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tv   BBC World News  PBS  March 30, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> sfansespains streets. austerity continues. >> burma prepares for elections on sunday.ç will they be free and fair? welcome to "bbc world news." also in this program, tight security ahead of expected protestsç. a loss of arab land to israel. >> massive budget cuts expected in spain.ç protesters and police clashed yesterday during a strike and rubber bullets were fired to disburse the crowd in bacelona. this report fromç gavin hewit
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>> protesters burned, rye oaters startedç fires. the police responded with rubber bullets. spain is currently the country causing the most concern in the euro-zone.ç the e.u. insists it must cut its budget, but the economy is shrinking. >> we have unemployment going up. at the same time, we haveç goto implement spending cuts. >> here's the0p 9ñ -- problem. there are around 140 evictions every day. house prices are still falling. deepening concerns about the spanish debt. euardo and mariayjjut are
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brother and sister, both ute of work. unemployment at 24% and still rising. >> in my last interview there were 40 orç 50 candidates tryi to get the job. >> a further problem the regions.ç valencia has the highest debt. those who support the government say there is no alternative to austerity.ç >> the risk -- austerity will help at home. >> the fear is this countryç already in recession is being lost into a downward spiral. gavin hewitt, bbc news, madrid. >> whyç will this be such a challenge for the spanish government? >> the task should not be
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underestimated. they are taking the budget deficit fromç 8.5% of g.d.p. lt year to 5.3% this year. it will have to be serious cuts. what happened is this, the government took chargeç back i december. mariano rajoy cameç into powe and made cuts. then they cut more. the european union said actually your budget deficit target this year is not good enough, and they hadç to reduce it further. that's why we are where we are today facing a very ause tear government. >> speaking on bbc radio c stations, the chief economist olli ç rehn saying spain has my
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strengths. >> people are seeingç lots of ways in how this has affected them. of course here in spain the big problem is the unemployment rate. 1-4 looking for a job cannot find one.ç taxes might go up under this budget. cuts to education could be affected, things spanish hold dear. we are seeing the impact now of spain's financial crisis.ç >> germany, how much will they need to pick up. >> we are hoping to see the answer later on today. here we have euro-zone leaders meeting in copenhagen. they will be watching the spanish budget very, very closely. they are gathering today to talk about increasing this euro-zone fire wall.ç
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let's remember the organization of economic cooperation and development earlier this week that said euro-zone needs the mother of all fire walls.ç i'm talking about the rescue part if you really want to break it down. that will more than likely be $850 billionç euros. but before they start talking, investors are saying it might not be enough. it might be enough to handle a hic crfl up inç spain. it is not likely to handle further problems in the likes of italy. the o.a.c. said that pot needs to sit atç one trillion euros. >> an apple? >> we have an independent report came out late last night. the investigationç is the largt ever conducted of the u.s. company's operations abroad.
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about working practices you can see;hjz the screen. fox conn a big supplier for aqple. they point to things like unpaid overtime. some workers working 60 hours a week, seven days a week. lots of questions. apple says it fully accepts the findings. we'll have to see if the most valuable company in the world is willing to dip into its $100 in cash. >> very interesting.ç >> now, french police have arrested 19 suspected islamisted in ratesdz. -- raids.ç president sarkozy said more operations to arrestç italy's extremists are blamed. the french are not linking today's raids directly with the
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mohammed mara investigation.t+ the shootings in toe -- tolousseç, there have been rai there as well as marseille and the paris suburbs as well.ç dramatic pictures of police, the anti-terrorist police, known as raid, supported by the domestic intelligence agencies going intç apartments. someone saw quite a haul of weapons coming out, including an ak-47. i suppose these were people :kny around the country as they try to disrupt their activities in the wake of what happened in tolousseç. >> president sarkozy said this
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is a little like the 9/11 attacks. how much is this a little issue still now in theç country? >> i don't think you can underestimate how deeply this was felt in france. this was the biggest man hunt and the nature of theç killing -- of course those killed were killed at point blank range in broad daylight. in thatç sense, it was france' 9/11. the other point is you have to see it through the electionç. president sarkozy in his bid to win back bids has put security at the forefront of his campaign, shifting the emphasis awayç from the problems with t economy. no great surprise to see him talking about this this morningç
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>> a policeman in afghanistan hasç shot dead nine of his felw workers. among those killed were his brother. the gunman is said to have escapedç. afghan officials the taliban for the incident. >> 45 seatsç are expected in burma's election. suuç kyi's seat is not expect to be affected.ç the p the vote will fillç 45
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parliamentary seats left vacant when cabinet members and deputy ministers assumed their posts.ç it is an early rehearsal for the general election in 2015. our report.ç aung san suu kyi ja& to get ready for this. >> i am feeling delicate, so any tough questions iç will defer straight away. [laughter] . >> tens of thousands have turned out to greet suuç kyi on the campaign trail.
