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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  October 8, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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since. >> reporter: she hasn't left her bedside since she got the call early sunday. she's not the only one traveling from states away to visit the 24-year-old so many call a best friend. >> i can't explain it, really. i want to cry tears of joy. i'm so happy to see her breathing. >> reporter: a crowded waiting room full of friends, relatives and fellow troopers. now a family joined together by a common love -- jackie. >> anyone who hears the story hear they're inspired. they're the beautiful girlfriend, a fighter. >> reporter: a fighter still battling who loved ones say will pull through. >> reporter: trooper klein was
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struck by an on coming car after stopping to help another officer at a traffic stop. the driver stopped and stayed at the scene. stay with for the latest on this story. amy aubert, abc2 news. let's take a look at our weather right now. we're looking at clear skiesuld. chief meteorologist wyatt everhart. >> it looks fine for the rest of the evening. enjoy yourself. we see what's going on. a coastal weather maker spinning up, remnants of karen, energy funneling into the system. this will be our main weather player. in the meantime dry. this will be a cool north breeze as you head out for dinner perhaps. temperatures running in the mid-60s to low 60s in most spots, warmer in downtown baltimore. overnight we'll she temperatures closer to 50, even some 40s north and west and cool midday tomorrow. there will be the chance for
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rain within 24 to 36 hours. we'll look at this rainy period ahead. that's coming up. baltimore police are trying to learn more about a man found dead in the harbor in the00 block of south caroline street. we know homicide detective are investigating. we know the name of a man killed in a crash. michael joseph fitzpatrick was killed when his truck went off the side of the road and overturned. police said speed was a factor. 19 of the accusers in the penn state child abuse case have settled. many have received checks from penn state over the past couple of days. we did know the university set aside $60 million to pay claims.
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>> a company of warren buffett -- scripps broke the story of lawsuits alleging berk sure companies slow paid claims to boost their own profits. the correspondent jones us right now live from washington tonight. great work. >> reporter: dove geef -- good evening to you. most settlements remain confidence but the company wanted to send a message with this one and refused to settle the case until they were prepared to announce large amount. the ford motor company sued berk sure national indemnity company over $20 million in unpaid claims, just the latest scrips uncovered nationally where many
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companies claim bad faith delayed or denied by berk sure businesses. berk -- berkshire offered $2 million over what the automaker asked for. >> the entire operation was driven by the target numbers. >> reporter: the settlement comes soon have the scripps obtained this testimony of bob burns. in august he described how senior executives wrongfully denied claims to hit their own financial targets instead of paying on the merit of the claims. >> it was extreme frustration. it was a reasonable settlement and we were being told not to pay it. >> reporter: an attorney for ford told scripps anytime you have to sue somebody to get what your contract calls for, it's disheartening but he added when you shoe for $0 million in
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unpaid claims and receive a settlement for $22 million it's a good day. an attorney said they dispute part of what scripps said, that ford never asked for any specific money in their lawsuit. back to you. >> for the full list of the investigation log on to our website coming up on abc2 news at 6, we're going to take you to lenny moore way. plus, it's been a week. we'll take a look at how the new maryland health connection is fairing. >> 67 out at bwi. the old record is 91 so nowhere close to that. when we come back we'll talk about how temperatures will trend.
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if anything, they'll get cooler and a chance for rain going up. it's straight ahead.
