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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  September 23, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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southern china it. forced airlines to cancel hundreds of flights. 25 people died. at one point before making landfall, the winds were clocked. today the vice-president joe biden got a tour of the devastated area by helicopter. many are being helped by volunteers from all over the world. one group traveled to longmont, colorado from israel to help. more than 5,000 are signed up for federal assistance. well, many doctors encourage new moms to breast feed. >> but not every mom can do it. tonight we take a lock at a new study on why many moms call it
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quits. >> going to the movie? why you should charge your ipad first. >> had a little included cover in ocean city but now a beautiful sunny day. when we come back, we'll talk about the golden sunshine. how much longer can it really hold up. you might be is your priced by the answer. that's straight ahead.
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when something works, you stick with it, especially when coming to delivering a baby. >> some happy customers keep returning to the baby hospital. >> reporter: like every new mom, christina gomez cites stats. >> she was 8 pounds, 10 ounces and she came out perfect. >> reporter: perfect is right. baby macy is stunning. her parents said her entry into the world was easy. >> she joined the family like she was meant to be and we're very excited. >> reporter: this is not the couple's first rodeo. they've been here before.
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manny is first and now macy. all are c section birth, all born at gbmc. >> i heard friends used gbmc. i use and friend's ob, absolutely loved him and he delivered my first two and stopped practicing. with macy i had to find a new practice, so there was no second thought. i knew even though we had to find a new ob, it would be at gbmc. >> this would be a no-brain are to come back. >> you can tell people like their job and like what they're doing and it's been that way. >> reporter: the gomez family said they're loyal to this hospital because it just works. >> it's comfortable. i know like when people come to visit, i just tell them where to -- they just tell them where to
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park, the quickest way and it's easy. >> reporter: with so much attention put on mom and a new baby, they don't forget about dad. >> it's all real nice. they take care of me as much as her. >> reporter: while christina loves the hospital, she can't wait to go home. >> once they get to a certain age, they don't want to snugglian more. i love holding her up and listening to her baby noises. >> reporter: a sweet time but has this mom knows it's a short one and will enjoy every meant of it. megan pringle. >> gbmc is trying to get a group photo. we're going to troy this on september 20th at shawan downs and we want to hear about your gbmc baby, too. all right
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fall began technically sunday early but today is the first full fall day. will this bring temperature changes. we'll show you that in just a second. temperature wise we're in the upper 60s and looking at a beautiful scenario, a little bit of fall color at towson at the relatively all new middle school just off charles. beautiful blue skies high atop. i think they've updated the name. sunny skies over the severn weather. and, again, this is a picture risk -- picturesque setup. you can get headaches. they've done studies. if you get a weak headache, it
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could be weather related. look at the big high pressure domes. facebook or twitter is the place to send us your photos. you probably have some color changing in the backyard, maybe at work, labor see a great looking tree. it's going to be a great hiking and running forecast, low humidity, temperatures ramping up into the upper 60s to low vest of the. around 3:00 we will probably touch the low 70s. the wind speeds are from the north and west. most spots around a 9 to 12-mile-an-hour breeze. it's much chillier to the north and west. first an update. garrett county now has a frost advisory overnight in the highest country due to the elevation. you can see most of the from the and freeze concerns are not that
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far are in the of maryland. this' in nord pa, parts of new england and western pa. she is are -- these are only an issue when there's not a frost. the night also get cooler and edge further south. enjoy it while we have it. take a look, low 70s tomorrow. most of the day will be in the 60s. i think we'll touch 70 late in the day. how about a look at your wednesday, low to mid-70s. each day will get warmer. it's a crystal clear night. double barreled high pressure. that's two sinking domes of air that will ramp the pressure up but keep the cool dry air around. each day these will get cooked by the autumn sunshine. we'll get warmer into the and of the week. i don't know that we get back to 80 degrees. clear skies holding tough and really across the entire east coast well into the middle of
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the week. the nearest weather near atlanta. by the way, nothing in the tropics. big thunderstorm west of florida. so tonight 44 and clear. tomorrow 71 your two-degree guarantee. the outlook for the next several day has slow warmup into the upper 70s by thursday but some cool hair mixes back down into the weekend, so we never quite get back to 80. not to say we won't. could happen in early october but for now 70s pretty much is as high as it goes. >> classic. at's nice. >> no humidity. >> you want pictures of fall foliage. >> lots of color. >> deep creek. >> abc2 weather on twitter.
