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tv   BBC World News  PBS  March 23, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>>ç the american soldier accus of gunning down afghan civilian ss about to be formally charged with 17 counts of murder. >>ç an e.u. travel ban. europe is off limits. >> north korea plansç to carry out another long-range rocket launch. >> coming up in the program, thousands in florida demand the arrest of a neigvolunteer that unarmed black teenager. >> and how whitney houston died. a coroner finds the singer drown accidentally(ç but heart diseas and chronic fatigue also played a part.ç
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hello. the american soldier accused of killing civilians in afghanistan this monthç will be charged wi 17 counts of murder. sergeant bales is the only knowç suspect in the killings. from washington, jonathan blake reports. >> 17 people shot dead in their homes.ç nine children among them. one suspect. staff sergeant robertç bales. this man is accused of shooting the victims one by one. officials say he will be charged with 17 counts of murder as well as six countsç of attempted murder. there will also be other charges related to military law, including dereliction of duty. in the days since the shootingsç
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a mixed picture has emerged. neighbors described him as a normal guy, modest about his job. he suffered a brain injury in iraq and was reluctant to returç to war. >> outrage over the killings has strained america's relationship with afghanistan and complicated the planned withdrawal of since returning back, sergeant bales has been held at a military jail. if foundç guilty of the charge he could face the death penalty. many say that is unlikely. but his trial will be watched closely. jonathan blake, bbc news, washington.ç >> our correspondent is in kabul, and i spoke to him and asked ifed afghans had faith in the u.s. justice system. >> i think there were two reactions in afghanistan to what the taliban had come out with a statement today. their spokesman talking to the
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reuters new agency. predictable, i suppose. they do notç believe this was just a random attack. they think it was a planned attack. they said that again today. they don't trust any trials. they say they will continue to try to take revenge attack.ç the other side of this, although it is clearly complicated relations with the tal bans, which the americans were trying to improve, itç means the talin has used this as an opportunity to withdraw from earlier explore tri talks in negotiations with the americans. on the government side, i think there is a far bigger problem for theç united states. there weren't big riots in the streets when these attacks happened. afghans have grown used to americans coming inç the night. there is huge anger against night raids here. i think this attack, for manyç afghans, is another incident in what is bad relations on the
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ground between local and the u.s. military in particular. >> the europeanç union was expected to increase its pressure on syria by banning 12 people from traveling to e.u. countries. that includes the president's åritish foreign minister. the new measures are expected to be approved by e.u. foreign ministers. >> assaç -- assma assasd has traveled here a lot, but she's now to appear on a new list of doing business here. her assets are already frozen. there are similar restrictions against president asad himself. according to the u.k. border agency, british citizens subject to u.k. travel bans cannot beç
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prohibited entry to the u.k. a spokesperson shows mrs. asad is british.ç the asad regime has become increasingly isolated with criticism of its military campaign against anti-government rebels has intensified. last week "tiu guardian" published e-mails which it believes are genuine belonging to, believed to be belonging to presidentç assad and his wife. she showed her shopping for luxury goods while the soldiers tried to crush the rebels. of sanctions on syria. >> i never under estimate the sanctions making a significant difference because they do two things. oneç is they target aindividua entities in ways that prevent them from carrying on the business as usual.
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secondly, they make a strong political statementç about how the international community feels about what is going on. never underestimate. sanctions are an important tool, but they are not everything. political frame work of trying to move things forward. >> japan's minister has ordered missile defense system to be prepared in response to the planned launchç of a north koreaian long-range rocket next month. north korea says theç rocket wl put a satellite into or bit, but the united states and its allies believe that the launch for a pretext for a long-range missile.ç >> the japanese have done this before, i think three years ago. how serious an legislation is this? >> a lotç of what the japanese are doing is for domestic
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consumption, because they have been called out in the past. when the north koreans first tested, they were caught completely flat-footed. it came as a shock to the japanese. so there is an element of display in this. thenorth koreaians -- the north koreans are going to send this south. that means it may or may not go close to the island of okinawa. it isç very much an outlying pt of japan. >> an impossible question. what is going on under the new leadership? there is aç meeting in seoul nt week i think attended by president obama. is there a change of direction in pyongyang? >> i think the decisionç to launch the rocket caught everyone with surprise, because korea said they would put a h e
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moritorium on rocket blasts in return for food aid. some people say the north koreans are trying to test the obama administration here. thuydi%jjt to achieve legitimacy because they may be calculating the reaction won't be as severe as previous tests. there is also the possibility that thereç is a lack of coherencey. kim jong-il has to show his strength with the military, and it seemsç that may have gotten the better of the international diplomacy. >> thanks very much. >> several thousand people have taken part in a rally demanding the arrest of a crime volunteer who shot dead an unarmed black teenager. the killing sparked widespread anger. paul adams reports.ç >> the combination of a weaker protest.
