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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  September 27, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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present to the case to the grand jury. they want to change the way the cases are hand led. a family of a woman killed on northern parkway isn't happy with the baltimore city police commissioner. anthony bats talked about the incident yesterday that killed angel chiwengo. he said he's tragic and disturbing. members of chiwengo's family said an apology would be nice or a personal visit. >> i understand that there's an investigation going on. i think it shows a bit of humanity when you show compassion for the innocent victims involved. >> chiwengo's family is in the process of hiring an attorney. the commissioner said the officers involved in the crash had the right as well. that's why the department's investigators have not spoken to them yet. the red cross is helping
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several families after a huge fire in landsdown. now, a firefighter was taken to the hospital with a hand injury. 13 adults and 14 children have been displaced. no word on a cause. parent offense a tow s of a towson student that was hit by a drunk driver learn the driver will be up for patrol next month. a judge sentenced him to 5 years in prison last november. he's patrol hearing is scheduled for october 31st. let's talk about what's going on right now. not a whole lot of action across maryland this morning in terms of wet weather. we are still dry. we have a clouds move ing into the picture. that's why temperatures are on the mild side, not as cool or chilly as we have been. that's going to be the scenario through the rest of today. let's talk about temperatures right now. this is what we're expecting.
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we have 52 degrees, that's your current temperature in wood vine. as we head towards ellicott city, 54 degrees for this time of the year. 63 in annapolis. we're talking about 6 #0 0s in perry hall chestertown at 61 degrees, elkton at 60. these temperatures will remain above average due cloud cover. this morning we will have the clouds, in here. i'm going call it partly cloudy. it won't be the sunniest day of the week. around 6:00 temperature coming in at 61. i'm going to call it mild. by lunchtime 70 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds. back over to you. >> thank you. the time now 4 :37. the orioles close out the season strong as they begin their final
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season tonight. they boat toronto last night 3-2. that was matt wieters. gonzalez pitched 7 strong and jim johnson picked up the save. the birds face off with the red sox at camden yards tonight. manny machado is not just popular in baltimore. his jersey is the top seller since the all star break. he isn't the only oriole on the list, chris davis comes in at number 16. the ravens on the road this weekend looking for their third straight win. they face the bills. they will coming off a convincing 30-9 win. ray rice didn't play in the last game due to his injury but he practiced this week.
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the cigar shop in cockeysville is asking you to come watch the game because they are holding a fund raiserer for officer jason schneider. they will have a silent auction with the proceeds going towards the memorial fund. that is from 11:00 to 5:00. you know what it's like to be bullied and teased. now a morgan state student is putting his talent to good use. there's nothing to get in your way here on 795 at owings mills boulevard. i'll show you you had a the other main lanes look like and bring you the latest drive times coming up on good morning, maryland.
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plans are in the works for the harbor point place project. the developer wants to add more than 100 apartments. it would span about five floors and 20 units. the addition is causing big changes for the design of the building and must be approved approved by the city. facebook stock is on the rise. shares stopped $50 for the first time yesterday. facebook's stock is now up 88% so far this year. that's a stunning reversal from the initial may ipo. after being priced at $35 a share it drop in
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the first month. that was expected by analysts. happy birthday google. it turns 15 years old today. to celebrate the company is giving itself a make over. the changes include a better search formula with richer answers. there's also new results for songs and music searchs. google founders launched the company in a garage, forever changing the way we look for information online. all right. good morning. we are looking at temperatures in the upper 50s. 60 in catonville, kent island, 59 fallston, cambridge at 55 degrees. if you want the jacket you can put it on this morning. it's definitely not a necessity. satellite and radar not picking up a lot in terms of wet weather. a mix of sun and clouds for today. we won't be