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all right. in tonight's health alert, why do women stop breast feeding. moms within two books are the most likely to stop all together. >> the first week is critical. if moms are having difficulty with any, latching, they're much less likely to continue. >> the biggest difficulty is latching, followed by breast pain and milk crashes. adequate support will help them stick with breast feeding. married couples, new research suggest's married couples have a loris being of dying of the 10 common cancers. researchers at harvard looked at patients with breast, lung, prostate and other cancers and those married got diagnosed earlier and it was more likely to get treated and survive.
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for some patients having a spouse it was more powerful than undergoing chemo. thousands took part in the race at newport beach. we are proud to partner with komen maryland. we're less than a month away from the 21st annual praise for the cure. you can learn more by ling to pink. >> a month away. hey, a little mermaid is half woman, half fish, just like the character. the new film is trying to con spray two things. we'll explain. >> plus, we're handing out the hardware of tv's best. how modern family is turning into a classic.
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welcome back to house calls. let's talk about the different types of wounds. >> there are multiple reasons to have wounds. they could be related to pressure, diabetes, veins, blood flow going in and out of the legs. the real thing is to focus on is not the real types but the reason why the wound is not healing. we all get wounds. if they haven't shown signs of healing until four weeks there's a problem. that's where we come into play. we have a multidisciplinary team. we scan go ahead and try to appeal rate those factor --
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lessen those factors. >> the number to call is 410-481-2222. the doctor will be in the studio until 6:30. so get your questions answered.
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if you're taking the kids to see the second release of the mermaid, better charge your ipad. >> i am a grown man but i love the little mermaid. it's the perfect movie. it's probably 90% of the reason i'm friends with are aal p--- arial webster. my love for the little mermaid is only equaled by my hatred to people who use phones and tablets during movies. this weekend disney is re-releasing the little mermaid with a second screen experience.
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>> download the app and see the little mermaid on the big screen like you never have before ♪ under the sea ♪ >> a new way to watch movies with your friends and family so you become part of the story pooh oh cool. >> no not cool. i don't want you to become part of the story unless you are a talking crab or sea witch. the new technology is interesting. the app, which you could can download syncs with the movie and has bonus content. >> find hidden treasure. sing along. >> the app is free but it's clearly a ploy to sell tickets. it's a gimmick to get people back in the theater to see a 20-year-old movie. if you're a 6 or 7-year-old, this may be the first way you're experiencing one of my favorite movies. if this is successful.
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movie theaters will consider this. gadgets and gizmos aplenty. yep, we all do, and they don't belong in the theater. >> all right. if you want to see more stories like this, watch "the list" followed by let's ask america. >> you know it was only a mat thr of time before mackers in germany claim they are the first to successfully break into the new iphone 5s. it came after the website offered $16 grand to the person to touch the -- hack the touch i.d. sensor. to prove they pulled it off, the hackers posted a youtube on sunday. october 1st is a landmark day for gun control laws in m tonight lawmakers look at how the laws will be enforced and whether anything needs to be
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changed. >> find out why some say the wipes aren't living up to their promises. we have those stories and more coming up at 6.
