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tv   BBC World News  PBS  October 10, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> in cairo, and least 24 people were killed and hundreds wounded during clashes on christians. thousands of copts have a and protesting after an attack on a church last week. >> this is the worst violence in cairo since the era of spring. furious at the burning of a church in south of the country, thousands of the egypt minority coptic christian community turned out on the streets of the capitol to protest what they see is a result as a failure to protect them by security forces. by the time the demonstrators reached the city, violence had broken out. protesters armed with sticks and
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stones and bonds and the army responded with tear gas. gunfire can soon be heard, with some witnesses saying that gangs have joined the fighting. an overnight curfew was put in place in downtown cairo before the prime minister addressed the issue -- the nation to condemn the fighting. >> my fellow citizens, the most serious threat to the country's security is tampering with national unity. the string of discord between muslims and christians in egypt. this atmosphere provides the opportunity for divisions to be fuelled. >> the situation remained extremely tense. copts make up 10% of the population is in egypt. tensions between them and others have been growing. the protest has also taken place in the city of alexandria in egypt. parliamentary elections are usually held next month, but
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this is a new and difficult development and poses a serious threat between the country's sectarian group. bbc news. >> coptic christians are 10% of the chips 18 million population. they say they suffer gypt'sination -- of the chi team million population. they say they suffer discrimination. i have a guest on the phone to discuss this. what have you seen? >> we live right in the area where everything is happening. it all started yesterday, somewhere around 5:00 p.m., where we saw a gathering. at about 6:30, we heard a loud
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voices. we walked out onto the balcony. we saw army tanks. there were running over people. they were going very fast. we saw them shoot at them. the army was shooting at pedestrians. they were shooting them to death. they took what ever machinery they had and used it on them. it was more self-defense for the people to what was happening. we saw a lot of bodies and a lot of body parts all over the place. a few cars were set on fire. then it all turned to black and
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we were wondering what was happening. [unintelligible] then the christians left the area. they were displaced -- we have no idea where they came from. that is how it went until earlier this morning. a few people were still in the streets. they were trying to determine if you were a christian or a muslim. [unintelligible] one person was bleeding all over the place. >> sandra very distressing to hear that account, but thank you very much.
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thank you for talking about what you have seen their in cairo over the last few hours. oil from a leaking ship stranded on a reef off the coast of new zealand is washing up on the shore. it has been found in an area that is popular for tourism. duncan kennedy reports. >> a two part operation, offshore and onshore. first to off load the oil from rena and the cleanup on nearby beaches. tons of oil has been taken off the ship. 2,000 tons -- nearly 2,000 tons remain. there is a concern from the top down. >> that oil is not made it to come off of the ship the way it is. we have 50 people in the world that are recognized experts in
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this area. five of them are down there. in order for them to get it right, you have to know what you are doing before you go in and do it. >> oil has started washing up on the beaches. three days earlier than expected. 500 military personnel are on standby to help remove it from the spectacular coastline brimming with wildlife. >> people are here from around the world working incredibly hard. they are trying to remove the oil and lessen the risk of an environmental situation. >> they are trying to find out why it ran aground in calm, well-documented waters. duncan kennedy, bbc news. >> a plan by the end of the month, that is as the euro
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crisis continues between france and germany. they have pledged important changes to weigh the euro zone operate. but it may be weeks before the details of this is actually the field. >> there is a summit at the end of the month between european union members. that is the deadline. there is a lot to agree and disagree about. once -- what angela merkel and nicolas sarkozy have agreed on is a need to do something. they are singing, we cannot give details yet. -- they are saying we cannot give details yet. there is an example where a french bank vulnerable to greet a debt, has money -- [unintelligible] no apparent information on how
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the funds will be used. there is a dilemma there. if you really want to make sure that nobody thinks banks can fail, you have to throw a lot of money at it. you have to say to the markets, whatever you do it and whatever happens, these things will not fail. that is the conflict. the more certainty you want, the more money you have to thread it. >> [unintelligible] >> they might be able to get to recapitalized. those that feel they have a market presence and feel that they can get people to buy into the banks. but who is going to pay? the state? we have a long way to work that out. this is dexia, the troubled bank.
