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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 24, 2013 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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he was not acting aggressively so officers kept an eye on him to make sure he stayed out of trouble and i'm assuming he did. >> a bear in florida. i lived down there and i don't remember bear reports. >> alligatorand crocodiles up a tree -- maybe not up a tree. >> we saw ig juan thats but they are not indigenous but i digress, people leave their pets out. >> showers and thunderstorms from kentucky in to the gulf coast. the orlando area can expect heavy downpours. >> upper 90s in the desert southwest. 90s across much of texas. high 70s in the southeast and low 70s in the mid-atlantic region. in northern maine, it will struggle to get in to the 60s. all right. all of our fans know we love to eat here on "world news now." what we have to enjoy this morning makes this hour our "favorite story of the day."
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>> looks amazing. >> they are cream puffs and made at the eastern states exposition in west springfield, massachusetts. the agricultural festival but if they are serving up desserts like that, for our purposes it is a sweet place to be, folks. >> we got in touch with them and they were nice enough to send a bowl of cream puffs to our studios. look at these bad boys. they travel wonderfully by the way. >> my goodness, gracious. >> i'm going to eat this one so i can touch it. nice and puff fif and crisp. not soggy in any way. >> talk about digging in. how does that taste. they smell amazing. >> insanely good. >> it has powdered sugar and everything. i'm going to have powdered sugar. wait until the commercial break because you are not going to be able to talk. >> i'm going to finish that one. thank you very much. the folks at the exhibition
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maybe eclairs. >> oh. it is taking a while to get to the tease and i haven't had a chance to enjoy it get. >> thank you very much. and folks with goodies out there, send them our way. >> please. >> sir paul mccartney throws a concert. we will take you there and later the search for the mysterious elusive big foochlt how you can join the search for the monster. how is it, diana. >> oh, my, wow! >> you are watching "world news now." ♪ nrg nrg "world news now" weather brought to you by rosetta stone. you disgust me.
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twin brothers in seattle accused of trying to kill their father by burning him alive in their home. >> their father is standing by them. >> they used to live and work with their father but the 25-year-olds are behind bars accused of trying to burn him alive. >> it hurts my heart. it hurts me as a person. >> reporter: fire investigators say this charred portion of the family's home is where joshua and caleb allegedly set fire to their father bill's bedroom as he was sleeping. but bill bledsoe believes his sons are innocent. >> my boys are my boys and i'll never abandon and not support them. >> reporter: according to the
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documents the brothers said they chose to set three fires so the crime would quote look like an accident. they say when bill tried to get out of his bedroom, joshua was holding the door closed. >> that's what they told me. i have a hard time believing that. >> reporter: in the court documents they suggest a motive. the twins allegedly told investigators their father was quote doiflt live with and work for which is a factor in why they wanted to kill him. >> probably not the easiest guy to live with. i'm probably not the easiest guy to work for. >> i couldn't believe it. it does not sound like something i could pick them doing. >> lindsey has known the brothers since kindergarten and remembers joshua getting angry but never violent. >> nothing serious to where extreme measures had to be taken or anything. i can't picture him being that violent toward anyone as far as wanting to hurt them. >> reporter: police say the brothers did get violent and are
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each being held on $1 million bail, awaiting arraignment. they have not yet entered a plea. aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. >> hard to wrap your mind around that one. i'm waiting to hear some kind of motive that is more than -- >> that makes sense. >> than the guy was hard to work with. >> they stand accused of it. they have only been charged. haven't been sentenced or anything. >> innocent until proven guilty but sglan fp the is deal he is hard to work with and life with than quit and move out they don't have a violent history. everything from all ends the legal end, the potential criminal end and the victim. everybody's story seems hard to understand. >> it seems difficult to understand but at the same time the firefighter did say they found a propane canister wrapped in multiple gunshot shells that forced him to evacuate his crew when they found it in the home. so there was something there. >> we'll be right back.
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isn't every day the streets of hollywood are shut down, completely shut down for a free concert but if you are rock 'n' roll royalty anything can happen. >> you bet. sir paul mccartney kicked off jimmy kimmel's new season last night. take a look. ♪ >> a concert like that can really get attention. aabc reports that fans waited for hours to see it. >> reporter: the jimmy kimmel live show is no stranger to traffic stopping concerts. ♪ this depeche mode performance packed hollywood boulevard in 2009, a concert that many
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consider a bucket list event. >> it is paul mccartney. >> sir paul mccartney. >> reporter: don't forget the sir, because mccartney is rock 'n' roll royalty. >> he's been around forever. he's done amazing things. who compares to paul? such a privilege to be here. >> listened to him from the time i was little, i'm 40 years old. >> reporter: fans won tickets to the concert, they braved the hot september sun and never complaining. >> i'm sweating but it is okay, though. i'm waiting as long as i have to. >> i left work early to do this. >> are you playing hooky? >> well, no, kind of. >> this woman is lucky the former beatle will leave ink on her midriffs. >> he will sign it and you will tat over it. >> probably not but you know. >> rob hayes reporting for abc news. >> still sounds great. >> is he on his bucket list? >> i'd really like to see him.
