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tv   BBC World News  PBS  March 20, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> schools across france are to hold a silence to remember the shooting debt of three jewish children and their teacher. it has been linked to the killing of three soldiers last week. at least 25 people are feared dead in bombings across iraq. huge crowds for the funeral of the coptic pope. welcome to bbc world news. also on the program, queen elizabeth is going to make a personal speech to parliament to market jubilee. and james cameron a thames a record plunge to the bottom of the ocean. -- attempts to record plunge to the bottom of the ocean. one minute silence will be held
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at every school in france today in memory of three jewish children and their teacher who were shot dead yesterday. the teacher, gabriel and aria were killed along with a 7-year- old. the shooting is being linked with two attacks on soldiers days earlier in the same area. the french interior minister says the gunman may have recorded the attack since he was waiting -- wearing some kind of equipment. >> side-by-side, and they march in simon's in memory of a rabbi, his sons, and in eight year-old girl who were brutally murdered. their deaths have shaken the jewish community of friends. it took place just as parents were dropping their children off at school. a lone gunman shot and killed
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the victims at close range and in broad daylight. as the shots rang out, panic and fear quickly spread. adults and children fled for their lives. police say they have linked the murders with two other attacks in the area last week. a gunman shot and killed three soldiers. each time, the gunman has escaped on a scooter. on monday, the french president, his wife, and dignitaries attended a special service for the victims at a synagogue in paris. later, nicolas sarkozy addressed the nation and vowed to do whatever it takes to bring the attackers to justice. >> this act is odious and cannot go unpunished. all means, all available means will be used to make sure this
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criminal cannot harm anyone again. >> more than 100 investigators have been drafted to hunt down the man responsible for the killings. >> there is a sense of anxiety in france today that this man, recess, calculating, a man who obviously is handy with a gun. probably military training. he is prepared to kill with impunity. that is the great anxiety. some of the reports we have read about the way he killed these children yesterday will shock and alarm many people. there is a round-the-clock police work trying to build a profile of this man before he kills again. he has killed every four days. if the pattern continues, we could be looking at an attack on
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friday, which is the muslim day of prayer. >> how extensive is the police search? what are they doing? >> they're trying to build a profile of the killer. and have a lot of material to go from. there is a lot of film from security cameras were the second shooting took place on thursday. we know the modus operandi of the killer. he arrives on this scooter. he is a stocky chap a tattoo on his face, we think. it to just so happens that corresponds with a profile they have built up of what a paratrooper, someone from a local military base leads to the far right. they're focusing on the 17th inch in the regiment.
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links they have had their in the past with the neo-nazi groups. there is a picture of one of these paratroopers with a swastika flag. there are concerns this might be someone with military training. they will want to grow up to paratroopers as part of the investigation. -- rule out the paratroopers as part of the investigation. >> 38 people have died and more than 100 wounded. at least 13 people were killed in this area. our correspondent is here with the latest. peter, this is interesting in terms of timing because there is the arab league summit next week. what is the latest information we have? >> in terms of casualties, reports have been coming in according to reuters that the death toll has risen to 38 or 39
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with more than 180 people wounded. as you were saying, a twin explosion de in this city to the south. another explosion in the north. an explosion in baghdad near the foreign ministry. and in a number of other places around the country. fast approaching, a situation as serious as the one of the 23rd of february. >> there is so much division still within iraq. is it known who is behind the attacks? it is predictable this will be difficult. >> it is not known who was responsible. there have been tensions and risks within the government, between sunni and shiite factions. everyone has been looking ahead to the summit. the iraqi authorities were hoping it would give them a chance to showcase their country
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and to show it is on the way forward. of course, this is also the ninth anniversary of the u.s.- led invasion of iraq. >> this is a reminder that security and lawlessness is very much a problem. >> around 150 people died last month. down from those figures of 2006 when violence was at a peak. but nevertheless, pretty serious for the authorities. >> russia has called on the syrian government and opposition forces to agree to cease fires to allow humanitarian aid. the russian foreign ministry made the request after holding talks with the red cross. u.n. chief was in the city of homs. she insisted there should be access for humanitarian aid. >> we do not know what has happened to all of those people
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that have left. it is important that ordinary women, children, men who are caught up in this violence to may be hurt or helped. at the same time, we all want to see a political solution to this crisis. peace and stability is the thing that will make a difference. >> massive crowds have gathered in cairo for the funeral of the coptic pope shenouda iii. leaders have declared a day of national mourning for the man who led the 10 million christians for more than four decades. his death was announced on saturday. mourners have been gathering. his body will be in turned in a monastery. our correspondent is in cairo and joins me now. describe the scene there for us. >> it is a very powerful scene.