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if this translates into votes, she's surely unbeatable.ç this the map with the unenviable task of running against her. candidate for the military-backed party. in any other circumstances, he would be aç shoe-in. he's not exactly wowing the crowd. the odds seemed stacked against him, but this old soldier isç still up for the fight.ç >> so you think you can win this battle as well? >> yes. >> how do you compete with an icon?ç aung san suu kyi saysç
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irregularities have marred these electioned. >> there areç irregularities. this is not what is acksementable for democratic -- acceptable for democratic election. >> aung san suu kyiç has made r position clear. if the voting goes smoothly, will this election be seen as an importantç step forward on burma's road to democracy. >> you are watching "bbc world news." welcome to the city where they say they have replacedç touris with terrorism. >> the controversial politician georgeç calloway has won a shocked defeat in the labor party who has held the constituency since 1994.
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mr.ç galloway won 18,000 votesa majority of more than 10,000 than labor. >> this has been the mostç sensational results in british parliamentary history bar none. if there is any uprisingç -- w have demonstrated with thisç a total rejection of the three major parties on the political scene. mexican border of cudad.
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officers have been ordered to stay in a hotel for their own protection.ç >> students in chile have marched in commemoration of two against the former dictator pinochet. police used tear gas to stopç protesters. >> a nuclear scientist has gone on trial in france for allegedlç plotting terrorist attacks. he has been in custody since his arrest 2 1/2 years ago after police intercepted his e-mails to anç alleged contact in al-qaeda. >> this is "bbc world news."ç >> anger on spain's streets with
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austerity plans. >> suspected islamist militants are arrested in france, includingç toullousse where people have been killed.ç >> the land protest marked a loss of arab land to israel.ç palestinians are expected to march toward the border of israel and lebanon. >> is itç too early to say how much public interest there will be today? >> i think it is early at the moment.ç the protests in lebanon just behind me, four or five kilometers away, were dueç to t
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underway late morning. so we'll have to wait and see whether people tried to approach the border. now it is pretty quiet here. if you look down, you can see that big base over thereç is o of the u.n. camps they kind of monitor the border here. a little in front of that there is an israeli army checkpoint. we have seen hundreds of israeli soldiers who have been brought in to reinforce the border. that's because you might remember, last year we had two protests in the spring and may and june whether where hunlrdds of palestinians and their supporters approached the border from both lebanon and syria. some managed to crossç. dozens of people ended up being killed. >> how significant of a day is this?ç >> well, there are land day demonstrations every year. that has happened since 1976.ç
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arab israelis or palestinians living in israel. i think thereç is a hope among some palestinians that given the mood in the region this past 18 months and the arab spring, of course, they might mobilize in greater numbers. frankly some of the demonstrations we have seen from palestinians have been(slall scale. >> thank you very much. >> thousands of people in indonesia have ralliedç againsa fuel fight. a controversial is in jeopardy because the indonesian parliament has lostç oppositio to the move. a report now from gentleman cartia -- jakarta.
