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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  September 25, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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her job after leopold found out she was providing damaging information about another employee who was suing him. the judge did throw out harris' charge that her freedom of speech had been violated. the first of three days of mourning in kenya for the victims of a terrorist attack on a nairobi mall. dozens of civilians died. and officials say more victims are trapped inside the rubble. as one of the buildings collapsed. this morning, the mall attackers claim 137 hostages were buried in the rubble. and kenyan forces demolish the building. president bill clinton is now looking at a hopkins graduate killed in kenya, is brilliant and deeply al admired by colleagues who will miss her terribly. she graduated from advance the international studies and eight months pregnant. a recent photograph of her with the president. she worked with the foundation in tanzania. her husband was also killed.
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and she had a degree from the harvard school of public health also. and this morning, we have a name of some of the people who were killed in a crash in northern parkway. this happened yesterday monk. morning. the video here is of the crash scene. police say they had suspicious activity near harford road and 25th and followed that car through the intersection of northern parkway and york road where the car collided with a jep. the passenger in the jeep was also killed. that is identified as a woman. no name given. another man who was the driver of the jeep is in the hospital now. we don't know his name either. he is said to be in critical condition. and a new push in ann arundel county, to increase the punishment for hit-and-run drivers. it stems from the death of 15- year-old skiler marian earlier this year on mountain road. police say they don't know who killed the teen of the state senator brian simtear is expected to have a law for 10-
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15 years in prison for hit-and- run drivers. there should be a be a preamble historianing victims. gerald cheryl died at a hospital after being hid in ocean city thursday. he was crossing eastbound route a on elm street when he was hit and the vehicle had been a full sized pick-up truck. and has likely front end damage. if anyone has information, you're asked to call police as quickly as possible. police are also looking for a plan who fired shots at an odenton home injuring an 18- month-old girl inside. this happened on cadbury drive just before 10:00 monday. and carly willson, a husband and three children, were in that house at the time, and wilson is feeding her daughter on the couch by the window when the bullets came through, just inches from her head and no one was hit by a bullet. however the 18-month-old was hit by flying glass. police are still looking for the shooter. taking a good look at the
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pictures on wednesday morning. investigators in montgomery county believe these two guys are responsible for putting skimming devices on atms and take the account numbers and make purchases use the card holder's name. if you recognize those men, it is available for you, at abc 2 news .com, give montgomery county police a call. and now, as for this guy, and the team around him, no late season magic for the orioles this year. officially eliminated from the playoff race. the birds fell to toronto last night 3-2. in extra innings. but they're now riding a six game losing streak. that ties the season high. and they are five games remaining in the season and the ox's have to win at least one of the games to -- the o's have to win at least one of those games to guarantee a winning season. good news on the manny
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machado injury front and it is not as bad as first thought. they had an mri with a minor ligament and recovery time 6-8 weeks. machado suffered a similar injury on the same kneecap two years ago while playing in the minor leagues. 6:08. as we go to break, the sun is beginning to break on the eastern horizon with clouds in the sky and chill in the air. >> you're exactly right. you can start to see the clouds across the area this morning. and we do have a change in the forecast for today. and possibly a change as we head toward the weekend. i will have the details coming up. >> well, there is a lot of fog out in frederick this morning. but fortunately, no delays here on interstate 70. just west of 695. i will show you what the other main lines look like and bring you the latest drive times coming up after the break. in today's tech bytes, amazon announces a couple new kindle device, a higher
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resolution screen and center design and five times processing power and a new technique called the name game. joanna stern sat down with the amazon ceo to find out how it works. >> the live person who appears in a tight little box on your screen and 24/7, 365 days a year and a free service. and it is literally one tap. and the person appears on your screen. >> and amazon is also offering a new kindle hd with a higher resolution screen. that starts at $139. and in california, it is getting an internet do-over. online companies are required to allow anyone under the age of 18 to remove content that they posted. supporters say the measure protects teens from being haunted by those impulsive decisions. and those are your tech bytes. have a great day, everyone. i'm diana perez.
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we have new video this morning in the abc 2 newsroom of incredible video of a warehouse fire. this is in san diego. take a look. witnesses say they heard explosions from inside the warehouse, and even in the dark. they say the huge plumes of smoke can be seen right there.
