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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 19, 2013 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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it okay for her to steal the purse. >> is the victim injured? >> she was treated by paramedics but they said she walked away uninjured. we talked to the police department there. she's faces charges of larceny, aggravated assault because she admitted taking items in another incident. i. >> love to -- >> check out this security video from a mel born, astraliara stti. the a train on a platform. then you see someone on a mobility scooter. it seems like she loses control and she smashes into the train. about but then the train goes
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and she falls all the way in with her mobility scooter. for about 30 seconds, it appears that she is unconscious. y she is moving a little bit but then she stops moving. you do see other commuters rush to her aid. they jump into the tracks to lift her up but are unable to. >> it looked like the last door of that train was open and she was trying to scoot on there. >> reports say they don't believe she was trying to get into the train because usually people with wheelchairs or mobility scooters go in on the very first cart of the train that has a ramp -- >> maybe she was confused as to which end of the plane was the front. >> she is in stable condition. >> wendy: i'm glad for people
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nearby. >> hey, everybody. it's about time to give away another ipad mini. >> sounds good. remember all of you out there are going to need the thursday buzz word. >> it's coming up. remember you have to be 18 years or older and a u.s. resident to enter. >> stand by. it's the rtm ipad mini give away. >> yesterday i told you guys charles trippy had to have a second brain surgery to remove part of a tumor left behind from his previous surgery. he had to stay awake so doctors can talk to him to make sure nothing has going i don't think. remember i said he had gotten the go-ahead to take his surg y surger
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surgery. >> and there it is. the camera is in the surgery room. >> look, they got like a clamp around his head. look at that. >> he's incredibly lucid given the circumstance. >> give a thumbs up to the group. >> thumbs up. >> he even has a message for his wife while he's under the knife. >> i love you and -- >> everything's going great. >> everything's going great. my brain is open. >> he's even cracking jokes. his head is open. they are operating trying to remove a tumor and he's say you're not really as quick witted as you'd like to be in in situation. >> wow. >> even cracking jokes.
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>> i guess it's attached. >> what's attached? >> my head. >> which i think is an excellent indicator the surgery went well. can you see he's moving his limbs, he's able to talk and smile, his family and friends are there as well. and probably inspiring to other people who are going through a scary situation. >> you look great, babe. give me a smile. >> running a red light, bad idea. even worse idea? >> run the red line right by a police officer. >> see how some drivers blew it in more ways than one. and little logan is getting ready to go in for surgery. >> as you can see, he is in a mellow mood. >> while those postdentist videos have nothing on this kid.
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if you're going to run a red light, which is a bad idea, probably an even worse idea is torun theg a poicofficer. murphysboro, tennessee officer at the light waiting patiently. how do you do that? how do you blow the light next to the cop? >> and right there in front of a fedex truck. how do you miss that? >> i think this proves someone wasn't paying attention. >> the guy was ticketed there. very similar scenario in temple paris, florida. watch this. the guy blows through the light,
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misses the accident. close call, right? let's just vote and get going. watch what's coming. >> oh! >> talk about being at the right place at the right time. for the cop that is. >> just a reminder there are other people on the road. solid red light. bicyclist with the walk signal, just gets kind of out of whack there but doesn't fall over. from miami, florida, another person trying to make the light. at the last second clips the wheel of the bicycle lift. but to me i can't if the guy stops or takes off over there. >> he took off. i don't think he's going to wait around to see if that guy was okay. very dangerous in. >> this video put together by
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the folks at gillette. they brought in a bunch of athletes into a recording understood yop with their exercise equipment. they recorded each individual sound. and made it into a song. >> there are a lot of like sounds that are very specific to the gym. that running on the treadmill sound. with the, you know -- >> it's missing the sounds of guys picking up too much weight. >> let just dub that in.
