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tv   BBC World News  PBS  July 27, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> norway's intelligence police says the man who attacked was on his own. and ghulam haidar hameedi is killed by a suicide bomber. and the government spebbeding cut doesn't add up. welcome to "bbc world news." i'm david eades. >> and i'm conrad live at the aquatic center, one year until the opening ceremony 2012 games. we'll hear what competitors' expectations are one year ahead of the games. >> hello. the head of norway's domestic
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intelligence agency says the attacker acted on his own even though he did write about holding meetings with such groups. a suspicious suitcase was discovered on a bus and the station has now been re-opened. emery cannon reports. >> it seems a world away. norway's foreign minister arrives at the island the day before the massacre. it's a fairy tale summer one says. these are some of the victims cut down in their prime. their smiling faces now a focus of grief. >> he is a military priest used to comforting others. this time it's the loss of his
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own 23-year-old son he's struggling to come to terms with. >> i haven't thought even for a second for forgiveness about the person that did this. but i'm determined not to let hatred prevail. it would destroy my life and the lives of my friends and then he would win. >> without arousing suspicious he could get fertilizer here to detonate a bomb. norway's relaxed society has been jolted into a state of high alert. a station was evacuated after a suspicious suitcase was discovered on a bus. >> this is a suspicious situation we see. >> meanwhile, the memorial
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around the cathedral continues to grow. the flow of flowers, candles and national grief, unstoppable. >> well, his 1,500-page document was emailed less than 90 minutes before his attack began. one who-seed it was from the far right party. he joins me on the line. thank you for joining us. when did you discover that you had that email? >> well, i was, the day and several days afterwards i was on holiday. but on this monday, i had a call from a journalist who was informed that i had received that mail. at that moment, i still wasn't aware. but when i checked at the
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moment when he called me about my mails, i saw that, like you said, several -- some hours before the explosion at oslo, he emailed to me and included some other thousands of addresses. >> and your response to that? >> i was shocked, because i had never had contact with him and never had contacts with those people who wanted to act in this way, because there was no relation between me and what happened over there. suddenly, i was one of the those thousand people that he sent his manifesto to. >> why do you think he sent it to you? >> well, i tried to figure it out.
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for example, there are 20 belgium people on that list. some of them i know. but i am the only member of parliament on that list. i know there are people that have never written any text about islam or published something that could make that they would be on this list. in his manifesto he writes that he has sended to his facebook friends and their friends of their friends. so maybe i had a friend who had been a friend -- i think -- i have to check. >> thank you very much for talking to us. >> no problem. >> the mayor in the southern city of kandahar has been killed by suicide bomber.
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ghulam haidar hameedi was meeting tribal elders at his offices when that happened. the table has claimed responsibility. joining me is our correspondent, johnathan beal. perhaps a bit more explanation as to why? >> yes. i mean, you're right, the table had said they were behind this attack. of course, there's still an investigation establishing the fact of why this happened and whether it was related to the land dispute for which he was having a meeting. it seems the suicide bomber had also infiltrated that group. he hid explosives in his turbine, which he then
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detonated and, killing himself and the others. remember we saw the assassination of the half brother of hamid karzai and the murder of the chief there and so on. but it's the first time a suicide bomber has hidden explosives inside his turbine. now, as this was happening, i was here in kabul for the first press conference by the new american ambassador to afghanistan. this was his reaction to this latest killing. >> obviously we condemn in the strongest possible terms the assassination of a senior afghan official. our condolences are with his family and the people of
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afghanistan. another indication, again, of the -- i think both the challenges that afghanistan faces, but also the extraordinary resilience of the afghan government and people. >> there will be disputes about whether this those resilience of the afghan people, because often the death of these officials leave a power vacuum. it's hard to replace those which the u.s. government also trust. >> thank you. well, plenty of bitterness i should say and a hint of embarrassment as republican leaders have had to delay a vote on their proposal for the debt. the plan to cut more than $1 trillion in government spending
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was sent back saying the sums didn't quite add up. pro bowl said they have just six days left to reach a deal before the government defaults on its debt. >> with the debt talks dragging into extra time, the republicans appear to have scored an own goal. their leaders had proposed a budget cut of $1 trillion but their accounting was flawed according to the congressional office saying they added up to $850 billion, a much lower figure. it's an embarrassment for john boehner who by calling the first vote on this issue had hoped to put pressure on the white house and senate democrats. republican leaders have now postpone had the planned vote until at least thursday giving them time to revise their figures.