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and the flames, the building is an old tomato packing plant. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. the new approach to iran's president, extending open arms to the american people. listen. >> i bring peace and friendship from iranians to americans. >> iran is ready to have result- oriented talks to the international community about its nuclear program. and he believes, as president, he has the authority as iran's supreme leader to talk on the program. >> the supreme leader of iran said that should negotiations be necessary for the national interest of the country, he is in fact not opposed to it. >> he intended to meet informally with president barack obama at the u.n. but there was not a time to coordinate that meeting. the iranian president was firm in his speech when it came to iran's ally syria, with a plan
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for syria's government to turn over chemical weapons to the international community. the u.n. general assembly will continue speaking today. and the pakistan death toll rose to 208 after hundreds of homes collapsed in a remote area with the earthquake. it created an island on the west coast of the country. and seismologists suspect the island is a temporary foundation resulting from a mud volcano. sun and water gushed to the surface. and the new jersey board walk, fire broke out a few weeks ago and this is a split screen photo for you. the one on the left is the board walk in 2011. and the photo on the right was taken just after the fire. an electrical wiring problem is said to be the reason for the fire. this month, it damaged this board walk. here is a check of the forecast with lynette. let's look at what is going
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on, on the satellite and radar. clouds are pushing in. this is courtesy of the system that is down south that is bringing the rain across tennessee and also north carolina this morning. and even portions of georgia and also florida and we're getting a blowoff and with that we are definitely seeing some clouds moving into the picture, and you can see what is going on in bel air this morning and yes, the sun is not quite up as of yet and moves in at 6:57 but you can see a little bit of daylight and you can have the clouds right now. and we can see a few peeks of brightness in this morning as well. and partly cloudy throughout the day. and definitely not going to get that abundant sunshine that we saw yesterday and the day before that. and the temperatures right now, coming in at 53 degrees in manchester and 42 in pilesville. catonsville at 55 degrees. annapolis, good morning to you, 50 degrees. as well as mount airy. and northeast at 54 degrees. high pressure is to the north. and we still have dry air in place. so although we have the cloud
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cover out, there i do believe that we should stay dry as we go through the rest of the day. especially as we have the dry air in place. so we really have to policen up the atmosphere -- moisten up the atmosphere before any type of rain moves in here. the future trend goes into motion. it will pick up on the fact that we have a coastal low that moves in here just in time for the weekend but the good news is, it looks like it stays far away from the coast. that is definitely good news. we will not be dealing with any type of rainfall. as of now, each though we need the rain, a lot of you don't want it on the weekend. 75 degrees is the high temperature for today. and make sure you do send us a photo. tweet it at abc 2 weather, and the forecast looks pretty good as we head toward the weekend. let's get a check of the traffic with lauren. well, lynette, we have been dealing with fog in frederick all morning. but good news. it is tarting to dissipate. that reduced visibility not much of an issue anymore. interstate 70 nice and clear. and 95, no problems getting down to dc this morning.
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and northbound lanes, 64 miles an hour. at 195. very calm ride for those of you making the push to downtown boston the fort mchenry tunnel and the harbor tunnel are delay free and 695 at the key bridge and outer loop will be clear from 95. all the way up to 83. with the stretch just taking 11 minutes, typical ride right now, and if you are traxing up in hunt val -- traveling up in hunt vally, 83, no problems from the maryland pennsylvania state line to the beltway. and jfx is nice and clear to the city. that is your time saver traffic. the federal government says it will add rear view video systems to the list of recommended features for automakers. however, safety groups call the action a stall tactic. in 2008, congress imposed a 2011 deadline for the national highway traffic safety administration to issue a rule on vehicle rear visibility and that regulation is 2 1/2 years overdue. and a later date, advocate groups and two parents are expected to file a lawsuit.
