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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  August 20, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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america." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, shell, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to know your business, offering specialized solutions and capital to help you meet your growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of
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energies. that's why we're supplying generate electricity. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol, a biofuel made from renewable sugar cane. >> a minute, mom! >> let's broaden the world's let's go. >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america" reporting from washington. spared the death penalty -- the wife of a disgraced chinese politician hears her sentence for murdering a businessman. a u.s. senate can it get both facts and tone are wrong on the rape and lands and a ton of trouble. both presidential candidates are critical. and as a small-town physician making a huge difference. we introduce you to the $5
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doctor. >> welcome to our viewers on pbs and america and around the globe. it's the case chinese authorities were eager to have closed. today, the wife of a disgraced chinese politician was given a suspended death sentence after admitting to poisoning a british man it -- british businessman eurasia is likely to spend 14 years in jail for crime, but the ripples of grab headlines worldwide. as from the scene of the courthouse, we have this report. >> bell lawyers ran the gauntlet today. it has been the most sensational case in decades. the murder of a british man by one of china's most powerful women. the crime has already cost her husband, one of the communist
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party's most senior figures his job and plunged the party into crisis. she has confessed to poisoning a british businessman and today, are guiltless confirmed. usually that would mean execution. but she is powerful and well connected. the death penalty was suspended. the judge said she suffered a breakdown and was not in control of our actions. >> this verdict is just. it shows respect for the law, reality, and life. >> british embassy officials looked on. there's an element of theater to all this. the communist party controls the courts and the size the outcome. the embassy gave the report a guarded welcome. >> is this a result that will please the hayward family? >> i don't know. >> hayward was living in china, trading on his connections with
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powerful officials, brokering up -- broker in deals. the two fell out over a failed property venture. hayward demanded millions he had been promised. so she lured him to this hotel, got him drunk, and poured cyanide into his mouth. >> what this trial did not address for the most sensitive questions. it triggered china's biggest political scandal in years because of the corruption and abuse of power at top of the communist party. >> did her husband have any link to the crime or attempted cover- up? he has vanished, detained by the party and held in secret while it decides what to do with him. he was hoping to join the ranks of these men, the top of the bureau that run china when new leaders are selected. but they have cast him aside. >> they want to draw a real line
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between these crimes and the party and the present system. they're showing it is the work of individuals and not any thing to do with anything more deep about the political system in china. >> some here are outraged that gu kalai escape the death penalty. he wants a tight end to the crisis to make sure nothing endangers the election process. >> in pakistan, a young girl has been arrested on charges of blasphemy afterburning pages inscribed with verses of the koran. she is a christian and believed to be within the age of 10 to 13 and are reports she's suffering from down's syndrome. >> all is quiet in this poor neighborhood on the outskirts of the capital. but there was rage and terror
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last thursday when a young christian girl was accused of blasphemy. the girl is alleged to have burned pages of the koran on this ground. supporters claim adjustable metal problems. now, behind bars, she's frightened and meet according to a christian activist who said he visited her today. >> she was very frail. she was in a state of shock. she has gone through a trauma and she was very weak, avoiding eye contact and not talking to anybody. she could not even say a single word kirin >> the family home remains padlocked shed and the girl remains in jail. her relatives are in protective custody. police said they had no choice but to intervene because an angry mob was threatening to set her like to teach her a lesson. in pakistan, just being accused
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of blasphemy can be a death sentence. it was for another blasphemies suspect in pakistan last month. he was dragged from a police lock up and burned alive. a government minister told us he has real fear for the girl and her family. >> i am seriously concerned about their lives, especially the girl and her whole family because in this society, even if she is innocent and would be released from jail, a lot of people can kill her. i think she should be shifted to a safe place in the country or outside the country. >> his own brother, the pakistan the minority minister, was shot dead last year for criticizing the country's draconian blasphemy laws. human-rights campaigners insist another tragedy is unfolding now inside this jail where the
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girl is being held. they say they are hanging their heads in shame. >> the suggestion that reagan might be legitimate or women might not get pregnant after being raped as land an american politician and a whole heap of trouble today. republican congressman, todd akin, said he misspoke, but that has not stopped him from being denounced by both presidential candidates. here's what he originally said in answer to a question about abortion. >> if it is a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down. but let's assume that maybe did not work or something. i think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist and not attacking the child. >> he is now under pressure to quit the race, especially from democrats. even president obama made a surprise trip to the white house press briefing today to address the issue. >> the views expressed were
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offensive. rape is rape. the idea that we should be parsing and qualifying and slicing what types of rape we're talking about doesn't make sense to the american people. it certainly doesn't make sense to me. so, what i think these comments do _ is why we shouldn't have a bunch of politicians, a majority of whom are men, making health care decisions on behalf of women. >> for more, i spoke to our washington correspondent. before we get into the political ramifications, because democrats have leapt on these comments, let's have a talk about what the congressman said. even in a country with a large pro-life population like america, it has corp. -- it has caused quite a lot of stir. >> i think it's worth putting this in context and that there
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is still a vigorous and evolving debate about abortion. recent statistics show that 56% of people call themselves pro- life and 41% of people call themselves pro-choice. it is part and parcel of the political debate. clearly what has happened is the congressman crossed the line, first of all, by linking the words legitimate and rape in the same breath. second, as a member of the house science committee, in effect saying if a woman is pregnant, it probably was not a case of rape. that's what many people think is what he said and it's very telling that nobody apart from his own campaign is standing up and defending in tonight. >> if you can get the biology right, he also didn't the policy right because the democrats think they have a chance to win the senate seat which had been vulnerable. >> for months, the focus has been on the way -- the race for their white house but the race for the senate is just as crucial.
