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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 9, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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of people. the secretary of veterans affairs issued another warning to congress today, if this shutdown drags on, the va cannot guarantee collection will go out to more than 5 million beneficiaries on november the 1st. >> the shutdown crisis has an appointment to confirm. janet yellen was confirmed for the position of chairman of the federal reserve. if confirmed, she would be the first woman ever to hold the post. she has spent two decades working in and around the federal reserve. a daughter is hopeful about finding the mother's killer. >> reporter: talking two of teresa's daughters, they were all smiles thinking about their mom. they are taking time to remember
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the life that was stolen from them and hoping to spark some new interest in the case. >> everyone tries to move forward, but it's hard to move forward when you don't know where you came from. >> reporter: they have gone almost their hole lives without knowing what happened toker that mom 24 years ago. >> thinking they might be the one who did it. i grew up here. so i've lived here for 25 years, not knowing if i'm going to seven 11 with the guy. >> just a caring loving person. we don't want to cry about teresa anymore. we want to remember her and love her for her memories. >> reporter: that's why they're gathering at the restaurant where teresa waited tables. it's across the street from the apartment where she was fond dead in -- found dead in 1989.
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>> i have given up hope many teams as i'm sure many people in our family have but i think the balance comes in not having the justice and that there's something morally not right about that. >> if you give you and stay sigh also, so someone can be comfortable, it's not right. >> reporter: as they hold on tight to memories of their mother, they're hoping that it will compel someone to come forward. >> i hope someone comes forward and tells the truth. >> reporter: anyone with information can call metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7-lockup and can remain anonymous. let's update the breaking news we brought you yesterday. the water main break, spilling water into the street, but the
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department of public works is open -- is making repairs. chances are you got stuck in a line of traffic. it is the aftermath of the deadly crash on the highway. amy aubert joins us with more. >> reporter: i isn't the afternoon checking out the hear most affected by the crash. both the north and southbound lanes of 295 are reopened tonight. police said a car traveling southbound struck and killed a pedestrian, but investigators are trying to piece together the chain of events. >> we're still trying to determine exactly what happened. there seem to have been an accident northbound and then the subject was struck southbound. >> reporter: according to police the victim is an adult male.
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police don't have a timeline on when they will release the suspect's name. we'll take a look at how the accident affected hundreds tonight at 6, amy aubert, abc2. the government hasn't been able to help military families. >> but others are stepping up with operation baby shower. >> never bring a knife to a gun fight, maybe in this case. the robert went running when the victim pulled out a machete.
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all right. caught on camera, disturbing video of a violent beating of a blind man. we're up in philadelphia. police released this footage to find the person who repeatedly
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kicked and stomped the man. the victim was left with injuries to his head and face. police said it's not clear if the attacker knew his victim was blind. a store clerk send as robber running when he fights back. the clerk pulled a machete out and chased the man through the store into the parking lot. check out this flooding down in seattle. you need waders to get through the streets of downtown seattle. engineers said there was no major damage to the streets. take a look at this. a water spout forms off biscayne bay. the national weather service is warning boaters in the area to use caution. water spouts develop
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quickly, just crawling. for now that's kept the baltimore area dry, but the downside is this could be a long prolonged rain event from tomorrow into friday. at times we can get too much rain, a very heavy area of rain. we'll see if that holds together. we were talking about that the last tbho days -- two days. the heaviest rains probably east of the chesapeake. it has been in southern maryland, heavy steady rain. totals could be in excess of 2 inches ultimately. the edge of it beginning to edge in to places like southern anne arundel county, washington, d.c. getting rain and in easton. this rain is lifting slowly through the night so expecting rain to get heavier and steadier. ultimately it could exceed a half an inch through the overnight hours in your day thursday morning. so a wet commute is possible.
