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tv   News  ABC  October 8, 2013 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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senior center at 11. a special treat for students in carroll county. the district will take part in the play 06 challenge and -- 60 challenge and to kick it off student at spring garden elementary school will get special visitors. a couple other players will go to essex elementary school to kick off the play 60 campaign at 2 this afternoon. new creatures are waking up in a new home in baltimore. this is just the first wave of 1700 new animals brought to the national aquarium. they are coming from the national aquarium in washington, d.c. they were forced out to close as building is closed to be renovated. much of the attention was focused on the giant pacific octopus. >> when they are rest or stressed they turn whitish. >> he is stressed out but resting apparently. the dc location officially closing on september 30th. they moved the animals with the
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must wait 60 to 90 day quarantine when staff and volunteers make sure the new additions are healthy enough to join the other animals. when the 14 employees from the dc locations will be relocated to baltimore. look at that live shot. you can see the national aquarium as we look live at the inner harbor. we will find out how the weather will look for the rest of the day when we come back.
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casey caseum are taki action to see their father and gain control of his health care they are seek conserve have ator ship and dual power of attorney for the health care. and in the document his adult children claim their stepmother prevented them from seeing their father. casey caseum is suffering from parkinson's. it's week 4 of dancing with the stars and there's a 3-way tie for first place last night. there was elimination for someone from the season who is deemed truly an inspiration. >> valley and tristan.
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>> she is 74 and has a bum knee and battling terminal cans are but valley harper took on the challenge of dancing with the stars. she will now cheer on her cast mates and what's turning out to be a competitive season. 9 stars remaybe in the competition and next week they will dance for a number signifying the best their lives and you can watch that on abc2 starting on monday night. it seems like scarlett johansson did it again she nabbed he is skier mack steen sexiest woman alive title. this happened again. 2013 this year. you may remember that the star was also awarded that honor back in 2006. fellows what do you think? all right. sojo hanson is feature in the magazine's november issue slated to hit stands next month. the latest honor is is weeks -- is weeks after she was announced she was engaged.
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a live look outside that looks gorgeous. if that doesn't make you smile on this tuesday i don't know what will. >> it's a nice start to the morning but it's a chilly start. we will break down the temperatures and i will tell you if aid warmup or if -- if it's a warmup or what's across the board. >> reporter: make it 90. baltimore city we have new crash st. paul at east reed street. construction and latest delays and an accident on 70. lots of traffic coming your way.
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now from abc2 maryland's most accurate forecast.
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>> good morning. happy tuesday. as we look outside in bel air yes we have a beautiful shot this morning. we have cloud also sunshine and that's going to be the name of the game going throughout the day. but also what you are not seeing in the shot we are on the cool side. much chillier than yesterday. that's for sure. it's 47 right now in columbia and dew point coming in at 45. and it's drier outdoors as well. that cold front bringing in that drier air and that cooler air for this morning. 46 degrees is in pylesville and 42 for a dew point and frederick the temperature is at 48 dew point at 44. and the wind are light right now. they are at out of the north at 2 miles per hour. picking up going into the afternoon 5 to 15 miles per hour. a possibility. now in terms of what's going on right now. the difference of what we had yesterday, 25 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. in baltimore 17 in easton and so a little shot to the system if you don't have the jacket on or a sweater long sleeves as you step out. you can leave the umbrella at home.
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you don't need it for today. we will stay dry maryland's most if you areful -- powerful radar picking up on that. heading out and about, yes, he the great day for a little apple picking and it has that october feel in the air. 69 degrees will be the afternoon high temperature. let's check the trafc now with mike. >> reporter: doesn't that sound weird? >> you say peeping it's weird. >> reporter: we will look at st. paul east reed street a crash in the baltimore city area. eastern boulevard at white marsh east of town dealing with a crash. otherwise, you know, it's busy morning but none of the majorroadways are tied up big tile. this is a wreck 70 westbound near route 32 and they have cleared that off toward the right shoulder. 695 at green spring road looking pretty good. outer and inner loop. 695 at wilkins also looking pretty good. final check on traffic and weather together coming up in a little bit.
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megan to you. >> thanks. it's supposed to add taste of suburban to those who enjoy city like and the canton crossing will officially open today. roosevelt leftwich is there and joins us live with a preview of what is to be expected for people in the city. >> reporter: yes. canton crossing on boston street near the first mariner tower, you can so the stores out here something that this side of town has not seen in a long time. suburban convenience right in the heart of the city. 105 million dollar project is the first development of its kind on this side of town. there will be about 30 different shops and restaurants here including big anchor stores like target and dsw shoes and old navy and other places. there's a lot of room for small are local businesses to get ahold of. 2/3 of the businesses have opened with the rest opening up over the next few weeks or so. the city and developers are hoping this center will help bridge the gap between the growth of neighborhoods and homes and need for quality shopping in the city in a preview last week, developers
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told us the shopping center will create hundreds of new jobs for city residents. now once again some of the businesses have opened up. this little block right here. the dsw and five below and ulta and loft opened up earlier. 2/3 of the stores are opened up. target is opening up along with several other stores that are under construction. they will open up over the next few weeks. the official ribbon cutting is this afternoon at 4 with the mayor on hand and other people touting what they hope will be a big shopping center a big catalyst to get more people to mob into the city. reporting live, roosevelt leftwich abc2 news. today is day 8 of the partial government shutdown caused by the inability of congress to pass a spending bill a new round of congressional blame games started as a pro obama group targets john boehner and tries to hold republican responsible for the shutdown. but they are not the only ones.
