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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 13, 2013 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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homes and more than 100 outbuildings in this fire that's consumed more than 8,000 acres. you see the proximity of the flames to the house. the guy with the camera continues to run away. there it looks like somebody is trying to load up an animal kennel. he helps shove that kennel into the back of the truck. >> go now! >> as he gets in his car, you see the fire trucks are even getting out of there. >> wow. this is one of the most terrifying fire videos i think we've seen because you do feel the panic. >> if the weather cooperates, firefighters are hoping they can get a handle on this by sunday. museum curator carolyn freeman got quite an eye full when she looked at surveillance
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film. >> that's himself name? >> no, that's not his name. >> here's where he was. you can see there's blood on the door where he tried to get into the main body of the museum. >> police believe this is an alcohol-induced event. they don't understand why he went in there in the first place but they do believe he used a truck he stole to try to get in and then he started rearranging things. >> oh, he's bending over. >> oh, he's bending over for the camera. >> maybe his thought process is i'm less likely to get tackled or thrown to the ground by somebody if i'm completely naked because nobody wants to touch me. >> nobody would want to touch this guy. according to police, he was in the museum overnight. police identify him as 21-year-old kevin quinn. how he got the car to get into the museum is a weird story.
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a stranger asked kevin to drive him somewhere in his truck because he was too drunk to drive. the stranger fell asleep and he took the truck. kevin is in a world of trouble. >> i'm glad they cracked this case. >> who knew what he'd have done if he had gotten into this part of the museum. >> this is public property. >> no, it's not! >> it's private property! >> video shot on the campus of pennsylvania state university is raising some eyebrows. >> [ bleep ] you! >> shut your [ bleep ] trap right now! >> there's a lot going on in in video. you see this guy here in the burgundy shirt, he is yelling and having a heated discussion with this guy on the steps of the college. this conversation is all about this man over here in the right
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gray shirt. he is a street preacher, if you will, and he's very well known for coming to the steps of this building to preach what he believes. the man in the burgundy shirt believes that preacher doesn't have a right to preach on the steps of the school because he says it's private property. the student is arguing, hey, this is pennsylvania state university, it's public property. but the argument gets heated. >> congratulations. >> [ bleep ] you! [ bleep ] you! >> what are you -- >> [ bleep ] you! >> there's a reason this has been getting a lot ofttention and making people really upset. this man identifies himself as a professor at penn state university. >> are you a teacher now? >> yeah, right now. right now. sports business. >> my esons -- >> utou>>s he really a teacher e school? >> we reached out to a
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spokesperson at penn state university. they say this man was a professor at the business school but he no longer teaches there. he retired back in 2012. >> it also sounds like other students in the area are like egging this guy on a little bit. >> this caused so much of a scene that police had to be called in and eventually it was police who broke up this crowd. >> [ bleep ] you! >> a race turns dirty when one driver pulls a quick one. >> oh, man. >> why rubbing is not racing. >> and a girl who should not be behind the wheel. >> i can't drive! >> the girl is screaming, telling other cars to get out of her way.
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i wish i was made of money. i wish you were too. chances are, you're not made of money. so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico motorcycle. see how much you could save. it is said that rubbing is racing but it's really not a good idea.
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this is on the cross circuit. this is a north yorkshire in the u.k. watch the cars just up ahead of the car we're riding in. >> yeah, boy. it's good. >> the guy we're riding with is going for it. >> oh, boy. >> oh! >> oh, man. >> ooh. >> that's not good. the guy in the red car deliberately closed the door on him. he had the line. >> can you not do that? >> no, you can't just like deliberately crash somebody. >> well, that's what people are saying when they watch this video. the guy behind the wheel of the car that crashed is darren chef man and he was pretty darn upset his car went straight into the tire wall, completely totalled his mazda. fortunately he got out of the crash uninjured. the driver of the red car, according to reports, is a guy
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named bob higgins and a lot of people who see this video say he did this deliberately and that is not a good way to race. the red car realizes he's about to be passed on his right side. >> dirty, dirty move. he had no reason to turn to the right. there wasn't a turn coming up. he should have held his line. you can kill somebody doing that. >> they're saying it was really fortunate he didn't get hurt. >> you race to went. if you don't win, you're last. >> if you look at this page it says we are asking the question, if you think darren was the subject of foul play in this video that you donate your pocket change to help him race given in 2014. >> puppy's amazing talent. >> good boy. good boy.
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>> i can't breathe! >> so this girl behind the wheel is freaking out, right? she's saying she can't breathe, she's clearly crying. what could possibly be causing her distress? an american rock band called paramore, a huge fan of theirs. one of their latest singles is called "still into you." ♪ >> but she obviously recognized them. the girl, the singer, is pretty distinctive. she's got cool, funky hair. it probably would be easy to spot her if you were a huge fan like her. >> right there, just pull the window down. >> and they do pull up to a white van. they do notice her. they wave, they acknowledge her, give her some signs of love.