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not just in greece and italy. cities in america have serious debt problems, not waiting for it to develop, but will develop over the next few months, i think. what we heard today is qatar is possibly going to by the luxembourg operation from dexia. private investors seem to be coming out of the woodwork, ready to invest in some of these. nicklas back to the question as to who is going to whip -- recapitalize the bank? we are seeing private investors interested as well. it will be a very complicated solution that will take a long time to work out. >> thanks very much. it is exactly 100 years since the revolution in china since
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the country's last emperor. the party seems reluctant to celebrate this special anniversary. here is the report from beijing. >> beijing's forbidden city, this palace, home to china's emperors for five centuries. ordinary people could not even get a glimpse of what went on inside. but the revolution 100 years ago ended the the reign of the last emperor of china. what was once reserved for the will family is now a spot of tourists. they started to explore a new range of ideas, democracy, leaving a speech on nationalism. after 100 years, the modern world came rushing in.
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>> the man who orchestrated the orchestration is on display in this a the celebrations for this special anniversary has been kept low key. some events have been canceled. >> the communist party is in power and celebrates things they think is irrelevant -- that is relevant. >> the 1911 resolution pose more problems. it stood for certain principles. democracy for one. china's communist rulers did not want people living by them. bbc news, beijing. >> win, lose, draw, i was is
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having a difficult time. in california on sunday, a young gentleman, through a hot dog onto the green. he yelled, tiger, tiger, tiger. he missed it, but this is what he had to say afterwards. >> i am glad -- he had a hot dog on the green. i do not know how he tried to throw it. i was focusing on my past, when he started yelling. next thing i know, he laid on the ground and put his hand on his back and turned his head. i wanted to bury that putt. >> not much security.
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>> this was a local man. he was a fan who is committed to that he may have had a drink or two. -- whom admitted that he may have had a drink or two. >> good luck to them. thanks very much indeed. you are watching bbc world news. coming up, two recent kidnappings in kenya. it is sending businesses reeling. here in the u.k., the prime minister david camera is due to receive initial findings from an investigation from a defense secretary regarding the ministerial code and a relationship with a close friend. here is more. >> liam fox has apologized for mistakes and giving the impression of wrongdoing. >> i should not have allowed
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this wrongdoing to a rise. i am very sorry for that. i do not believe that a wrongdoing did occur. >> he does not think he broke the rules when it came to his best man and the job at the ministry of defence. the apology follows this video on television showing the defense secretary speaking with the president last year. by his side was a friend with no formal role with the ministry of defense, about whom it was claimed that he has never been on any official business with mr. fox. >> he is explaining himself. some of the answers he has given of the last few days -- >> he had no paid job, yet the 34-year-old used a business card is saying he was an adviser. he helped set up a meeting in to
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buy with defense executives. now the prime minister ways for the initial findings and has to decide if a will has been broken or if the reputation of his defense secretary is too damaged for him to go on. bbc news. >> the head of the anglican church set to meet the president of the zimbabwe. dr. williams may urge him to halt the persecution of believers. the archbishop is accused having assault against the anglican church. and 24 people are killed in clashes between coptic christians in egypt. oil from a ship off the coast of new zealand is rushing the shore. crews are working to stabilize the vessel.
