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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  September 20, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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an elderly man and two children live in the home... but firefighters say no one was injured. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a man accused of a sex offense in west baltimore is on the loose. and tonight, baltimore city police say they need the public's help to find him... keith daniels, streaming live from where police say the attack happened... keith. things got very
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heated at a meeting to discuss a new curriculum for maryland schools. the controversy is over what's known as the common core standards ...which are comng from the federal department of education. here's what happened at the ridge ruxton school last night when one parent got frustrated after the question he submitted was not answered. the man was
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taken out of the room in handcuffs. much of the criticism over the new curriculum is the lack of information parents are getting and questions about the way math will be taught. two years ago, lawmakers uncorked the states shipping laws and allowed wine to be shipped in- and-out of maryland. at the time, wholesalers predicted it would have a grave impact on business... but has it....? jeff abell went to the maryland wine festival in westminster for some answers..... (21:14:58) (abell) "well they are setting up and preparing to celebrate maryland wine this weekend and for the second year, they're also celebrating a new law which opened the state the out of state wine." (nats set up) for the 30'th year...... (nats set up) wine lovers are preparing for a taste..... (clinging bottles) and a toast..... (21:05:30) "we've got thousands of gallons already bottled and ready to go...." when the gates to the maryland wine festival swing open tomorrow....40 of
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the states 65 wineries....will be pouring their finest. and lately, the industry is on a rolll..... (20:47:45) (al cassinelli) "i think the maryland wine quality's gone up business is gone up retail sales have gone up...." and wineries give some of the credit to a new law which not only allowed out of state wine to be shipped into maryland..... but it also allowed maryland wineries to ship their wine to consumers within the state. (21:00:55) (eric aellen) "so you live in cambridge you want bocchioni they don't carry that one. now we can send it to you...." (20:48:57) "we also ship wines in from california to see our quality and see how we're doing....:" wholesalers feared the legislation would have a grave impact on the maryland wine business......but a study by marylands comptroller found its had no impact on wholesalers... instead, its created more than a half million dollars in taxes.....and sparked more sales at marylands wineries. (abell) "in fact, many wineries credit the new law for igniting new interest in
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wine, in fact many new wine clubs have cropped up because of it..." (21:02:35) (eric aellen) "as a small businessman, you want to deliver your products to your customers whereever your customers mayt be we live in the two thousands you should be able to do it these days." and in westminster this weekend, they're giving thousands of guests a taste of the state. (21:15:45)(abell) "they;'re expecting some 25-thousand people here in westminster this weekend and all of the wine here will be maryland wine. in westminster, jeff abell, fox 45 news at 5:30. the university of maryland's football team has some new digs. as amber miller explains, the helmets are one of a kind and the uniforms may have opponents flat on their faces. ((nat sound up)) the big reveal... ((nat sound up)) the university of maryland's football team is set, ready to step on the field with a brand new look.
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((sot---nicholas albaush freshman)) and a new innovation could mean bad news for opponents. under armour says newly engineered armour-grid technology will make every player lighter, faster, and tougher to take down. ((sot---jimmy vargas))
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edge report. map greenspring bat natl pike 395 map a beauty queen facing backlash. what miss south carolina said about her hometown... that many found offensive.
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"i don't send my son to school to learn these type of life lessons especially at the age of nine." and parents outraged over homework. the shocking assignment sent home with elementary school students. --adblib weather tz-- miss south carolina is
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carolina is apologizing for a comment she made during the miss america pageant last week... brooke mosteller came under fire for saying she's from a state where 20 percent of the homes are mobile - because quote "that's how we roll." --sot-- this was just very much a lack of judgment on my part and i should not have said it and i knew that in my gut. --butted sot-- after seeing how its
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been taken by people there really is nothing funny about it! in a written apology, the miss south carolina scholarship organization took responsibility for mosteller's joke saying "it was an attempt to be creative and humorous." some parents in louisiana are outraged over a homework assigment that was sent home with elementary schoolers. britteny badeaux says she was shocked when she read over her 9- year-old son's worksheets... and saw references to machine guns, pimps, and prostitution. "i think it's appalling why my 9 year old needs to know why a machine gun needs to be cooled down or why holding the trigger will produce rapid fire. i don't understand any of this." school officials say the assignments were taken from a state common core educational website, but they have since removed them. "i will stop the
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ceremony if you do not get out of the way." a wedding memory... they'd like to forget. why a priest brought this couple's ceremony to a screeching halt. and a dairy queen worker... honored for his act of kindess. what he did that earned him a personal phone call from warren buffet.
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day is one they won't soon forget... for all the wrong reasons...a spat between the priest and the photographer... was captured on camera.. and quickly went viral. "sir, would you please leave?" "where do you want me to be?" "anywhere other than here." / "this is a solemn assembly. this is not a photography session. please move or i will stop." the expressions on their faces say it all... rob and noelle were in the middle of their vows... when
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suddenly... the priest stopped the ceremony... telling the photographer to back off. noelle's brother posted the awkward moment online -- the newlyweds left on their honeymoon and woke up internet sensations -- garnering more than 250- thousand views. "i really wasn't upset. i was just really more appalled and kind of shocked." "i think my biggest fear was that we'd have to step in and say something" despite the awkward moment, the couple says it made for a memorable moment and most people laughed it off. toss to dawn brown we're saying
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the ravens could be without ray rice... what joe flacco says they will miss the most if he doesn't play... next in sports unlimited... ray rice hasn't practiced...