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if we get flash floods, you want to watch those instantly, and you can in the palm of your hand. remember, one download. that's going to be handy the next 48 hours. coastal flood concerns. look at the large surf coming down in ocean city, a very wet scenario in this part of maryland and sand whipping along the beach, wave heights in excess of five to six feet. kent island just a cloudy scenario with rain just beginning to knock on the door here just south in kent island and how about a live perspective from dundalk. gr in baltimore. 60 degrees, much cooler today under those clouds and rain cooling will be a factor. sort of a raw day setting up, breeze, temperatures in the fist of the and showers, at least on and off through the afternoon and evening and probably steady rain. temperatures now statewide struggling to get much past 60
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degrees. a cool one out there. look at the wind gusts east of the bay. closer to that low gusts almost to 33 now -- 30 now in baltimore. that will be the theme the next 36 hours. the heaviest will come through the overnight hours. be careful out there driving and more rain intermittently as the low passes just offshore of ocean city. on and off showers will be a good bet through tomorrow nit and into the day on friday. we could be plagued by clouds right into the weekend as this meanders cut off from the jet stream. it will rotate really. at the surface we got a big fair weather maker to our west. it's not quite able to edge in and clear the skies in any way. the coast aloe sits there and cool air funneling in behind both of those systems. temperature wise, look at it overnit down into the 50s are in
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the and west of us a chilly night, tomorrow struggling to get past 60. you can make out the clouds, the coolest air under that area of low pressure and the clouds from that low pressure and finally milder as we go into friday and the clouds may rake up. again, we'll have to see how fast that thing moves away. tonight down to 52. rain moving north. tomorrow more rain, bottom line. beyond that into the next several days we look for showers to continue at leften a hit or miss basis into friday. still keep the chance of a shower saturday. cloudy conditions will re main. we'll be drier on sunday for the tailgate. we may not clear out completely. we trend drier by the second half of the weekend and then we may get back to 70 degrees with some sun into monday and tuesday. bottom lean, bank on some heavy rain at times tonight and early
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tomorrow. >> take our dip. >> there it goes. >> all right. kelly? we've been thinking pink all october for raise breast awareness month. tonight we have dr. young lee. wonderful defendant. we're talking about women losing their hair. >> even though hair loss is in the fatal it is a devastating consequence of chemotherapy. we're excited to have a new technology that can help women preserve their hair tell us about chemo coal cats. >> it enables women to keep a significant portion of the hair. it causes vasoconstriction. it's a cold cap, freezing point low 32 degrees, chilled down to
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minus 25 to minus 33 celsius. when a cap goes on a patient's head it causes the blood vessels in the scalp area to constrict, vasoconstriction, and impedes the agents to the hair follicles. >> actually most common cancer patients are candidates. we have people we advice against, people with mood cancer like leukemia and lymphoma but cancers like breast, colon, ovarian cancer, most people can benefit from this treatment. and about not not% of the -- 90% of the time this works great. one patient had thin hair and she was older, so it didn't work out that well. across the board studies have shown 90% of the time this works
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beautifully to preserve the hair. >> how long has this been around? >> since the '70s. however the efficacy is improved over the past 10 years. europe it's well established. insurance pays for this. there are devices you can plug into the wall. those will eventually make it to the united states. until they become fda approved, you have the gel caps and the last five years they have taken off in popularity. >> thank you for joining us. we're going to talk about all kinds of technology and treatment in our house calls today. the number to give us a call if you have questions is 410-481-2222. we have operators in studio b waiting take your calls. >> the father of the son who took a flight to vegas is
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talking. >> crack cocaine. where did the 4-year-old get the drug?
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all right. we're taking your calls at house calls with med star cancer health network. tell us about the free breast cancer screening. >> throughout the month of october we're offering breast screenings for women at the franklin square, timonium and bel air location. >> why is it important that people take advantage of this?
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>> it is so key to have early diagnosis of breast cancer because that's when the women have the most options of treatment. >> the doctor will be with us in the studio throughout 6:30. operators are standing by awaiting your calls. the number to call is 410-481-2222. we'll be talking about eligibility requirements, who can take advantage of this treatment. again, we'll be here until 6:30 taking your very important calls.
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the father of that 9-year-old boy who snuck on to a croscountry flight is talking about his behavior. >> the man appeared before cameras today but he wouldn't reveal his name or face. >> reporter: with his head and face covered, the father of the 9-year-old is trying to explain. >> he said he was taking the trash out, from my understanding and just left. i'm a parent.
