storms on friday morning. you might like the weekend. let's get a check of the traffic for lauren. we have a crash in carroll county in westminster on meadow branch road near crieders church road. here's a live look at owings mill boulevard, traffic moving along des moines to the down to the beltway. eastbound lanes clocking in at 65 miles per hour at columbia pike. overall an easy commute as you make the push to the beltway. loop here at greenspring avenue and the outer loop nothing to get in your way from 795 down to 95. that stretch will take you the normal 11 minutes. the east side of the beltway
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going to be clear with an 11 minute trip on the outer loop from 95 up to 83, and there are no concerns on 95 in white marsh. it will take just 6 minutes to get from the harbor tunnel thruway to the fort mchenry tunnel tollways stay with us. there's much more coming up. you're watching good morning maryland. [ woman ] dear chex cereal,
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happening today parents are meeting with the harford county school board over a decision to make student athletes pay to play. the board voted to charge athletes $50 for the sports and $25 for students taking part in activities. they say they had to implement the fee because the county denied their request for more than $20 million to balances budget. a web site explains the pay to play plan in detail. chris van holland's filing a lawsuit against the irs he's challenging the agency's interpretation of a law governing tax exception eligibility for social welfare group. the lawsuit connected to the controversy the irs is targeting specific groups is going to address one of the main concerns which is the difference between federal law and the irs rules for eligibility for organizations. 15 minutes away from two
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unions representing baltimore city firefighters rode a new contract -- approved a new contract with the city. the agreement will increase firefighter pay by 16.5% and also require firefighters to work longer shifts. the fire chief says this new contract will save the city millions of dollars in overtime pay and also prevent possible layoffs. baltimore county has to pay up. a judge ordered the county to refund more than half a million dollars in health insurance premiums overpaid by hundreds of police department retirees. published reports say the money must be paid back in the next 20 days. right now it is not clear whether the county plans to fight the ruling. city lawmakers plan to vote on a plan to l'amour began state allow morgan state -- the company agreed to create hundreds of jobs in a certain time period back in 2they did, forgive half of their loan debt. under the extension morgan stanley would need to hire an additional 50 workers in
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december. new elected car charging stations are coming up in downtown annapolis. the mayor's announcing partnerships create today make this happen. we'll get more details today during a news conference set for 1:00. a high school in baltimore county is getting a big technology upgrade. today superintendent dr. dallas danes is announcing the installation of a broadband network at woodland high school. officials say the broadband will save the county millions of dollars and enhance the school's internet cape capabilities. a local nonprofit group is giving away school supplies and clothing to kids in need today. the foundation will be hosting the back to school rally from 4 until 7 at edmonson west side skill center. they're going to be august free haircuts -- offering free haircuts, face painting and other activities for the kids. now from abc2 maryland's most accurate forecast. >> satellite and radar not
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picking up on a whole lot in terms of rain. that's good news if you want to get out do that morning jog, walk the dog. as we go towards the afternoon that's when we'll start to see a few changes possible. as we look, the cloud cover mainly to the south of us this morning. we have a few clouds trying to push in. i'm going to call it partly cloudy. also we're dealing with clouds at the ground today. we have that patchy fog once again. we are looking at this area of high pressure. this in control for the most part this morning. that's what's keeping us dry. as we go towards the afternoon, this will work its way to the east allowing for return flow. we'll pump in more moisture from the gulf of mexico and will get warmer throughout the day. we'll have an upper level trough that works its way in as well and that's going to bring us a chance for showers and storms this afternoon but scattered in nature. that means that not everybody's going to be getting wet. we look towards the west, we have a cold front back there. that's what's going to be moving in our direction as we go towards the latter part of the week and that will bring us
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more showers in the forecast by thursday into friday. temperatures right now coming in at 66 degrees in baltimore, 70 in article, and as we look at pylesville, 62, westminster 68. 71 degrees in centerville, and northeast at 66. arnold at 70 degrees this morning. abc2's most accurate future trend goes into motion, and what you're going to see, the possibility for the showers as we go into the afternoon. so just make sure if you won't be able to get back home heading to work and maybe you're going out for lunch just have that rain gear with you. just the baby umbrella, you don't need the big umbrella as you head out the door this morning. as we look at your tomorrow, more chances for showers and storms in the forecast, and then we start to dry things out by friday afternoon and by the weekend i think you're going to like it. with the chances for the showers and storms in the forecast for today, make sure you download our storm shield weather app. it will keep you safe if a warning is issued in your neighborhood. the high temperature for today coming in around 87 degrees,
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the thunderstorms by thursday and friday but nice by the weekend. let's get a check of the traffic with lauren. beautiful forecast. if you're driving in carroll county watch out for a crash in westminster on meadow branch road near kriders church road. i received word that a tow truck has arrived to the scene. hopefully it will be clearing soon. we have a little bit of fog to watch out for. be careful traveling west of the city in the frederick area as well as along the harrisburg expressway. no delays on 83. it's going to be nice and clear. the jfx southbound lanes clocking in 54 miles per hour right at northern parkway. if you are traveling on the beltway, here's a live look at the west side at baltimore national pike. typical drive time of 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 to 95. that inner loop going to be in great shape. here's what ate looks like north of 195, no problems heading to d. c. and northbound lanes you're looking at just a 10 minute trip, typical ride to get from route 32 up to the beltway. that is your time saver