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but that's not their only headache. it had already been criticized by some rank and file republicans who want to see deeper cuts. it could be a privetal moment. if the double-teams show their proposal is correctly accounted . but america defaulting on its debt unless the politicians strike a deal. >> we're very upset that the politicians are acting like children drawing lines in the sand and repeatedly jumping over them. today the philippines told us we need take care of our dollar. >> pro bowl is attempting to remain above the fray. he says the american people are
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becoming collateral damage in this. and they say the u.s. public wants both sides to compromise and sort this out. steve kingston, "bbc world news" washington. >> arm feden is almost not worthying about. but the rating agencies, the question about the triple-a standing is very real. >> well j.p. morgan says if the united states defaults, even if it doesn't and they lose the triple-a, it's going to cost the u.s. government another hundred billion a year to borrow money and that gets passed on to the consumer. it's passed on to consumers with higher interest rates. it's not good news. >> a heck of a mortgage, isn't it? profits are down. >> but you've got to look at the revenue. the revenue climbs 51%.
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that's on the sale of e kindle books and they are investing a lot into e commerce. the shares were up 15%. since the start of this year, they share -- >> police in china say they've rescued 89 kidnapped babies during the operation to break up child smuggling gangs and arrested more than 300 people on the thought of kidnapping and trafficking little girls, some of them drugged. still to come -- >> one year until the opening ceremonies in the 2012 olympic games. what we hear about the expectations of the tournament. >> heavy floods are continuing
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in parts of the philippines. tens of thousands of people are being forced out of their homes. at least 20 people are thought to have died. daniel has more. >> shelter from the storm. she's safe now. rescued from the floods that have hit the philippines. but there are many more. villages and towns under water. half a million people here have been affected. these are the worst floods in this region for years. once, these were streets. but look at them now. getting through this to safety is a difficult journey. these people never had much. now they just have what they can carry with them. the government's launched a major rescue operation. these boats are the only way to reach those stranded by the floodwaters. >> she's safe.
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so is he. but what about the others? we had nowhere to run to, says nancy, so we just stayed here on the street. we're stranded, alex said. we can't go down the road, because the water level was too high. >> the storms haven't passed yet. more rain. more misery over the coming days. many here already lived inport. now -- lived in poverty. now, nature left them with nothing. >> at least 1 people have died -- 18 people have died and several others stranded from mudslides in a mountain resort near the capital of seoul. people taking erefuge on the roof of cars. businesses and homes all
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inundated. this is "bbc world news." the headlines this hour. norway's intelligence chief says the man behind the attacks acted on his own. >> and the table says they are responsible for a suicide attack that kills the mayor of kandahar. rebels in the city of misratah say they are making small but significant moves near tripoli. they are advancing on a town less than 100 miles from the capital. once that falls, they believe the road to the west would open up. gabe real sent this report from misratah. >> it's a rare moment of quiet on misratah's western front. fighters are moving ahead. they captured this line and are
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now taking the -- advantage of the lull in fighting to regroup. for nearly two months misratah was stuck in a bloody stalemate and the rebels engaged fears daily battles with gaddafi troops. a kind of trench warfare. both sides taking heavy casualties. neither side making any gains, though. now they believe once the next town falls the road to tripoli will be open. but their light weaponry is no match for colonel gaddafi's long range rocket. until months ago none of these men had experience. they are medics, mechanics, farmers and students. but every new battle is a steep and bloody learning curve.