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a crowd converging to express solidarity with the2family of trevan martin. >> zimmerman should have been arrested that night. zimmerman hadç probable cause that night. you cannot defend yourself against aç pack of skittles an ice tea. >> i stand before you today not knowing how i'm walking right now because my heart hurts for my son. trevan is my son. trevan is your son. i just want to say thank you. thank you for all your support. it means a lot to me and my family. we really appreciate is it. we want justice forç trevan.
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>> trevan was a people's person. he did not deserve to die. and i pledge i will not let my son dieç in vain. >> earlier evidence of a long-awaited response by authorities. two officials associated with the investigation steppingç aside. >> it is parent that my involvement in this matter is over-shadowing the process. therefore i have come to the decision that i must temporarily remove myself from theç positi as police chief for the city of san ford. i do this in the hopes of restoring some semiblens of calm to the city which has been inç turmoil for several weeks. >> it has been almost a month since trevan martin was shot deat dead. authorities hopeç the actions taken recently will alleviate the fears on display tonight. those actions were taken very late in the day. and it is not clear if they are
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working. >> the one demand that has not been met, the arrest of the man that shot trevan martin. under florida law,ç zimmerman s permitted to use deadly force if he felt his life was inç dange now they are revisiting if that law needs to be changed. >> who will be the head of the world bank?ç >> currently, it is run by a former trade minister by the united states. historically it has always been something the -- the head of the i.m.f. has beenç from e.u. this is the nigerian finance
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minister. she said she is a little busy at the moment, but she is a favorite for the job. the other is theç former finan minister of colombia. and you know, jeffrey sachs, an academic and larryç sommers, treasury secretary from the united states. the best thing is, we will still end up with an american despite the fact there is a strong case that the world bank needs to be run by someone outside ofç america. not least because developing countries are taking an increasing role on the world stage but also because that's where a lot of the work is done by the world bank. budget flights are dominated by easy jetç and british airways. they are launching liberian airways, but you have to cut stock costs to run these airlines, that's part of theç
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deal. they are in contract talks. this has been called off for the moment, but it remains a risk. >> thanks so much. >> you are watchingç "bbc worl news." >> still to come, china said it will phase out the policy of transplanting organs from) executed prisoners. >> europe's giant space rover will be taking supplies to the international space station. it isç the biggest space vehic serviced on the station now that the american shuttles have been retrieved from service.ç >> if only we could all get our groceries this way, but then we could not afford it. at a cost of $600million, the space station has set off on a 400 kilometer trip to deliver
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supplies to the space station. thisç freighter, or automated transport vehicle is the most complex vehicle they have ever developed. as well it might be. it took 11 years and cost $1.9 billion to make. they liketi point out, too, that it is much bigger than the russian version. its six-ton cargo includes meat, oxygen, andç a machine that converts urine into water.ç >> it is something we will look forward to.ç >> apparently they like to take naps in it. the freighter's lifespan is very short. after six months, it will leave the station where upon it will self-destruct.ç zoe conway, bbc news.