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two western women have been kidnapped from the kenyan coast and taken to somalia. they seem to be held for ransom. it is damaging the tourism industry which is affecting the country's foreign exchange earnings. it is expected to become more active as the monsoon season ends. >> the -- for tourists, it is like stepping back in town -- time. the engine swahili culture and the pace is slow. the beaches are a big draw, but not right now. this is what a french visitor called her little paradise until a gain of somali gunman struck at night, dragged her down the beach, and left by speedboat for somalia. the police asked a hotel owner
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to borrow a boat. it is three weeks after the murder and kidnapping of a british couple further up the coast. >> i was with my family during christmas time. >> there are travel warnings, cancellations, and now deserted hotels. >> not very many tourists right now. the tourist will get the confidence hopefully to come back. >> the police and army are on evening patrol, some have never seen anything like it. >> this is a difficult balancing act. they are trying to send a message that the places secure and more control, but they do not want to have too much military in the area. paradise in guns do not mix. tourism is vital to kenya. it brings in 10% of the foreign exchange. now the government is worried
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that this insecurity is spreading from neighboring somalia. >> this is a place with the economy is a threat to our peace and stability and our lives. >> 70 somali pirate groups are preparing to deploy. some feel it is time to go after the pilot basis. >> is taking on the pirates would be a change in tactics for the various military forces. >> would it be a positive change? >> my personal view is, yes. we need to prevent the pirates from going to sea. >> questions remain over canyons ability to secure beaches. military cannot afford another attack. bbc news. >> the main opposition party in poland will have parliamentary elections.
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one party has a clear lead. 40% of the votes is going in the general election. [unintelligible] this may be the first party to win reelection since the end of communism nearly 20 years ago. a man into earthquake 5.5 has shaken and areas in japan that was earlier damaged by a tsunami this year. no tsunami warning was issued. they have not detected any thing as a result of the quake. in any town on the outskirts of jerusalem, this is the focal point for the struggle over land and power. there is a new girl's school. >> for the little girls of this elementary school and for their mothers, during the lunch time
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school run means running a gauntlet of terrifying picket lines. the girls and their families are orthodox jews. there are tormented -- their tormentors, old tried-orthodox. -- ultra-orthodox. the families dress conservative, but not conservative enough for the protesters. sometimes the insults are accompanied by disgusting missiles. fort children, it is the stuff of nightmares. >> they had been throwing eggs, tomatoes, feces. the kids come down in the middle of the night with nightmares. they are scared every day. when i pick my daughter up, she asks, are they out there? >> this is something more than just a group of girls frightened
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trying to get to school in safety. there is a growing push for influence by some communities of ulta-orthodox jews. a bigger police presence has mean smaller demonstrations in recent days. this is not just about an extremist view on how these mothers and daughters address. the school is right beside an ultra-or the? neighborhood. -- orthodox neighborhood. >> we are talking about an area that is right beside this ultra -orthodox neighborhood. some think the girls were stuck there to put up a wall. >> these are unsettling scenes,
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symbolizing the growing role of the growing ultra-orthodox community in israel. it is often defined by hostile relations with palestinians. there are sharp internal divisions. bbc news. >> paul mccartney and his new wife nancy shevell have been celebrating their small wedding is today. family and friends were among the guests here in london. here is some report with flash photography. >> the proper r.o.t.c. had a field day as guests left the party, amongst them unwilling stones member. there was the dj to some of britain's biggest rock legends. the party went late into the night. there was a touching and heartfelt romantic evening. a special song for the groom and
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the bride. >> it was very romantic and lovely. a very warm a family event. >> last to leave the party was the brother of sir paul mccartney. >> they had a lovely dance together. that was a nice highlight for the evening. >> not many people can call sir paul carney happy. the wedding and the reception was the close they came to a quiet family affair. it was at the registers office. afterward, they posed briefly outside of their london home. some say it has been -- paul mccartney said it has been a wonderful, a terrific day. i feel married. >> scientists say the recent
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harsh winters in europe has caused a big drop in the sun's radiation levels. they could be better prepared for snowstorms. and let us go to rio de janeiro. more than 1 million people or on the beach of brazil for the 16th annual gay pride parade. they had been rallying for gay rights. they want to make discrimination a criminal issue. much more on that and all of our news on plus more on our top story.
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the sectarian violence in egypt. president mubarak is facing some criticism. stay with us. funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. shell. and union bank. >> this is kim - about to feel one of his favorite sensations. at shell, we're developing more efficient fuels in countries like malaysia that can help us get the most from our energy resources. let's use energy more efficiently. let's go. ♪ ♪ ♪
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