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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  September 26, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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social security check whose likely go out on time but other federal payments would be ated much the president and congress could still go to work. nonessential government workers would be fur load. visas and passports could go unprocessed. applications for federal student loans could see a backlog. none of this is cheap. the last time the government shut down in late 1995 and early 1996, the tab it taxpayers was $1.4 billion. >> it's really about positioning and trying to gain points for the bat thal's going to come. >> reporter: that battle is over the debt ceiling. the treasury department said the country will hit it in october. the stock market would be in for another bumpy ride, potentially throwing the nation's economic recovery of course.
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in washington, i'm karin caifa. just today we're learning about another glitch two sources sold the ap that small businesses will be able to start october 1st. instead, owners will have to fax or mail their information so they can enroll. at the same time the spanish version of the website will not be able to handle enrollments for several weeks. meanwhile local healthcare providers opened their mt. vernon facility. the expansion will help meet the needs of the patients. it features a pod design, new obgyn services and can serve up to 40,000 patients. >> thank you for joining us. a beautiful shot in mt. airy. the further west more sunshine.
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of the further east, more cloud cover. still 75 in the city. 73 out toward hunt valley. go out toward cecil and most of the numbers tonight will be in the 60s. we're two degrees warmer than average. average being 74. the evening planner looks good. down to 59 for the overnight hours and partly sunny skies at 4:00, 73. it will feature a mex clur of sunshine and clouds. there is a storm well down to the south. we'll talk about that coming up in just a bit. >> there's no official construction start date or time but leaders at bge have been watching and looking for their next move at quinn falls lincoln park. >> it's the largest urban wilderness park on the east
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coast. so we're proud of that. >> reporter: jo and other members don't want this peaceful environment they're so dedicated to preserving to change, but it seems some kind of change is inevitable as bge said simply repairing a section will no longer do the trick. >> sort of like a car. you make prepares on a car over a number of years. then it become has better idea to replace this. with this pipeline we've been making repairs for the last 30 years. it's at the point this needs to be replaced. >> reporter: this yellow marker is on that two-mile stretch. you'll see these throughout the park showing where the pipeline s the root of the replacement section and the trees that would have to be removed in the process is the issue. >> there are a number of routes being considered, whether it's parallelling the current pipe,
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whether it there's a better location further away from the pipe or out along the park edge. >> reporter: it's that process that they want to be involved. in fact, she said that is what she would have wanted from the beginning. the planning has been going on for years but they just learned about it a few months ago. >> they were not forth coming until we be a gan to -- began to push and say what's going on. >> reporter: bge said no decision has been made and it's too early to give concrete figures on how many trees would be impacted and how much this treasured landscape would change. in baltimore, katrina bush, abc2 news. >> you haven't missed any public meetings. bge is still in the planning process. leaders say once they get some concrete details, they will schedule them for you. just in time for halloween,
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the edgar allen poe house will open for a little bit. it chested about a year ago and will be open and free to visitors. the celebration includes free admission to museums, walking tours and festival. the poe house on north amity street will open next spring. if you live in kingsville you've probably driven across the covered jericho bridge. it's getting a makeover next year. we have a report on the historical structure which is maintained jointly by baltimore and howard counties. >> when they start for whatever reason, you get a pretty good bump. >> it's the sound of wear and tear which sits above the gun
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powder river. >> the bridge was originally made in 1865 and had its last major renovation in 1982. it is in dire need of tender loving care. it's going to start this fall and next year. >> i believe that's one reason they're doing this. the boards on the deck have started to wear and loosen. there are six covered bridges. >> reporter: underneath and around the bridge sits the gun powder trail, almost 14 1/2 miles long of some of the most picturesque trail unless maryland. >> for horse traffic, for bikes, for hikers and also for the motor traffic which is continuing to expand because of the most recent back at aberdeen proving ground. >> we are restoring and
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interpreting jerusalem mail village. it's one of our best advertising devices. a lot of people stop looking for the bridge and discover the bridge in the process. >> reporter: for people living around the bridge, it's great for a trip down memory lane. >> i'm sure that's the intent to restore it to near its original look but with some con temporary improvements if you will. >> reporter: in kingsville, reporting for abc2 news. >> as long as you keep it historical. all right. coming up it is the latest trick by scammers. >> what to watch out for so you don't fall victim to it. >> we're bringing back our student athlete of the week. >> kelly, let's go to parkville.
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cirrus clouds. we've got an ocean storm. we'll talk about that. abc2 news at 6:00.