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concerts it is hard to get ticket and i get lazy but if i had the opportunity to do it i'd be thrilled to. >> let's listen to a little of the concerts for the rest of the time we have here. ♪
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♪ >> call this one desperately seeking sass kwach. in the past 90 or so years there
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have been 3,000 sighting of the elusive big foot there is no proof but it doesn't stop the search. >> reporter: on a cool september night we went to the preserve searching for big foot. >> like fishing you never know. >> reporter: they are leading the expedition. the men spent years looking for big foot and guiding tours at the preserve to search for the creature they believe is out here. >> i have heard very loud screams late at night. i have heard tree knocks. i've had something push down trees very close proximity to me. >> reporter: he says the isolated environment could support the creature because there is plenty of food and water some we head to the forest to see what we could find. we pulled over 30 minutes and tried to make contact with the creature. using tree knocks and howling.
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[ howling ] >> reporter: the sounds the group believes the creature uses to communicate wre we use the same sounds to draw them out. so we waited. no response. we left empty handed but warner and his group are not discouraged. >> a certain level of skepticism is good. town educatedly say there is no way these things exist you are not doing yourself any credit if you haven't read up on the history. >> reporter: they will head back though the woods again hoping the next trip brings more answers. action 7 news. >> that's pretty cool. >> pretty cool. >> i have to say that is mike springer who i used to work with in connecticut. he was on assignment desk and he is doing amazing. i didn't even hear the story. i was so excited. >> he is a reporter now. >> means you are getting old. >> someone is 1 years old. ufo toes for us. >> i brought in photos. there we are. mr. devon's first birthday
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party. i wanted to throw him a carnival so it was set up. >> did you make it. >> i ordered the sign. the only sign i ordered. everything else i made for the party. i turned my mom's backyard in to a carnival, the flags, balloons, ganls prizes, face painting, tattoos the whole deal. there's devon playing one of the games, with a water gun. another game with my mom. he was so in to this thing. >> that is a beautiful cake. you did that. >> i decorated the cake. >> he is hamming it up.
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this morning on "world news now," nairobi nightmare them siege in an upscale mall in kenya. the latest on the terrorists killed and a hendsed and how
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some people escaped. >> today's fears the young going gun fire and questions about the terrorists. final arguments the legal challenges jurors face today in a michael jackson wrongful death case. on an extremely compelling case but it's up to the jury to make that decision. >> why there can be up to a billion dollars at stake. flu fight. the superpowered vaccine to battle influenza. how this year's shot is different from last year's. it is tuesday, september 24th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> good morning on this busy tuesday. we are hoping to learn new details about the terror attack in nairobi that killed dozens of people later on this morning. the president of kenya is expected to address his nation for the first time since the
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attack. >> kenyan security forces have claimed the hostages are probably freed. 11 suspected terrorists have been taken in to custody. three were killed in a shootout. lindsey davis is in nairobi. >> reporter: in that moment of terror, parents clutch their children, running as fast as they could. the small scared faces, those frantic hugs. on saturday, shattered by the calculated attack. explosions rang out black smoke billowed. >> i'm ducking for cover. i'm not sure, but we are hearing gun fire. screams just now. if you look over the building in the direction of the mall, you can see the dark billowing smoke in the midst of intermittent gun fire. >> reporter: authorities say as many as 15 members of al shabaab the al qaeda-affiliated terror organization stormed the building saturday afternoon
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armed with guns and grenades some dressed as women. >> reporter: arnold was working at a gourmet burger bar when the shooting began. >> i thought i was going to die. i took the blood that i was covered. i rubbed it on my face so that when they come there they see like i'm dead. >> it was pow, pow, and then silence. continued shooting. >> reporter: while some militants hunker down in a supermarket, othersway made their way to upper floors. all the way to the roof where a children's cooking contest was underway, trampolines were set up outside. special forces descended on the mall, making their way to upper floors, engaging in gun fire with the terrorists. evacuating panicked shoppers
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down escalators with their hands in the air. rescuing people in hiding, like this woman in an upstairs restaurant who took cover inside of an air vent. american elaine dang was rushed to a local hospital. >> i just got out of surgery. i'm okay. i'm very grateful to be alive. >> reporter: slind davis, abc news, nairobi. >> we are learning more about the terror group allegedly responsible for the massacre in kenya and the members with ties to america. the twin cities of minneapolis saint paul have produced 20 recruits to al shabaab. most recruits have come from neighbors where thousand of somali immigrants settled in the 1990s. >> i think it is surprising anytime you find out middle america has become a hot bed for terrorist recruiting. >> it hadn't happened yet, but they clearly intend to train people, somali-americans and send them back to our country. >> reporter: the fbi says it continues to verdict whether any american citizens took part in
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the terror attack in kenya and a lot of americans would say american citizens taking part but that is whered they would come from. some of the people who left minneapolis and actually joined al shabaab. whether or not they in fact took part in this action, that remains to be seen. >> there's no doubt there are americans overseas that are part of this arm of al qaeda, al shabaab. >> yep. >> u.s. officials estimate as many as 50 americans have traveled to these training camps in somalia to be converted over in to terrorists essentially, over the past six years some this is very recent. already there is video showing three young men, claiming also to be from minneapolis who apparently died as martyrs last year. this is something that has become a problem that we need to address here at home before, like you heard our experts say, before they return home and something like this happens here. >> turning to this now. president obama will be delivering an address to the opening of the united nations general assembly this morning.
