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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 24, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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went in and confronted the terrorists. >> kirit radia, reporting live for abc from nairobi, kenya. thank you. stay with abc news for up-to-date information on the mall situation in kenya. two men have been charged in the mass shooting in chicago, which left 13 people hurt including a 3-year-old. both men played jor roles in the shooting but neither pulled the trigger. it happened on a basketball court late last week. it's believed to be gang-related. firefighters in northern california are battling a raging wildfire on the move. about 20 miles east of los angeles. the fire has burned at least 50 acres in the angeles national forest. one street has been evacuated with the flames lapping dangerously close to homes, like this one. this picture tweeted by a neighbor. there's no word on the cause of the fire. fema is promising that relief money for colorado flood victims will not stop flowing. vice president biden got a look
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at the vast damage yesterday. it is spread across nearly 2,000-square miles. nearly 2,000 homes damaged or destroyed, along with 200 miles of highway and 50 bridges. >> once all these cameras are gone, fema and the red cross are still going to be here till we make you whole. >> it's really hard. it's clearly very devastating. and i'm overwhelmed. >> 79-year-old woman whose house was swept away becomes the eighth victim of that flooding. at least six people still remain unaccounted for. 16,000 people have applied for fema relief. president obama is in new york, set to deliver an address this morning to the opening of the united nations journal assembly. terror attacks, chemical weapons and nuclear safeguards are on the agenda. among them will be iran's new president. he's indicated that he'd like to
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revive relations with the united states, which has been frozen since the iran hostage crisis in 1979. a lawsuit by michael jackson's mother will soon be in the hands of a jury. after nearly five months of testimony, the case is winding down. and jurors will decide if aeg was negligent in hiring dr. conrad murray. murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. the jackson family is seeking damages that could top $1 million. news on the winner of the powerball lottery. he's choosing to remain anonymous. officials announced that the man has cashed his ticket. they d not say whether he chose cash option or if he's spreading his payments over 30 years. it was the second time he says he had played the lottery. >> we have to check out the dealerships in south carolina. >> we're so jealous. time, now, for the weather across the nation. scattered showers across much of the northwest, changing into
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snow in those higher elevations. showers and thunderstorms, from kentucky to the gulf coast. the orlando area can expect heavy downpours. >> upper 90s in the desert southwest. high 70s in the southeast. and low 70s in the mid-atlantic region. in northern maine, it will struggle to get into the 60s. could it be true? a fast food chain will start serving a healthier version of an american favorite? >> i like the sound of that. and five-star bake. online reviews are more popular than ever. but who is writing what you're reading? plus, fights get out of hand between two rival high schools. all of it, caught on camera.
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blackberry has agreed to go private. in a nearly $5 billion tentative agreement with its largest shareholder. the $9 a share cash deal comes days after the troubled smart phonemaker announced plans to lay off 40% of its global workforce. the shares peaked at $48 a share in 2008. chrysler may be setting the stage to return to the public market. it has filed for an initial public offering. the shares coming from the trust of medical benefits for retired workers. that trust owns nearly 42% of the company. it was set up in 2007, as a way of reducing the company's financial burden. it was never supposed to own such a large share of private stock. tech news beginning with microsoft. it has unveiled two new versions of its surface tablet. they have faster processors and longer battery life. prices start at $449 for the
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surface 2 and $899 for the surface pro 2. burger king introducing its lower fat, lower calorie french fries today. burger king says it's smallest order have just 190 calories. >> why do i have a feeling i won't be satisfied after that? >> not satisfied? i know. might be a problem there. is that ironic? what is that? >> i don't know what it is. satisfied. we'll have to see. when we come back, special delivery. newborn twins have quite a story to tell all because of what happened to their parents on the way to the hospital. and the dramatic crash splits the car in two. and the type of vehicle involved is getting a lot of attention. [ female announcer ] right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal a cold sore in as few as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. without it, the virus spreads from cell to cell.
