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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  September 26, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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furious president calling his opponents crazy and a republican party willing to go to the brink. >> more debt and noeform is absolutely unacceptable. >> reporter: the upshot for america, we're just days away from a government shutdown, and worse, today republicans upped the ante, putting together a laundry list of demands including everything from delaying obama care to more off shore oil drilling and spending cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling. the president called that blackmail. sound familiar? of course it does. two years ago the same confrontation caused the stock market to tank and america for first time ever to lose its aaa credit rating. lessons learned, no. the absurdities were on display when ted cruz gave his 20 hour plus speech demanding an end to
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obama care, bedtime story included. >> do you like green eggs and ham. >> reporter: john stewart responded. >> in the land of d.c. in the senate of snooze lived the show boat blab whose name was ted cruz. >> reporter: over at the white house they have decided the best way to strike a deal is not to try. >> let me be chris cal clear. the president's position is you still not negotiate over the debt ceiling? >> correct. >> reporter: instead of negotiating they are name calling. today one of the president's top aides said of republicans, quote, what we're not for is negotiating with people with a bomb strapped to their chest. while senator ted cruz compared those willing to fund obama care with those who appeased the nat zees in the 1940s. >> thank you, jon. now i want to bring in abc's co-anchor of "gma."
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is the government going to shut down. >> most people i talked to today believed even if the house doesn't match what the senate did they'll probably work that out within a couple of days. the big fight is over the debt ceiling. everyone i spoke to, republicans and democrats, say that the waters are as unchartered as they've ever been. >> but it's october 17th, that is the one they're worrying about. >> the consequences are so much more severe. right now both sides are betting that the other side is going to cave. when i spoke to former president clinton, he completely backed obama saying the cuts are chilling, almost spiteful and even though the consequences are severe, the president must not dpoesht. >> nour not going to negotiate you're betting on the other side caving. >> that's right. this is the house republicans and the tea party people saying we don't want to negotiate with the democrats. we want to dictate over the
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senate, over the house democrats, we insist on dictating the course of the country -- >> you have to stand up to that no matter what the consequences? >> i do. >> and the consequences are more severe than you can calculate. everyone knows that this will create an correct catastrophe but right now no solution in sight. >> he is saying dig in. >> dig in. >> thank you, george. you can see a lot more of george's interview with the former president, former president clinton, sunday morning on this week. we will be watching. and there were two big moments at the united nations today. first word of a break through on syria. britain's ambassador says an aagreement has been reached to force a chemical weapons removal plan with syria. a historic meeting of secretary of state john kerry and iran.
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the first high level meeting with the country since 1979 and the big topic on the table, iran and nuclear chemical weapons. next we turn to that airline pilot coming forward to confess and sound an alarm saying that he and his other pilot were supposed to be at the controls of a jumbo jet but were both so tired they fell asleep. a new concern about the stress on pilots in the air. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: remarkably, the two pilots, already severely fatigued, fell asleep at the same time. that's right. an airbus a-330 which can carry more than 300 passengers on autopilot with both pilots sleeping. we only know because one of the pilots self-reported the incident six weeks ago, admitting the two pilots had only five hours sleep over two nights because of long shifts. even though british pilots are allowed to take naps, the country's pilots association says the government is too complacent when it comes to
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pilot fatigue. here in the united states -- a different story after this deadly colgan air crash in buffalo four years ago. 49 people on board were killed. pilot fatigue was one of the contributing factors to the crash, which led to sweeping changes for american pilots. they must have a 10-hour minimum rest between flying days. flight time is limited to eight to nine hours a day. and they are required to have 30 consecutive hours off every week. but even that may not be enough. plane makers and airlines are tonight looking for ways to put technology in the cockpit that will tell if a pilot is fatigued, and then keep that pilot awake. david kerley, abc news, washington. and word tonight, a big change is coming to the golden arches, mcdald's, one of the biggest restaurants chains in the nation. today they announced they will retire their signature sire foam coffee cups, replacing with
