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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  September 19, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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staff members say they are working closely with local departments to find out who is behind a host of user names and flashing messages. >> the more people that can report it, i'm hoping that the authorities can do what they can do find this person. >> reporter: police are still investigating if a crime has been committed. you can find more information of the suspect on the website in belaire, abc 2news. >> school administrators said students were getting the messages through social media. some -- you never even heard of. snap chat is one you do need to know about. kids accept friends and then trade pictures and videos back and forth. unlike other sites those images disappear. so you don't know what they have seen or sent. experts say like any site if you want to know what your kids are up too, you have to educate
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yourself about how they work. >> snap chat doesn't have an h tap so you can go in there, whatever inland image and just mesa round and see what goes on. if that be adding your ildren on snap chat or just sharing them on your friends. it could be dinner time conversation. but just educating yourself. >> if your kids are smart phone saavy they can get screen grabs and this they spot a questionable picture or video they should report it to police. >> a pair of robbers shot a high powered lawyer with the maryland attorney general as he got out of his car on monday morning. they may have gotten more than they barginned for. the two confronted william brockman and attempted to rob him. when neighbors say a struggle happened. it happens that he broke his arm as he fought back. one of the men pulled a gun and shot the victim but that only
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irritated brockman even more. >> he chased them down the street, around the corner, all the way around the block, up and up to across baltimore street. they split up and went their ways. that's where the cops eventually caught up with him. a lot of people were calling the police. >> how about that? he is recovering. if you saw anything that could help police, pick up the phone and call detectives >> the student shot earlier this month by her ex-boyfriend is talking about him, the friend who died trying to save her and her recovery. they were shot september 4th. her friend died. she was treated at shock trauma and is now in rehab. she took to facebook trying to thank friends and family and
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strangers for their encouragement and support. she said my fast recovery is grateful because of all the love and support i have received from everybody. she thanked cj for being her hero and to her ex-boyfriend she said you were never a bad person, just one who lost their way and couldn't get it back. >> they are back at work. folks say it'll take a while to put monday's deadly shooting rampage behind them. while the campus is open the building where 12 were killed is still shut down. as the fbi staging area. also tonight officials from a buddhist temple are adding to the picture of a shooter. they say alexis visited a month ago and asked to spend the night because noises in his head were keeping him from sleeping at nearby hotels. >> a 4-year-old playing with a lighter set his house on fire. lived in a home -- the fire
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started upstairs, a home sprinkler system helped firefighters kill the flames. investigators say this should be a lesson to everybody about matches and lighters. >> lighters and matches with children can be very dangerous. children normally don't understand the impact and growth that a fire can have and the speed at which it can grow and very quickly can be injured orrin jury others. >> five live in the home, all of them will stay somewhere else while the house is repaired. >> all right. i think the clock -- take a look at temperatures across central maryland. very comfortable. 75 at the city. low 70s to the north and west. only issue and it's not a big one is the wind, southeasterly five to ten. this is the weather radar. nothing going on across the state right now. out to the south and west and out to the west big storms and this system is what we have to address as we go into saturday. we will talk more about that in just a little bit.