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morning road conditions. heavy rain should make for a dangerous drive around orlando. scattered showers could create slick roads in washington and oregon. and it's almost time to pull out the tire chains in the northern cascades, which could get up to a foot and a half of snow by wednesday. >> if you're flying, thunderstorms could cause airport delays in memphis, new orleans and miami. hard to believe. not everyone's entirely truthful on the internet. particularly when it comes to online product reviews. >> because so many people make major decisions based on those reviews, authorities are cracking down. here's abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: we're using them for everything. from planning dream vacations to which doctors to visit. but according to regulators, a huge number of online reviews are complete phonies. do you feel any sense of guilt or anything? >> no because i feel like these people are going to pay somebody to write a review anyways. it might as well just be me. >> reporter: kathy is 17 years
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old and says she's written hundreds of glowing reviews for 4 bucks a pop. how long does it take you to write a typical review? >> about three minutes to write a review. >> reporter: by some estimates, as many as 30% of the reviews you see online are complete fakes. from restaurants to hotels to toys. and new york's attorney general is fighting back. >> we're paying or just ordering their employees and the employees' friends and families to write phony reviews to inflate their profile. >> reporter: but getting a nod from your customers can boost the bottom line. >> we've seen studies that, for instance, a one-star increase on yelp can increase a restaurant's revenues by almost 10%. >> reporter: even sites like yelp, with rules to keep the cons out, is a difficult battle. they're telling us they will pay us $50 to write a review. >> yeah. we've -- we're subpoenaed a lot of these companies. they're popping up and we're going after them. but it's something that has to
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be dealt with in a coordinated way. >> reporter: do you have a review nearby that you could read to us? >> i made the appointment over the phone. and the next day, they were rking on my bathroom. >> reporter: have you ever renovated a bathroom? >> no. i'm 17. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. we've done a few suspicious delivery stories. babies born in places you wouldn't expect. we want you to meet two little boys. one was helped into the world by a car accident. mom and dad were racing to a miami hospital in their car when they hit another car. >> that's when the impact happened. when the car hit, the car from behind, the baby's head came out. >> a passing nurse helped deliver baby number one. his brother was born at the hospital. and everybody is doing just fine. rival high school students in san antonio, texas, caught on video, triggering a massive food fight, are not going to be facing criminal charges.
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all this started after a heated football game at a hamburger franchise on friday night. the restaurant managers say they will not file charges after students from both high schools apologized. >> get the feeling that video is going to give kids ideas. >> yikes. >> we're going to see more of these. >> that doesn't look friendly. >> it looks pretty intense. no smiling there. before we show you the next one, you should know, both of the drivers involved were actually fine. watch what surveillance cameras caught over the weekend in brooklyn, new york. a sedan, wow, turning right, left, into the path of a lam bar geenny valued at $400,000. it broke right into two pieces. >> oh, my gosh. i feel bad for the owner. >> man. >> that's got to hurt. >> this still photo might do it more justice. check that out. that's what the lamborghini is designed to do. it's a way of dissipating the energy of the crash and keeps the people inside safe. >> keep that picture up for a
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second. i didn't notice that immediately. that's the back end of the lamborghini. all on the other side. i love how the winged -- >> the cool doors that go up? >> the wings doors that are up. >> like the delorean in "back to the future." >> except for split in half. time, now, for sports. peyton manning put on another show in a dominating performance. >> good morning, america. ready for a big week? he's stan, i'm neil. we're at the "sportscenter" set in los angeles. >> and peyton manning was on the football field in denver. that was bad news for the oakland raiders, who were also there. >> yeah. >> manning came in with nine touchdown passes already. that wasn't enough. erik dekker right there. eight yards and a touchdown for dekker. manning and wes welker. 17-0, broncos. later in the second quarter, 17-7. manning going to julius thomas for a 13-yard touchdown.
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and while this is really all you need to see. manning, 374 yards, 3 touchdowns. broncos win it, 37-21. they're 3-0. the pirates haven't made the playoffs since the philmore administration. looking to get in. if they could beat the cubs and the cards beat the nats, they're in. top nine, starling marte in the top nine. the jack. and the pirates up 2-1. then, jason greeley in the bottom of the ninth. this is a crazy play. marlon byrd doesn't get it. andrew mccutcheon gets it to morneau, to russell martin. and nate. you're so out. and the pirates are in because the nats lost to the cardinals. i got a paper cut. >> occupational hazard. that's it from here. now, back to you. >> disability. got one of those, too. >> me, too. next, "the pulse." the first elimination from "dancing with the stars." who is already out? and president obama, caught
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that's been voted off of abc's "dancing with the stars." >> last night was latin night on the show. and all of the dancing, by football star, keyshawn johnson and bill engvall and their partners were sent home. >> and johnson was sent packing. president obama has a good reason for kicking a bad habit. it's the first lady. >> you should be afraid of your wives. president obama was chatting with a u.n. official when the subject turned to smoking. the president said he hasn't had a cigarette for about six years. that's because the fear of my wife. the president had struggled for years to give up smoking. >> busted. city officials in a california town are trying to make the birthplace of apple a historic site. >> you probably don't recognize it. the childhood home of steve jobs. >> and that garage, that's where jobs and stove wozniak built the first apple computers in 1976.
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real fruit plus real nuts plus real multigrains equals real delicious! quaker real medleys, your on-the-go burst of goodness! quaker up. checking our top stories. a terror attack at the kenyan mall. kenyan security forces say they have taken control. but reporters on the scene say gunfire can be heard from the mall. wildfire raging in southern california, threatening homes 20 miles east of los angeles.