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you could hear in the background the religious chanting being broadcast on speakers echoing around the neighborhood. behind me is the bell of the monastery. it has been telling the passing of this huge leader. if you have a look around, you can see behind me on the south door of the cathedral, you can see the egyptian army soldiers who are forming the guard of honor and ambassadors have been arriving here. showing what a key person he was in egyptian public life for so many years. if we move the camera around, we can see the crowd, to the other side, the crowd is gathered on the south door of the cathedral over here. they have blocked the gates already because so many people want to come in. you can see them along that western terrace. there are many thousands of people outside the gates. many of them are in tears.
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many describe him as a father to them, for these four decades. we're expecting the ceremony to continue for around another two hours and then the body of pope shenouda will be flown to the monastery where he was exiled in the early 1980's. that is where he requested to be buried. that is where his last resting place will be. >> obviously this is a day of some personal and religious observance for those at the service. it also marks a key political moment for egypt. >> i think that christian still nervous. they have already felt nervous about the future. hosni mubarak provided a degree of protection for them before he was ousted last year. now islamists are on the verge of gaining power. for example, some of the more
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hard-liners' walked out of the cost for silence. that is not something to reassure the community. they will be without a leader at a crucial time when a new constitution is being written and a new government formed. this is a community in need of reassurance. >> gunmen in western mexico have killed 12 police officers investigating the beheading of 10 people. messages threatening the cartel were found on the head. the cartels are fighting for control of the drug trade. five have been confirmed dead in norway. there were buried under the snow. one of the swiss man was rescued and taken to hospital. mario monti, what is going to do today?
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>> it is all to do with the labor market reform. if i take you back a few months, he took power at the end of november. he brought italy back from the brink. certainly compared to what we have been witnessing a dental greece. he has been widely praised as far as the markets are concerned. there are pleased for what he has done. he has made it clear that the key to further improvement in the economy will be these labor reforms. what we're seeing today is a meeting between him and big unions, who are very disgruntled about the reforms he would like to make. and also the employers to say that if he gives too much power back to the unions, it will not be happy either. it is a difficult balancing act. he says he will push ahead regardless. but he was -- he would rather do it with the union's support. otherwise it is questionable how
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sustainable they will be. >> we have seen governments have to bring the population with them. >> that is right. the unions have suggested if they do not reach a compromise, we would see more massive rallies. >> thank you very much. you are watching bbc world news. we take a look at what british members of parliament are giving queen elizabeth. the u.s. justice department has opened investigation into the shooting of a teenager, trayvon martin. he was shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer who has not been arrested. jonathan blake reports. >> a 17-year-old with a promising future. he was shot dead as he walked home. this is the man who killed him,
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but he has not been arrested or charged. he says he acted in self- defense. on the night of the killing, and he saw that teenager, who was on arms, and call the police. >> this guy who looks like he is up to no good or is on drugs. >> are you following him? >> yes. >> we do not need to do that. >> a fight broke out in a gunshot was fired. in florida, it is legal for someone to use deadly force if they believe their life is endangered. police say they have no evidence that was not the case. >> i do not understand why this man has not been arrested. at least to charged and let a judge and jury decide if he is guilty. >> students have staged protest rallies calling for justice. they and many others, including trayvon martin's parents say
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race is a factor. >> if he pulled the trigger and he was an african-american male and he shot a caucasian man, yes, he would be in jail. >> amid calls for an official investigation, prosecutors are reviewing the case. with trayvon martin's death has become a new debate about racism in america. >> this is bbc world news. there have been rallies in france and solidarity of the victims of yesterday's shootings at a jewish school. sarkozy has promised to use all means possible to catch the perpetrator. crudes at -- crowds in cairo for the funeral of the coptic pope shenouda.