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we will send it to wyatt. >> reporter: welcome back i'm live at swim across america headquarters. -- in mount washington in the heart of baltimore. swimming this year. raising funds to fight our common enemy. cancer research right here. wendy, now -- you work in your daily job with victims and survivors of cancer and must mean so much to you to be involved swim across america each and every year and help run it? >> it is. i love doing it. i'm very excited about swimming and about working with people that have been diagnosed with cancer. its it's amazing the strength people can show and i just love this event >> reporter: we couldn't do it without madowbrook
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there is the swim for people who don't do the bay and then the swim -- but i want to bring in gary. you are one of the key players here of course. you help run the facility. you donate the facility. talk about what it means to you. >> we are so proud to be a part of the program and what these guys are doing. the work they are doing. the fact that the money they raised stays in baltimore is amazing. it's a home training facility d we have been doing it about four years. we love the fact that we can work with them, donate the pool time. a lot of the guys that train -- the bay swim, they train here with us and we also do a really good 16 week program for beginners to help them get from -- zero to a mile in the water. we are happy to do all this stuff. >> we appreciate it so much and again, we are looking to get the big swim on here tomorrow and gibson island on sunday morning. the forecast right now for that does look dicey. we think there could be showers
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here and tapering off. it'll be cool. air temperature around 60 sunday morning. we will be back with another interview is that you will want to stick around for. cutting edge cancer research. >> thank you soon you will be able to fast track your trip down the interstate. >> and he donned a dunbar jersey back in the day. sammy is back. he returns to help future greats. >> it's beautiful in town. the storms out to the west on the seven day forecast. weather is next. ♪
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. all new, we now know how much the state thinks you should pay to use the expressways they are building on i-95. when the project is done late next year the tollways will run from the 895 split to just north of white marsh. the stretch bypasses some of the most conguested parts of the baltimore stretches. transportation authority wants two axle vehicles to pay between 10-cents and 35-cent ace mile depending on the time of day. starting today you can share your opinion of the proposed price with the state, you can speak your mind at hearings, they will hold between now and november 4th and you can leave your comments on their website. you won't be able to drive on the lanes though until late next year. you can find the links to -- along with a list of dates and times for the meetings on
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the website. look for the story on the state news section. >> and now from abc2, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> take you outside. we will go to manchester. beautiful shot. a lot of blue sykes, mix of sun and clouds right now in some spots action we -- we are down to 75. southeasterly wind at eight. that's bringing in a bit of a bay influence especially in annapolis where it's just a little bit cooler. otherwise it looks cooler with -- we got to 77. where should we be this time of year? 77. we are on par for average. 94 in 1983. weather headlines, we will call it comfortably cool tonight, not cold. we had 40s the last several nights, that won't be the deal for tonight. otherwise a hands down best day of the week into tomorrow and then some issues will start to arise in to the week. 75 right now in baltimore. that's being shared -- you go out toward wood vine at 70.
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70 right now into annapolis. dew points at that comfortable threshold. they will start to rise into tomorrow afternoon. a stickier feel tomorrow, also going into saturday. right now high pressure built in, it's slowly going to erod experience push off toward the east and then you notice out toward the west more storms starting to fire up. as that high pushes off it'll allow for the storms by saturday afternoon and saturday evening. talk about that in one second. 70's, low 70s. warmest spot into northern virginia. closing in on 80. look at the heat in st. louis. 94 into northern louisiana. some of that heat will push in your direction for your day tomorrow. so 50s for tonight. a few 40s along frederick. otherwise we are flirting 80 and into saturday more clouds, clouds start the day, rain to finish the day with temperatures in to the low 70s. speaking of the rain we will time it out anaround 11:00
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saturday morning, farther north and west, that's when the showers will start to move in and stay around three, four, five. that's when the bands move in and then a widespread shower into saturday evening. things should clear out by sunday. there is a big open wave over the bay. the hurricane center has about a 60% shot of this developing. scale has us at 20%. i don't think it'll come together but we will watch it and update it tonight. 55 in town tonight. a beautiful moonlit sky. otherwise cool issue but not to bad. two degree guarantee around 80 and here is the seven day forecast where saturday is not going to be the best of days, a lot of clouds, showers in the afternoon and then by sunday i lot going on. swim across america, we will start off on sistery but then the sun should come out late in
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the afternoon. wyatt is back at 11. >> michael phelps pool today. what do you say, great cause my friend. >> reporter: hey. it is. every year. this is the 4th swim across america baltimore. when you support swimmers and swim across america are you supporting cutting edge cancer research here at hopkins i want to bring in one of the research -- talk about what's happened in just the last year. it's incredible what are you working on. >> in just the last year, we have really got some exciting results. cancers right now are something that very many women have on their minds, there is no effective screening test but with work funded bid the swim former foundation, we are able to come out with a test essentially that can defect the
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cancers from pap smears. they are used for cancer screenings we are using them and in addition to figuring out whether or not it's a cervical cancer we findos. >> reporter: the test has saved millions of lives, could save more with these other findings. you can get off the same test. >> yes. absolutely. it's worth -- it's worth repeating we are still developing this but we had very promising initial results and now we are going to move forward with clinical trials. >> reporter: and one last thing. you guys are a team. you talk about how you hang out together. you go on trips together. you work as a team to fight cancer together and you treat cancer currently. it's not just the research facility. it's a place people get treated now. >> that's correct. not -- we are also doing things for cancer patients today. we have something that is funded by the swim for, america, foundation.
