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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  August 21, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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is mussolini? mussolini. yes. i'll take not to be confused for $1,000, please. [ beep ] and that is basalt. basalt. all right, all three players off to a good start, so we'll take a break. we'll come back and find out a little bit about them after this. [ applause ] and then lying about it. what the jury decided and private bradley manning learns his fate for leaking military secrets. the debate over whether his sentence was fair. and beefing up security at baltimore county schools. the concerns about whether it will make a difference. on fox 45 news at ten.
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olivia hummer is a senior from covina, california, who loves to dance and wound up in second place in a dance competition, i hear. yes, i was actually the only one in the category, so at the competition, if you placed first, you were invited to their nationals, and my friend and i, who did a duet, we weren't quite at that level, so they gave us second place when we were the only ones. so they wouldn't have to take you to the national competition?
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all right. william crouch, sophomore from warner robins, georgia. part asian, part navajo, and it says here you are registered with the navajo nation in the state of... arizona, and it's also partly new mexico, but we went two summers ago with my grandfather, who is full-blooded, and we got registered, me and my brother, and we went to go meet part of our family that i had never met before, and they're all full-blooded, and we got to try all of the cuisine and see all of the art and stuff. good for you. arjun byju is from sarasota, florida, a senior at pine view school who appeared on the mtv show "made." now, what's all that about? well, it's a show where they kind of take people who have a dream or an aspiration, and they help you fulfill that. i was "made" into a hip-hop dancer, actually. so, you couldn't dance before? definitely not. but now are you a good hip-hop dancer? i'm all right. yeah. yeah? do you do that new dance that the... oh, "gangnam style"? it's one of my specialties.
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it is? you'll have to teach me after the show. but right now, pick up your signaling device because you get to make the next selection. okay. i'll take homecoming for $200, please. answer. william. who is darwin? yes. homecoming for $400. olivia. what is arizona? yes. homecoming, $600. answer -- daily double. [ applause ] and you got in with arizona ahead of william on that one. good news for you. you can risk any or all of your $1,600. i'll risk...$600, please. okay. here's the clue.
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no? no. who is alexandre dumas? all right, you're at $1,000. select again. mythology for $200. olivia. who is jason? jason is right. mythology, $400, please. arjun. who is achilles? correct. mythology for $600, please. [ beep ] and that was the famous gordian knot. arjun, back to you. i'll take homecoming for $800, please.
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william. what is mount vernon? correct. homecoming for $1,000. william. what is oahu? no. arjun or olivia? lahaina on maui. back to you, william. mythology for $800. william. who is mercury? no. arjun? who is hermes? hermes, greek messenger. i'll take words containing silent letters for $200, please. william. what is an island? that's it. words for $400. william. what is wednesday? correct. words containing silent letters, $600. william. what is a psychic? psychic. yes. words, $800.
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arjun. what are hours? hours. right. i'll take same category, $1,000, please. olivia. what is a knife? knife. and now the last clue in mythology. william. what is a minotaur? minotaur. right you are. and that takes you up to $4,200. the lead is yours. olivia, you get to go first in double jeopardy! when we return. [ applause ]
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olivia, you get to go first right now. here are the categories in double jeopardy! each correct response. alex: who knows. olivia, start. "y" is the only vowel for $400, please. william. what is a gym? right. "y," $800. olivia. what is shy? good. "y" for $1,200. answer there -- daily double. [ applause ] and you are now in third place, with $3,000, but certainly within reach of the lead. i'll wager $1,000. $1,000 will put you close, put you in second place. here's the clue. what is a myth? myth is right. [ applause ] "y" for $1,600. olivia. what is a crypt? correct.
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"y" for $2,000. olivia. what is a tryst? yes. tv show sum-up for $400. william. what is "the puppy bowl"? "puppy bowl." right. tv show, $800. william. what is "punk'd"? yes. tv show sum-up, $1,200. william. what is "once upon a time"? correct again. tv show, $1,600. william. what is "arrow"? "arrow." yes. tv show, $2,000.
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[ beep ] and that would be "the soup." i haven't seen it, either. william, back to you. world rivers for $400. arjun. what is the amazon? that's the river. the 113th congress for $400, please. olivia. what is independent? right. 113th congress for $800. arjun. what is a bulldog? no. william. what is a hound? no. olivia. what is a watchdog? watchdog. yes. 113th for $1,200, please.
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william. what is hispanic? correct. congress for $1,600. this consumer advocate is the first female senator from massachusetts. arjun. who is warren? elizabeth warren. you got her. congress for $2,000, please. olivia. what is the tea party? that's right. american novelists, $400. arjun. who is fitzgerald? f. scott fitzgerald. you got it. novelists for $800, please. [ beep ] and that is cassandra clare. back to you, arjun. novelists for $1,200, please. [ beep ] the author is r. l. stine. arjun.