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terror attacks, chemical weapons and nuclear safeguards are on the agenda for the world leaders. the president is expected to speak about possibilities for middle east peace. he is expected to meet with the president of the palestinian authority. among the world leaders meeting a thet u.n. today is iran's new president rouhani. he signalled a willingness to revive relations with the united states which has been frozen since the aran hostage crisis in '79. there's word the highest level meeting between the two countries in more than 30 years will take place this very week. secretary of state john kerry and iran's top diplomate will lead those talks. well, despite the looming budget crisis in washington, fema is promising that relief money for colorado's flood victims will not stop flowing. vice president biden got a look at the damage yesterday. it is spread across nearly 2,000 square miles. nearly 2,000 homes are damaged or destroyed. along with 200 miles of highway and 50 bridges.
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>> once all of these cameras are gone, fema and the red cross are still going to be here until we make you whole. >> it's really hard. clearly very devastating. yeah, i'm overwhelmed. >> 79-year-old woman whose house was wept away is the eighth victim of the flooding there. at least six people remain unaccounted for and 16,000 people have applied for fema relief. now to southern california where firefighters are balgt a fast-moving wildfire about 20 miles east of l.a. the fire has burned at least 50 acres in the angelos national forest. one street of homes has been evacuated as the flames appear dangerously close to the homes like this one tweeted by a neighbor. no word yet on the cause of the fire. and two men have been charged in the mass shooting in chicago which left 13 people hurt, including a 3-year-old. police say both men played major roles in the shooting but
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neither pulled the trigger. the attack happened in the basketball court in city park. it is believed to be gang related. the jury must decide the lawsuit against michael jackson's mother. they will consider if aeg was negligent in hiring and supervising dr. murray. the jackson family seeks damages topping $1 billion. mary hernandez reports from los angeles. >> reporter: michael jackson's hopes for a series of comeback concerts ended before they could begin. after five months of testimony, the jury received instructions on potential civil liability for the star's death. >> i think we putt on the best evidence we could put on and annan extremely compelling case >> attorneys for katherine jackson claim that aeg contracted conrad murray therk doctor that supplied propofol to his celebrity patient. aeg defense -- >> it didn't really happen. >> reporter: with the instructions the jury has a legal road map to lead them to a verdict. the first question could end the
3:04 am
case entirely. did aeg hire dr. conrad murray? a no and the case is over but the jury has three other choices including the option that aeg and michael jackson both hired the doctor. aeg said they provided michael jackson's wishes providing it until he could make money again. >> we couldn't hire or fire him. that's for him to do. >> reporter: not specified in the instructions the amount of damages the jackson's attorneys will ask for jackson's loved ones, paris, prince, blanket, as well as his mother. this is miriam hernandez reporting for abc news. a financial headline, the plunge prices at the gas pump. the national average is 3 340i7b $9 a ganl, that dropped five cents in the last week. drivers are paying 33 cents less than last year and analysts predict the trend will continue
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as fears of the middle east and syria appear to be easing. anyone who knows anything about abc's "dancing with the stars" knows the former nfl players have done well on the show. >> very true. but ladies and gentlemen, that was not the case this season. no, no, no. last night was latin night on the show and the dancing was done it was going to be either keyshawn johnson or bill engvall and their partners who would be sent home. >> you guessed it. it was johnson who was sent packing. he is thanking his partner and called ate pleasure to be on the show. yes, i will say for the record we were like guessing. we had no intelligence. we had not seen anything yet but we picked our favorites beginning of the season and i said i bet keyshawn can really move. >> because of the history of nfl players on the show. >> here's a quote from him. had we had this little bit of intelligence we would have picked somebody else. he says for a guy who's never
3:06 am
bobbed his head in a car -- that would have told us everything we need to know. he said learning to dance and having the experience is great for him. >> that is a confident sglud he is an analyst for espn. on a show there. imagine how -- what it is going to look like tomorrow or the next time he's on the air. that will be a fun show to watch. >> no doubt. >> coming up the x-rated show in real life, staged in a speeding car. and the hits and misses on the fall tv schedule this week. the insiders take on the new season. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: wor"world news no weather brought to you by united health care. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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try as we might we can't avoid the fact that winter is around the corner and before the snow begins to fall, flu season. >> there's a new weapon out. >> reporter: a new weapon in the fight to avoid the flu. think of the flu vaccine as a medical crystal ball. doctors look at flu strains an the world trying to predict which will hit here at home. it usually covers three strains