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the democrats have a tiny majority in the senate at the moment and republicans need to just capture a handful of democratically held senate seats. missouri was right up there, the first for second target see for them. it was very winnable, they thought, but right now, the sitting democratic senator, claire mccaskill, is thinking it is winnable s mr. akin remains a candidate, though i suspect 24 hours from now, he may not be. >> thank you very much. in south africa, about one-third of the work force returned to the mine where police shot dead 30 striking miners last week. it comes after the owner threatened to fire them if they did not show up. disruption comes a bad time for the industry with platinum prices already jumping. >> it was a day of mass meetings outside the mine, the scene of bloody clashes last week.
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ministers travel to the site to appeal for calm and a return to work. >> and that is why we are here. we are here to hear what you have to say and i am very glad we are listening. >> a strike followed by a confrontation between rival unions turned violent. on thursday, police opened fire on protesters said to be armed with machetes. minutes later, 34 were dead. 10 others had died in earlier clashes. with security tight around the mine today, management said 30 percent of the workforce reported back for duty. the company extended its deadline, but there's no guarantee of a swift resolution of the dispute. workers across the south african mining industry are frustrated. they feel inequality has increased while some get rich, they continue to toil for low
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wages in bleak and miserable conditions. the companies which owns the mine is british. its headquarters are here in london. at the events of last week have raised questions over its finances at a time when trading has been difficult because the world platinum price has been falling in. the metal is that important component for the jewelry trade and fears of an economic slowdown have undermined the price. platinum is a key raw material for the motor industry, which is seen as more vulnerable because of the downturn in the eurozone. share prices have fallen more than 40% over the past six months, with much of that happening before the recent strike and violence at the mine. the company was formerly run by the colorful entrepreneur, tiny rowland, who also owns the "observer" newspaper. revenues have been dented because of the strike. >> the primary concern right now is because of the impact of the
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strike, london is unable to produce metal and the revenue has effectively dried up until they strike has reserved -- until the strike has resumed. >> there are wider concerns that the south african currency weakened because of fears of unrest will spread in a key sector of the economy. >> from the mining world to the tech world, two big players are making headlines. a new world record -- apple is the most comeback -- most voluble company in the world ever. it is a windfall that facebook could only dream of right now. today, the social media site stock hit its lowest level since its initial public offering. joining me to discuss this is our business correspondent. questions about facebook today -- the same questions were there about its revenue when it
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launched, right? >> i think what you are seeing change between now and then is the anticipation about future growth and how it would make money out of all the millions of people run the world to use the facebook web site. you have that going on, but at the same time, you have problems where investors are allowed to sell shares in the company where previously they had not been allowed. you see a case where one of the early investors in facebook got in before the company even went public. all of this has had the effect of depressing the share prices,
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went public just a few months ago. >> very good news for apple. topping microsoft now has the world's biggest company ever. >> if you look back last year, apple had quite the right. it overtook their oil giant, exxon, to become the biggest company in the world and as its share price hit another record, at all that up and the total valuation of the company, the market capitalization, it became so high it made the company the most valuable firm in history. beating the record that you point out that microsoft held in the late nineties. >> everyone is going to be queuing up for the new ipad and iphone. >> still to come on tonight's program, he was director by "top gun" another big screen hit its. today, attributes are being paid to tony scott after his suicide in los angeles. today, britain's prince philip was released from a scottish hospital after five days of
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treatment for an infection. we have all of the details for you. >> it wondering why there has been quite a fuss over a non- life-threatening condition? behave yourselves if you missed it. he thanked some of the staff who have looked after him since his admission last week before heading off with a wave and 50 mile drive to the royal family's estate. it was on wednesday of last week after a short visit to the isle of wight said doctors diagnosed the recurrence of a bladder infection which hospitalized him an early june. he had appeared in good health at a garden party a few days earlier. he was told to rest while doctors treated the infection with antibiotics. this was not a critical health scare. the rest of the royal family carried on with their holiday routine as normal, attending
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church yesterday. but it's the third time in eight months of the duke has had to receive hospital treatment. that incident that was a life- threatening was two days before christmas last year, when he was taken by helicopter to cambridge to be treated for a blocked coronary oliver -- blocked coronary artery. the queen and the couple's children were at his bedside within 24 hours. today, the duke has emerged after a short stay in hospital, returning to the one place where the royal family really can rest and recuperate, their estate. it will be there, amid the tranquillity, that that duke will have a chance to rest. the last time he was hospitalized in june, was in the middle of the diamond jubilee celebration. this time, there will be a much better opportunity for peace and quiet.