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paper all across the country. they say they're doing it for environmental reasons. the change will have to take place at more than 14,000 restaurants, so it will take several years. and now to michael jackson and the courtroom scene as tonight a jury is getting ready to decide the answer to a question, did the company promoting his concert push him to drugs and the breaking point, or did his own demons take him down. abc's david wright. ♪ >> reporter: this was michael jackson's last dance. final rehearsal for what was to have been his comeback tour. final because he died days later, before the tour's first stop. in debt, how of shape and drugging himself to sleep at night, but still dancing his heart out. >> this is the final curtain
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call. >> reporter: footage shown again today in an l.a. courtroom to a jury who must decide if jackson's death was essentially self-inflicted with the help of his doctor or if promoter aeg live bears some blame, too. >> we, the jury, find the defendant, conrad robert murray, guilty. >> reporter: in 2009 jackson's doctor was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for administering the fatal dose of proep fol. in this lawsuit jackson's mother and three children are seeking $1.5 billion in damaging from aeg live. the jackson family claims aeg was paying murray's salary, $150,000 a month and putting pressure on him to get jackson fit for the tour. aeg insists the company had no idea what jackson and his doctor were up to behind closed doors. >> aeg live never would have agreed to finance this tour if
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it knew mr. jackson was playing russian roulette every night in his bedroom. >> >> reporter: in hind sight we know it ended badly, the question facing the jury, should someone pay. david wright, abc news, los angeles. still ahead here on "world news," our "real money" team hits the mall. we go undercover to show you how to find the secret bargains. and the high flying workout, flipping through the air, bouncing off walls, spreading across america tonight. we're back with that in two minutes. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004.
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vietnam in 1972.
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deals everywhere. >> reporter: our secret shopper is going to walk into this mall, no coupons, no austin dillons without signing up for a credit signing up for a credit card. and walk out with bags of bargains. and abc contributor and negotiation expert tory johnson. >> you know we like to save extra. >> reporter: says these new jersey moms can too. >> i didn't know you could do that in a mall. >> reporter: tip number one, negotiate. we hooked our team up to find out how. first stop, a new jacket. tory asks for a discount right away. >> are there any coupons? >> 50 percent off today. >> okay, great. is there anything else that it can be combined with? >> reporter: tory finds out there is a second coupon but she had to have gotten it in the mail. >> can i get it here in the store? >> getting a no, tory goes
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straight to the manager. she calls the manager and success. >> okay. so you will give it to me? >> yes. >> great. >> reporter: the manager will honor the second coupon anyway, just for asking. >> it's $25 but i'm saying -- >> $5.44. >> reporter: next stop new sneakers. it took three tries but the third store fit. >> what did you give us off? $10. >> reporter: use adds like shop you lar and deal. >> you can see that there is an instore coupon. >> reporter: and scan the product and see if you can get a better deal elsewhere. tip number three, the best time to get a deal, thursday and friday because it's when sales associates may know what's going on that weekend. >> they might tip you off on things because you're here today. >> reporter: when we meet up with our moms -- >> did you get a discount?
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>> yes. i saved $14. >> victory! >> reporter: two very important things to remember, be kind and be realistic. our expect says that most sales associates or managers have the ability to take off 10 or 20 percent. you may find that you have better luck at bigger stores and tomorrow night, diane, real money heads to an nfl game. you will be astounded how reasonable it was for our family to head to a game. >> be persistent. >> yes. if it doesn't work with one associate, see another. >> thank you, paula. coming up next, bill gates made a big confession today about something that he did that drives us all pretty nuts. it's our "instant index" coming up next. [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously.