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listed as doubtful for sunday... which means... it doesn't look good... 75 percent chance he doesn't suit up against the texans. we've said it before this season... more than the ravens would like... but it's next man up. . that would be backup... running back... bernard pierce. pierce is already turning heads in just his second season... he has starter potential. but his football i-q is not nearly as high as rice.... the countdown is on for
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october baseball... 10 games left. and the biggest series of the orioles' season starts tonight. 4 games in tampa bay. a post season ticket via a wildcard is on the line. if the season ended today... tampa bay and texas take the american league wildcards. with cleveland a half game back... and the orioles 2 games. . basically they need to take this series... 3 of the 4 games... with a sweep as icing on the cake. o's and rays game 1... plus old mill and meade meet in a huge high school football matchup... coming up tonight on sports unlimited... a minnestoa
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dairy queen employee is being praised across the country... for his act of kindness. 19-year-old joey prusak was working the cash register when he saw a blind customer drop a 20 dollar bill... and another woman pick it up and slip it in her purse. joey was appalled and refused to serve the woman unless she returned the money. when she refused, joey gave the blind customer twenty-dollars out of his own pocket. after the incident was posted online... joey got a phone call from warren buffett, one of the richest men in the world and a major shareholder in dairy queen. prusak says: "he (buffett) said how proud he was of me and he looked forward to meeting me one of these days." prusak says: "i was too star struck to be asking questions, i didn't even know what to say." joey says the support has
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been overwhelming... and many people are sending him 20 dollar bills as a reward. that's all for fox45 news at 5:30. "family feud" is next. and we'll be back tonight for fox45 news at ten -- and the late edition at 11... we'll see you later.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media]
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steve: how you folks doing? [cheering] ok, that's enough. that's too much. welcome to "family feud," everybody! i'm your man steve harvey! and boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, have we got a good one for you today, because they are returning for their second day, with a total, $20,000--from hyattsville, maryland, it's the chambers family. [cheering and applause] and from west orange, new jersey, it's the rondinella family. [cheering and applause] well, everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here with a stylish new ford fusion right there, yes. let's go. give me safiya. give me laura. let's go. ["family feud" theme playing] ladies, we've got the top 6
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answers on the board. men suck in their gut; name a part of the body a woman wishes she could suck in. safiya? >> her stomach. steve: her stomach. one answer, laura. >> her butt. steve: her butt. [cheering] >> play, play! >> we're gonna play. steve: they're gonna play. >> all right! >> whoo-hoo-hoo! whoo-hoo! steve: rebecca, how you doing? >> good. how are you, steve? steve: good. all right, rebecca, men suck in their gut; name a part of the body a woman wishes she could suck in. >> her thighs. steve: her thighs. >> good answer! good answer! steve: ha ha! hey, tommy, let's go. men suck in their gut; name a part of the body a woman wishes she could suck in. >> i would think maybe her checks and her mouth. steve: her cheeks. >> good answer. >> that's ok! steve: hello, sharon. >> nice to meet you.
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steve: you would be the queen. >> i am, yep. and i also am a 3-year breast cancer survivor. steve: congratulations. >> thank you. steve: that's good. >> three years ago, i had a hairstyle just like yours. steve: sexy, wasn't it? >> yes. bald is beautiful! steve: bald is beautiful. >> that's right, that's right! steve: that's a good thing. congratulations. well, sharon, men suck in their gut; name a part of the body a woman wishes she could suck in. >> how about her double chin? steve: her double chin. >> ohh! steve: hi, julia. how you doing, darling? >> i'm good. how are you? steve: good. you're a student? >> yeah. i'm at seton hall university. steve: oh, seton? ooh, that's a nice school. >> i have to tell you actually, you have a girlfriend back in west orange. steve: no, i don't. >> yes, you do. yes, you do. steve: i promise you i don't. hey, hey, hey. [laughter] and that's for chuckles.
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>> she's my 88-year-old-- steve: ah, ah, ah! [laughter] you don't know a lot about me, do you, julia? [laughter] i've had two divorces. i ain't got no money for a third, really. i paid all the alimony, the child support--i just got finished. and here you are, "you got a girlfriend in west orange..." >> you do. you do. steve: all right, julia, go ahead, tell your little story, because--and i got to tell you something. if it's good--if this goes anywhere that it ain't supposed to do, i'm jumping on your daddy right away. [laughter] who is it, julia? >> she's my 88-year-old tap-dancing grandmother. steve: that's my girl. that's my girl. that's her. it's been a well-kept secret, but it's out now. >> she watches every episode, and she always brags about what you're wearing and tells him he needs to dress like you. >> that's right.


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