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tv   BBC World News  PBS  October 11, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> this is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. shell. and union bank. ♪ ♪ >> union bank has put its
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financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> the came former prime minister awaits the verdict after being accused of abuse of power. thailand battles its worst floods in decades as the death toll continues to rise. hello, welcome to "bbc world news." also coming up, how the economic crisis is affecting the economy. we have a special report from france. and how this mother prepares for the birth of her baby. ♪ ♪ the kaine x prime minister tom fordyce -- the ukraine prime
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minister yulia tymoshenko faces a verdict after being accused of abusing her power. the judge has been reading out a summary of the case. it had a few recesses. during the reading, she slammed the court judgment. you can see there, she is seated at the desk to the right. we are joined on the line by d david stern.
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the judge is still reading his findings. >> that is exactly right. the jets started about three hours ago. -- the judge started about three hours ago. it could be a guilty verdict. that is what the yulia tymoshenko thinks. he says she cause the government damage to $2 million. >> during the recess this, what has she been saying? >> she has been very outspoken as usual. she criticized the trial, the judge, calling it a show trial. she says it is being orchestrated by the president who defeated her in presidential elections last year. >> what has been happening outside? have there been any protests on the streets there?
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>> there is a large protest going on outside of the court by both pro and anti- yulia tymoshenko people. they are across an alley way. it is a noise war. both sides are trying to drown out the other. we are afraid there may be clashes. >> thank you very much. the judge continues to read out his a summary of the verdict. we will tell you the final verdict when we learned of it. and the worst flooding in decades in thailand. at least 269 people have been killed. one of the worst affected areas is 100, matusz north of one area. our correspondent told us about the situation there. >> it is relatively ok here.
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would you believe this is the relief in coordination center. we saw a group of military trying to get rid of some of this water. behind me is where they are storing all of the relief supplies, the food, and the water. they need to keep this area dry. the water is just above my ankles. it is not too bad year, but they are worried about the supplies. -- too bad here, but they are worried about the supplies. some people said the water was up to their knees, then it rose very quickly. >> how are people coping? >> the officials say they are worried that people are leaving too late to evacuate. they want to take care of their
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animals. that is understandable. but if there is water in your home, it is better to get to high ground, a safe place, shelter, because there is more rain to come. the clouds are forming, and it looks pretty gloomy. more rain is expected tonight and for the next few days. the focus is shifting from these positions further north to the capital of bangkok. >> what but i they doing in bangkok to protect it? >> they are shoring up the fences, filling sandbags. they are covering the areas to the east. they are digging a canal network. trying to get a deeper and now, to relieve some of the pressure. there was an effort to use boats to run their engines and forced the engines downstream quickly
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and out to the ocean. they are all measures to use, they are trying all they can. it is low level, sea level. all of the runoff further upstream is headed in that direction. >> burma has announced an amnesty for more than 6000 prisoners. it comes after a human rights panel says prisoners should be freed. it is not certain if it includes political prisoners as well. and the military rulers of egypt, dealing with clashes that killed several people in the worst clashes since mubarak took power. there is anger in the minority community, which continues. president obama condemned the violence.