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seeing lots of sunshine like we've been seeing all week long. high pressure still pretty much in control of our weather. we will stay dry. it's going to be the big story for the day. we can see a cold front that will make its way into the area as we go later in the time period. so we're talking about next week, maybe monday, tuesday cold front going to come in here. once again, we're not going to be getting any type of rain. this is going to be a dry cold front. maybe it will thicken up the clouds a little. that koes -- you can see as we head towards the weekend it's going to be another dry one on tap. now, planning your day. mid-morning temperature coming in around 64 degrees lunchtime will be at 70, that sun/cloud mix. if you want to send in that picture we love
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to put it on the air. just tweet us at abc 2 weather. 73 today is the high. a little below average. we should be at 74 and more seasonable towards hundred dollar. let's check the traffic now with lauren. 95 at 195 going to be clear. 97 nothing to get in your way. northbound lanes 59 miles per hour right at right 100. very calm ride up to 695. the beltway, that west side, looking good. 55 miles per hour on the outer loop at interstate 70. >> [no audio]
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♪ [ music ] ♪ >> ♪ i'm just a young man in college. ♪ >> this story is uplifting. don't schuler has not always lived on a high. >> i was not always as big as i was. i never had the best clothes or didn't have a lot of money in my family. >> it's hard to believe this former defensive tackle was bullied. >> never judge a book by its cover. i've had that many times in my life. >> nothing could be further
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from the truth. he maintained a 3.0 while playing football. instead of moves on the field his message comes through his words. he joined forces with a group for a day of music and motivational speakers targeting bullying. >> i think it gets to those going through it. >> he's made it through undergrad. in december of 2014 he opens to graduate with his masters in arts and education. at 23 he sees his future. now he wants to help others achieve theirs. >> my mission is to empower youth and change the world through entertainment and education. >> ♪ i'm here today but ready for tomorrow ♪ ♪ life is just a game, never pardon for the sorrow ♪ >> he will join bands and speakers for the free event on
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october 5th. an 8-year-old wants santa to help his sister. you will hear his pleas to get people to stop bullying his twin. he's getting calls from people in high places. just a couple days left to donate to our food drive. to see where you can drop off, locations area near you head to we continue in just a moment.
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six people who attended a destructive party at a former nfl player's home turned themselves into police. hundreds of teenagers partied at the home of bryan holloway when he was out of town. they trashed his home. they posted pictures on social media sites. the state fair begins today. mother nature is beginning to be a bother. high winds move the new big tex statute. it was supposed to be unveiled today. the old big tex burned after a fire started in the cowboys boot. the state fair of texas runs through october 20th. not many people can say they reached their 100th birthday and
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fewer have done so of surviving world war ii. she and her husband and son were captured by the japanese and put in a pow . camp. when asked about her birthday wish she said she didn't have one. >> i lived to be 100, come on. what else is left. >> the governor of connecticut showed up at her nursing home to proclaim her birthday as car men panela day. the 40 foot tall rubber duck is making a big splash in the parlors from hong kong to the city today. it's kicking off the international festival of firsts. i can just see that duck in the inner harbor. lynette, could you not see it there parked next to the
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boat? >> you could. we have some clouds. we're going to call it mostly cloudy this morning. towards the afternoon partly cloudy. as the kids head to the bus expect mild temperatures. 61 degrees. we should be at 54, 53 now. as we head into the afternoon still quite seasonable. we will stay dry although we will have clouds out there for today. through tonight mostly cloudy, temperature at 66 degrees. tomorrow temperature at 73 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds. still seasonable. this is what the 7 day forecast looks like for you. the weekend looks good, looking dry. more sunshine towards sunday. as we work our way into monday and tuesday we will is a cool front that approaches the area. we will stay dry for the most part but it will increase the cloud cover. wednesday into thursday still dry. we have a dry forecast. let's get a check of the traffic with lauren.
