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tv   News  ABC  September 13, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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phone to one of these machines. you put it in they give you cash. this week we told you about a problem in baltimore city. they are proposing a ban on the machines because lawmakers are worried that the crimdump the s phones in the machines. and in one of the delegates wants a statewide ban that even security measures nut place will make it tough to arrest the thieves. >> right now they take a picture of people as they are doing the transitions but that is being reviewed by someone in san diego. there is a possibility someone from san diego fly here to maryland and figure out who to go forward in the case. >> the company eco atm and catch the criminals. it was even in our city this month to meet with them and give them information and help the thieves. it is 5:35 now. a chance to strike it rich sounds good. you may the powerball has now
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climbed to 317 million-dollars with a cash option of 176 million. the next draw something tomorrow. while you are out remember to pick up a couple of tickets and best of luck to you. and best of luck for the ravens we want to see that. the game is on sunday. and you may have a chance of landing them. they are available. and in the area and means that you will see a lot of purple. live this morning outside of the bank and the festivities today. >> well you get ready to have some fun you are getting ready to well take a look at this. 2012. and that's twice. they will raise that banner officially at the home opener here on sunday but you know
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what it is time to have fun and the first stop. at steak and fish house. the champions are coming off that loss to the broncos. and they showed a few holes things that were question marks as well. the defensive backs will burn by peyton manning and 7 touchdowns. and it was hard to beat right now and the offense and new receivers and who were two of got to guys last year. and the ravens hope they can fix their defensive by cutting down on the assignment and the shortcomings. the browns have their own question parks -- marks. and a very weak offense in general. and joe flacco can 10-0 against the browns. and it will roll all day. the first stop is at 7:30.
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the last is at 9:00. and on reporting live from the bank. roosevelt leftwich. and the 7 k is tonight. we'll go streaking and take place but the iron birds made it to the playoffs and had a home game. so the race will start at 6:00 at ripkin stadium. the money will benefit the senior foundation. you cannot register on line but can you show up tonight and get involved in all the action.  [ male announcer ] this is jim,
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thank you for joining us. you have seen the images. take a look at the heavy rains have swamped several cities forcing residents there from their homes. the pictures are from the southeast part of the state. people were taken from their homes by helicopter and by boat. many of the drivers who daveed to venture out in the conditions found themselves stuck in high waters. we hear about that, mike,
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people who drive through them. we're replacing the heat and humidity to comfortable temperatures this morning. winds will be picks up. and a gem of a day. 70s to the north and the west. and eastern shore and well around and 76 and 78. great feeling day. tonight will be on the coolish side. 57 to the north and west. in the 40s. and around 45. 46-degrees. look at the air mass. 16 to 20 cooler than where we were yesterday morning. that's the air that's pressing south and now. that's all headed our way. 50 and a 40s up near detroit. we'll talk about the forecast. we'll talk more about the tropics that are busy. and. >> and talking about the 90s.
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and now you are talking about the 40s. >> goodness. >> fall is approaching. if you are traveling out this morning we have a downed tree. 95, 97 will be nice and clear. no problems to downtown baltimore. the other lines high speeds 567894 miles per hour on northern parkway commute into the city. 695 here and in parkville and the drive time of 11 minutes from 95 up to 83. that inner loop is nice and clear making the push to 95. and 95 take a look south of eastern avenue. the normal drive times from the harbor tunnel down to the tunnel toll plaza. that's traffic. stay with us we have more coming up. [ male announcer ] pepcid® presents: the burns family bbq.
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maryland looking for the best ideas that will be entered in the invest maryland challenge. and it is going to head over to high court community college that will happen this afternoon. and senator bed cardin made his jobs tour and will have a stop in owings mills. the senator will visit the logo icon company and tour the facility. he will meet with the business leaders and employees. it is the provider for the sports like nba and the nfl. and maryland's attorney- general will take a run for governor. it is getting crowded in the pool and announced and events are planned in rockville and baltimore city. and heading to maryland. we will make stops in maryland as well as the eastern shore. and the lieutenant governor
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will be in the race to be the next governor. and the governor has appointed a commission to oversee the state's new law legalizing marijuana more medicinal purposes. and the law will go into effect on october 1. the commission has the authority to decide how it will be grown and distributed. it is the 19th state to approve medical marijuana in these programs. what will you do the exchange. state experts will be on hand to answer your questions about the new health insurance program. a representative will be part of the meeting at the university of baltimore. and the panel wants to educate people on the insurance program before they enroll which starts on october 1. and the meeting runs from 10 until 1 in the afternoon at the school of business. and there was a spectacular show over lake michigan. look at this.
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and could you see it from wisconsin. and this massive water spout was sighted a couple of miles off the shore. this was taken from wisconsin. and the two spouts merged to form one big one. and they were blaring in the as they were spotted along the shoreline. no damage. no injuries were reported but a lot of people were talking about what they saw. mike. as i understand this is the same system that brought storms to the area. >> it did t did not produce the twisters enough but produced a lot of lightning and good winds across maryland. though and much calmer solution. 64 and you go down to the city. 74 and forecast 76 this afternoon. and below average. because normally we should be around 7 #. the record is 97 in the books. that was set in the 40s. cooler drier air moves in. chilly for tonight. we'll struggle to get into the 70s by the weekend. we'll talk more about that in
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one second. here is the front now. this is tropical storm gabrielle. it will push it and here is our weather developing for the weekend situated over the great lakes that will build in and make things feel good. 7 of 16 cooler than where we were yesterday morning. it is knocking on our back door. 43 for tonight. that's the chilly air moving in. and sunshine clouds breezy temperatures between 71 and 77 degrees. tonight 53 inside the beltway. 40s and the for the day on saturday. it is a struggle to get into the 70s. we will forecast the low 70s and saturday night 40s for the area. tropical depression now. 35 miles per hour. and this may become ingrid. this tropical depression 10.
