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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  September 22, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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abc2newsom. a rosedale man shot and killed in his home while a woman and three small children were also inside. the victim is 44-year-old david wutoh he was in the home and the shots came from outside the house just before 3 this morning. neighbors we spoke with are shaken up and don't want to be seen on camera but they say they did notice a suspicious man in the area before the shooting. >> the day before it happened we seen a suspicious man walking around the neighborhood a he very big man i am sorry 6- 4 or 6-5, 350 pounds just we never seen him so we don't believe he he lives in the neighborhood but he was walking around the neighborhood i am assuming casing the place. >> police don't believe the neighborhood is in further danger even though they have not found the suspect. still no word on why the shooting may have happened. if you have information call baltimore county police at 410-
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307-2020. another deadly shooting this weekend in northwest baltimore. victim is 34-year-old robert jackson. officers found him in the 5 #00 block of crismer avenue saturday morning e was pronounced dead on the scene. and anyone with information is asked to call homicide at 410- 396-2100. in washington today, the 12 victims last week's deadly shooting at the navy yard were remembered. the president and the first lady were among the hundreds there to honor the men and women killed. [ playing taps ] >> the sound of taps played at the memorial as the president and nation mourned 12 people lost before their time. >> our tears are not enough. our words and our prayers are not muff enough. >> reporter: the president and first lady were among the 3500 gathered at the marine corps barracks as the dead were remembered with tributes and
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prayers. >> 12 great machines we mourn. >> reporter: some responded with mourners others responded with debate. >> that is tragedy that shouldn't have happened. a memorial service that shouldn't be taking place and victims that shouldn't be victims. problem is there weren't enough good guys with guns. >> reporter: the head of the nra lashed out at the mental health system and vowed to oppose gun control efforts proposed by the president and democrats in congress. >> if we can prevent one tragedy like this, save one life spare other families with we have an obligation to try. >> reporter: the fbi's investigation continues as new details emerge about the shooter's increasingly unstable mental health. congress scag va to disclose what drugs they provided to aaron alexis and any possible side effects. you may have noticed the family of richard ridge one of the
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victims of the family a series of gun controls was blocked after the shooting in sandy hook. last year. continuing coverage tonight of the 4 alarm fire that damaged five businesses in southwest baltimore. we are learning federal investigators are joining the effort to determine the cause of the fire started friday night in a 3100 block of frederick avenue. about 100 firefighters were called to the scene and it took 14 hours to put out the flames among the businesses destroyed is 3 brothers liquor store, reality setting in for the owners. >> i would put my life intoeverything. that's all i know. >> no one was hurt in the fire. no word on what caused it. the atf is helping police with arson investigation trying to figure out how the fire started. weather wise of course the first day of fall 2013. man it's here and temperatures
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tonight running cool. 52 in woodbine. 5 5 in perry hall. wider you can see nice clearing pattern continuing to develop. that's going to mean more abundant sunshine similar to today. but a cooler day on tap tomorrow as we drop into the 40s overnight. and struggle to get back to the mid-60s by noon or so tomorrow. so feeling fallish as we go into the first monday of the season. we will talk about how things unfold into the end of the week. he think you will like it coming up. okay thanks. we have to update you on that deadly attack at a shopping mall in kenya. at least 68 people are confirmed dead more than 150 injured. the kenyan army is reporting progress in a madge push to flush out the terrorists still holed up inside the shopping mall an terrorist group al- shabab is claiming responsibility for the massacre. the kenyan military says most hostages have been released and mill tar yoi forces re--
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military forces rebaned most of the build bug the incident is still not over at this hour tonight. now to a developing story in washington where a crippling government shut down a could come-- down could come in less than two weeks. the house is expected to reject the housing spending plans if they don't make a deal the country would go into default. what does it mean for you? you should get the mail and social security payments but new claims might not be processed and payments could be delayed. the part of our government that protection national security and safety will remain open. other offices will close. >> the senate will be responsible that they will send us a bill which does keep the government open through december 15th but reasonable cuts in it. one that is we can both agree on. >> national parks, museums and zoos would shut down and hundreds of thousands of federal workers would have to be furloughed. get your hand on a new
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iphone for free. easier than you think. find out how to score a iphone 5 c without shelling out any cash. >> the priest going rogue during a wedding going at photographers. what the bride and groom have a say about that. and top designers are branching out in dresses and shoes to makeup and perfume but what are you paying for when you shop for designer cosmetics wyatt? >> good question. we are in the tv business but even as guys we have a clue about that. 73 at the-- for the first dame of the a um season. do we get back to