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>> now they say we are going to threaten the credit worthiness of the united states of america and possibly the world economy to do something that we are supposed to do. >> the president should be doing what bill clinton did in 1995 and calling the people over the white house sitting down and having a conversation. >> the partial shut down more than a week old the attention is beginning to be more on the nation's debt ceiling when the federal government's limit on borrowing expected to hit next week like a credit card the limit is almost expired. it may seem like nothing good is coming from the shutdown but there's free stuff if you are furloughed flying dog brewery offers free brewery tours and free beer. the navy is charging four sailors with crimes for their roles in a training accident in accidental death it would have navy divers at the aberdeen
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proving ground. arrangements are scheduled for -- arraignments are scheduled for wednesday and thursday. charges they face as well as identities won't be made public until they are arraigned. a trial at the naval station in norfolk won't occur until november or december we will keep you posted. a judge said maryland didn't do enough to help the four historically black college overcould many segregation. the school -- skoals were given being forced to duplicate by classes at white college and universities. both side were told to begin mediation to fix the situation. you will have to wait loppinger if you want to see the harbor point construction begin. neighbors with the environmental -- they can't talk to the environmental safety agent because they are closed down. big spenders you can get your hands on a sheeny new 100
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dollar bill. look at what they look like. the newly redesigned hundred dollar bills start; lathing including new security features among them is a blue 3-d ribbon make it easier to know it's real. it has a harder feel for counterfeiters to replicate. and you better get your jump on the holiday shopping to use the newer 100 dollar bills because you have fewer days to do itch the calendar will be a little shorter during the holiday shopping season. the reason why thanksgiving falls on november 28th. and that means there are only 25 shopping days between black friday and christmas. it's the shortest stretch in a decade and hanukkah also coming in earlier this year than normal. that starts november 27th. so start shopping now to avoid the crowds i guess. the members of the supreme court are back to work. today they will take onish you've campaign finance reform. now the new term began yesterday.
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the docket is crowded with controversial issues among them affirmative action legislative prayer and protests are all on the court's calendar this year. endarns swimmer diana nyad has no plans to slow down after being the first to swim from cuba to florida without a shark cage. the 74-year-old plans to swim for 48 hours straight. starting this morning, accompanied by celebrities swimming laps alongside her. it's happening at a specifically designed swimming pool in new york. she is going to get 30 second breaks every 90 minutes to eat and hydrate and the swim is to raise money for victims of hurricane sandy. are you rade for indoor football -- ready for indoor football in baltimore is getting involved. the baltimore mainors are returning for 2014. the team played here in 2010 last. more details on when the team will be revealed tomorrow at the baltimore arena. baltimore a not going to be one of them but 6 other cities now put in their application to be the host for super bowl in
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2018. this is video from last year's event at the super dome in new orleans. interested cities are miami, new or loans, dallas, minneapolis, indianapolis and tampa. the league super bowl advisory committee will decide which cities will be finalist and owners will secretary that coming up next may. -- select that coming up next may. we had heavy rain that pounded our area especially washington, d.c. the capitol got hit very hard. this is northwest dc where a massive branch came crashing down on the hood of a car there. those are the -- those in the car were not hurt. several trees were uprooted. the storm caused flight delays and made it tough to get through the streets. >> it was pretty wend way and coming down -- wendy and come -- windy and coming down from they hard so we took a break at the national cathedral and prayed about it and here we go. >> hopefully things will be calmer today right. >> you are right. we are much calmer for today.
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nights and quiet. not dealing with any rain. rain is passed with the cold front. down to the south, though, dealing with some rain across the carolinas. this will work its way towards us as we go towards tomorrow. but in the meantime, a few clouds out there this morning but we will stay dry. speaking of the clouds let's go out in manchester where we are seeing clouds over austin and seeing sunshine and daylight and the sunrising at 7:10 this morning. so it's going to be a nice day on tap. make sure to get out and enjoy. but don't forget the jacket because look at temperatures. 49 grees in mar marriottsville. 5 # in chesapeake beach and denton is at 5 # and mardela springs at 53 degrees. -- 53 in chesapeake beach and denton is is at 53 and mardela springs is at 53. cool and dry courtesy of the area of high pressure building in from the north and west.