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♪ >> logan is about to have surgery. don't worry, it was surgery to replace his eustation tubes. the doctor suggests he have presurgery anesthesia to make sure everything went come. as you can see, he's like playing the bongos on his mom for a second. it's like a drunk little boy. look at this. he has the best time ever. >> he looks like a happy little man. >> hoose under medical -- this
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little guy, he has no teeth! >> i like this a lot. i like it more than the or sort of post-dentist videos. a lot of times adults and teen-agers, i always think they're fake. but this kid has no idea about youtube. that's why i like this one. >> popular video game "grand theft auto 5" just came out. so one dude -- >> in order to celebrate that, he decides to go out and prank rob people, frank rob their cars. >> and want a chance at winning an ipad mini? thursday's buzz word is coming up. all the goodness of milk, all the deliciousness of hershey's syrup. i can cross even more places off my travel wish list. this year alone, i hit new york... and texas.
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there's a brand new show with mgm that's about to premiere. >> maternity court in crisis. >> you have no doubt your
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sister's husband is your baby's father. >> i have two years to live. >> i need to know she's my grandchild. >> the lord will sell you straight too hell with these lies. >> maternity court. she's the judge, dna's the jury. >> now serving as a judge on this brand new show weeks have lauren lake via skype. >> maternity court covers a myriad of cases. you're going to se a case where wi gesouidf h , sleeps with two different men and ultimately comes into our courtroom because he needs to nope whether he's the father of a child that he's been raising. >> you admit to being romantically involved with your boy friend and your husband all within the window of -- >> yes. >> you're going to see another case where a young woman, mother, presents her with 13
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possible fathers. >> i think it her it seemed like it was a joke. >> may i speak, your honor? >> yes. how does she keep track of 13 men and try and figure out which one is the daddy. >> i'm not here to judge you as a human being. i'm here to judge your action. one thing we can keep it real about, if you got 13 names of who can potentially be the father, you went way wrong somewhere. however, the point is how do we go from here? can you help your daughter find out who her father is? >> why do so many people find this baby daddy drama compelling? >> this issues crosses socioeconomic lines and racial line. people tune in because more often than not they can relate to the issues in the show. at the end of date, don't you
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want to just say. >> then then can woo to -- >> this is the release of "grand theft auto 5." it's a mature game. it shows people stealing cars, robbing, thieving. this guy in order to celebrate that decides to go out and prank rob people, prank steal their car. >> flat tire. the smoke coming out! >> that car realizes something hiengy, just drives away. this seemingly unsuspecting
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person digging around in the trunk of the of the car, he talk given! >> the owner of the car running after him. >> it's not only risky for him but if they happen to injure him or somebody else as they're trying to get away, this can be really bad. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> how do we know these aren't planned. these could be buddies of his. >> i'm glad you mentioned that. this could be a very well put together fake prank video. we've seen some people do some really crazy stuff. >> come here. >> okay. what's going on? what's going on? >> get ready because it's ipad
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mini give away time. >> you have to be 18 years old, you have to be a u.s. resident and you have to have the sy pad mini pay. >> go to our first page on faibz and pad on the hub link. the win and ipad mini button -- >> and put in the buzz word popular. good luck, everybody. >> a cat shows up at the front door. but then the cat realizes, oh, wait a minute, this isn't my house.oq3e!tk0
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i'm going to give you guys a prettyunique vw ofn ngh tohdate. this was recorded from 3 a.m. in the evening until about 7 a.m. in the morning. we're taking a ride about 41 blocks of a manhattan street. >> what are we riding on? >> you're not actually riding. this whole video put together by 41 different photographs, a picture every block taken by a smartphone, a nokia lumia 1020. the camera takes a 41 mega pixel image. what they've done is take the photo and zoom into the photo
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until you get to the next block and then take the next picture and zoom in. i'm impressed that a smart phone is taking image policy a surpasses hd television. >> this can take your video and all of a sudden they can see your bits and pieces. >> i hadn't thought about that. could they see your bits and pieces? >> oh, i don't know. >>. ♪ ♪ somebody said his friend's dog kept getting out of the kitchen and they don't know how so they set up a laptop camera.