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where do you want to go for crabs tonight? >> harrison's. >> got a nice table there. we'll order a dozen right now. wyatt will have the detailed look coming up in a couple minutes. >> the first book of enrollment in maryland's health insurance has produce duesed dismal numbers. the maryland health connection went to the library to help
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answer questions. while thousands went to the site only 326 people successfully enrolled. it's estimated maryland has more than 600,000 uninsured. >> they understand we're not in a race and there's time and they've got time to sign up. we tell them they can do this when it's up and running and reliable. some people are frustrated. we all get frustrated with computers. mostly, they want the information. >> some people say the complexity of the online forms is similar to filling out their taxes. navigators say it's difficult to tell people what their wait will be and it's up to ally capitals to sew if their current doctors are participating. here we are in the eighth day of the government shutdown. the president said he will support a short term bill that
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raises it long enough to talk about the deficit and healthcare. for weeks the president said he would not negotiate at all on the full faith and credit of the sunshine government. both sides are speaking out and they said they want to negotiate. >> we're not going to pay a ransom for america paying its bills. >> the discussions about the debt ceiling are continuing. senate democrats are planning a vote this week without new spending cuts. the president said he's willing to negotiate but not under the threat of economic chaos. house republicans said they have to consider short term legislation. while congress is still arguing on the hill, some federal employees are getting back to work. 239 employees have started back at ft. meade. people on the base are relieved to have operations back to normal. those who work there at the commissary are glad to be
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collecting a paycheck. >> i've got bills i have to pay myself. i can't sit home on a disability check. >> 63% were laid off last week and all 239 are back to work today. we are not the only ones supporting -- sporting pink. the nfl kicked off its annual campaign this weekend with just about everyone proudly sporting their pink. the ravens will take on the green bay packers. so check this out, some of the little guys were wearing their various shades of pink. it's a disease that impacts just about everyone. one in eight women will be diagnosed. so they're raising awareness. to make sure, it's october 20th.
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abc2 is your station for susan g. komen race for the cure. check out pink and join us and thousands on race day. his fans call him spats. lenny moore, this is your day. the 79-year-old hall of famer from reading, pennsylvania went to penn state and then drafted by the baltimore colts, had a street named after him in randallstown. in 1964 lenny scored 20 touchdowns. today in pure spats fashion he was touched and humbled by his honor. he's one of the greatest football players of all times. he and john mackie paid a role in the peacekeeping time. lenny moore way is now open for
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us to travel. that was within two degrees of our guarantee. our weather winner is jessica. by the way, be sure to send us your name if you haven't done so. all right. 3d view. you see the clouds beginning to roll in from a more impressive coastal system, remnants from karen combining with another area. it's becoming a large system. it's sndzing clouds over our -- sending clouds over our state. also, still some coastal flood concerns on the eastern shore of virginia. norfolk, up into delaware, new jersey. in ocean city you do see a cloudy sky as the waves begin to pick up from that coastal system
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to our south. by the way, the rain chances will remain higher here in eastern maryland than they will from baltimore westward. so it's a function of how far east you live and how high crurp chances for rain will be. with baltimore we did have sun at times early in the day and high thin clouds coming in, our view from robert w. coman. 63. wepts are east, northeast at six. bay planner will be a chilly day on the waters with the air temps running cooler, which is up to 70. it warmed up through the end of the weekend. air temps tomorrow will be cooler and morning steam coming off the water first thing in the morning. take a look at the setup. 50s in the mountains. much more october like, very cool and crisp through the overnight hours on a north breeze, which will remain light. humidity does start to creep up, especially for the eastern shore. really from baltimore into the
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chesapeake bay. the higher the moisture could help your additional rain. the chance for rain will be higher to the east. that's where we see the clouds, to the beaches, to the eastern shore. the closest rain remaining down toward virginia bee. the main rain maker is centered off cape hatteras. this is our main rain maker but i still believe that the bulk of the rain will stay offshore but this will spin some showers inland into the eastern shore in particular. take a look at the surface map. we've got the front offshore that caused the rain, caused the temperature drop. low pressure is sitting along that front which has stalled out and cool air flowing in. the low trying to draw in cooler air. there's a high pressure cell keeping it further offshore off to the west. it's going to be an interesting scenario as we go forward into the day tomorrow and into the day on thursday.
