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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  February 21, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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to know your business. offering specialized solutions in the capital to help you meet your growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> this is bbc world news america. i am cathy kay. oscar pistorious is not the only one on trial for a killing. the lead detective is facing charges of attempted murder. a car bomb explodes in damascus.
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aind in the deep, we join an expedition hunting for species we may never have seen before. ♪ >> welcome to our viewers on public television and in america. faces chargesuus of killing his girlfriend but the lead detective faces seven charges of attempted murder. the detective has been pulled off the case. from pretoria, andrew harden reports. >> center stage for the wrong reasons. the detective investigating istorius, now, hilton botha charged with an attempted
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shooting in 2011. botha said -- itw a was murder and the athlete should not get bail. from thes dropped case. x this necessitated us, -- this necessitated us to take him off the case. >> the focus returned to the death of reeva steenkamp. the court herd arguments of what and why in the bedroom, he shot his girlfriend bheind a locked door. the windows were unbarred.
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he said he felt a burglar had broken in and he fired in, killing reeva by mistake. but the prosecution said he was a vioelnt man and this story did not add up. >> there was a burglar in the bathroom -- this led to four shots, making him a murderer who does not deserve bail. >> the "blade runner," a numbe global brand, has been dropped. the man is now at the heart of a legal storm. with south africa's legal system in the spotlight and a murder case with a new twist each hour. >> for more, i spoke with
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criminal defense attorney ted simon. how damaging are these latest revelations for the prosecution? >> not good, but this case will turn on the forensics. his role remains to be seen. in a kind of -- unusual sort of way, he was not damaging to the defense. he said there was nothing inconsistent about this and in a funny turn of events, he is kicked off the case with seven counts of attempted murder but harmful.mony was not >> this is an extraordinary thing to happen. >> in high profile cases,
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strange things occur. -- therenot realize was no possibility he would be charged. it was not a good choice. but the case, in south afridaca, there is the presumption of innocense and the prosecution has to prove all the elements. but in a bail case the burden shifts and in a murder case, which is under there scheduling, a schedule five -- the person has to demonstrate everything you have to do in bail and the interest iof justice. but with intent to kill, it is a higher level. then you have the burden shifting to the defense and they have to show the interest of
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justice. that is why they filed that affidavit, to rebut the premedidated case and to show he was not a flight risk -- >> do you think he will get bail. >> he has made a good case to get out on bail. he has demonstrated his financial ability. three signifigant properties, two passports and that. willing to post i don't practice in south africa and don't want to presuppose
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what he would do. they could add house arrest or a guard outside the house to ensure he would not leave or endanger anyone or interfere with the prosecution. it is a compelling case for his release. >> this is only the bail stage. thank you for coming in. a quick look at other news around the world. in india, two bicycle bombs exploded. the bwtwo bombs exploded outside erabad -- they have been on alert after the execution of a man behind an attack in 2001.
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forice investigate a plan to an attack bigger than the one in 2005. the men were found discussing the attacks, saying it would be another 9/11. two people were killed in a passing taxi, as shots were fired from a sports car, crashing into a taxi that caused a fireball that killed the taxi driver and passenger. new plans to enrich uranium in iran, and there may have been explosive tests on nuclear weapons. talks continue next week. in syria, a bomb went off in damascus, killing 53 and
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wounding more. this is after three straight days of attacks as the syrian -- >> another her india's -- another in this bomb attacks -- horrendous bomb attack. it is not clear if this was the actual target as the explosion hit a busy intersection near a school and hospital, wrecking minicars and setting them on fire. state media blame the outrage on western-backed terrorist and both say that this was a suicide car bomb, by radical islamic groups linked to al qaeda. many also blame the regime as the political opposition coalition condemned this as an
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act of terror, whoever was behind this. but the bombing was the latest in a relentless daily outpouring of violence of this destroying the country. this has been a battlefield since last july. virtually every day at least 100 people are killed in syria. it was said to president assad that it was time to go. >> there is an important message from the national coalition, and they have responded to this with serious negotiations because of , political agreement transition is the way forward, rather than this terrible an
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unacceptable loss of life. >> they have offered to meet regime representatives immediately, but the opposition had meeting in cairo say that asaad and his supporters must be excluded and must be punished for their crimes. with all of the activity going on, there is no sign that a breakthrough is imminent. >> still to come, trying to get the japanese economy back into high gear. work the financial formula for others, too? has erupted in france after an american businessman launched an attack on the country's work ethic. on this political
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firestorm. >> american plane talking does not get much clearer. wantasked what he did not to take over the local beer factory, he gave this straight. >> the french work force only works three hours for higher wages, with one of our breaks and they talked for three hours, and later, he is going to buy chinese entire company to pay less than one the euro per tiresto switch all of the of france needs. the staff was annoyed. >> these people should be affected, -- should be -- they come in every day at 4:00 in the morning. >> even more annoyed was the person who received the letter, the french economic director.