3:11 am
of flu but this time for the first time it will cover four hopefully upping the odds you will be healthy. the rest of the doses cover three types of flu. a stronger vaccine for seniors, super dose, four times more powerful. aimed at those over 65. they are in most danger from flu. a new study, scientists may have found one part all flu viruss have in non. a first step toward the vaccine which would protect us from all flus. until then, we need to use what we have got. not all pharmacies and doctor's offices will have the new vaccine. you want to ask do you have the one that covers four strains of flu and you may need to pay more. ask what is covered before you get the shot. that way no surprises. the bottom line is whatever you do get a flu vaccine this season. abc news, new york. coming up the new tv shows
3:12 am
premiering this week. >> we will be joined by our music and movie consultant to see which are dvr worthy and which you can skip all together. >> if you ever made a purchase based on reviews on-line, a lot of them are total fiction. who's lying and who's cracking down. that's in our next half hour of
3:13 am
♪ turn it on turn it on again ♪ ♪ turn it on turn it on turn it on again ♪ >> the fall tv season is upon us and there are a wemt of new
3:14 am
shows to check out. joining us is abc newsic and grana onsultant bruno del granado. talk about the promising shows out there. >> the most talked about show is called "the blacklist" the return of james spader. he owns the show. he is an enmatic. every scene he is on he steals it from the rest of the cast. the premise is about a rogue government agent who comes back a couple of years later and i'm willing to help you on the most wanted fugitives. >> goes after the baddest of the bad. high suspense. >> the show is on monday at 10:00 p.m. >> what else is looking good. >> abc has a potential with agents of shield. it is based on the film. agent paulson comes back and handling agents who are not super heros who have to go and
3:15 am
save the world. it's a hugely talked about show. >> super hero you can't go wrong. movie, tv, they tend to be good. i may be giving it a kiss of death. >> it will be good. >> what else. >> another on monday, on cbs called the hostage with bill mcdermott and tony cole let. >> it is an interesting. >> the first show is tony colette is -- he says the president has to die. >> so if not your family will die. we start with that premise on episode one. where do you think we will go 15 episodes in to it. >> i want to know about michael j. fox show. >> he returns to nbc -- he started at nbc with "family ties" in the '80s. he is coming back with michael j. fox show. he plays a new york city anchor man who has developed parkinsons
3:16 am
disease, has to retire and wants to come back to work. >> it is all in the script. the 800-pound gorilla is in the room. >> basically he said it is based on his experience after discovering he had parkinsons and the shakes and the other stuff. everything is in there. he wants parkinsons to be desigmatized. very funny, as well. he still has that spark. >> any other promising picks? >> andy sandberg. funny show. it is comedy show. the last time we had a comedy show was barney miller. andy sandberg, the guy from "saturday night live" now plays a bumbling cop. a strong ensemble. day bud last week, strong ratings so far. >> talk about some duds or to put it nicer less promising ones. >> right now i have to tell you dads on fox is not shaping up to be a hit.
3:17 am
>> it is a comedy. >> it is seth mcfarland, seth green. peter riser. >> should be good. >> exactly. the ensemble is tremendous but it kind of dies the first week out. the reviews were terrible. >> too bad. >> a lot of that writing in there is not pc. a lot of advocacy groups have been complaining about it by i don't think it will see the entire season. >> fair enough. >> a lot of good stuff. >> a lot of good stuff. looking forward it to. thank you very much. leads us to the facebook question of the day. we want to know what is your favorite new fall tv show and why. thank you so much for joining us with your expertise as always. you are watching "world news now." you disgust me.
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prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. welcome in to "the mix." we start with the most adorable viral video i've seen in a long time. we got it from the "huffington
3:21 am
post." this girl, a toddler, is used to her dad looking a certain way and then he doesn't look that way anymore and she has a complete and total meltdown. >> i don't think she knows it is her dad. >> i don't either. take a look. >> where's my beard? [ crying ] >> oh, you miss the beard? oh, no. >> i don't think she misses the beard but she doesn't know who the guy holding her is. >> caller: >> i think the problem is dad disappears in to the bathroom and when he comes out he is beardless. they didn't let her watch the process. had she been there when he shaved it off she wouldn't have had such a jarring reaction. here's a little bit of a back story. she's only known her dad to have a beard her entire life.