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>> i love you! i love you! >> bye. [ screaming ] >> these are the kind of people that are out on our roads. >> she's going to get in an accident. >> this girl is all freaked out. [ screaming ] >> a base jumper makes an incredible jump but the oohs and ahs quickly fade because -- >> his chute opens facing the cliff wall. >> how a lucky crash landing leads to an unlucky sranding. >> o [ ee]! >> let's go. >> a man can't get his dog out of bed so --
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this ought to make you nervous. chris from the igo big team is about to perform a 420-foot base jump. you see him go off, he's got skis on. as he goes off the ledge, he does a front flip. but after the front flip, his chute opens facing the cliff wall. often times that can lead to serious injury and death. but chris is le to land on what he says is the only ledge
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on the entire cliff. look at that. straight down. then you'll get a shot of what he lands on. this little snow-covered ledge. very, very tiny. only a few feet wide. >> he landed on a ledge on skis. >> and he's got a parachute. that thing could drag him somewhere. >> my name is chris. i will be spending the next three hours on this ledge. it can be done. >> oh, my goodness. at least he has a really good attitude about it. >> i will continue walking up and down this route until someone saves my ass. >> i like his sense of humor. >> this video was shot in 2010. just released now. walked away without a scratch. some of his climbing buddies were able to come and rescue him a little bit later and also went back a week later and nailed the exact same jump that he tried. >> oh [ bleep ]!
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>> this is an amusing tale of ben and drake. now drake is a dog. ben is his human. >> some days i can't get my dog, drake, out of bed. >> so he found an unusual way to get his dog up. >> one of the best ways is a racoon call. >> what? >> come on, drake. a racoon distress call. >> you are so close. >> hey, buddy. >> this just totally illustrates the fact that this dog is purposely ignoring him. >> and now for your musical interlude. ♪ ♪ >> deejay by nasty on the mic. >> this is like a rap video, cat
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versus dogs. >> flying puppies versus flying kitties. ♪ we the flying pups >> these lyrics are like straight out of the dog pound. ♪ baby cats so high, you need a crib, a blanky at night ♪ >> that's right, you need a crib and a blanky at night. >> it's obvious they just threw the poor animals into the air. the cats do it a lot better than dogs because they try to land on all fours. ♪ i can fly >> a big truck needs a driver like charlie. >> charlie's a hamster. believe it or not, charlie is going to steer [ female announcer ] breyers. together making moments. ♪ oh, oh, oh
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chaos on the streets of istanbul, turkey. you see the van pull up. according to reports, that's a police van. but look at the men who come out of it. it looks as though they're in plain clothes. it doesn't look as though they are in police gear. watch them chase down this man who is running in the street.
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these plain-clothed men drag this man back to the police van. >> according to reports people were protesting the death of a 22-year-old during a demonstration against the building of a road. as the video comes to an end, you see what looks like a group of riot police running toward that police van. >> you wonder what did he do that led to this. i can't imagine they were picking people up off the street. >> are you guys ready to see charlie demonstrate the brand new volvo fmx? >> yes. >> big truck driving through. charlie is going to be driving. he's demonstrating the new light touch steering of this truck. >> is that charlie? is charlie a gerbil? >> charlie's a hamster.
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he's going to steer it. >> how is he going to steer it? >> the human behind is going to control the gas or brake and he's going to use a carrot to make him go back and forth on the steering wheel. the steering is so light that this hamster can steer it. they're not doing this in an empty parking lot. they're doing it next to water. and they get pretty close. watch this. >> that was close. >> i'm sold. om going to go buy one now. >> this is a terrifying video but highly effective. because if you've ever driven a big rig, a dump truck, any kind of really heavy industrial vehicle, that stuff is hard. >> do you know what it is like to drive a heavy piece a machinery? >> you get curious and you wind
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up behind a dump truck and there you go. >> i just hope this is real and volvo didn't do some sort of tv trickery here. >> ladies, today is friday the 13th. did you know? >> yes. >> what better time than now to push the envelope of prank videos. this time around a friday the 13th theme, other pranksters helped out with this one. >> oh, my goodness. let's scare people to death. >> hockey mask ala jason, walking up to strangers with that slow pace that he did in the "friday the 13th" movies. >> this is horrible! >> cranking up the chain saw behind them. >> this is horrible. >> the one guy falls over, he
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falls over him backwards. these guys are taking off. >> in this day and age, you wouldn't put it past someone to dress up with a hockey mask and come after you with a chain saw. >> he did point out there were no blades. he wasn't going to hurt anybody. here he's chasing away an entire group of sorority girls or something. >> i know this is awful. >> i would imagine a lot of people called police. this was risky on his behalf. i don't know if it was set up or what. he gets the chain saw suspect going after the car. if you want to see the entire thing, go to our web site. or you can watch it on our mobile app. >> that's our show, everybody. we'll see you for the next edition of rtm. okay, i need a better pizza.
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with everything. go! gooo! but instead she gives him capri sun. with absolutely no artificial preservatives. but instead she gives him capri sun. sure you don't want to keep this for one of your paying customers? >> carly: i know you're good for it. >> franco: yeah. and i appreciate your help. it's only until i can get this whole financial situation taken
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care of. >> carly: maybe i can take it out in a trade. you could paint me...something. >> franco: right. great. >> carly: yeah. >> franco: and in the meantime, you can maybe help me figure out who the hell's out to get me. >> duke: i don't need you to fuss over me. >> anna: i'm not fussing. >> duke: you're fussing. >> anna: no. i'm not. do you seriously begrudge me making sure you have a clean bill of health after a propofol overdose? come on. >> duke: mm. the elusive dr. obrecht, she almost did me in, didn't she? >> anna: yes. she got away with it, too. i'm still so mad i didn't catch her. >> duke: it's just a matter of time until she's brought to justice. >> anna: any time is too long. you know, i blame myself, really, because... i honestly thought it was ava jerome. >> sonny: connie?
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