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huge day at m and t bank stadium. ravens honor ray loseis and well come back ed reed to baltimore lewis and welcome back ed reed to baltimore--
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lewis and welcome back ed reed to baltimore. that's ed reed let's listen. >> when i ran out the stadium yelling my name and so much love you know and memories that i have here in the city. like family, man, you know, but, you know it will always be there. it's something you cherish as a player, man. not everybody gets that welcome. >> yeah no boos for ed reed. ravens won now 2-1 and travel to buffalo at thattic to on the bills next sunday at one. as for more ravens coverageincluding words ray lewis had for fans in his ring of honor induction head to our website. i saw a lot of good stuff there on this time next week baseball regular season will be over and we will know whether the orioles will go on in the playoffsch after another loss that looks less and less likely. scott pitched a solid game for the orioles but a but gave up
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that home run in the first inning. first batter of the game for the rays and that's too much for the orioles to overcome. they are having all kinds of trouble finding offense and got down 3-0 and lost 3-1. that's the fourth straight loss. now the orioles are 4 1/2 games out of the wild card with just 7 games remaining. a consumer alert tonight for anyone who wants to get their hand on a iphone without paying. apple's budget iphone the 5 c would set you back 100 dollars. abc2 news consumer reporter john matarese shows us how to score one for free. >> reporter: apple's annual iphone launch. fans are lining up and pulling out wallets but hold on. for the first time ever, you can tuck the walt away and get a new iphone free. that's right if you considering the lowest cost iphone 5 c with the colorful plastic body you can get it free of charge several different ways. sprint will give you a free 5 c if you switch to sprint from
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at&t or verizon. but there's another way to get it free without swchg by trading in an older iphone -- switching by trading in an older iphone 4. the apple store gazelle or next worth will give you at least #p hundred -- $100 for the old iphone 4 making the 5 c free. you will get more for the iphone 4s. but you walk into the apple store hand them the 2 or 3-year- old iphone 4 and walk out with a 5 c for free. for more of my reports about to- - go to and click the money tab up top. now abc2 maryland's most accurate forecast. >> starting off maryland's most powerful radar. crystal clear and dry. you have to like that. it was nice sunday around here. statewide. gorgeous actually. some cloud cover late in the
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day. but not rain making cloud. just fair weather cloud coming in on the northwesterly flow. it's been a cool north breeze that continues to cool us off pretty sharply out there tonight across all of central maryland and eastern shore statewide running cool tonight. 58 at the airport at bwi but many spots are pushing down into the low 50s. if you have a great photo we want to see that and use the abc2 news app or facebook or twitter to send it our way we think we will get great fall foliage shots. tomorrow feeling like fall. mid-60s at noon. upper 60s by 4. a mild and crisp kind of a day. and it will be nice but it will be on the cool side. you want to get the extra lar for first thing in the morning. temperatures this evening cooling off rapidly. cool spots like ocean city will 53 and 46ch the north wind has let up so he just a light northwesterly breeze and temperatures will continue to fall tonight and we will find mid to low 40s not north -- in the north and west suburban
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hereford zone and bel air and northern cecil county looking at mid to low 40s in those areas. further south of the state temperatures will push 70 tomorrow but they may not quite get there. i think they will get there as we go into day 2 this weekend to tuesday. each day the cool canadian air mass will moderate under the bright sun and a little milder each day. so we are in a pretty good set up in terms of slow milder setups into the middle part of the week. look at the broad perspective. it's crystal clear many if you have travel plans i don't cab care if it's the amtrak or the car trip, hitting the airport looking good across east coast. no active weather. high pressure cell continuing to settle in. cool dry conditions. one little disturbance off cape hatteras that provided the heavy rain late on your saturday night and sunday morning that's well-off shore. we are done with that in terms of the weather setup. i will say this as we look at
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future trend. no activity to the immediate west. nothing to the immediate south but as we go further in the tuesday evening you see shower action down on the gulf coast and part of that can be attributed to this. it was at one point an area of interest earlier today from the national hurricane center but now it looks more disorganized and blown out. but at-- disorganized and loan out. but at one point it was a interesting low off houston off texas. but now looking like anything. 47 tonight clear skies. tomorrow 69 your two degree guarantee. bright sunny autumnish and tomorrow crystal clear and on the crisp side. next few days temperatures in the low to mid-70s. warming up towards wednesday and that is beautiful fall outlook with a he tremendous amount of sunshine. humidity stays nice and low. and for a lot of people these are the days you wait for you know all year and then we -- dished a decent weeken the rain came in late saturday and got out of here in time for sunday. >> it felt like fall. great day to be outside.
