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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  September 13, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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courthouse no one was injured. they have no idea what was in the trash can. this is not what you are supposed to see and the entrance of a restaurant. and a couple were arrested and having sex in the vestabule of a restaurant. they are charged with a violation as well as indecent exposure. today and to four men convicted and it happened and a wave of anger. they are asking the judge for the death penalty in the case. arraignment for three friends in the boston marathon
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bombing suspect. they have been charged with conspiracy and prosecutors say and some of his possessions at the university of massachusetts dartmouth following the attack. they have pled not guilty to the allegations. and while were you sleeping, flood sirens went off in boulder, colorado. the scene is incredible. thousands of people have been told to get to higher ground. the creeks are swelling there. it killed three people and the president declared a state of emergency in boulder. right now there is help for the first responders. >> i have seen other floods but nothing like this. >> it is going to get worse. >> several schools are closed
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because of the dangers on the roads. it is beautiful here n town 67 degrees. it will be delightful. right now and the north and the west. it is close to 70 now. but the stories are the dupes. we're talking 70-degree dew points and a 62-degree dew point. there is not a 30s and that will move in and that will allow for highs to be around 80 in the city. north and west. look at the numbers. how about the 40s. north and west of the beltway. wait until you see saturday night. and the accurate 7 day that's coming up. >> and purple friday hosting the first game of the season
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their game with the broncos was disappointing. and we're live outside of the stadium. good morning. >> good morning. look at this, this is the thing that tickles everyone's fancy. and the ravens will raise the big 2012 banner but you know what today is purple friday? get ready to have some fun. the caravans will be on the road for the first stop at 7:30. the defending champs are coming off a thursday night loss to the broncos. the team showed a few holes in the game. things that were questioned marked at camp. the defensive backs will burn by peyton manning.
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and offense is dealing with new receivers. and who were two of his go to guys. the ravens hope they can fix their flaws and personnel shortcomings here. the browns have their own question mark like quarterback and a weak offense. one thing to to know joe flacco is 10-0 against the browns. and the caravan is rolling through the area. the last stop will be at jimmy's seafood. and aboard the caravan. live from the stadium, roosevelt leftwich. the o's playoff chances are fading fast. they dropped a heartbreaker last night 6-5. and they trailed in the 8th when a 3 run homer to tie up it. but in the ninth.
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and jim johnson uncorked a wild pitch. behind in the wild card race. they're in toronto tonight to take on the flu jays. runners will be streaking tonight. and the 7 k run is to benefit the cal ripkin senior foundation. it will start at 4:30 today. and a business in the lone star state. he is released tv and radio ads and now we could be hearing from him in person. we have a visit. and moving through howard county and a crash and shutdown and a portion of route 295.
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and officials are expected to outline how to get 1000 tons of chemical weapons stock out of syria and into international control. it is a proposal that russia made to avoid a u.s.-led strike and kerry agrees but stressed the nature of it during the news conference with the foreign prime minister.
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>> this is not a game that i said that and when we talked about it initially. it has to be real and comprehensive. it has to be verifiable. there is a team of experts to work out the details on thou will work. he took to the airwave to criticize the governor about how he does business here. the governor of texas will come here. he will appear in ads to looking to recruit business owners who are fed up with maryland taxes. the governor said he should come here and see firsthand the better choices that we have. the visit is next week. the race and the state attorney is seeking the democratic nomination. he will start a tour on september 24 together announce his campaign. he will speak in ellicott city and baltimore. after that he said he will make
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stops around the state. it is beautiful out there. 64 now. warmer in the city. blowing through. and nicely. high pressure in control today throughout the weekend. and behind the front. 15 degrees cooler in chicago land. 12 cooler into parts and from where we were. 50 and 40s in detroit. this is the cool air pushing south going to deliver a weekend. look at the tropics. and a new system. and three systems, very active as we talk now.