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the fire has burned 50 acres and triggered evacuations. president obama is set to deliver an address this morning to theassembly. among the leaders, iran's new president. heavy rain in central florida. chilly temps in much of the northern half of the u.s. and snow in the higher elevations of the pacific northwest. and finally this morning, it's something almost all of us are a little guilty of but too ashamed to admit. >> turning into our smartphones, texting, surfing, while tuning out the rest of the world. >> but one comedian is leading the charge, urging people to shut the cell phone off. here's abc's nick watt. >> reporter: this past weekend, apple sold 9 million iphones. one in five people on this planet, now owns a smartphone. and grouchy funny man louis c.k. told conan he's had enough.
4:24 am
>> i think these things are toxic. especially for kids. they don't look at people when they talk to them. >> reporter: this rant struck a major nerve. 4 million views, sporting a smartphone backlash. 23 million people have watched the new short film, "i forgot my phone." >> we're not staying in the moment anymore because we're looking at our phones. and lots of special moments are passing us by. >> reporter: many people now have self-imposed restrictions. no phone after 10:00 p.m. phone in a different room on weekends. and ever heard of phone stacks? leave your phone on a table during dinner, if you pick it up, you have to pick up the check. i have a new game. when i'm driving around los angeles, i count how many people i spot on their cell phones. babe washingtoning her dog. guy having lunch. a guy at the bus stop. i stopped counting at 50. i caught myself looking up soccer scores on my phone, rather than playing with my kids. i don't even like soccer. >> you need to build an ability
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to just be yourself and not be doing something. okay. i'm getting sad. got to get the phone and write hi, to like 50 people. somebody cool rights back. and somebody not as cool writes. >> reporter: the irony of this backlash, most of us probably watched louis c.k.'s rant on our smartphones. i did. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> so true. >> i think it's safe to say, he has us pegged. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." you're watching the station that works for you. now good morning maryland. >> a kai outic scene in baltimore. three people are dead after two cars collide causing them to catch fire. we are live on the scene with the latest on the crash. >> here's news you don't want
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to hear as you wake up on this tuesday. orioles lose and manny machado is hurt. details straight ahead even if you don't want to hear them. >> a live look downtown at baltimore to a great start a gorgeous day on tap. possibly but megan as we woke up on this tuesday morning thanks for being with us i am charley crowson. it was cold. >> it was. it felt pretty chilly out there. i guess that's the case because we are in fall but what about a warmup and when will it happen? here's meteorologist lynette charles. >> so, you are talking about how cold it is. we have a frost advicery in western maryland this morning. central maryland we are not dealing with that -- advisory in central be-- western maryland this morning. central maryland we are not dealing with that. temperatures are in the mid-30s and low 40s this morning and that's until 9:00. right now in terms of temperatures, we are at 46 degrees right now in hickory. parkville at 49. 41 in urbana. temperatures are well below
4:27 am
average. we will have the winds at the north west at 5 to 10 miles per hour. marled's most powerful radar is dry and will stay that way towards the afternoon and temperature wise we will be at 67 by lunp time. let's check the traffic with lauren. >> reporter: well, we are following a deadly crash inbaltimore city east northern parkway shut down at york road. traveling in the e is a bet are alternate. right now the jfx is free of delays. no problems from ruxton to fayette street. 95 here at 395 also moving right along. you are not going to have problems getting through the fort mchenry tunnel. 6 minutes on 95 south from the harbor tunnel freeway down to the toll plaza. 695 in great shape. looking at normal 11 minutes from on outer loop to 83. we are in the green on the west side of the beltway with 11 minutes from 795 to 95. that's your timesaver traffic.
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lauren will have you abreast of the detours because northern parkway and york road if they are on your route you will experience delays. police are on the scene of a deadly accident. jeff hager is on the scene with the most recent information and do we know what may have caused something like this? >> reporter: well, that still is under investigation. to give you an idea on our situation. we are at lake avenue about a block and a half north of the intersection of northern parkway and york road. we are along york road wherethree people are dead and another in critical condition this morning after the crash which is shut down this major intersection in north baltimore. the crash happened after midnight involving an suv and four-door sedan. there were two people in each vehicle. officers are on the scene conducting the investigation and police are stopping short of telling us exactly how theaccident occurred or which of the cars may have been at fault. they won't say at this point whether someone ran a red light
4:29 am
but it's hard to believe that could not have happened in this case. the speed limit here on york road is 30 miles per hour. police spokesman did tell us it's clear that based on the amount of damage and impact we see at the scene at least one of the vehicles had to have been traveled in excess of the posted speed. you see officers on the scene. we are told they will be here for hours to come. and that this intersection is going to remain closed. it's a major could go for people going to drum cassell and county workers north in belvedere area major cut through foreone northsouth not on the jfx. motorists can heed the warnings of police and try to avoid this area. reporting hive in north baltimore -- live in north baltimore jeff hager. police are trying to figure out what caused a crash near o'donnell street around 7 last night when a police arrived on the scene they found the suv smashed into a bridge abut


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