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and as we go through time wet weather will mob in. abc2's most accurate future trend will pick up on that. you saw the area of low pressure to the south. well, there's the rain associated with it as we head towards tomorrow afternoon. and it won't be as much rain as we saw yesterday at the airport reported .84 inches. we needed that rain and need more rain and that's coming in here as we head towards tomorrow and the day after that and possibly even on friday. but this is your planner for today. this is a beautiful fall day and the high pressure coming in around 69 -- temperature coming in at 69 degrees. it's seasonable with the mix of sun and clouds. another beautiful picture. hint, hint. send it and tweet us at abc2 weather we want yo picture and put it on the air for you. a check of the 7-day forecast yes the rain persist possibly heading towards friday but as we work towards the first day of the weekend we dry out and that continues right into sunday as we will play the packers. looks from they good with the temperature coming in at around 70. let's check the track with
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mike. >> reporter: let's take a look. 95 south of the beltway you are going to get jammed up. notice the speed sensors coming down. we will look that's a fun ride southbound on 95 past 695. a couple crashes upper co hanover pica crash there. city lombard at north d street involving a motorcycle. also st. paul at east reed street and another crash to bring to are attention. and also along 70 westbound as you get around the weigh station. loading up on inner and outer loop. another check on traffic and weather inside good morning america. u.s. authorities are on the way to interrogate a libyan man accused of the bombings in kenya and tanzania he is being held on the u: san antonio after being captured by u.s. forces over the weekend. a generous donation is
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keeping kids in the head start program even with the government shutdown. two philanthropist from houston pledged up 10 million dollars to serve more than 7,000 kids in head start programs in georgia alabama connecticut florida and south carolina and missouri. those programs were closed at the end of the government shut down first with the first week so they can now reopen thanks to the money. lynette, mike pay attention. how would you like to wear that on your finger? you might wear it on your prchgy that's a 118 carat flawless diemon in the shape of an egg. these are tight shots so you can't get the feel of what 118 carats lock like and the price tack -- looks like and the pricetag $31 million. it was discovered in 2011 in the minds of -- mines of south africa and 299 carats before being cut down. much more coming up on good morning america.
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31 million dollars for a big rock. >> that's a big rock. you have to have a giant hand and bank account to have that. >> a big paw. >> all right listen as we head off to good morning america which is two minutes away we will go outside if you haven't peeked out this is what you are looking at. a nice cool start on your tuesday morning. have great day. see you in 30 minutes.
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ooh... with authentic, expertly crafted roasts and legendary brews, eight o'clock is the coffee for those who put coffee first. this is nice. good morning, america. severe storms wreak havoc up and down the east coast. cars and homes crushed by trees. funnel clouds spotted. dangerous power lines crackling. this worker just barely escaping the falling limbs. the high-stakes showdown over america paying its bills. the last effort to raise our borrowing power. and the real danger that social
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security checks stop being delivered. catch him if you can. new details on the 9-year-old who sneaked on to a plane with no ticket. how he did it. and his track record of causing trouble. it has been absolutely wonderful. completely unique. like nothing else in the world. >> reporte >> valerie harper out of the ballroom on "dancing with the stars." her message this morning, she will never quit. we're with her on the dance floor. and good morning, america. some news just coming in this tuesday morning. more fallout from the terror raids in africa. the libyan government is very angry. they're calling the u.s. ambassador for a grilling about that special forces operation, to capture one of the most
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wanted men in the world, right there, anas al libi. and more than 1,000 students up bright and early, to celebrate. they are our second finalist high school in our huge katy perry live event. high schools all across the country, presenting their "roar" videos for a chance for katy perry to perform live at their school on october 25th. we'll reveal all of them this week. and they're up. they're -- they're going to be great in class today. >> pretty good high school. >> look at this. >> we're going to get to that in a little bit. right now, let's start with the wicked weather that slammed the east coast. it was at rush hour for several cities. >> from the top of the east coast to the bottom of the east coast. ground stops at baltimore, washington, reagan, newark, la guardia. let me show you this picture. we started getting tweets from all over the place. can we put the picture up? is that possible? i can't -- wait -- one more
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time. when we start getting tweets like this up and down the eastern seaboard, you take a front that's powerful enough to shift seasons, throw in tropical moisture, and it's not going to end well. the entire east coast, from florida to maine, under a curtain of pounding rain, and tree-toppling winds. >> it rained so hard here, you couldn't see nothing. >> many in places like burgeon county, new jersey, with a quick but energy-packed storm. howling winds, snapping power lines. this one becomes a glowing fireball. >> it was as bad as i've ever seen. >> reporter: in minutes, trees ripped from the soaking ground and slammed into homes. the cleanup, also dangerous. watch as this worker gets out of the way, just in time. in washington, d.c. -- >> i saw a crowd of green leaves. and then, the tree came down. >> part of this massive elm tree, crashing down in the middle of traffic. the driver and his passenger made it out alive.
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and a long island woman walked away from this. the roof of her car smashed by falling branches. in winchester, virginia, shearing winds ripping off tree tops. the debris, blowing out this car window. >> a piece of wood. >> and in atlanta, a toppled tree trapped this man inside his bedroom. miraculously, he also survived, narrowly escaping the wrath of this massive storm system. topic of conversation and traffic stopping all over the eastern seaboard. that's how many storm reports, more than 140, most of them wind damage. we have a different forecast coming because that kind of front, as we said, shifts the season. we'll tell you all that coming up in the next few minutes. >> okay there. thanks so much, sam. brand-new developments this morning on the government shutdown, as new warnings are being sounded about the looming deadline, with the u.s. default and not able to pay


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