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and humberto moving to the north at 10. none of the systems will affect the us 76 and less humid. it will be breezy. down to 50. that's crazy. crisp and chilly. 40s to the north and west. 70 for saturday and ravens sunday. 70s into next week. warmer by the midweek. lauren. >> it will be cold. >> and if you are heading into the city the jfx free of delays. 55 miles per hour. and typical ride here downtown to east fayette street. the turn until great shape and the harbor tunnel. nothing to get in the way. traveling across the bridge. 54 miles per hour and the outer loop nice and clear we make the push up to towson. 795 down to 95. nothing to worry about up to
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83. no problems whatsoever out to frederick and columbia pike over to the beltway. 5:51 today can you place your order for the new iphone 5 and ape apple started taking the orders. it was at 3:01 a.m. can you preorder at wal-mart. it comes in five bright colors. for a 16 gigabyte. can you get it at wal-mart for $20 less t goes on sale with the other iphone that's being released which is the 5 s. and a popular hamburger drive in is about to expand in the area. checkers will open 46 new restaurants in baltimore by 2018. and the new franchises will be around the area. according to a report in the business journal the drive
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through fast food chain has 19 locations in baltimore. think will create 1400 new jobs for the community. speaking of fast food you may order your big mac with extra cheese from the smart phone. it is rolling out a new app that allows to you order and pay for your food using your smart phone. they say that you can pick up the order at the score or the drive through. it is tryinghow it works and it is available in utah and texas. no word when it will be available nationwide or maryland but we'll keep you posted. we'll be right back. i love these shoes.
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thank you for joining us. it is friday but it is friday the 13th. for some it is just any other day. however, experts say more than 20 million people are afraid of the so-called unlucky day. there are a lot of reasons but it starts with superstition. people who are fearful are just not going to tempt fate. here is the other thing that happens. if something happens on the 13th t gets to the fact it was friday the 13th.
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>> you will not see mike walking under any ladders today but people will avoid flying and not many homes are bought on this day, you will not find too many friday the 13th wedding anniversaries. stay with us. we have been spending time talking about seaside heights, new jersey. >> they were damaged from sandy. now a fire burning through their board walk. and coming up at 6:00 a live report from new jersey. they are on the scene working to put out hot spots. and the temperatures in the 60s. here is the cool air. the forecast coming up after this. oh, hi there bill.
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good morning. here comes and the forecast coming up after this. and no problems here on 95 and 100 the other main lines here and the drive times. >> weather and traffic but first the big story this morning. a fire on an iconic board walk is under control this morning.
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people in seaside park have been struggling to rebuild after hurricane sandy and now another blow. 400 firefighters have been working to put out the flames and they are struggling through exhaustion and smoke. and andrew spence ser out live this morning with the latest details of the investigation. andrew. >> it is a double whammy. and last year now as of yesterday afternoon and a fire that ravaged for several hours up to 6 blocks of board walk. just as the board walk in seaside park has started to heal. strategy strikes again. fire burned through 20 businesses and over 6 blocks. this is obviously unthinkable situation for us to be here and
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watching this what is going on behind all of you. and it is just unthinkable. >> reporter: several firefighters suffered heat exhaustion. no word on the cause of the fire but investigators are looking at reports that it may have started at a cuss ard shop. >> i could not believe what i was seeing. i walked down to the streets. and there were more flames than i have ever seen. >> reporter: it gained attention after sandy tore through it costing the city 8 million-dollars to rebuild the board walk. the governor touted the resiliency. >> you know as soon as this is over we'll pick ourselves up and get back to work. >> reporter: officials were guessing it could be 20 businesses that were affected. now we here reports it could be 50. last night in a press conference and the governor summed it up best and fried to plain the emotion behind seeing
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this hit the jersey shore after sandy. he said i just want to throw up. we're going to follow this story. we will update you when we have information. and a big storms moved through the area. and people are wondering don't let that be the situation for the weekend especially sunday. >> i will guarantee 100% that it is not going to be the case. you will love this weekend. it is at 68. we're not as warm as yesterday. and it feels better. the dew points have been coming down. 63 and pretty comfortable range and 60ss north and west. 73 in town. and mild around 72. and there are the temperatures the dew point temperatures that are falling into 590s and the 6 -- into the 50s and 60s. that will make for a pretty
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sunrise the temperatures will struggle to get into the 70s or to 80 degrees. breezy sunshine and baltimore county and everyone. and it goes like this a mild morning and around 10:00. will be a shade off 70. and lunchtime 72 goes to 76 degrees. sunny and dry. a drop in temperatures. and high pressure here is comes down the pike. we have a downed tree. 63 miles per hour. and no problems from glen burnie and it you are -- you from heading to the airport nothing to get in


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