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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  August 19, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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ttx in maryland.the new gas theee were mixed ttetask forre.some people encourage the possibilitt of having reggonal authorrttis, while others sayy the decision &ptaxes. ply lead o more 33
5:31 pm's made up f local nn state reprrseetaaives, the pdea is to have marylanders pay for tte projects in their arra oo tte state.for example in centrrl maarlanddaad he -w- pay for projects they ight palumbo baltimore ciiy)) &ptraasportttion infrastruutuue &pinvessmenn ct off2213..(nnt tteettsk fooreeis harggd withh making recommendations by
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lawmakers o coosider them duuing eet yyar'' legiilative newssat 5:30. ddspiieeoptimism forrthe future organizers are exxecting thh ballimooe grand prix to lose money ttis year. fundiig the race says hill ccrporate sponsorships have pnccrased, ticcet sales are 3&l plans to weaaher the ossee to build fr thh future... ann peep tth eeent in baltimooe. 6;16:11"we're going o loss some money ttissyeer.. in anyy thisseconomy to expect anyy business start-up in twooyeaass tt make money is unreasonable." unreasonable."the grand prix begins next weeked. a preliminary report is oot oo into the ater beeow.paul t gessler joins us nnw ith tte n-t-s-bb epoot.paul-- this two- ppge prelimmnary rrport claims the truck ttht pear--ended a wooan's mazza... bay brrdgeein fact... hh was
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uuited states. the sunnwas stting.the truckk drivee.. gaaor looasz... haad worked for a canadian truckinn ccmpany for hree moonhs.hee pays he was distractee by lights ann sounds in his driver's siddemirroo when hh pear- enddd morgan lakees chrysler sebring on tth pastbounn span.her car rode feet into theewaterraaoutt27 - mmoran lake, rash victim::"i paw the sky, the llnd, the water nd thee iiclosed my eyes and hit the ater really hard. the water felt like &pconcrrte. i started to feel like i was drowniig." lake issonly the second kkoon perron to haveefallen from the driver in 2008 was illed wwen &ppis tractor trailoo went ovvr a barrier wall.paal gessllr,, foo455news at 5530
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hhw are thh roads looking tonng? &pour trafffc edge report. report. 395mapp95pikeshhaann,3 &pmmp 3 3&purriig motherss ere speeking
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our stuuiosstoday.nstraton outs toddy..they werr proteeting agginst a recent "behind the here on fox-44 .the y ssenn demonntrators say the "itts rralll offensive to hear its' eally onn of the best thingg oo can do ffr yourr babyy" ii you want to hear exactly commeetary... you can go too behiid he headlines- ot--et. a feud is brewinn between a bloggerr.. nddit's all n w &pdisplay on.. social media. "i've traveeed the world...been tooa lot of movie time i've ever seen anyyhing t is."pllu... incrresed police - movie theeaer.wwy some argue... theemove was racially- motivated.
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--adblib eather tz-- &p ♪
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witt i...i knoo who i am...that doesn't bothhr it..."regallreleased a nted too statement... saying they routinely use extra security guest response" to "the butler"... the tteettrradded extra show times -- and the tteir local management id not - receiie aan ccmmlaints from 3a eed is brewing etweenna pop sttr and aawell known blooger... ann it'' all on diislay meeiaa ccndace dold is here with that stories ffr todays llwddwn. lowdown. (((pkg))))hhngs arr gettinn nasty between former friennss hilton.on sunday the singer plaimed hiiton was scoping out twittee... gaga ddmanded he stay away from her and told hhm hhewws quote - sick.she also saidd eer bilding's the premisss.hilton put out a statement denyinggany ssaakingg
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alleggtions - saying he as house hunning - and only found oot laterrthe singer livee in theebuilding.gaaaaused to be &sg screee..."lee daniels' the butler" finished nuuber one at the weekeed box office.tte historical drama with ffrest whitaaer nd oprah winfrey took in an essimated $25 saless"we're the illerr""with pjnniffr anniston - finished matt damon - inished in third place, briiging in 13.6 one thh moss ááiiterestingááá stories of he daya welllknown chainnof hhnting and fiihing pittsburgh area...a local for their wedding.meghan cook and charlie iller exchanged vows t the newwstore oo saturday morning. speccal when one of theessars -
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pf -and-e's "duck dynasty" attendee the ssrviceeccokk says: my om kind f surprised us with it. i waa gonna cancel theewedding and ssgned copies of his as autobboggaahy. rrbertsonn oll the couple to allays love and forgive one anotherri'm candace dold and that's your lowdown 3 &p newwinformaaionn merging inn the 997 eaths oo princess diann ann her boyfriend.what pcr case and crash that ended -
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a stunning storr oot of london....olice sayyng they'vve &pinformatioo abbut the deattho prrncess ddana.bryan llenas peports they're re-examiiing whether foullplla waasfactor ú neaaly ssxxeennyears afttr prrnccss diana'' death onnauguss 31, 1997a"aa&..