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this colonel is the man in overall charge of this stretch of the front line. there are several fighters here that claim an outstanding rank, but he is in fact a real colonel. before this started he was a colonel in gaddafi's army. one of 250 in his command with previous military experience. the rebel advance he admits has been hampered by a lack of experience and heavy weapons. but despite their support from nato, there's another reason they are advancing slowly. local suspicion and rivalry. so they are waiting for enough rebels to join the fight, too. allie was taken prisoner along with his elderly mother and wife and chin. he says life there is hard and
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they are short of food. and he says many would rather face shortages than face a rebel advance. >> the people have been told 4,000 french soldiers are destroyed misratah and now are coming to destroy this town. >> earlier the streets of misratah became a battlefield. slowly and painfully over weeks the rebels fought back against the libyan army driving them out house-by-house, street-by-street. today misratah is a scar to that battle. everyone here knows someone killed. it was by far the most vivid event. this city takes pride in overthrowing colonel gaddafi. he says they must be willing to help themselves and we will help. >> now exactly one year to go until the opening ceremonies
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for the london 2012 olympics. down at the olympic park in east london, our correspondent. >> thank you david. as that banner says to you, it is one year to go before the opening ceremony of the london 2012 olympic games. i'm here at the aquatic center, the location organizers are calling the show piece inventory new of the games. the aesthetics of it are incredible. let's take a look at that sloping roof. it's been a real talking point since we got the first real look at this wonderful location. it was designed by a world famous architect based here in london. what interesting statistic about this particular location is that the roof of this venue is bigger than the roof at terminal five at heathrow. and it is through terminal five that those 17,000 athletes will
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be arriving in london to compete at the highest level against those other olympians from around the world. we have been hearing about their expectations ahead of london 2012. >> i'm going to be fascinated to watch the rowing final. i'm british and i used to be a rower. what's been great about world olympic dreams is seeing it from every other nation's perspective. because there will be one event that makes the whole nation stand still and watch. >> i'm from jamaica. i dream of the london 2012 olympics to get a title. >> hi, i'm shawne johnson, a gymnast from des moines, hie i've. with a year out from london, i'm most looking forward to the
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whole olympic experience. walking into the olympic village and being surrounded by the world's best athletes and i hope i get that opportunity again. >> i'm from the chicago bulls. i'm so excited for the 2012 olympics. playing in the olympics is every athlete's dream. every athlete growing up. it's something they want to do, for the olympics to be in my hometown, it just doesn't get any bigger than that. so 2012, i'll be there and i can't wait. >> i'm from the you crane. my dream is london is getting individual gold for my sport. >> my dream so win gold at the london 2012 olympics and see my favorite football team, that's chelsey. >> i'm from ireland. and i think the thing i'm most looking forward to if i qualify is watching the other events.
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the chance to get to be part of the legend of the sports and you get to watch so many fantastic athletes compete. >> if i qualify, i get to see all those incredible people. >> yes. >> hello. i am from kosovo. i compete in judo. my dream is to win the first olympic medal for my country. >> i am from afghanistan. i hope to get a medal. i hope to get a gold medal in 2012 in london. >> my home country is london and i hope to win a gold medal for my country. >> i'm a boxer from mongolia. my number one priority is to be
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fifth enough to qualify and compete. >> hello. i'm from germany. my olympic dream for the 2012 olympics in london is to be at greenwich park and be as competitive as possible. >> olympic dreams from athletes around the world. 17,000 of them are expected here in london. it's one year until the opening ceremony, and it's really hoped that the 2012 games will help focus on the people of the communities around here. i'm joined by a blogger. a local resident. you live not too far from here. what do you think of this place? >> it's amazing. i can't wait to see it on tv.
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>> what kind of impact are the games going to have on the people here in the community? >> when the olympic park opens, i think we'll be able to see that. >> what are you telling the readers? >> blogging about the origins of the olympic games and how some people want us to reverrett back to taking the pledge seriously about 20 days before and after the olympic games -- [inaudible] >> do you feel a spirit of patriotism when you see the attention of the world on this country? >> yes. definitely. i hope that it's going to be really good. and i can't wait to see it on
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tv. >> ok. well, we can't wait to jump into your blog as well, samantha. a thought from one of the residents that lives around here. more from the aquatic center later. >> thank you very much indeed for that. off moment to tell you we're hearing from the foreign office here in london that all of libya's remaining diplomats here in the u.k. are being expelled. the libyan embassy was called into the foreign office and told this. a spokesman for the foreign office stays move was in line with london breaking ties with gaddafi. that's the latest news just coming into us. more on the website.
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