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he wrote, you show your ignorance to the country, talking about the 40,000 public companies working on this soil. all of these businesses appreciate the quality of the french workers. this upset about the caricature of french tokers, but the offer payless is in the-depiction. and there is the growing hot --nion abroad that france this is an opinion that should be vigorously challenged. abe short time ago, shinzo arrived in the united states. tomorrow he will meet with president obama to talk about the global economy.
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growthlaunched a progrem, obeconomics, a medical pla financial plan for others. rubert hayes takes another look. >> shinzo abe is the archetypical gray chines-- japanese politician. in tokyo, he is mr. abe's biggest fan. the stagnant stock market has taken off. $300,000. has made >> foin six weeks. >> mr. abe brought back confidence and money is back i nthn the market.
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when this happens, the market goes up and we make money. >> this is built on mr. abe's promise to pump tens of billions into new infrastructure. japan has some of the best infrastructure. tokyo's astonishing flood control system. >> they call this the underground parthenon. it is a nengineering marvel. >> japan is full of engineering marvels to boost the economy and raise employment. it didn't work in the past. why will it work now? >> they are not building the bridge to nowhere anymore. what is here now is the smarter infrastructure, as we try to get
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better connected to the debt -- infrastructure spending can be worthwhile. japan to grow, he has to get ordinary people to spend more, too. and that will be much harder. for a decade, japanese people are used to living on less than less. >> we have to pay taxes and we have to pay a lot but we only have a small amount of wages and my husband's salary is not going up. >> japan's small businessmen are feeling the squeeze. just ask him -- his car company hand-builds 400 of these quirky cars each year. a far cry from toyota.
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and that is his problem. >> when i went to the ministry for a license, they said -- why is a country bumpkin trying to make cars? it is almost impossible for as mall car company like mine to thrive in japan. >> to thrive, japan needs more people like him. for 20 years, the company has felt like the land of the setting son. un. everyone waits to see if mr. abe sun risethe economic again. >> for more on economic and security issues which mr. abe will talk about, i am joined by mr. green.
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populr aar as it helps the economy but there could be problems with trading companies. >> using the exchange rate -- >> the yen has fallen 10%. >> however, who will criticize japan? we in the u.s. engaged in quantitative easing. not a lot of people will accuse japan at this stage. he has room for abenomics. he has a 71% support rate with confidence in the community. but if he doesn't restructure -- it will probably run out of steam. >> to what extent is the meeting tomorrow between obama and abe a meeting about china?
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>> even the japanese economy is about china. the american economy relies on them for the military and -- to maintain a stable balance of power in action -- they are concerned of a change in power. chinese growth makes the japanese economy important. and they will talk about china. >> they have to have japan act -- the second and third largest economies in china and japan, and japan is the counterbalance. >> the u.s. doesn't have the ability to stop china's growth, and will the major economies have the clout to write the rules and set the norms that make sure china's rise is
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useful. >> we could be talking ofut the security concerns china and japan. this is almost the same, keeping a check on the rising china. >> containing china is not in our means. there is a finite security problem, the island dispute where both sides have been more robust, shall we say, in pursuing the claims as japan buys the islands and china by swarming the waters with paramilitary units, much more aggrressive in the rules of engagement. the prime minister will not a reaffiremd commitment if china shows force. it is a delicate balancing act
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and the prime minister wants the president to be forthcoming. >> will north korea come up tomorrow? >> they tested a third device, with a yield close to what destroyed hiroshima. what japan will be concerned about. the long-range missile couldn't carry a payload, but they have a payload that could make it to japan. >> to the secrets of the ocean. some of their mystery is unlocked as scientists discovered the deepest yet hydrothermal vents. the wildlife they support is amazing. this was found by the british r.s.s. david cook.
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>> a ship named after james cook investigates a world he never could have imagined. final checks before the launch of a machine called isis. it is deployed to the strangest features of the deep ocean. >> it begins a journey that will take it down three miles to the ocean floor, a mission of genuine discovery. it is going so deep it will take three hours to reach the sea bed. the objective is this landscape, thermalrow chimneys of vents. the water is incredibly hot and these vents were just discovered by the expedition. >> we are at the top.
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>> live video is relayed back to a control center on board. the scientists are delighted. >> you are humbled and awed by it, and you can revel in the beauty of it. it is not about the signs but the wonder of this part of the planet. >> it is only in the last 40 years anyone knew vents existed, blasting out water reaching 400 celsius. this is a hostile environment home to strange creatures. thousands of white shrimp jostle on one vent. they are blind and somehow survive eating bacteria. a sample was brought back to the
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surface. researchers want to see how life evolved and how shrimp ahve acquired something useful. >> they don't have v functioning eyes but have an early warning system on them that tell them when they are too close to the heat of the chimneys. >> every time this dives it reveals something no one has seen. these anemonies may be an unknown species. this has opened parts of the world inaccessible until now. a question was raised. what else is down there, waiting to be discovered?
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>> what else, indeed. amazing images of the deep. all of them extraordinary. that brings today's broadcast to a close. from around the world -- you can check your local listings for our channel number. thank you for watching. i'll see you back here tomorrow. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. fidelity investments. union bank. and ztv.
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