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i'll take world rivers for $800, please. okay. arjun. what is scotland? scotland is the country. i'll take rivers for $1,200, please. arjun. what is the volga? good. bad luck for $400, please. arjun. what is a mirror? right. bad luck, $800, please. olivia. what is hockey? yeah. bad luck for $1,200. olivia. what is whistling? whistling. yes. bad luck, $1,600. olivia.
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what is friday? friday the 13th. yes. bad luck for $2,000. [ beep ] and they're referring to the opal. four clues left on the board, olivia. american novelists, $1,600. [ beep ] and it was "a lesson before dying." olivia, back to you. american novelists, $2,000. [ beep ] and the author is truman capote. two clues left now, olivia. world rivers, $1,600. william. what is the yellow river? yellow is right, and you get the last clue, and it is the other daily double.
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[ applause ] $3,000. $3,000. all right. that will put you close to the lead. what is the danube? danube. right you are. $13,600. and here comes final jeopardy! for the three of you. the category is the planets. kind of narrows it down, doesn't it? there aren't that many. we'll be back to reveal the clue in a moment. ♪ the joint is jumpin' osteo bi-flex® helps strengthen your joints.° like calcium supplements can help your bones, osteo bi-flex can help your joints.° osteo bi-flex... the best stuff in the joint.™ now in joint and muscle formula. i took my son fishing every year. we had a great spot, not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort.
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let's find out how difficult. here is the clue.
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30 seconds, players. good luck. alex: they didn't have telescopes, so they didn't know about all the planets. let's go to arjun first. he had $7,400, and the planet he selected was neptune, and that is incorrect. it'll cost you how much? $2,600. that drops you down to $4,800. let's go to the middle now. william crouch had $13,600.
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his planet selection was neptune, also. no, not visible to the naked eye at that time. $2,800 is what it costs you, so you drop down to $10,800 as we come to olivia. did she write neptune, also? she crossed off mars and went to jupiter instead. if you had gone one planet more, to saturn, you'd have had the correct response. what did you lose, young lady? $6,600. that drops you into second place, and it makes william crouch a semifinalist. congratulations, young man. you get to play again next week, and we get to say goodbye until next week, when we will be back with our fourth quarterfinal match. hope to see you then. have a good weekend. take care. [ applause ] promotional consideration provided by...
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audience: wheel... of... fortune! [ cheers and applause ] 30 years! and now, from the theater at madison square garden in new york city,
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here are the stars of america's game -- pat sajak and vanna white. [ cheers and applause ] hello. how's everybody? thank you, jim. we're in new york. yes, we are. thanks so much. we appreciate that. bye. hello. every team should have one of those toss-up devices. there you go. "people" is the category for this first puzzle. go ahead, vanna. [ bell chimes ] kevin and chris. bosom buddies. yeah. uh-huh. you get it -- best friends, bosom buddies? that's it. well, why don't we hear about you guys? hello. my name is kevin edelman. i'm from long island. i have a beautiful wife, suzanne, of 7 1/2 years, a 16-month-old daughter, juliana,
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and my best friend, chris, who i've known for 12 years, 'cause he was my waiter at a diner. [ laughter ] that's how it started -- chicken noodle soup, all the time. yeah, well, that's -- well, that's good. boy, you get close to your servers, don't you? that's it. chris, how about you? my name's chris tsalikis. i have three beautiful children -- samantha, anastasia, and christopher. i have an amazing girl named michelina. and i'm a video-production manager. and like kevin said, we've been friends for 12 years, and he's actually the godfather of my son. well, that's good. and, plus, you won some money already -- that's a good deal, too. that doesn't hurt. no, not at all. good luck the rest of the way. hello. hi, pat. let's hear about you guys. i'm sheila campbell. i'm a registered nurse in port jefferson, new york. i work in an emergency room. i have a wonderful husband, jimmy, who is a new york city firefighter. i have four beautiful kids -- ashley, nora, james, and brian, wonderful son-in-law, and i have a foster child here from ecuador living with us, kevin. pat: terrific. and you've known this lady for a while. only 49 years. 49 years. let's hear your story.
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more than these guys are. [ laughter ] hi. my name is colleen finegan. sheila and i met. we grew up in the same neighborhood, woodside, queens. [ audience cheers ] i also married a fireman. my great husband, funny husband, gerard, is in the audience. that's great. i also raised four children -- taylor, shannon, morgan, and gerard. and i'd like to give a shout-out to my two beautiful granddaughters, shea and quinn. consider them shouted-out. [ laughter ] good luck. thank you. hi, guys. who's gonna talk first here? go ahead, justin. my name is justin samuels. i'm from east brunswick, new jersey. i'm a marketing associate at a digital-media company. this right here is my best friend, brad. we've been best friends for about six years. we were actually randomly paired as roommates in college. that's good. and it worked out, right? it worked out very well, yeah. and my name is brad emdur. i'm from cherry hill, new jersey. and i work for a company that puts on entertainment events for senior citizens. and when we're not working or playing "wheel of fortune," we're both really big baseball fans. so we love to go to games.


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