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>> this window is opened up and there's like five inches of space. >> no he, he didn't. thinkle what i about he was too big! >> but this dog really wanted to get out of the kitchen. he's not giving up. and, boom, he gets out. >> how did he figure that out? >> dogs aren't that flexibility. they can't do this. >> that dog is that flexibility! >> the owner of this coat says this cat does not belong to us but it showed up on the door step and made this kind of noise. >> it sounds like it's being mauled. >> the cat realizes, oh, wait a minute, this isn't my house. and it just runs off like oops.
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>> that's our show, everybody. and it just runs off like oops. >> that's our show, everybody. we'll see side-by-side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. that's one smart board -- what else does it do, reverse gravity? [ laughs ] split atoms? [ flo chuckles ] [ whirring ] hey, how's that atom-splitting thing going? oh! a smarter way to shop around -- now that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> ava: thanks. would you take that up to the 10th floor? we reserved the restaurant for a private party. [ sighs ] you're coming to this party tonight, silas. you can't ignore me anymore.
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>> silas: hi! hey, you looking for me? >> rafe: kind of, yeah. [ cellphone rings ] >> silas: hold that thought. what can i do for you? >> rafe: go ahead and get that. i can -- i can wait. >> silas: it's nobody important. [ cellphone ringing ] >> rafe: one second. >> silas: nobody important, either? >> taylor: rafe, rafe, rafe. you ignore me at school and don't respond to any of my texts. when are you going to realize you don't want molly and t.j. together any more than i do? >> rafe: uh, it's -- it's nothing. >> silas: [ chuckles ] >> rafe: just wanted to check in on danny. you're sure the little guy's doing better? >> silas: yeah. barring any unforeseen complications, he's -- he's turned a corner. >> rafe: [ sighs ] wow, that's -- that's so great to hear. i mean, everyone's been so worried about him! poor sam's been here nonstop. >> silas: yeah.
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well, i think, uh, she and danny will be going home soon. >> rafe: so, does that mean that i'm gonna live with you now? >> silas: would that be so bad? >> rafe: well, no -- not as bad as i used to think! you were amazing with danny. sam says he wouldn't have survived without you. >> silas: i'm glad he's gonna be okay. now back to those living arrangements. >> rafe: just forget i asked. you should concentrate on danny. >> silas: no, no! i'm glad you brought it up! and we should -- we should settle this matter. rafe, i'd still like you to come live with me. but having gotten to know you and sam and her extended family over the last few months... i realize now i was wrong to force the issue wing forged som relationship or at least a friendship. so if you want to stay at sam's... i'm cool with that. >> rafe: really? >> silas: i was wrong to put you in that position in the first place, and i never should've done that to sam.
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>> rafe: sam, huh? it sounds like things have changed between you two. >> sam: thank you guys so much for everything that you've done. >> nikolas: you're welcome. that's what family's for. >> molly: yeah, you know we would do anything for you and danny. in fact, i have been doing some research into nutrition for -- >> nikolas: i'm sorry to interrupt, but there's something i need to take care of. i'll talk to you soon. >> sam: yeah. of course. >> nikolas: bye, molly. >> molly: bye. [ inhales sharply ] okay, is it just me, or did nikolas leave really suddenly? >> sam: no, he did. >> molly: to go see her? >> sam: but nikolas did help deliver dr. westbourne's baby at wyndemere. >> molly: i guess. let's just hope that's all that's going on there. >> taylor: rafe, don't make this any more difficult than it has to be. >> felix: make what difficult? what kind of trouble you getting yourself into now, sis? >> taylor: call me. the "mind your own business" kind. [ doorbell rings ] >> felix: mm-hmm. >> taylor: better get that! >> felix: so not over. [ chuckles ]
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why, hello! [ chuckles ] can i help you? >> carlos: i hope so. i'm looking for sabrina santiago. >> sabrina: [ gasps ] [ laughs ] ooh. what's that for? >> patrick: for being you. >> sabrina: wow. you must really miss my glasses. >> patrick: mm-hmm. so much so, i sabotaged your contact lenses. thank you... for giving me the push i needed to get over britt and the baby. >> sabrina: patrick... you know i don't expect you to just forget everything that britt put you through. >> patrick: i know, but you were right. i have so much to be happy for, and -- and that includes you. >> sabrina: well, aren't you


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