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>> today, tributes have been pouring in for british director tony scott, one day after he took his own life by crimping from a los angeles bridge. he directed some of hollywood's biggest hits, including "top gun." he also teamed up with his brother for successes in film and television. we have this report from los angeles. >> tony scott was born in north shields but made his name in hollywood as one of the most successful british film makers. ♪ >> he directed and produced some of the biggest stars and enjoyed huge commercial success with blockbuster movies. the biggest was "top gun" in 1986, starring tom cruise. it was early afternoon when tony scott came here to the port of los angeles. a long way from his home in
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beverly hills. he drove up on to the highest point of the bridge, stopped his car and climbed over the fence. witnesses say he didn't hesitate before throwing himself into the harbor below. >> hollywood is speculating over what might have driven him to take his own life. abc news quoted an unnamed source, saying he had inoperable brain cancer. >> we have not been able to corroborate that information with a family member or a private physician. we have alerted the deputy medical examiner of that information. >> this is a teenage tony scott in his native northeast, starring in "boy and a bicycle." it's one of the first movies filmed by his older brother, even more well known oscar- nominated director, sir ridley scott. he once remarked i'm more classical and he's more rock and roll. something tells me showed his cult movie, "true romance."
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>> it is a rock and roll movie by intent and my concept. i use that word which means shooting from the hip. to kids who are chasing a dream. >> among his top grossing film was unable thriller, "crimson tide." >> got help you if you are wrong. >> if i'm wrong, where will i go? >> denzel washington was another a list actor often in his films. >> yes, i read you. this is control center. >> the thick enough to tell him 123 was one of his most recent movies. but he also produced american prime-time tv dramas and movies. an actress who worked with him said he was one of the most extraordinary, imaginative man and it was a privilege to have spent time with him. he was a firecracker, one of the world's true original. there were many tributes.
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>> the film industry will remember him first of all as a lovely character and human being. as someone who was always charming and funny and driven. >> tony scott had twin sons with his third wife, the actress donna scott. he was 68. >> a british film director, tony scott, being remembered in hollywood today. american healthcare is not often associated with affordability, but here's a story of one man determined to change that. for more than half a century, the doctor has been caring for residents of a rational, in illinois. walking to his office and you think you had step back in time. but at just $5 a visit, this 87- year-old physician has become a hero to his many patients. recently, he invited us into his busy practice and offered this first-person account.
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>> everybody in town knows him. everybody in town loves him. >> are you sick? >> sore throat. >> he has been my family doctor since my grandma. i know him better than most doctors. he has everything in his head and as a look everything up on the computer. >> i'm a doctor in russia fell, illinois. i've been here 57 years in the same building. i'm 87. i charge $5. >> this is our cash drawer. >> about 30 years ago, it went to $5 and it has been there ever since. >> are you pretty healthy?
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>> it is not about money. it's about taking care of people. the first thing that brought to my mind that i would be a doctor is i had a problem with tonsillitis when i was young and would get sick frequently. my mother would call dr. hamilton and when i would come to, there would be dr. hamilton. as a little boy, i thought i'm going to be like dr. hamilton. someone comes in and needs to be laying down, they go to that room. when i came in, we had three examining rooms. the phone is the same now as it was when i came. i never saw any reason to have a computer. we keep track of patients by using cards. everyone who comes in gets a card. that goes in the file.
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the mail every day comes here and i go through things that part of the thing, if i think i will read it later, it is there. a -- i come in seven days a week. on sunday, i come in just before i go to church. there are always a few people that need something on sunday. you have a sore throat? i don't think it will ever change. it's what i wanted to do when i young and i want to do it as long as i can, intel and gone. >> you need some antibiotics. >> it his spirit that drives him. if he keeps going, he will live forever, the way his spirit is. >> practicing medicine the old fashion way at a very old- fashioned price, $5 a doctor visit.
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dr. russell, serving rational, illinois. you can get updates on our story any time on our website. you can find me on twittered. for all of us here, thank you for watching. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, union bank, and shell. >> at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies. that's why we're supplying cleaner-burning natural gas to generate electricity. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is
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producing ethanol, a biofuel made from renewable sugar cane. >> a minute, mom! >> let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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