3:22 am
2 1/2 years old. so her entire life her had a beard and she now has no idea who this guy is. >> let me set this up. cameras are nothing new filming people getting their kicks doing it in a public place. remember the fwhun the stadium. this is feign mouse. roll it. this is a car, a minivan. there we go. stop it right here. you see the guy's hand on the wheel, that's his girlfriend facing him. that is exactly what you think. they are recorded by the next car and this is on an expressway in chicago. eisenhower expressway. not a back road. they know they are being taped. they keep going and basically the couple in the car is going did you get that. and he is going, dwropt look. any way, they better be careful. obviously very dangerous and a couple in new mexico did the same thing in may. the woman got ejected from the car. the guy got arrested. she's okay but she was ejected naked and the police came in. not a good idea, folks. wait until you get home. >> joining the mile high club is
3:23 am
so much easier, right? you do your thing up there and not piloting anything. >> not a good idea. >> boeing. >> there it is. >> 30 seconds for you to meet the toughest little kitty out. there she one-eyed pirate kitty. he is really a one-eyed kit di but it is adore theable. a viral sensation. she a rescue kitten. he lost his one eye after he was rescued because he had a disease but he is being taken care of by somebody who adores him.
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this morning on "world news now." chaos in kenya. security forces in nairobi say they are in the final assault in the siege in the mall. the investigation in to the terror group.
3:26 am
whanchts domestic police forces are doing to prepare for the worse in american shopping centers. are malls here considered terror targets? hang up the phone. why a well-known comedian is not laughing to americans obsessed and addicted to their cell phones. stage stress. and neil patrick harris reflects on his hosting duties after the emmy and tony awards. was he satisfied with his performance? that is coming up in "the skinny" on this tuesday, september 24th. >> announcer: this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> good tuesday morning. we will begin with the latest from kenya. smoke billowed over the shopping mall in niarobi as security forces mounted their push against the terrorists. >> as the siege entered the fourth day, we are hearing from those who managed to escape. karen travers is following the developments. good morning, karen. >> good morning, john and diana. witnesses described a terrifying
3:27 am
ayottic scene on saturday. and yed yesterday president obama said the u.s. will do all it can to support the kenyan people. after a tense day, kenyan officials say they are in charge of the westgate mall. >> we have fully cordoned the building. so that makes no room for escapees. >> reporter: authorities believe all hostages have been released. gun fire, explosion and billowing clouds of smoke as kenyan military forces holding hostages in the mall. as many as 15 members of the al qaeda affiliate stormed the mall with grenades and automatic weapons some dressed as women. american nick handler was at the westgate mall with his 2-year-old daughter and his 8 month pregnant wife was on another floor. they were finally reunited. >> all of a sudden heard a loud explosion followed by two gunshots and i immediately grabbed her and luckily i was right by the door so we were able to sprint out.
3:28 am
>> reporter: u.s. officials say it is one of the only al qaeda affiliates to recruit here in the u.s. there have been 50 american recruits, half from the minneapolis saint paul area. >> i think it is surprising anytime you find out middle america has become a hot bed for terrorist recruiting. >> reporter: at the united nations, president obama pledged full u.s. support to kenya. >> all of us, as an international community have to stand against this kind of senseless violence that these kinds of groups represent. >> reporter: trovp terrorism experts say what happened in kane kenya on saturday could be easily copied here in the u.s. but a senior law enforcement official says there is no heightened threat after saturday's attack. john and diana? >> thank you, karen. we are learning more about the 62 people who we know lost their lives in the attack. elise was eight months pregnant when she was murdered. she focused her life on health issues in poor countries. an expert in malaria, she was working with the clinton global
3:29 am
initiative at the time of her death. she was praised by her harvard professors. >> she was incredibly intelligent. she was hill lair lousily -- hilariously funny. she was unique. she really brought laughter and light to people's lives. >> reporter: her partner ross langdon was also killed in the attack. he was an architect working on projects in africa. as we mentioned there's no immediate threat to shopping malls in america but every mall has an emergency plan. pierre thomas shows how police are already training for every possibility. >> reporter: active shooters, terrorists in a mall. a nightmare scenario for local police. in this training exercise in newport news, virginia, police respond to a shooter where 200 volunteers play the role of scared shoppers, the dead and wounded. as you see here, police don't wait. they quickly go in, locate and confront the shooter. across the country, the police
3:30 am
training for attacks on soft targets, malls, hotels, schools. run to the gun fire, engage. concerns here at home have been mounting since the devastating 2008 attack in mumbai, india, where terrorists overran hotels and shopping centers. captain robert balista is s.a.t. team commander in maryland and he says patrolmen will come to malls under attack ready for heavy-duty fighting. >> we have several hundred officers trained in an m-4 assault rifle. >> high capacity. >> high capacity. semi automatic >> hot and heavy. >> yes, we are. >> we know the terrorists are bringing this kind of weaponry to the scene. >> if they come they are coming to kill people. >> we recommend you flee immediately. if they are coming to you run to another location or hide if that is your best avenue. lastly, if it gets to the point where these individuals are beginning to engage and coming
3:31 am