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do you like green eggs and ham? i do not like them, sam i am. i do not like green eggs and ham. >> this is the u.s. senate floor and marathon speech against the new health care plan. just how long senator ted cruise has been on that floor and what he is hoping to accomplish. a live look in a few moments. also right now looking at the inner harbor in baltimore. joggers abound. getting out there. getting exercise now. and a crisp wednesday morning. and a great day to you maryland. i'm charley krause. and i will get right to the weather forecast. and it is always great to see the wonderful sunrises. those nice colors coming across the inner harbor. but, weatherwise -- >> yes. >> chilly. >> it is exactly. you saw the jogger there, she was all prepared. had the sweatshirt on and that's what you are going to need as you head out and about. these temperatures are below average once again this
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morning. davidsonville, 54 degrees. and 44 in middleton. manchester at 52. you can see what is going on in manchester. we saw the shot at the inner harbor but dealing with the cloud cover over manchester also this morning. we are seeing partly cloudy skies. and that is the name of the game as we go into the afternoon. we are not seeing abundant sunshine that we saw yesterday and the day before that. and as we look at maryland's most powerful radar as of now, we are dry. and i do believe that we will stay dry today. yes, we do have the clouds out there. but we still have very dry dew points. so the dew point is in the 40s and 50s, and that's when it has to moisten up the atmosphere before we saw some rain coming down from the area and actually landing on the ground. this is what is going on for today. 52 degrees around 8:00 this morning. and by lunchtime, it is 67. and then this afternoon, that temperature is at 75. with the clouds really holding tough, if we don't get a lot of sunshine in here, the temperature could be slightly low are. a check of the traffic now with lauren.
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well, if you are heading to downtown baltimore, the jfx, it is in great shape. 55 miles an hour. southbound to 695. inside the city though we have a crash to tell you about, just reported on north charles street, right at fayette. follow me on twitter at maryland traffic for the latest alerts. no problems getting through the harbor tunnel or the fort mchenry tunnel and it is the west side of the beltway that you have to watch out for. and down to 26 miles an hour in the outer loop at liberty road. and we are taking a look at baltimore national pike and drive times are affected and a 16 minute drive and for those of you making the trech from 795 to 9 a. the inner loop is going to be nice and clear for those of you driving up to liberty road. and now, as we do check in and take a live look here at 795, at owings mills boulevard, and nothing to get nur way right now. it is going to be a calm ride. as you make the push over to the beltway. but the beltway delays are the main concern of your wednesday morning commute.
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tairves. that is your time saver with lawmakers scrabbling over defunding the health care law and shutting down the government, president barack obama brought in a big gun trying to sell the health care plan. >> when have you universal enrollment you can manage your costs better and cut inflation down. the most important thing obviously is to get people enrolled in this. >> and former president bill clinton made that pitch just a week before one of the health care laws biggest changes goes into effect. on october 1, millions of americans will be able to shop for coverage through insurance exchanges. the uninsured must sign on or face a penalty. some call it a tax. and overnight, the obama administration released new numbers, on what the law will cost consumers. for example, before tax credits with individuals of maryland, they would pay $299 a month, for mid range plans. and the cheapest plan would run just under $200 a month. well, ted cruise says he is going to stand up to obama care on the floor of the senate. he has been talking now for close to 15 hours.
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and is still going strong. let's take a look right now at the senate floor to see what is going on because you may not see -- >> everywhere in the world, it is true. i will tell you why. >> and you're hearing from the florida senator marko rubio as the senate filibuster is going on. this is technically not a filibuster but what happens is as it is going on is cruise will have the floor, and other people ask question, coming in and out on the senator and then the other senators can come in and also relieve from time to time, for various breaks. the only rule though for cruise is he cannot sit down, nor can he lean on the podium. the filibuster now closing in on 15 hours. among the wide ranging topics not only defunding obama care but talked about green eggs and ham and a speech by ashton kutcher to college grads about getting a job and also white castle. >> guys, it happens.
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i intend to speak in support of defunding obama care. until i am no longer able to stand. on a saturday or sunday morning, when your dad is making pancakes and it is very cool when he can flip them and take them do a flip high in the air and catch them. i will credit my father, he invented, it wasn't for the restaurant but he invented green eggs and ham. >> one of the things that senator cruise spoke about relative to his father was his immigration from cuba. a prisoner of war during the revolution and talked about the time his father came to america and how hard it was to struggle getting started and he ended up being successful achieving what he called the american dream. senator cruise is not even close to the longest speech in senate history. strom thurmond spoke for 24 hours against the civil rights act of 1957. the next closest senator alfonse diamante23 hours for a stall on a military bill in 1986. maryland muslims


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