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>> yes. >> absolutely. and it's a chaps to be outside myself and many you may know each of the past four years i had the honor of supporting the annual swm across america event. >> great event. >> it is. and it's ash -- intime-- swim across america event. >> great event. >> it is. >> reporter: just off the chesapeake with one common thread. >> i know a lot of people with cancer or who recover from cancer. we have lots of friends and family who suffered with the disease. >> reporter: but it's one thing to have your life or those you love impacted by cancer. it's entirely another to take action and actually get out there and do something about it. how about a one to three mile swim in open water and how about raising a minimum of 500 dollars before ever getting your feet wet. >> every year, people come out and support our event and raise a lot of money for the johns
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hopkins chancer center. >> reporter: multiple groups like this one team melanoma working in the water together but to raise more than $400,000 this year alone. add that fund raising up times four years in a row and maryland swimmers are having a huge impact well beyond our state. >> the research coming out ourswim across america lab is savings million. >> reporter: from the first step through watter to the long strokes and the last lap swimmers united in a common cause against the common thing. >> it's great people came out so many people on this you know beautiful day to swim to support finding a cure to canser. >> one meteorologist was swimming and another running. mike masco pounded the pavement in the naval suesie who lost her battle with colon cancer and her family is raising money
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to help others. go mike. and we will be right back.
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the design her behind your handbag or pair of hills is likely he can panning top deansigners releasing makeup and fray gains lines but as --fragrance lines but they come
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with high markups. >> reporter: designer tory birch set to debut is described as a floral tv and two rose blend and grapefruit and here what it smells like money. the fragrance and cosmetics industry is a huge business that can be profitable thanks to big markups. the scent is 62 bucks for one ounce of smelly water. and off the fashion week big names in fashion announced new entries. she has makeup to go along with the perfume. michael ko-rs launched a fragrance and cosmetics and jason wu has a cosmetics available at nordstrom where he had models wore the makeup. mark jibbing ox -- marc jacobs launched a makeup line but the idea is women who obsess over
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his designs are going to graphic tate to makeup with his name -- graphic tate to make -- graphic tate to the make-- gravitate to the makeup with his name on. >> it has a intense feel to the undereye area and a lip lock ich is a nice minty taste. >> reporter: the items carry high profit marge ns but they allow -- marge ns but they allow -- margens but they allow for margins but they allow fans to-- marge n but they allow fans to -- margin but they allow fa to pick it up. the moisture balm cost 24 dollars. which is still about 12 times more than a tube of chap stick so for now i would rather be frugal than fashionable. >> you get all that? >> taking notes. >> you can watch the list week nights at 7 followed by. [audio not understandable] a lip lock balm? i am not sure what it was.
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>> yeah. i don't know. >> i will look into it. >> the guy demonstrating. temperatures cool, look at these low 50s there christian feeling like our first night of fall. hey as our friend in canada would say. >> look at that. >> yeah fallish and we have leaves coming down animateed and here's the outlook. upper 70s sunshine. got to love it.
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>> as it photogphy session
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youwedding photographers willcapture happy moments but things don't go always as planned one wedding melt down courtesy of not a bride zilla or drunk guest but the priest stopped and hescold the to haveers saying he would stop if they didn't get out of the way. look at groom and bride they said they are mortified in the prenuptial planning the father never made demands over the pictures. >> okay. >> oh. ouch. what's a flugtag? well, that is a flugtag involving building vehicles and jumping into the water and they jump over stuff. ouch. this is the first national red bull flugtag competition held at 5 cities across the country including dc they have to be oh completely human powered with one pilot. the pilot implies flying these are he is get a
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free sky diving music-- >> no. >> thanks for watching. don't do flugtag.
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and public urination on st. patrick's day. our boy coonan also had a home security system-- 12-gauge, hollow point. that thing could stop a kodiak in kevlar. who did he think was coming through the door? well, whoever it was left him leaking from about 30 holes that don't normally appear in a healthy 35-year-old male. (beckett) 9-millimeter sig still in his waistband. didn't even have time to pull it out. this guy was armed and ready. whoever got him was very, very good. ninja assassin. ninja assassin? isn't that kind of redundant? aren't all ninjas by definition assassins? (castle) fine, webster and roget. our ninja--assassination implied by definition-- scales the building, slips in through this window, and then hides himself, i don't know, about... hey... (chuckles) look at this. our victim's a johnny vong fan. somebody actually bought those tapes? what? who's johnny vong? come on. you're kidding me. every insomniac in new york knows who johnny vong is. his infomercial runs all night. (man speaking broken english) most people think you gotta have money to make money. but that's not true. look at me. when i come to this country, i come with nothing.
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and here's my big brother jacky, the guy who taught me to fight for the little guy... and what does he get? worse than he deserved. i make no excuses for the things my brother did, but growing up, we were on our own a lot. jacky was the toughest kid on the block. that's what first brought him to rourke's attention. finn rourke? mm-hmm. he runs the westies. what did he actually do for finn? jacky never said. but whatever it was... pretty sure it got him killed. castle. these westies can be pretty rough. so you sure you don't want to stay in the car? no way. okay. keep your mouth shut and try to butch up a little. (iri rock music playing)


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