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new zealand has declared it the worst maritime pollution disaster as oil continues to leak from a container ship stranded off of the reif of the north island. more oil has spilled from the vessel than previously thought after being pounded by heavy seas overnight. a beach famed for its natural beauty has been closed. >> on nearly every front, the news surrounding the ship has not been good. more oil being washed up on the nearby coast line. it is the amount of oil leaking out that is the biggest shock. until now it was thought about 20 tons. but that has been significantly revised upwards. >> overnight, we have had a release of oil. it is between 130-350 tons of
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oil. that is what was released during this morning. >> at one point, the salvage crew sounded a mayday alarm to seven nearby ships to get them out of the area. authorities say these are unpredictable conditions. >> they are trying to stabilize itself and put it in a new position. they want to get people off of the vessel just to be safe. once it gets into a safe position, they will put the crews back on and continue the operation. >> the challenges at sea have become problems on shore. a 6 kilometer stretch of coastline has been closed to the public. loans of heavy oil washed off. this is home to thousands of penguins and it is a breeding season. wildlife experts say a potential disaster may be unfolding. that is unless the sell the
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operation can be turned around quickly. duncan kennedy, -- salvage operation can be turned around quickly. duncan kennedy, a bbc news. >> scott joins us on the line. are people really worried this will get much worse? >> that is a huge worry for everyone here. they wonder if it will get worse. over the last couple of hours, it has shifted another 10 degrees from where it was this morning. it means possibly more oil may be over here. >> are people concerned the ship may break up entirely? >> there was concern this morning that the ship might break when the crew were evacuated this morning. there are genuine fears in the community that the winds are
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pounding tonight and it could sustain more damage. >> our local confident that enough is being done by the maritime authority to help the ship and help clean up on the beach? >> i think the authority has gone to some lengths to demonstrate to the committee that they have this under control. they are doing everything they can with the resources they have in front of them. there is anger in the community and from people who believe the response has been too slow and not enough is being done to prevent oil from being washed up along the coast line. >> they are mobilizing to try to help out? >> they are. for the last couple of days, the locals have been on this part of the beach shovels, bags, and trying to clean it up themselves. they do not want anyone on the beach touching this toxic oil.
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they have response teams trying to clean it up. >> the things very much for updating us on this in new zealand. and here is all of the business. could it be d-day for a bailout for the banks? >> in theory, yes. at 1300 local time, they are having a vote on whether to approve this ramping up of the european national stability facility, which is really the big bailout. it is meant to be able to rescue some of the indebted countries around europe. the question about this is whether the country can hold the rest to ransom. in theory, it can, but the mechanisms will be said that there will be another vote. even if the government -- a new
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government could pass this. >> you can understand. they worked incredibly hard. the average greek parents more and they are being asked to contribute more -- earns more and they are being asked to contribute more. [unintelligible] >> we had angela merkel and nicolas sarkozy saying we have a plan of the weekend. they were not very specific. the point was that even if they do, what is happening in one area. as out that we have to get it through all 17 countries. what is everyone going to do about whatever this new plan is going to be? it is the and feasibility of the euro zone, which is being
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pointed out as to what is going on in slovakia. >> thank you. please stay with us here on "bbc world news." still to come, the sunken ship with a silver lining. a multimillion-dollar treasure at the bottom of the ocean. after the riots across england, the police are still hunting down those responsible. nearly three dozen people have been arrested, 1700 charged. -- 3000 people have been arrested and 1700 charged. one person has met with a group of people that are seeking their own explanations. they are rappers. ♪ >> when it london descended into anarchy, hit hardest started writing songs like this one. -- hip-hop artists started
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writing songs like this one. ♪ it is about the rioting that britain 6 -- britain streets have seen. the violence was-criminality. others are wondering why it happened in the first place. some say it is linked to an underclass people that have been excluded in ignored. >> ♪ [singing] this 27-year-old career up in east london. it had the worst trouble. he says that the role of parents is key. >> probably more important than anything else is what happens in the homes of these young kids. in my personal circumstance, i grew up with a lot of drugs, crime, bad things going on.