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our "instant index" tonight begins with a little mistake that has become a big part of our lives. you probably had to do it several times today, hit control, alt delete to log onto your computer. finally founder bill gates was asked why three clunky key strokes to open the machine. his response at first meandering but then a confession. >> we could have had a single button but the guy who did the idea on keyboard design didn't want to give us our single button so -- it was a mistake. >> a mistake. and thus a modern annoyance was born. and who can forget this epic battle? luke sky walker, darth vader, some hollywood magic. tonight scientists at m.i.t. and
6:48 pm
harvard say they have finally created a real light saber, we're talking solid laser beams that look like light but are like this. no word on how they're going to use them but somewhere right now smiling yoda is. and mad man star jon ham cleared up a mystery after his voice seemed raspy. >> i've got a pull up on my vocal cord. sounds worse than it is although it doesn't sound as bad as how the "national enquirer" reported it which was that i was coughing up blood and probably have cancer. >> oh, that's nice. >> as for his beard, ham says it's evidence how lazy he got to be after a summer of working hard. deserve that beard. when we come back, the dare
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have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests, including certain liver tests before you start, and while you are taking xeljanz. tell your doctor if you have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common, and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you are pregnant, or plan to be. taken twice daily, xeljanz can reduce the joint pain and swelling of moderate to severe ra, even without methotrexate. ask if xeljanz is right for you. and finally tonight, the new dare devil workout, you can do it in your front yard and it's moving indoors to gyms al
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across the country. abc's linzie janis shows us the new trend. >> reporter: we've seen james bond do it. and jason bourne, too, even the guys from the office have spoofed it. parkour is the daring discipline born on the streets of paris that makes a playground out of the urban jungle, whether climbing swinging or rolling, it's an art form, an expression of freedom and creativity. but it's now moving from the outdoors, inside to gyms with padded walls. bringing a unique and intense new workout to the masses, from new jersey to colorado, to california. here at brooklyn's beast gym, trainers say the parkour moves should be combined no a continuous movement.
6:53 pm
>> how do you feel about something with such rebellious roots becoming commercialized? >> i think it's great, honestly because it's spreeding the movement. >> reporter: they say parkour is like running five miles and climbing a mountain. but how realistic is this activity for the rest of us? >> sign my life away. >> reporter: i gave it a try, mostly unsuccessfully. for kids it's second nature. >> i feel like spiderman climbing up a building. >> reporter: this version of parkour gives us all the chance to bring out our interaction hero. linzie janis, abc news, brooklyn, new york. >> we thank you for watching tonight. we're always there at "nightline" later and i'll see you right back here again tomorrow night. good night.
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. on "the list" bill gates comes clean. >> there used to be an onslaught somewhere. >> this is not a berry. but this is. the seedy truth. and silly rabbit, they're not just for kids anymore. >> hey, everyone. it's a great thursday. i'm theresa strosser and you're on "the list." like modern-day ma jell lgellan
6:56 pm
staff has been exploring the world with today's top five. >> at number one, the latest from apple? ivertigo. >> now come reports of widespread motion sickness from using it. >> man the zm making them nauseous, causing headaches, and dizziness. some liken it to getting car sick. apple does have a reduced motion setting. >> at number two, control, alt, mistake. you ever wonder why you have to press control, alt, delete to log onto your pc? well, microsoft legend bill gates has something to say about that.
6:57 pm
>> it was a mistake. >> he says he wanted a single button to prompt a log-on, but was overruled by ibm who designed the keyboard. now, every time you log on with two hands, you know who to blame. at number three, we can rebuild stronge stronger,faster, better. the first time doctors had created an artificial leg that can be controlled by a person's thoughts. they successful attached the first bionic leg. that is the man with the new bionic leg.
6:58 pm
number four, do you want to get a job? you might have to lose the ink. about one in five americans have a tattoo and it might be costing them a job. officials in california are providing te ining tattoo remov. people who sign up get eight weeks of job readiness workshops. kind of makes you want to get a tattoo just to get all of those perks. >> so behavior off the field has to send it to every one of his 80 players, the entire team. the high school coach cited issues from bullying to skipping class to making the players do
6:59 pm
community service in lieu of football practice. >> hopefully, it's going to show everybody that football is not about just playing the game. >> so far, all of the players are on track to earn the privilege of playing in their homecoming game. now, you are caught up and clued in on the top of "the list requests. >> can you tell me how to get to sesame street? jimmy fallon can. >> first up, j is the letter of the day for jimmy fallon. last night, fallon and all of your favorite sesame street character covered the show.


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