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well, right now your friday morning commute is looking good. downtown the jfx free of delay. 55 miles per hour southbound at ruxton road. it's going to be nice and clear down to fayette street. in the city we have book festival closures to tell you about. north charles street shut down between center and madison center. mount vernon place shut down between saint paul and cathedral street. these are just a few of the many closures for this book festival. follow me on twitter for all the latest information. no problems right now traveling through the tunnels. the west side of the beltway shaping up nicely at interstate 70. just an 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 795 down to 95. over in parkville, conditions will remain clear. no problems heading up through towson this morning. that's your time saver traffic. hundreds of authors and vendors will be in mount vernon
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this weekend with every kind of book. new this year is common civilian. the festival starts at noon and runs through sunday. luthersville celebrating a new opening of a new project today. after the ribbon cutting there will be showing off of that updated building. your child can have access to more caffeine than they
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an 8-year-old boy touched hearts when he wrote a letter to santa to get kids to stop bullying his twin sister. >> it went with viral and came to the attention of the harlem
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globe trotters. when they heard about his letter they decided to go to his school. the girl's favorite band made a surprise appearance. her mom said things are starting to improve. >> she's still shy and still unsure of herself because she has other issues going on. i noticed that there's a change. she actually wants to come to school now. >> the globe trotters gave them auto graphed basketballs and ryan special received recognition. now is the chance to come face-to-face with mummies. >> they're on display at the maryland science center. they come from all over the world. they date back some 65,000 years. you can learn who they are and where they came from, also how mummies are created. the media will get a preview this morning. the exhibit officially opens to you tomorrow. well, a lot of change coming to mcdonalds.
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. >> from the coffee cups to ther- salads, there's a lot going on oh. . we have that coming up. all these people talking, that's bull crap. you're talking about kids. >> a father angry his 1-year-old daughter becomes the victim of gun violence. who shot into their home. a community comes out wanting answers. a live picture from the inner harbor. it's friday, september 27th. we have maryland's most accurate forecast and time saver traffic to get you prepared on this friday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm char lee -- i'm charlie krouz. we stay dry again for today. temperatures not as cool as they have been. what's going on now in glen burnie, that temperature at 60 degrees. we have had the dew point at
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55. at parkville that temperature at 60 degrees as well. this morning you might need a jacket. you might need. it just depends on how cold you get. you make that decision. as we heads towards jop pa, more of the same, the temperature in the upper 50s. the dew point around 56 degrees. right now the winds are on the calm side. they will pick up more out of the east for today. that's why we will start to have a few more clouds just lingering across the area for today as well. with those clouds that's why these temperatures have been held up this morning. we look at maryland's most powerful radar. we are dry. we can't buy a rain drop. we need the rain but i'm not going to complain. we will get the rain when we get it. it's in the forecast but the far forecast. as we look down the road, this is what we can expect for today, this morning we're talking about a temperature at 60 degrees. this will put us around 7:00 this morning under a partly cloudy sky. by
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mid-morning we're talking about 67 degrees under a partly cloudy sky. by lunchtime a mix of sun and clouds, the temperature around 70 degrees. we won't be seeing lots of sunshine like we saw over the past several days. well, if you are traveling in baltimore city we have a water main break. southbound harford road going to be effected. we have the baltimore book festival this weekend. as prep is underway be aware that many roads will be shut down. charles closed between center and madison, love grove between reed and madison. mount vernon place also effected. for a complete list go to there's nothing to get in your way. take a look at the other main lines. the jfx high speeds, 54 miles per
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hour southbound at northern parkway. the west side of the beltway in great shape. typical drive time of 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 95. 70 nothing to worry about. calm ride in columbia pike over to the beltway. that's your time saver traffic. as you wake up with this this morning, breaking news. a building collapsed in india. at least two people have been confirmed dead. rescuers now fear dozens more are buried in the rubble. there's 12 is people have been taken out alive. it crumbled earlier this morning trapping as many as 90 people inside. when breaking news happens we will tell you about it. follow us on twitter. use the under score alerts. a man armed with a rifle fired several shots through an
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odonton's front window this week, striking a 19 month old boy. jeff haguer is life at police head quarters with the latest on the community meeting. >> reporter: that bullet fragment landed on abbey moulton moulton's forehead. the parents pled to the community to come forward with information. abbey's father pointed out that he's a disabled veteran that his taken a stand against gang activity in that neighborhood. >> they thought they were going to get whatever by shooting through my front window, i'm going to stand next to this man until


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