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my mother made a conscious decision to take me out and put me somewhere where she thought i would benefit from. >> in london, the role of parenting there. more and analysis can be found on our website at britain still deals with the aftermath of the violence. ♪ the headlines here on "bbc world news." the ukraine former prime minister is on trial whetting to find out if she will be found guilty of abusing her power. one of the most pristine stretches of coast line in new zealand is under threat and the amount of oil seek -- leaking from a ship. the people of liberia have elected their next president. he recently won a neck -- the
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nobel peace prize. in an opposition hat -- a main opposition has been gathering support. our correspondent has been looking at the challenges facing whoever wins the lead very in a race. >> supporters from rival parties have engaged in a vibrant and a toro campaign. they are set to vote with high hopes on their balance -- and at electoral campaign. they are set to vote with high hopes on their ballots. this person who makes less than $3 a day. [unintelligible]
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if we can be employed, we can help the rest of the people that are suffering. >> billions of dollars in debt. many companies are cautious about investing here. if stability is compromise, there are many challenges that await the next president. many people will not accept that promises are not being kept anymore. >> a recovery will not be possible without slaying one of the issues that remained here, corruption. public enemy number one -- for some, far too little has changed. >> in the private sector and the public sector, and across the country, it has been the normal way of doing things. to deal with that means you will have to be in the political
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elite. >> when coming into power in 2005, she said she would only do one term. but she has gained a lot of support. this election will tell whether she is as popular after winning the nobel peace prize. the former ambassador to the you and together with a retired person is confident of victory. it will be a close fight, but whoever loses must accept their defeat if they want to prevent liberia from sinking into more violence. bbc news, monrovia. >> we are joined outside a polling station from our correspondent. there is a long line behind you. are they protecting? >> there is much enthusiasm
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here. hundreds of people are waiting to cast their ballots. it is peaceful for now. everything appears to be going quite smoothly. the polling stations seem to be opening in time. it is quite early to say whether it is the same around the country as it is here in monrovia. >> are the polls predicting a winner? >> it is going to be a close fight. the person elected six years ago, talking about a majority in the first round. it will be a close fight. the main contender, winston, his running mate, has been gathering hundreds of thousands of the past the month.
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[inaudible] it is very close. it is likely that we will see a fight in the runoff. >> they are voting in liberia. all is going well. here is the sports news. and a delay to the start of the season in the nba. >> first two weeks have been canceled. there was a meeting on monday. the commissioner david stern said there is a big gulf between the two signs. they have not reached a new collective bargaining deal. games will be cancelled for the next two weeks. kobe bryant has been talking to people in italy to consider
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playing to keep himself a fresh. >> some close games. >> some winner-take-all games. easier to call would be france, bosnia. bosnia will make it through the playoffs. armenia, the republic of ireland in dublin -- they needed to try to win their to make the playoffs. they have one of their last three games. -- won their last three games. [unintelligible] and they are hoping they are not run aground in dublin. >> thanks.
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worry about cash and assets. some people in paris may need extra cash. here is david from there. >> it is the oldest financial institution in paris. today this pawnshop says it is seeing a surge in the number of people coming in to pawn their valuables and get cash. >> we had a strong increase between 2007 and september 2011. we can easily compare the unemployment rate and the household morale rate. people are getting poorer and the rich people are getting richer. and those that want to reclaim their valuables they feel they are victims of today's banks and
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brokers. when this -- was opened in the 17th century, it was an alternative to money lending. nowadays it seems a bit more people once again struggling to make ends meet, the pawnbrokers are making a comeback. >> i think it is a way to get a fresh catch which is not too humiliating. >> some of the objects pond in debt under the hammer. -- pawned edn und up under the hammer. someone may come to take them home. the bbc news, paris. >> i am told by people crazy enough to run their debt is
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great when you can sit down and relax. -- run their that it is great when you can sit down and relax. but that is not the case for one woman who delivered a healthy baby girl. >> i was having this conversation with my parents saturday night. i told them, i have no plans of actually finishing. i have run a marathon pregnant but not 36 weeks. i have no plans of actually finishing. we were pretty flexible. i was planning on running about half and then walking across the finish line. the medics watched me as i walked past. right when i finished, i started labor soon after, it was what i thought was labor. i went through different phases
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of it. >> that was amber miller and her baby june was delivered healthy. the baby was full term. she said it was the longest day of her life. j very. un j very. very happy that june arrived safely. and here is the heaviest pumpkin in california. it tipped the scales at 700 -- over 1,700 kilos. we now will take you with the ukraine next prime minister yulia tymoshenko is awaiting the verdict in the case against her.
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our colleague is in the court and is sending the occasional tweet from there. all of the very latest from there. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. union bank. and shell. ♪ ♪ >> this is kim - about to feel one of his favorite sensations. at shell, we're developing more efficient fuels in countries like malaysia that can help us get the most from our energy resources. let's use energy more efficiently. let's go. ♪ ♪ ♪
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