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let's go to havre de grace isn't that beautiful. remember the woman who donated the land? >> i gotcha. >> a big, big building to
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celebrate the arts. abc2 news. >> a new scheme. john matarese shows us what to look out for so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: people across the country are reporting on social media sites that they have received a postcard that appears to come from delta airlines that they received two round trip tickets. watch for it. it uses the lower case logo from five years ago. it claims you qualified for two airline tickets. you may think you won but look closely. never does it say you won a free flight. turns out it's not from delta but an independent travel company. online complaint sites say you have to attend a seminar where they will try to sell you some
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expensive travel packages. delta said they have not given permission for this and it is unauthorized use ofs it logo. remeer, airline seats are expensive these days. no one will contact you to say you've won tickets on any airline. so be careful before you call. click the money tab up top so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc2. we're going to stay in havre de grace. we're starting to see the sun setting. the sun set before 7:00. in one month it will be setting basically at this hour. 72 right now. easterly wind coming in at nine. if you're heading out this evening, we're looking good. moon lit skies, a mixture of clouds. 57 for your overnight low. a pair of sixes by lunchtime,
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low 70s by tomorrow. it's a northeasterly wind right off the bay. that is bringing in some clouds. out toward cecil county and ocean city, we are covered and smothered with clouds. notice to the east, that's where the cooler temperatures are. 72 up toward elkton. it's milder out to the west. more sunshine. ellicott city at 72. here's maryland's most powerful radar. it's clear. look down there. there's this bubble or blush showing up in -- blurb showing up on the infrared. an ocean storm as we go into the weekend. the ocean storm will be a system that tracks toward the north. it's going to hang around. the jet stream is well to the north. it's going to block the system from going inland and from going
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to the north. it will be meandering out there and maybe a spot shower. notice a quick cutoff. i don't think the city will see rain but we may see clouds. 72 in baltimore, not seeing much cool air. it's in the 80s in minneapolis, so a comfortable feel. clouds and temperatures showing us 63. 60s north and west. tomorrow a struggle to get into the low 70s. by saturday same deal, upper 60s, lower 70s. we have an area of convection and we'll have more at 11:00. maryland's most accurate not as chilly. 73 tomorrow. there could be an isolated shower well north of the city. why did that do that? that's weird. saturday looks good. my twitter is now covering up on sunday, apologize for that, 74 degrees and 70s as we head into
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next week. guys? >> tweeting about the ravens game. all right. coming up, a new school year. it's time to break out that bel air honda athlete of the week. you'll see what students are doing on the field of play and the collapse room. this week's student is red ni davis from perry hall christian school. rodney davis is about as well rounded as the balls he kicks and shoots with. >> i feel like i'm a-- i person. >> he gives all the credit to his school pooh the school has developed my relationship with god. >> he's one of the students that, emly fies the -- ex-- that exemplifies the character. >> and he is the treasurer.
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>> this year i became treasurerrer. >> i take it seriously. i have to embrace it. i use the leadership attributes that god has given me and use it to the best of my potential. he's going over to belize in april. musically, educational wise, it's going to be a good trip. before that trip he's making a trip south to where he will be attending college. >> in a few days i'm going down to liberty to visit their college and see what life is like down there. >> what do you think will become of this young man who makes all of us smile who puts the spotlight on others, a man of his word. what is he going to do? >> i want to go into dentistry. >> so this world can be brighter with smiles. he leads off a great year of
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being this week's bel air on dap student -- honda student athlete of the week. log on to athletes to learn more and how to nominate. >> what a bright kid. >> we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] if paula ebert had her way, she would help her child.
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let's take a look. just a little breeze out of the nee. water tell 7s -- tell -- temps are good. the weekend looks good, 74. a little bit of a breeze and clouds. we'll have the forecast at 11. >> you have to join us at 11. >> have a good night.
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welcome to "world news." tonight white widow, the international man hunt tonight for this mystery woman, her possible connection to terrorism, the ordinary school girl who grew up to become one of the most wanted women in the world. asleep at the controls.
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the airline pilots who admit he and the other pilot both fell asleep on a big commercial plane with passengers on board. and real money goes undercover with a secret shopper showing you how to save money at the mall, hundreds of dollars in just 45 minutes. >> the $25 that i'm paying -- >> $5.44. >> tonight easy ways to put money in your pocket. good evening. a bulletin is rocketing around the globe tonight. the search is on for a terror master mind and the search is so urgent, they call it a red notice. this is the person they are trying to find, a young publish woman they call the white widow. international police searching for the answer to the question did she play any role in the attack on that mall in kenya?
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was she there? brian ross is here with their questions. >> reporter: authorities tell abc news tonight that british police are even trying to obtain dna samples from the family of the so called white widow in the suspicion there might be a match with one of the bodies found in the rubble in nairobi. looks can be deceiving and at any time this one time british school girl, samantha lewthwaite is being called one of the most wanted and dangerous women in the world. >> samantha lewthwaite has been a wanted person for a number of years now. >> reporter: today's worldwide interpol alert seek to finds out if she was involved in the brutal attack on the mall. based on her known ties to african terror groups, a mystery whom who was part of the attack. kenyan officials reported all the attackers were men including
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some who dressed as women but counter terrorists say she has been actively involved in the al shabab group which claims responsibility. >> she has said she wants to die and martyr herself on behalf of the group. >> reporter: she grew up in a small town north of london and over 15 years time went from school girl to party girl to wife of one of the terrorists who carried out suicide attacks on the london subway and bus system in 2005. after the attacks the mother of two denied any knowledge of her husband's al qaeda ties and familiar friends described her as a decent girl. >> she was a very average child, very innocent, lacking confidence, shy, very easy to get on with. >> reporter: but since then authorities say she slipped out of england with her children and joined up with african terrorists traveling to kenya on
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a forged passport under the name of natalie faye webb. >> we know she was important on an organizational level. >> reporter: she reportedly wrote in diaries seized by police that she wanted her young children to grow up as terrorists and die like their father. she has been wand for more than a year in connection with another al shabab attack in kenya. interpol has an urgency to find her. now we head to washington and the growing frustration in the country over another round of name calling and threats to bring the country to a stand still. george stephanopoulos is standing by but we begin with nathan karl who tells us what the opposeding sides are saying


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