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>> i'm outside the indonesian gnfernment where protesters have been protesting to a raise in prices from 35 vents a liter to 60 cents a liter. there is a discussion inside about whether the government can raise the cost of fuel in the country. manyç say they cannot raise th cost of fuel because it will lead to rises in everything. underliing all of this is an overwhelming senseç of frustration. many at these demonstrations have called for the president to step down. they say they areç clamping do on corruption. economists say it is critical subsidies and -- in order for
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the government to spend more money on social welfare programs and infrastructure.ç many protesters don't believe that that money will be relevant, and any proposal to raise the price of fuel will be met with stiff resistance from these demonstrators.ç "bbc -- bbc news, jakarta. >> here in theç u.k. there are fears of a fuel tanker strike. a discussion on how essential services can be kept moving. the continuing fearç is that my pet role -- meanwhile a woman set herself on fire whenç transfering petrol. advice is not to storeç petrolt
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home. now sports.ç >> she beat caroline wozniacki windows -- in a final.ç sharapova took the match after a overrules allowing her to serve again. watch the hand shake. she gives him a wide berth indee . the third major final of the year for sharapova. she lost the first two at the australian open andç the numbe four as rankia -- azeranka. and now is a better opportunity
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for her to finally win one. >> in the gulf, the weather >> yes, very frustrating for the former open and u.s. open champion ernie els who needs to win this week'sç houston open. the masters is played next week. like the rest of the field, he was frustrated by heavy rain and thunderstorms on the opening day. els only able to play twoç hol before he heard the sound of the dreaded hooter which suspends play. heavy rain followed. els did birdieç two of those holes, so he leads by 6 strokes. this player making a birdie. he'sç joined on 7 under par by angel cabrerra. only 51 players have so far been able to complete theirç rounds. that's it from us for now. >> thanks very much indeed.
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>> just over 101 years ago the titanic was launched from belfastç with tragic consequences. today there is hope the fate of the liner will attract thousands of terrorists to the area. the titanic has been cited near built. >> it is the start of a new era in belfast tourism, and it is being built on titanic foundations.ç life on board the ship has been recreated in the finest detail. itç also shows how the ship wa made in belfast and then launched on this very spot 100 years ago.ç a century later, this belfast dock has been transformed. -- it has created huge excitement in the city.ç >> this is the biggest tourism
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project for northern ireland. look at the scale of it. we're open for business. we're launching the new northern ireland. >> this is a place thatused to be known more for terrorism than tourism. all that is changing. a new visitor center is opening this summer at theç causeway. in nearby port rush some of the world's best golfers will be playing in this year's irish open. coming to see them will be sports fans fromç across europ the hope is that some of them will also visit the titanic attraction. >> this is our chance. we had our conflict in the pastç this is our opportunity to create a new icon for belfast. this beautiful building is set to become our eiffel tower. >> this is tn just a visitor attraction. there isç also a replica of th titanic stair case. for some people there will always be a romantic side to the
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titanic story.ç this room is being made available for wedding receptions, and 48 couples have already booked. >> as well as reminders of the big screen love story, there is the realityç of the tragedy. this was the last picture of titanic taken before she sunk. 100 years on there is an what happened. already the new visitor attraction in belfast has sold 100,000 tickets, and it hasn't even opened yet.ç >> now the biggest lottery jackpot in history will beç drn in the united states. >> cuing for a chance to win the biggest lottery ticket in history. >> chanceç for 500 million? you want to buy a ticket? >> after 18 weeks without a winner, the prize has been
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building steadly. it beats theç previous win of $390 million in 2007. which ever lucky person has the winning ticket will have two optioneds f -- options. take their prizeç in instaultsr receive a slightly reduced amount in cash. the odds of winning are around 175 million-1. >> buy a house, maybe two, and travel and have a good time. >> i would have a heartç attac >> more people buy tickets, the higher the jackpot will go. despite the long odds, there are manyç hoping that maybe, just maybe, the largest jackpot in history could be theirs. >> you are watching "bbc world
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