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queen elizabeth will make a personal address to both houses of parliament in london. and she speaks in -- as part of a traditional dialogue. our royal correspondent explains. >> each of the jubilee's has been marked by the presentation of addresses at the houses of parliament and a speech in reply. in 1977, it was the occasion for possibly the most overtly political remark of the queen's reign. this subject -- subject was the desire and ability of the united kingdom remaining united. >> i cannot forget i was crowned queen of the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland. perhaps this jubilee is a time to remind ourselves of the benefits the union has conferred
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at home and in our international dealings on the inhabitants of all parts of this united kingdom. >> the queen's views about keeping the u.k. together are thought to have changed since 1977. given the sensitivity about scotland, it seems safe to assume she will steer clear of expressing those views today. for this diamond jubilee, she will remain on safer ground. you will be presented with a stained glass window, a gift in tribute to her 60 years of service. >> to united nations' nuclear watchdog says it has received an invitation to visit to north korea three years after inspectors were expelled. last month they agreed to suspend nuclear and long-range
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missile tests and allow inspectors into the country in return for food assistance from the united states. vertical torpedo is what it james cameron calls his latest creation. this is not a movie, rather a potential record-breaking submarine. his latest project is trying to reach the deepest part of the ocean. he appears on track to beat other teams trying to do the same. our science reporter is in guam, the nearest land mass to the dive site. >> this is the experimental stuff that will take one of the most famous directors to the deepest place on earth. james cameron has long been obsessed with the ocean. now he is getting ready to journey alone 7 miles beneath the waves. the craft will have to withstand enormous pressure.
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he will spend 10 hours under water. if something goes wrong, he will be crushed in an instant. >> to your friends think you are mad? >> they know me. if they are my friends, they get it. there is always the possibility of not something installed properly. my wife suzie, i cannot say she is not nervous, but she backs my play 100%. >> this is a hollywood project in more ways than one. many who developed normally work on his movies. it is packed with cameras so he can bring the ocean to cinema audiences. even the navigation is provided by kamen. this is a filmmaker's dream machine. it has needed a film budget to match. he put millions of his own money into this expedition. for him, it is the fulfillment of a boyhood dream.
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>> who knows what we might find. every single dive, i am going to see something nobody has seen. i'm going to do my best to bring it back. i'm going to get rocks if i can. we are also there to take the average person who only imagines these things and show them what it is like. >> this will be built in the test for the sub. given the risks, a gamble for the director himself. as the team sets sail, james cameron hopes this is one story that has a happy ending. >> let's catch up with sportswear. >> the big football story has been the condition of the -- who suffered a cardiac arrest on saturday. the encouraging new is that he is showing signs of improvement. some of the biggest names like
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chelsea visited him on monday. he was once again breathing on his own and talking to family and friends. some players added to the tribute to in support of him. we are expecting an update very soon. there is more trouble for the greek football club. they face a hearing on tuesday following crowd trouble during the athens darby. a match that was abandoned. new footage shows flares being led off from the stands and part of the stadium on fire. there were 20 arrests. nine officers were injured. the hard unpunished this season for the behavior of their fans and were ordered to play a match behind closed doors. tiger woods has been struggling with an achilles' tendon injury but he has positive news. with a master's two weeks away,
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he played in the u.s. on monday and the fifth title. you may have heard the old adage about going to see a fight and a game of vice hockey broken. that is the case from the opening face-off between the new york rangers and the new jersey devils. three fights broke out. that resulted in 40 minutes with the penalties. not to mention a couple of bloody noses as well. the rangers went on to win the game, 4-2. they qualify for the playoffs. the game not decided by a knockout. >> now to some
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