in your room you need to fight. >> reporter: the kenya scenario is yet to play out on the home front. police say they have to prepare as if it will. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. days away from the rollout of the nation's biggest health reform in generations. we getting a clearer picture of who are the uninsured. a federal report out this morning shows nearly 15% of the population, 46 million people lack health insurance. the most likely to be 25 to 34 years old, male and unmarried. president obama is planning a major address on the uninsured this thursday. we have done a few special delivery stories, babies born on subway, in places you wouldn't expect. meet two boys, one helped in to the world by car accidents. mom and dad along with three other children racing to the hospital in their car when they hit another car. >> when the impact happened, when the car hit, the baby's
3:32 am
head came out. >> passing nurse helped to deliver the baby number one. his brother was born in the more traditional way, the hospital. happy ending there, they both look great. >> they are adorable. the whole family is. so cute. details about the winner of last week's nearly $400 million powerball lottery. these stories i can never get the words out because i'm so excited. most important he is choosing to remain anonymous. south carolina lottery officials announced yesterday the man has cashed his ticket. we know it is a man. they did not say whether he chose the cash option or if he is spreading the payments over 30 years. it's only the second time he ever played the lottery. >> oh, man, oh, man. the second time he ever played. oh, man. one of only six powerball states that lets winners remain anonymous, south carolina. >> so if we are going to win the lottery because we know we are, move to south carolina.
3:33 am
>> in the state we live in, new jersey, you have to come forward. after the press conference you can go hite hide but everybody knows who you are. no way to hide. plus you have a big old check. how are you going to get to the bank. >> going through the door. you nooen mean they don't do it electronically? that's a real check. >> i don't think you can take a picture of that check. >> that is funny, diana. look at the weather, chilly in the northeast. scattered frost tonight. showers and thunderstorms in kentucky to the gulf coast. heavy rain across central florida. scattered showers in the western washington to montana and rain changes to snow in higher elevations. >> 60s in new england. 70s to 80s in virginia to alabama and the desert southwest will reach the high 90s. monday night football last night featured peyton manning and the high flying broncos and they did not disappoint the home crowd in the mile high city. manning only missed on five pass attempts. >> he threw 374 yards three touchdowns and this was over
3:34 am
before it actually ended. denver rolling to 3-0. they beat the raiders 37-21. then there's this from sunday's marathon in illinois. that's 32-year-old joe on his way to completing the entire marathon backwards while juggling. guess what? he does it. he finished it in five hours, 51 minutes and 21 seconds. he already holds the guinness record for fastest back ward mile while juggling and fastest mile triathlon. ward mile while juggling and fastest mile triathlon. >> that is crazy. five hours that is kind of respectable and he is going backwards and juggling. >> are those guys his spotters. >> are they spotters or really embarrassed that the guy that is running backwards and juggling is keeping waist pace with them. >> running a good clip. pretty awesome. >> strange amazing talent. >> i haven't even done a marathon. never minds backwards. >> i haven't. you can juggle. >> i can juggle. >> we can run back ward i don't
3:35 am
know if i can or not. >> chew gum. >> i can chew gum an run backwards the juggling part probably not.d run backwards the juggling part probably not. and remarkable reviews about businesses you read on-line. the bombshell involving total lies and who's getting busted. you are watching "world news now." ♪ would i lie to you ♪ would i live lie to you honey ♪e to you honey >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to 0 you by consumer cellular. you by consumer cellular.
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♪ would i lie to you ♪ would i lie to you ♪ would i lie to you honey >> believe it or not, there are lies on the internet. >> can't get my daughter to believe. that she believes everything. >> that actually makes sense. investigators say on-le reviews we all read are often complete fiction. >> that's true. so many people make costly decisions on the reviews, authorities are cracking down. rebecca jarvis investigates. >> reporter: we are using them for everything, from planning dream vacations to choosing which doctors to visit. according to to regulators a huge number of on-line reviews are complete phonies. >> do you feel any sense of guilt or anything? >> no because i feel like these people are going to pay a review any way so it might as well be me. >> reporter: kathy is 17 years old and has written hundreds of glowing reviews for 4 bucks a
3:40 am
pop. she markets herself in this on-line video. >> i will write a positive view of your product, website or blog anything else you would like. >> how long does it take to write a review? >> about three minutes to write a review. >> reporter: by some estimates 30% of the reviews on-line are complete fakes from restaurants to hotels to toys and new york's attorney general is fighting back. >> they were paying or ordering employees and employees family and friends to write phony reviews to inflate their profile. >> reporter: getting a nod from your customers can seriously boost the bottom line. >> we have seen studies that, for instance, a one star increase on yelp can increase a restaurant's revenues by almost 10%. >> reporter: even sites like yelp, with rules to keep cons out, say it is a difficult battle. they are telling us they will
3:41 am
pay us $50 to write a review. >> we've -- we have subpoenaed a lot of these company. they keep coming up and we are going after them but it has to be dealt with in a coordinated way. >> reporter: do you have any reviews you could read to us? >> i made the appointment over the phone and the next day they were working on my bathroom. >> reporter: have you ever renovated a bathroom? >> no. i'm 17. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> you really have to be careful. the ones that sound most believable are some of the doctored ones. >> check this out. 19 firms -- this is the new york state attorney general eric schneiderman has had 19 firms collectively agree to pay $350,000 in fines for posting fake reviews because they were caught. >> listen to this. a nightclub involved in this advertised directly for somebody to write a review and said we'll supply the text. you just have to be able to get the posts done without getting flagged, meaning getting busted. >> wow. when i'm going on vacation, i go to that website. >> i know.