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tv honored its on at the 65th annual emmy awards. >> veep and house of cards, two shows filmed here in baltimore, took home some trophies. george pennachio has a look at all the winners. >> modern family. >> the cast and screw of modern family took the stage for a fourth time to collect the trophy for an outstanding comedy series. when saying thank you, the
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show's creator took a swipe at the long telecast. >> this may be the saddest emmys of all times but we can't be happier. >> in the individual category, julia louis-dreyfuss for veep, her second for this role and the third best actor win for "the big bang theory," jim parsons. >> the moment leading up to it because you may have to talk in front of people, is so heart pounding. another reason why i like to go to sleep has soon as possible. it's exhausting in a weird way. >> i've actually lost many more times than i've won. i lost 10 times as a matter of fact. so it is delicious to win. >> reporter: for costar tony hail, best actor and best supporting actor nurse jackie. host neil patrick harris said this was the best acceptance
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speech ever. >> thank you so much. um, i've got to go. bye. >> now let's take a look at drama and cable dominated. breaking bad won. >> this is the culmination of everything and to happen at this time, this is one hell of a party and i'm so excited to be a part of it and what a way to go out. >> reporter: claire dane for homeland and jeff daniels for the newsroom. >> party until dawn. then i'm going on a plane to atlanta and start filming dumb and dumber, too. >> and anna gunn for breaking bad. in los angeles, george pennachio for abc2 news. coming up, gun laws aren't the only maryland laws changing
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next week. >> no we're working for you. abc2 news at 6 starts right now. we stayed in the 60s. so will the you a tum sunshine warm us up. that's the question after today. maryland's most accurate forecast coming up. >> a growing trend for purse thieves caught on camera in maryland. the crime takes seconds to happen. tonight you'll see how they do it. >> we told you on twitter about reports of jacoby jones being hurt. you'll hear what the coach has to say. >> we start off with breaking news out of st. pete where the orioles are playing tampa bay. manny machado and it's not good. >> it's sickening. for any orm fans, manny machado hit the base. he was screaming in pain. they had to cart him off in
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tampa. it's bad. he's probably out for the rest of the year. this 21-year-old was having a great year, should win the gold glove and he is the franchise for the orioles in the future. right now the future is on hold. the orioles are in tampa. that's their last away game before they come home tomorrow night. manny machado seriously hurt in that many a. >> we'll continue to update it online and on abc2. we begin with this, updating a story that many of you are clicking online. friday we told you the story of a family forced to give up their 14 and 15-year-old pitbulls because of a court ruling. >> it said pitbulls are dangerous which opened up a host of liabilities for landlords. >> since our story aired, barks, who took in the animals, got flooded with calls to take in the pair. >> brian kuebler has more on what we hope will be a happy ending for sasha and bear.
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>> reporter: sasha and bear are still curious. the news camera is strange but stranger still, why they're held up in an office at barks and not homeith their family, unknowing victims of illegal circumstance. these pups were forceed into a shelter when their owner was told by the landlord that the pitbulls had to go. >> it's truly lay maizing to see the response. >> reporter: they helped us profile these two dogs mon friday and since the shelter has been flooded with call oles baltimore county. we have somebody from pennsylvania that wants to come, somebody from ohio. >> reporter: applications for adoptions from all off, perfect strangers looking to give both these elderly dog has comfortable home together for the rest of their lives, free from what some believe is a judicial decision that is nothing more than breed persecution. landlords are obviously bound by
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the rulings, specifically the liability that comes with it. in this case it's baltimore city. but over the weekend barks is able to find one landlord for these two dogs willing to take that on. >> it would require him moving. he's open to dhoog that. he's been great to work with. he's very gracious for that in contacting the landlord to see what they clan work out. >> if not, the oner knows that 10 loving families are willing to take them. meanwhile sash is a and bear continue to make their beds here and lie in them, hoping, at their age, they can go home again. brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> the folks at barks said the story is a perfect example why the maryland law is in the good law. the shelter hopes stories like this one will get those dogs
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adopted into good homes. we'll keep you updated. well,als september draws to a close, we're starting to look forward to october. by want to make sure you're ready when two new traffic safety laws go into eect next tuesday. the first is a stricter distracted driving law. on october 1ás having a phone in your hand while driving becomes a primary offense. that means police officers will be able to pull you over if they see you doing it. then another one requires back seat passengers 16 and younger to wear a seat belt. that violation carry as $50 fine. tougher gun laws and how will police enforce them. don harrison has more. >> reporter: the way marylanders buy baltimore is about to change. large size clips will b


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