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how fast will this system drift north. how close will this hug the maryland and virginia coast. the close ter hugs the coast, the closer that rain. it keeps most of the rain offshore late thursday. we'll get the clouds and some chilly air being drawn into that low pressure. cold overnight, 30s across the northeast. tomorrow a cool day down into the 60s under the clouds. tonight down to 48, i think, especially from baltimore west, a few clouds, cloudier to the east. tomorrow 65. we'll call it variably cloudy and cloudier as you go east of the bay. the chance for rain tomorrow night but mainly east of the bay. take a look at the next few days. rain chances increase thursday into friday. we'll bring in a slight chance of showers. into the weekend drier weather setting up. in fact, we could get back to 70 for the packers game on sunday. back to you. >> all right. world news is on. >> and a look at what's coming
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up. >> we're freaking out in the forest and shaking things up with the best bartenders in the mid-atlantic. that's coming up tonight on "the list" at 7.
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paying your cell phone bill
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or gas or electric bill is convenient. >> but auto pay copped up costing you more. >> a quick check of the rain. so plan for possible rain, especially east of the bay. >> we will plan for it right now. we'll see you tonight.
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welcome to "world news." tonight outbreak. salmonella strikes hundreds of people in 18 states tonight. food detectives on furlough because of the shutdown called back into action. to the brink, the stock market tumbles as washington moves the nation closer to the critical deadline on paying our debt and surprise from a big star. tomorrow hanks on the health challenge in his life shared by
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millions of americans. a good evening to you. we begin with that outbreak of salmonella across 18 states in america. the cdc even taking a drastic step, calling in some of their disease detectives who were furloughed in the government shutdown. abc's chief medical editor dr. richard besser who for years led the cdc responds to the nation's outbreak and has been tracking this illness all day >> reporter: this sweeping salmonella scare is so serious the center for disease control is bringing back workers furloughed in the government shutdown to monitor the outbreak. almost 300 people are sick in 18 states. incredibly 42 percent had to be hospitalized which may mean the outbreak is larger than we think. like the culprit, the usda points to raw chicken from a company called foster farms.
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they haven't said how many packages are effected. they warn people to steer clear of chicken with these codes. some of those chickens made it to tara's table. >> wondering what if my kids get sick, what, what, what. >> reporter: foster farms says it's taking additional steps to control salmonella in their chicken. it's okay if it's thoroughly cooked. but remember it can spread if it hasn't properly handled. we coat the this chicken with glow in the dark paint with salmonella. finally into the hands. it looks clean, right? the board, your hands, this salad, covered in germs that get transferred to the rest of your meal. >> you may not know but there are many strains of salmonella. this outbreak alone has 7 different types of salmonella causing disease and some of those are very resistant to
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antibiotics. >> if you start to feel sick what can you expect? what do you do? >> your symptoms will develop within three days. if you have severe symptoms you have to get checked out and in some people it can save their lives. >> thank you. that team of medical experts called back to work as you know in the middle of a shutdown, the second full week of the government shutdown and a new crises is bearing down on the u.s. economy as well, that showdown over the debt ceiling, the market in a slump tonight, the dow calling 160 points. we wondered what else can you expect in your life and your pocketbook in these nine days before the big crises on the debt ceiling hits? white house correspondent jonathan karl now. >> reporter: d day for default is nine days away but already the markets are spooked, the dow down 900 points over the past
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three weeks. it could get a whole lot worse by the middle of next week. just look at what happened the last time congress flirtd with default. america's credit was downgraded and the dow had its 6th biggest drop ever, over 600 points in a single day. a huge hit to 401(k)'s and college savings plans. economist warn that as we inch closer you're likely to see higher interest rates on new mortgages and car loans. nobody knows exactly when economic disaster would strike but the pain would begin with the fear of default before it actually happens. >> insane, catastrophic, chaos. those are some of the more polite words. warren buffett likened it to a nuclear bomb. >> reporter: some republicans say the warnings are exaggerated. >> it's a big deal but it's not an economic


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