3:42 am
and i buy something at a big box stores, is this generator any good? is this any good? you don't know who's writing the reviews and the ones that are tricky that say it took a while to start and once it got going it was fabulous. the smart ones have a teeny negative and then positive. >> i got to tell you, if you go somewhere and you are the type of person who writes a review. you will write, i enjoyed this a little or didn't enjoy it but overall it was this or that. that is a review normal person would write and that is why they are the most believable. >> buyer beware. >> stress on stage for neil patrick harris. >> and stevie wonder's family has advice for marvin gaye's family. it is coming up next in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
3:43 am
3:44 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny. >> "the skinny" time and i'm sure neil patrick harris is stretching out and relaxing. he tweeted -- you can put up the tweet -- emceeing the emmys was fun but glad it is over. looking forward to not hosting anything for a long, long time. he is a veteran of hosting he he hosted the tonys in 2009, 2012, 2013. a lot of people tweeted it was not as strong as other performances. i think he is great and did a good job. billy bush tweeted, is this just me or is the show weird?
3:45 am
there were awkward moments but he was terrific. i think, yeah, it's a lot of work. you can imagine after you are done. you want a break from this stuff. >> it is hours and hours long. it's hard to make the entire thg >> three hours. >> you have to be amazing. >> even if you are amazing it is hard to make every skit resonate with every person throughout. >> and not like he wrote every skit out there. he is doing the best he can do. >> and not like he wrote every skit out there. he is doing the best he can dut >> and not like he wrote every skit out there. he is doing the best he can d . >> and not like he wrote every skit out there. he is doing the best he can dt. >> and not like he wrote every skit out he is out there singing and dancing. nobody said he wasn't good but the show was awkward this year. >> that's all right. >> we have a recap of "dancing with the stars." if you haven't seen it, here's a little spoiler alert. we will let you know who got kicked off. so earmuffs. your guy, gone. keyshawn johnson. >> i figured hey, nfl athlete, they do well on the show. quick feet. >> you would think that. >> but not so much. >> listen to what he had to say and had we known this.
3:46 am
>> would have picked somebody else. >> for a guy that's never even bobbed his head in the car, i think the fact that i could have the experience to dance and learn what dancing is all about and her teaching me is something amazing to me. >> reporter: he got kicked off for the cha-cha. last night's dance was latin night. he did an okay job but not as good as other athletes before him. >> there we go. the brouhaha with marvin gaye's family and robin thicke's "blurred lines." they say it sounds like "got to give it up." one of the most talented men on the planet weighed in on this. tmz sent the camera out to talk to stevie wonder. stevie wonder offered an off the cuff response to the marvin gaye family saying i don't think you should take the lawsuit any further. listen up. >> i think the groove is very similar but you have to remember he's a big fan of marvin gaye's.