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traffic. news time now is 5:50. a live picture this morning of our nation's capital. one week from today marks the 50 50th anniversary of the march on washington for martin luther king junior delivered his i have a dream speech. the celebration starts with a praise and worship service. city leaders are calling for a rally to call for state hood and greater autonomy for d. c. 9 minutes away from 6. a big day for 50 people in baltimore, they officially welcome u.s. citizens. the ceremony is happening at the u.s. citizenship and immigrations services offices. that's happening today. and keith urban fans listen up, we have more details about his free concert at the inner harbor to kick off the nfl season. his performance is september 5 september 5th at 6 p.m., free seats will be near the maryland science center but you got to get there earlier because it's first come first serve. following the concert there will be a light and sound celebration of the ravens super
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bowl victory. that will be spectacular and the ravens play out in denver to open up the season. normally the birth of a baby boy doesn't make news unless there's an heir to the throne or their born on the side of the highway. that's the case in this story. a couple was riding to anne arundel county medical center where it looked like the baby wouldn't wait. dad pulled over and immediately called 9-1-1 that's when the dispatcher, megan blizzard calmly helped him deliver his son. >> his head is out. >> i'm going to help you okay? the paramedics are on the way. just stay on the phone with me okay. >> that call came in around 9:02 yesterday morning. by 9:05 baby amon was born. everyone's doing well and should be going home soon. the kid probably popped out and said hey, let's go back to the house. >> congratulations to that family and the dispatcher. she was calm. >> stay with us, have one too many beers and you could find yourself in the er. some beers are more likely to
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send you to the hospital than others. we're going to break down the top five brews coming up. >> and we are going to take a live look outside this morning. pretty cool picture of the inner harbor, no bad influence going on right there. we're just talking about that beer. that story and a whole lot more when good morning maryland returns. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. it gets more and more entertaining every day. and once you've got verizon fios, that's when you get it -- america's fastest, most reliable internet takes your entertainment to ridiculous levels. i was streaming videos, movies, music.
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it is no surprise that alcohol plays a large role in visits to the emergency room. >> now we're learning which types of beverages are more likely to factor in for those visits versus some of the others. this is a study from johns hopkins where they're finding five beers leading to a trip to the er. they increase budweiser, steam reserve, bud ice. >> budweiser is the king of sending people to the er. the study found 15% of patients that drank beer had been admitting drinking budweiser. >> great promotion for anheuser busch. >> a mystery person's dying wish proved to be popular to people in a delaware town.
5:53 am
>> this person wanted to give away money, but not in the usual way of simply writing a check. >> we're going to show you the unique way. >> and wedding photographer tries to get creative on a shoot but ends up hurting the groom. more on the video going viral. we'll explain on good morning america -- good morning maryland at 6.
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you're watching the station that works for you.
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another run in with the law for don dwyer, this time for allegedly driving drunk. what his colleagues are saying about his arrest. >> and a beautiful shot at baltimore's inner harbor this wednesday morning. you can see some fog in the area but a beautiful silent sunrise across downtown baltimore. >> good morning i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. we're the only ones on at 4:30 this morning when we started the broadcast, the moon was out. let's find out what's in store for today. here's lynette charles. >> we're starting out with areas of patchy fog this morning. we're also going to see a few peeks of sunshine. we're also going to get some showers and storms as we go into the afternoon. we're going to have a little bit of everything. temperatures are on the mild side at 70 degrees in davisonville. 65 degrees at this time of the year for our low temperatures. manchester at 68 degrees, owings mills one of the areas where we're dealing with patchy
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fog. give yourself enough time out there. maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now. it's a good morning start if you don't like the rain. but as you go into the afternoon, we do have that potential for some scattered showers and storms in the forecast. that means not everybody's going to be getting wet for today. at 8:00 we will have patchy fog hovering. by lunchtime the potential for showers will be there and then by 3:00 the potential for a thunderstorm with the high coming in at 87. let's get a check of the traffic now with lauren. well, we have several crashes you need to watch out for. in carroll county an accident in westminster on meadow branch road at kriders church road and a new crash in anne arundel county in arnold around the northbound lanes of ride highway. 97 going to be nice and clear. we're looking at 58 miles per hour northbound at route 100, clear up to 695. 95 here in howard county northbound lanes at 64 miles per hour in elk ridge no problems to downtown baltimore.
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here's a live look at 95 at 395. if you're traveling into the city from the white marsh area a typical ride of 6 minutes to get to the fort mchenry toll plaza. no delays through the harbor tunnel and here's what the beltway looks like, the topside at dulaney valley road, no problems on the inner loop. that is your time saver traffic. you've been hearing about it since may of 2010 and today the army private who leaked hundreds of thousands of classified documents to wikileaks will learn his fate. a military judge will announce her decision at 10:00. he faces 90 years in prison. prosecutors want a 60 year sentence. manning's attorneys are asking for less. police in anne arundel county are searching for suspects in what they believe is a deadly hit and run in pasadena. a woman was found by a passer- by on the side of the road in the area bay side beach road in
5:59 am
bell haven avenue. if you have information this morning, you are being asked to call police. first by sea, now by land, delegate don dwyer is facing legal troubles once again, this time for allegedly driving under the influence. abc2's roosevelt leftwich is live in millersville with reactions on the latest arrests. >> reporter: with this second accusation against dwyer he is being asked to step down by his constituent asks some of his peers. dwyer was arrested by anne arundel police early tuesday morning. officers say he was driving and swerving badly on route 100. this latest arrest is less than a year to the day when dwyer crashed into a boat full of children. for that incident he has pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and promised to go through treatment. a man who was on the boat that day, randy harbin says he's not surprised by this latest incident. >> i think


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