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that is where survivors get together. it's like a group therapy and, you know, people can talk about the issues we are going through and get better. >> reporter: thank you so much. you and the team out there doing incredible things. that's why we swim hard for you each and every year. swim across america, this weekend, saturday afternoon, sunday morning at gibson. swimming against cancer. >> great job. basketball great sam cassell and keith booth -- they are all dunbar high al ums and sam is at there to put on aliving for future basketball greats. he is on the wizards coaching staff. he was joined by others and they put the kids through drills and talked hoops and sam said he hasn't been back in a while but it's good to be home. >> this place is -- has done so many things for me. this is where my ground work and roots started. >> david wingate.
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reggie louis and reggie williams. guess when sammy -- are you making us old. we will be right back.
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. here is what's at 11. you open up the mailbox and
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find a check. >> how do you know if it's real or fake? we will show you how to spot a fake check so you don't waste your money. >> can i get on that scale? will i look smaller? >> reduces by ten pounds absolutely. this is an easy forecast. tomorrow and then things get challenging by saturday into sunday. lot going on this weekend. just know it's saturday evening, saturday night deal for the rain. otherwise late clearing on sunday . >> all right have a great night.
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welcome to "world news." tonight mud and mayhem, tens of thousands of people stuck in floods and mud on the boarder where the storms can leave an alligator on a city street.
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provocative pope. the pope issuing a new call to the clergy to stop obsessing about abortion, contraception and same sex marriage. made in america, this big night for 20 american inventors and their simple ideas and the chance at a possible fortune through walmart. you help decide the winner. and a good evening to you. we begin tonight with the thousands and thousands of people including american tourists fighting their way through mud and floods tonight. a giant storm hit the coast of mexico for the second time in the last five days. abc's ryan owens starts us off with the pummeling force of wind and rain that is called manuel. >> reporter: you're looking at a town swallowed by mud. dozens are missing after hurricane manuel triggered a land slide, devastating this coffee growing village along
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mexico's pacific coast. tons of mud and rock smashed right through the town's center burying cars, homes and roads, bridges now lead to nowhere. look at the mud inside this house. it stopped just short of the shrine. >> i heard a loud noise and i just stood there this woman says. when i saw it was coming down to the field, i left running. the report city of acapulco can't take much more. thousands of tourists are stranded, the state department helping them book flights home. but the airport is still under water. looters roam the streets and so does this, an alligator washed out of a wildlife park. villagers tied up the beast before anyone was hurt. as many as 80 people are feared dead. tens of thousands trapped, some forced to the roof in hope of rescue. others escape packed into the back of a flatbed truck. though manuel is expected to
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bring heavy rain to texas this weekend, the u.s. will largely dodge the storm's wrath. another close call in an unusually quiet hurricane season. by this time last year, three tropical storms and hurricane isaac had hit the united states. forecasters warn the season isn't over. they are watching yet another storm forming off the coast of mexico tonight. ryan owens, abc news, dallas. next tonight we bring you word of another red flag about the mental health of the shooter at the washington navy yard. a recent bizarre encounter, a mother and her family are coming forward to say that well before the shooting aaron alexis was giving clear signals something was wrong. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas has it. >> reporter: when glynda boyd first saw the horrible images of the navy yard massacre and then the face of the killer she was stunned. >> what we're learning about the gunman. >> i started to scream oh, my
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god that's him and i just started screaming. >> reporter: the memories of an unsettling encounter of paranoia came racing back. >> we were eye to eye. >> boyd and her family were on their way home from a family reunion on august 4th when the man she believes is aaron alexis came out of nowhere. >> he kept saying is she laughing at me? is she, you know, we were like, no. then he just got angry. >> reporter: the look on his face is etched in boyd's mind. >> i felt fear, a sense of fear, something wasn't right with him mentally. >> reporter: airport security intervened but no one was charged. abc news confirmed alexis was at the airport. it was only three days later that alexis would call newport rhode island police with a bizarre story about hearing voices and being under surveillance after an altercation at a virginia airport. >> some of these people who really are suffering from a ment h


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