3:47 am
but the song is not the same. the family should hear this, don't let your lawyer, whom ever gets you in to losing money. >> if there is any guy qualified to talk about that it is steph i stevie. have and he is saying it's not enough of a ripoff and the lawyer will get you to spend a lot of money and you are not going to win. stevie weighs in and i believe him. information on don draper on "mad men." he's having throat surgery next week for a single polyp removed from his throat. a rep says it is a routine outpatient procedure. so he will be back on the set. no big deal. but he is going to get this taken care of. oing to get this taken care of. septic system breakdowns affect over 1 million homes a year,
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a relalaxi trip p toloridada.. you knknowjust t to wind.. but we c cannly afaffo ontrip t thiyear,, and his s hi schooool union is comg up i in attle.e. evereryone's goioing then w we ard ababouhotwirire and reized we cououldctualllly ford take e bo tripsps. see, when n rely nicice tels ve unsnsolrooms,s, they usese hwire toilill em. so we gogot our fo-star r hols for r ha pricece. i shouldld he beenen ved mo likelely travevel. ♪ h-o-t-w-w-i-e... . ♪ sasaveig on n carentalals o fr $ $115 a daday. ♪ these days no one can hang up or put the phone down for a few minutes. >> how many times have you been in an elevator
3:51 am
whip out their phone and bury their head. as soon as doors close. or you are walking down the street and someone has their head buried in their phone. >> i have been guilty. >> now an urge for people to put it down. >> this past weekend, apple sold 9 million iphones. one if in five people on the planet now owns a smartphone and grouchy funny man louis c.k. told conan he's had enough. >> i think it is toxic, especially for kids. it's just this thing. it's bad. they don't look at people when they talk to them and build empathy. >> reporter: this rant struck a major nerve. 4 million views sporting a smartphone backlash. 23 million people have now watched charlene deguzman's new film, "i forgot my phone." >> we are not in the moment anymore because we're looking at our phones. a lot of special moments are passing us by. >> reporter: many people have
3:52 am
self-imposed restrictions, no phone after 10:00 p.m. phone in a different room on weekends and leave your phone on the table at dinner and if you pick up the phone you pick up i also have a game. when i am driving in los angeles i count how many people i spot on their cell phones. lady walking the dog, guy at a bus stop. >> i stopped counting at 50. >> i count myself looking up soccer scores on my phone rather than playing with my kids and i don't even like soccer. >> you need to have an ability to be yourself and not doing something. oh, okay. i'm getting sad and i have to get the phone and write hi to 50 people and somebody cool writes back and somebody else writes -- i got somebody better. >> reporter: the irony a lot of us probably watch louis c.k.'s rant on our cell phones. i did. abc news, los angeles.
3:53 am
>> here's what i do. i feel like when i'm by myself at a restaurant i'm all over the thing but when i have people i make an effort not to be on it. are you even listening to me? you are not listening to me. you are so rude. >> sorry. >> i'm going to tweet about it. >> are we talking about the phone thing? i did actually watch that thing on my smartphone. actually what i just did now. are you listening to me now. >> everybody knows you blew me off. >> and then you blew me off. >> i did not. i was paying attention, i swear >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now,"
3:54 am
3:55 am
making news in america this morning -- ongoing siege. a mall terror attack in kenya, entering its fourth day. as we learn more about the victims, including a harvard grad and a relative to the president of kenya.
3:56 am
evacuations underway following a wildfire in southern california. the flames creeping ever closer to the homes. costly collision. a car snaps in half following a violent crash. but this isn't just any vehicle. microphone check. president obama caught having a casual conversation with his mic on. what he said about smoking and the first lady. good tuesday morning, everyone. the siege at a mall in nairobi, kenya, entering its fourth day. >> we are seeing some of the first pictures outside of the mall since that attack on saturday. >> we're expecting to get an update when the president of kenya addresses his nation later today. we're going to begin our coverage right now with abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: after a tense day filled with gunfire and explosions, kenyan security forces say they've taken control
3:57 am
of west gate shopping mall and secured the hostages. overnight, they were looking for hostages, terrorists and more dead bodies. 62 people were killed, 175 wounded. the terror began around noon this past saturday. a dozen armed men stormed the mall's entrance. shoppers and employees ran for cover. >> it took the blood. i rubbed it on my face. so that when they come there, they see like, i'm dead. >> reporter: among the dead, the nephew of kenyan president. >> my nephew and his fiancee were amongst those who died in this attack. >> reporter: the renowned poet, and a recent public health grad, eight months pregnant. >> she was hilarioly funny. she was unique. she really brought laughter and light to people's lives. >> reporter: the al qaeda-linked
3:58 am
extremist group, al shabaab, said it was retaliation for kenyan forces in somalia. al shabaab has been one of the most successful terror groups in attracting young american men. u.s. officials estimate as many as 50 americans have been recruited to the group over the last 6 years. with more than half traced back to minnesota's growing somali community. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. the situation there still incredibly fluid. >> abc's kirit radia joining us from nairobi. the security forces say they are in charge. you're still hearing gunfire. i know we've had lots of reports of that. what is going on at the moment? >> it's rather confusing. we're hoping to hear from the president soon, to clarify these things. the police and the interior minister say they have control of the building. but security forces are combing
3:59 am
through the nooks and crannies of the massive shopping complex to make sure no terrorists or other people are hiding in there. in the confusion, may be that. they're in control of the building but they can't be certain to say that the operation is over. >> kirit, something else that got a lot of confusion surrounding around it is the number of fatalities. what's the latest we know? >> reporter: yesterday, the kenyon red cross said it was 69. and then, revised it to 62. that's been up and down the last day. right now, it stands at 62 people, 175 injured, including 5 americans. one of them, a child. at this point, i think everybody expects those numbers are going to go up. once the kenyon authorities are able to go into that building and clear bodies out. they'll find them in areas they weren't able to find them before. and we'll find out if people were killed during that final siege when the


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