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76 and less humid and breezy. cool and crisp. 50 and 40s to the north and west could be in the 30s. 47 for the lows. 76. a great looking sunday. sunshine. go to the game. comfortable by the fourth quarter and cool side. burning warmer with the temperatures from 74 to 80 by wednesday and thursday. here she is. there she is. >> and good morning. i have a update on a crash on route 295. and the lanes have reopened but one is blocked at this time. no delays in the area. can you follow me on twitter
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mmr vaccine. kids should get two doses one at 12 months and then before entering school. and all right. we all mean well especially if we watch our weight. and but some of the food we think are helping us are actually they're not. so, for example. smoothies you think it will be good for you but it depends on where you get it. >> a large smoothie can be 800 to 1200 calories. some women that can be the total allotment for the day. >> experts recommend that you make your own so you can control exactly what goes in it. and watch out for the foot free foods and most have sugar and nutrients. cool video in from wisconsin. look at these massive water spouts. they were spotted over lake michigan. and the twisters were spotted along the shoreline and one part of town it can be seen and
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no reports of damage but, mike, that is incredible to see you from look out on the lake. >> can you imagine get out on that thing looking at you. >> the same system produced the storms here. everything is clearing out nicely. and we're at 67 degrees. the dew points are down. calm wind and a breezy wind and with a lot of sunshine and temperatures starting out into the 60s and 70s. and close to 80 in the city and up to patterson park and 79 a good number and 60s this morning and 72 around lunchtime and it is going to get cool tonight, 65 and the 40s and the 50s. that will take us through e weekend. and we'll go through the forecast at 5:00. let's check on traffic here. here is time saver traffic. >> and if you are heading tout a crash has been cleared from
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route 198. no delays. 95 looking good. you will not have any problems heading down to dc. and if you are traveling in howard county i-70 clear from baltimore national pike all the way over to 695. westbound travel and will be in great shape for those of you making the push to frederick. and nothing to worry about on the inner loop or outer loop. a nice ride to get from 795 down to 95. and going into problem free here at franklin boulevard. and over to the beltway. that's time saver traffic. you call 911 the words you want to hear is help is on the way. and no getting first responders on the way in anne arundel county. in the past you see 911 operators would ask a series of questions about the situation and then send a ambulance. all they ask for is an address, phone number and nature of the
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emergency. >> we're making a difference in the time. you know and getting out faster. i think it is an improvement. >> and with the system emts are getting on the road faster and up by two minutes which means more lives could be saved. the movement is going to ban eco atms can you turn in an old cell phone. but an investigation found that the machines are big targets for thieves. and there may be a ban on the machines. and a delegate wants a statewide ban. even with the security measures in place, it is a tough call to catch the thieves. >> they take a wicket but it is reviewed by someone in san diego. and could you have someone fly
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here to maryland to figure out how to go forward on the case. >> eco atm worked to catch criminals. police say the company was here this month to meet with them when giving information on how to stop thieves. 5 minutes from 5:00. we have been talking about getting ready for the holidays. it seems early, toys r us is offering up deals. we'll break them down at 5:00. testing out a new service. how can you order your big mac without stepping food inside a restaurant. that's ahead.
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the lynwood school provides services for kids with autism. one thing they were holding them back were the aging buildings. it was not appealing to the parents. students are learning in a more functional state of the art building. one feature is a track where kids can release their energy. and it is offering classes for adults with autism. >> once it is equipped we'll have a washer and drier here, a range, sink, and this will be used to tep them how to live it
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is a little studio apartment. >> and a dedication is set for wednesday at 4:30 and include a brief program and shower of the new facility. and customers on the web site for tickets yesterday. and a pleasant surprise. they were sold on the site from zero to $10. word spread and buyers scooped up the deals. and before united spotted the error and shut down the system. no word on if the airline is going to honor the tickets that were sold at those mistaken fares. powerball is getting bigger and bigger. stay with us how much is up for grabs on good morning maryland at 5:00 which starts now. i could not believe what i was seeing. i walked down to the street. and there were more planes than i have seen. after rebuilding from sandy
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a board walk is destroyed by fire. we have the details ahead. rescued in colorado. incredible and drivers stuck in raging waters. more on the flooding. and the stories ahead on this friday morning. i'm megan pringle, it is a purple friday. here is more with mike. >> what are we doing. >> how is the weather going to be? >> well this morning starting out in the 60s. we'll climb 5 or 6 degrees than what you see on the board. it will be a great feeling day. dew points in the 50s now. and 63 in baltimore city and dew points and moisture in the air the lower they go the better it feels. and 76 and that's the guarantee and 79 degrees. the low average and 97 is a record and we're nowhere close to that. the cold front to the south and
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east. high pressure out of the great lakes to the south and east. and 45s and 50s. temperatures and 54 it could be the first frost of the season by a saturday night out over the mountains. the forecast numbers as we go. out to howard county. close to 80. most spots down clarksville and get to laurel right around 77 degrees. otherwise it is 60s for most of the morning. and blended sunshine over to a sunny day. a dry day. 76 degrees. at 10 you will go out for dinner. a sweater called for with the temperatures around 65 into the 50s. we'll talk about the forecast.
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and we have the most accurate 7 day and a busy tropics. i'm having trouble. >> okay. that's okay. if you are getting an early head start we're looking at high speeds over the region. and the expressway in great shape. here is a look and nothing to get in your way. and traveling northbound to york or southbound down to the beltway. the jfx and 95. take a look downtown a great shot. no traffic to contend with. and getting through the tunnel. if you are traveling from the area you will be in the green. a 6 minute ride. a typical commute down to the toll plaza. 695. 11 minutes right now. and 95. up to 83. it will number great shape on the west side and that inner loop. looking at an 8 minute ride up to 83. we have breaking news a
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raging fire destroys businesses along the jersey shore board walk. this is what we're talking about. these images from the scene in seaside park are dramatic. smoke could be seen for miles and it happened in a community that the fire started at a store and quickly spread. and most of the area had started recovering from the devastation caused by sandy last fall. >> i feel like i want to throw up after the effort and time and resources to see this going on is just unthinkable. >> right now it is not clear at this point what caused the fire but there is a lot of heartbreak for those trying to recover in the town. we'll stay on top of the situation. can you get all the breaking news right on the smart phone and tablet. follow us on twitter and hash tag gmm. and two people and their service dogs were rescued from


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