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>> the louvre mn museum in paris has once again topped the list of most visited museumsç aroun the world. according to the art paper, nine million people chose to go to the art museum last year. the metropolitan museum of art is number twoç while london's museum is next.ç the u.s. soldier charged with gunning down afghan siverages civilians is to be charged with 17 countsç of murder. >> china has promised to stop from executed prisoners. it says prisoners are not ideal organ donars because they are less healthy. but in china,ç demand for orga
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far exceeds supply. >> that's why we see so many organs being removed from executed prisoners. according to chinese state medi@ ago, executed prisoners provided two-thirds of the organs used for transplants in china. now, we don't know how many prisoners areç executed in chi. although we think it is several thousand. that's according to amnesty international. as you point out, the demand foç organ transplants in china is huge. just this year, more than 1.5 million people are seeking organs for transplants. according to the country's healthy ministry, onlyç about of those people will actually get an organ. >> so if they want to set up an organ donar registry, how complicatedç will that be. bearing in mind, many people believe in rein-- reincarnation
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and want to keep their bodiesç intact? >> that's correct. technically these prisoners are supposed to give their permission for the organs to be removed, although human rights groups say that often they are forcedç to compli just as they are about to be executed. i think what we need to see in china, and the authorities realize this, is a real attitude change to this idea ofç organ donation. as you were pointing out, most chinese want their bodies to be buried or cremated intact, not with the organs removed, because, asç you say, for religious reasons. so certainly the authorities have a tall task, if they are to change attitudes in the coming years. >> officials in the united states say the singer whitney houston died by accidental drowning.ç heart disease and -- contributed
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to her death. we have that report from los angeles.ç ♪ and when all my strength is gone ♪ >> whitney houston died after losing a long battle against drug abuse. she was found in the bathtub of her hotel room in beverly hills last month, her head under water. while police said there was no evidence of wrongdoing,ç questions remained about how she died. after carrying out a post mortem examination, the los angelesd$+ her death was caudsed by a combination of drowning, heart disease, and cocaine use, suggesting she may have drown after having a heart attackúl@nked to her chronic drug habit. >> cocaine use indicated an acute useç.
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it appeared that the cocaine had been used in the time period just prior to her collapse at -- in theç bathtub at the hotel. >> the singer had very public problems with alcohol and substance abuse. the coroner said thereç were ao traces of marijuana, the anti-stress drug xanax and a muscle relaxant in her system, but these did not contribute to her death. ♪ ç >> she had an extraordinary voice and career. to her death, age just 48. ♪ no more do you have to cry ♪(="tqi rñ an inquiry in possib intelligence failures after a series of gunmen in the southwest of the country.
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mohammed mara who claimed to have al-qaedaç training skills had been on a u.s. no-fly list. he carried out three separate attacks killingç four people, including soldiers and jewish school children.ç >> even before a political rowe, many were going to former portuguese colonies of brazil andç mozambique looking for wo. andrew harding met some recent arrivals in the mow zam beakç mozambique capital. >> tempted? who wouldn't be. this used to be a war zone. today it has one of the world's fastest growing economies.ç
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good news for the locals and for unemployed europeans, too. this portuguese accountant just arrived and found a job almost immediately. >> it's great to be here.ç >> now a finance director with no plans to return to port cal. >> it is a lot better than staying at home and seeing the news and the -- with no jobç perspective. here we can have a new life. >> a good life. >> and a good life, yeah. >> how things have changed.ç portugal used to be the colonial power here. it finally gave up in 1975. years of civil war followed.ç
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today struggling europeans are heading back to their former colonies in search of jobs and opportunities. are heading not just to mozambique but to places like brazil and angola. crippled by debt,ç the portugue government is actually encouraging this exodus of highly skilled workers. >> the economy is growing, people are coming every week.ç >> mozambique has its ownç headaches. the poor protesting. but africa is learning fast from european expertise and from european mistakes. >>ç it is a learning moment fo these people, too, to understand
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things can change, and we must be prepared. and take the experience of what happened in port cal.ç >> there is, it can't be stated enough, so much more to avenue -- africa than famine. an opportunity for employment. andrew harding, bbc news.ç >> it is going to be a difficult match, isn't it? >> yes.ç fabrese newander, trying to restart his heart. the club doctor has since said he was effectively deadç for 7 minutes. it took that long for his heart to restart.
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blackburn. the manager has been talking to him. he said, i understand if you don't feel ready to play this weekend, but it appears that nobody has taken him up on this offer. (ralthough it is going to be full of emotion, is oing crucial to the game of footballç >> where are we when players are tob to be screened more regularly for heart disease and heart problems? >> it is an ongoing debate. at the moment, it isç mandator for all players to have a test at the age of 16. in fact, fabrice ç muamba was screened last august, and nothing was detected. it remains a topic of debate. what we discussed in may, when medical professionals get together. here'sç dr. ian beasley, the hd of football association's medical services. >> what we have to do is forget
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about what mightç be worldwide consensus and get the card oljifts together from football and say what do we think is what should we do in the future? and have a consensus in this country, which we don't have. >> and then the discussion is whether it isç paid for by the league or whether an independent foundation should be set up to see if other players have a condition like the one muamba had.ç >> a remarkable story of survival in afghanistan. look at these pictures. a u.s. apache helicopter just misses the top of that building as it flies overútae country's southeast. it starts to gain altitude, as you can see here, but then something goes wrong. look at this. the chopper goes out of control, crashes into the mountain where it hits theç snow. two men aboard survived.
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