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another consippacy -- laiming the prrncees of walee wws killed by a meebee off the briiish mmlittry. sky news --our ssster network pcottand yarddis quote credibility of new informatioo them by the formee pprents in law offa orrerr olddir. this unnnmeddssldier elieved to haae een a eeber of the pliieebritish special aarforce coomando unit. the solliee boasttd the military was behind the eath of ppincess dianaa the royal family not commenting on . webber says: this has to be tremenddusly tough on william is known aa aasmiling hatredd of the media, on many levels &palso bbcause hey do believe that the edia helped drrve diannato hhe deeth. in saying reasoonble peeple do, thattit was just aatragic accident."" thirtyysix year old princess diana nddhhr footy-two ear old boyyriend faitful august night rit
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followeddby paparriii...princess diana, faaed and theerrddivvr were killed when theiir mercedes-benz hit a pillar in a paris ttnnel. investigaaors concluddd the driveers runkkdriving caused the acccdent. conspiracy diana wws murdered.(on-cam - &ptag) the britiih this ii not a re-investiiation intooprincees diana'' death in new yorkk bryannllenas, fox nees - react to tory- ony wx 33
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bruce dlii vo roll ue....the streech run
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has begun..." and it's abrutal one..of the left, all but 10 aae within tteee is a three ggmeseries with oakland, ho is in tte wild card hunt...theebirds gg &pfirstplace booton and 3 and a tonight's's reelly gna be tuff theerest 3
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across townn.the ravens mmde theirfirsttcut offthe pre--eason, and it's aa veteran...chrrs joonsoonhas beennreleassd...he's been migranes this ccap,and the &cut oakland, the 33 year old adlib tossbackk,3ur games - 3 how mmuh would áyooáápay for a
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classic beauty oo 44wheels? wheels?this 1967 ferraai converrible sold for 27 -and- auction innmonterey,'s the highest price everrpaid forra ferrari at fact, itts thee &pany road car aa aactton. he prom the sale will go toofit -
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that's all for fox45 news at 5:30."famiiy feuu" is next.and &ppw'll be back tonight for pox45 nnws at ten ---anddthe late edition at 11... p1...we''l see you later. laterrwwwpppp
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announcer: this is joey fatone. it's time to play family feud! give it up for steve harvey! steve: welcome to the show, folks. thank you all for coming. yeah, let's go! thank you all very much. thank you very much, everybody. i appreciate you coming. hey, welcome to family feud! i'm your man, steve harvey. boy, we got a good one for you today. guess what? returning, for their fourth day, with the total now? 21,415 bucks. from maywood, illinois, it's the grace family! [cheering]
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and...from louisville, kentucky, home of the derby, it's the summers family! [cheering] everybody is here, trying to win themselves a lot of cash and a shot at driving away in a brand-new car. [applause] let's go! give me victoria, give me joey. come on! [applause and cheering] hey, guys, here we go. top seven answers on the board. when someone uses the word "bust" in a conversation, what are they talking about? [buzzer] joey? >> money! steve: money! [applause] [bell] [applause and cheering] victoria... [buzzer] steve: pass or play. >> what we want to do? we're going to play, steve. steve: they're going to play. let's go. [applause] allison, may i ask you a question? so, what do you do at the church? >> i'm a minister of children there and i'm a marriage
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and family therapist at our counseling center. steve: marriage therapist? >> uh-huh. steve: really? >> yes. [laughing] [applause] steve: i should've met you a while back. [all laugh] what do you think is the biggest--the number-one problem you see as a marriage therapist? >> and women, they fight about money, the most. steve: money, yeah. who is usually at fault about the money? >> oh, my god! are you trying to get me in trouble with my husband? steve: no, because we know it's you! [all laughing] it's you! it's the women! spending, shopping, shopping, spending, buying, shopping, online, offline, last time, first call, last call, on sale, 20% off, 30%, "i had to have it," "it was a deal!" [all laughing] [applause and cheering]
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is that true, allison? >> yes. [laughing] steve: all right. let's go. so that's good. so [indistinct] church, you're marriage and... >> marriage and family therapist. steve: ...and family therapist. what do you do, shea? >> i'm in sales. i sale--i do sales for an id--for an identity verification company. sorry about that! steve: well, you're grinning so hard... [all laughing] really? god, you must be good at sales because you--you're very personable. >> i like people. i like people. i like talking to people. i like hanging out... steve: cathy, what do you do? >> i'm a pre-op nurse at um--norton hospital in louisville and i get people ready for surgery, try to make them feel comfortable. steve: you know what? that's an important job. >> yes, sir. steve: bill, what do you do? >> i'm a retired factory worker from louisville. now i work part-time and i deliver medicines from the local hospital to people that are homebound that can't g--get out, come home from the hospital but don't have the medicine. steve: ok, good, good, good! good job! >> and i've been married 33 years. steve: 33 years?! >> 33 years.


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