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i'm not perfect. we assume that he was at a friend's house. >> reporter: instead, authorities said the child took a train to the airport last thursday, alone, and managed to get through three layers of security. >> how would you let a 9-year-old child go through security check. >> reporter: authorities believe his son was familiar with the airport because his mother works there. at 9 years old he already has a hex of causing trouble. his father said he has been suspended for fighting and he stole a delivery truck and crashed it into a police car. too young to be charged with a crime, a judge ruled he should be returned to his family. now his father is pleading for help to get his son on the right track. >> if i whoop my son i get locked up. if i let my son keep doing what he's doing, i get in trouble.
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please help me. please. >> reporter: in a written statement the child's mother said she wants her son to come home. they're working with child protective services hoping he will return to minneapolis friday. a 4-year-old shows up at school with crack. how the child got his hands on it. >> and a salmonella outbound connected -- outbreak connected to chicken. >> the storm shield weather app is helping out. the details on when we phonally clear this slow moving storm out is straight ahead on abc2 news.
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families of fallen soldiers
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are not getting death benefits because of the government shutdown. the house passed a bill to alleviate the problem. now it's moved to the senate. >> there's a glimmer of hope to end the shutdown. a small group is expected to meet with the president tomorrow. the republicans are asking for cuts in the deficit. >> investigators are trying to figure out how he got there. all right. weather wise, we've been tracking the heavy steady rains as they continue to drift from south to north. the bottom line is the storm is looking impressive. we have lightning offshore from the system off of norfolk, which is sign of a fairly robust system. looks like it's drifting in toward ocean city. so i think parts of the eastern shore, the lower shore,
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salisbury, cambridge could get into a flash flood situation. for central maryland it has been dry. the rain is encountering dry air to the north. so rain is overspreading the area but for now the rain is up into the severn area. clouds are very, very thick and that storm is continuing to make its w north. coastal flood advisory for anne arundel county, and the southern tip of the state. small craft advisories up because of that enhanced surf, which is 5, 6, 7 feet. winds heavy and steady. the coastal rain maker is in play. a big rain maker. it's such a slow mover. it will depend how this low drifts and how close to the maryland coast it sets up. either way bank on rain through the overnight and a wet
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potential. for more on the system, meteorologist mike masco. >> it's interesting. the center is over some very warm water. so an eye signature with the first one. i want to show you very impressive visible satellite. this has a tail to it. that's an indication it's deepening. lightning is being detected. an interesting storm. it's not going to get too far north but just offshore of ocean city. with the high pressure to the north, low pressure to the south, we get a bit of a pressure gradient. this brings not northeasterly wind going into the next couple of days. we're talking about several high tides that could be impacted. a minor event, not expecting tremendous winds but enough to crank up the bay waters between one to one and a half feet.
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some of the high tides, ft. mchenry to chesapeake. tonight you cop experience some higher than normal tides. rain again pushing in. so moderate bands will continue and then we'll discuss flooding. rain totals about one to three inches. if you get one of the cells that sits on top of you three or four inch amounts. we'll talk about that inside the forecast. you might want to take a closer look. check the packaging on that chicken. >> the cdc is warning about a growing salmonella outbound. >> reporter: a salmonella scare. nearly 300 people sick in 18 states. 42% of them hospitalized, all
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after eating chicken the usda believes came from foster farms in california. >> was talking to cdc. this is one of the outbreaks they're worried b the number of those hospitalized is higher. the strains, many are resistant to antibiotics. >> reporter: so serious, the centers for disease control is bringing back workers furloughed to respond. they're warning people to avoid foster farm chicken with these codes. >> my kids consumed it, so that's pretty scary. >> reporter: she said her family hasn't experienced the symptoms which include fever, that you -- nausea, cramps and die reya. the company is working to fix the problem but not issuing a recall. it states the products are safe to consume if properly handled
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and cooked. be careful during food preparation and make sure the chicken is cooked to 165 degrees throughout. >> experts are warning you should not rinse off raw chicken. apparently rinsing it is spreading the germs all around your chicken. >> we have a health scare at one high school. a large number of teachers at malibu high in california said the school is making them sick, not just sick but cause an outbreak of cancers. environmental consultants are trying to find the source of skin diseases, thyroid disease and other illnesses. they don't know if the diseases are a coincidence or not. >> as long as i


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