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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  October 21, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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and hurricane katrina. what's good for your wallet could be bad for your safety. liability, repairs, are areas that you should never skimp on. remember that boy scout lead are who toppled an ancient rock formation? he could face felony charges and he's at the center of a personal injury lawsuit. glen taylor is seen des lodging a rock formation at the utah state park but before the video was taken tai already file lad lawsuit against allan mcdonald's. mcdonald's daughter was in a car crash that hit taylor in teen. taylor is suing saying he endured great pain, disability and suffering. >> i see a big strong guy who
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steps up to a 2,000 pound rock and pushes it, pushes it and finally dislodges it and rolls it over. i think to myself that guy doesn't have a bad back. >> he said his client has been recovering from the crash. the lawsuit was filed last month. not every mom is able to breast feed her baby but she still wants the nutrients. instead of opting for formula, some turn to the internet. some may contain high levels of bacteria. researchers purchased more than 100 samples of breast milk through a plar milk sharing site. results showed nearly three out of every four internet milk samples were colonized with high bacteria count. >> the kinds of bacteria were
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concerning, col low form back tee -- coloform bacteria. >> they recommend going through a milk bank if you're going to purchase milk for your baby. formula is also a viable option. it can be a danger for pilots, lasers pointed at pilots. people take it as a joke but the fbi doesn't. are these gimmicks or could they make your feaforts drink taste better. >> i'm wyatt everhart, taking a look at towson elementary. we'll talk about when the winds turn north and much colder. it's straight ahead on abc2 news at 5. [ male announcer ] there are always great footlong values at subway.
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the number of cases of
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lasers being point at planes and pilots is going on. >> now theout terrorism task force is howeverring a reward -- offering a reward for information. >> reporter: this shows the blinding glare of a laser poirntsed at a plane's cockpit. listen as a plane is coming in for landing at new york's jfk airport last year. >> yes, sir. we just got laserred up here. two green flashes in the cockpit. >> reporter: in new york city, it has jumped 17%. >> we don't know why there as an increase but there has been a 17% increase over last year. so they are concerning to us. >> the laser can blind the pilot, at least temporarily
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blientd pilot and also -- blind the pilot. >> reporter: a dangerous distraction for pilots. according to the faa, the number of laser incidents is 13 times higher now compared to previous years. comparing it to 350 in 2006 to 3,000 plus in 2012. while they have never caused a crash, it often appears during takeoff and touchdown. >> in the critical phase, a pelt could los cell. >> reporter: the most recent happening last week. a commercial plane was coming into a landing when a blinding green laser light ill lym meat inned the cockpit. later that night a pilot reported one two miles southwest of laguardia. earlier this year pilots
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suffered significant injuries, including a burt retina -- burnted retina. >> we need to trane the pilots to cope with them and train the public on the hazards these can represent. >> experts say the reason we're seeing an increase is the availability of lasers. they're inexpensive and easy it buy online. >> a law signed last year makes it a federal chrome to point a laze are at an aircraft, which is why the fbi is leading the investigation. >> let's start off with a look at what we're tracking this week. it's not so much precipitation as it is colder air. a couple cold shots headed our direction. we get a secondary shot that will come in early next week, so in big warmup after we get the cooldown.
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we'll look at temps in the 50s. a big is the of canadian air. we'll also see showers spark up wednesday afternoon. looks like a lot of the rain will be from baltimore eastward and north and west likely to stay at least generally dry. there could be some hit or miss showers. again, nice fall colors in towson. same deal in northern pawk buccaneer. parkton under the sun. high thin cirrus clouds. and made of ice crystals. these are fair weather clouds. 63 now at bwi after a day where we did touch 70 in central maryland. the bulk of the day in the get get. a hard froze warning for places like davenport, iowa. chicagoland and southern wisconsin with a hard freeze warning and the frost concerns down to indianapolis and parts
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of northern ohio. this is what we expect to see more in our area. by the way, not just severe thunderstorm warnings and the like but from the and freeze warnings in the palm of your hand 24/7. bay planner out on the warts, mid-60s. bay water temp has been dropping. air and water temp both in the mid-60s tom and the winds will be kicking up, gusting higher. so you have to deal with the winds. take a look at the setup. temperatures low 60s. set to cool off rapidly into the 50s. chilly night. it will be a chilly night. wepts are from the south, which are keeping things mild and not too many gusts. it was gusty an hour or two ago. rain, timing wise, again, looks minimal into the day tomorrow. we look for the clouds to roll in but generally dry.
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any rain to the west should fizzle out, but that begins to change on wednesday as we seat air beginning to get more moist and the chance for rain. wednesday morning right now we're going to bank on rain, especially from baltimore eastward. watch out for rain wednesday morning. then the cool hair comes in. this gets colder wednesday into the day on thursday. we're clear, great evening for you. there's the leading edge of that colder air and the boundary that could bring a shower as early has tomorrow afternoon. probably likely that the rain holds off until wednesday. big low over canada helping to drag in that cooler air. in the mean team the mild southwesterly flow will continue and temperatures will be reasonable, even a little above average. cold air funneling in as we go into wednesday night. overnight 45, clear and chilly. tomorrow 65 for a two-degree guarantee. tomorrow night you seat rain become as possibility overnight
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and certainly into wednesday morning. the next few days 50s and look at the overnight lows, down in the mid-30s. we're forecasting for baltimore on the set of set of but some of the -- seven-day forecast forecast. westminster, up into the harford zone, bel air, north, those hearse will find freezing temperatures right around 32 later this week. these are overnight lows. >> all right. thank you. if you're struggling to lose weight, you may want to look at your snacking habits. research suggests obese men and women snack more than normal weight people. snacking isn't necessarily bad but too often the snacks are high in calories, salt, fat and sugar. nutritionists said dip the chips, pretzels and cookies for more nutritious foods.
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>> i think better choice snacks include things that are high in fiber. we go back to fruits and vegetables. we know they're good sources of nutrition. some have higher water content. lower in fat so you're not taking the excess calories, but you get that satisfaction from the snack. >> experts recommend planning your snacks for the well week. you can cut up fruits and vegetables so they're ready to go and have healthy snacks on hand to avoid hitting those vending machines. >> just because you'rer that favorite actor on tell -- you're their favorite actor on television, did they make the cut? >> for get beer goggles, we'll explain. 
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we're taking house calls. doctor, we're talking about pad. how is it diagnosed and treated? >> the easiest way to diagnose is is to have your physician do a good pulse examination. they're in standard locations. if the doctor can feel the pulse, the mood flow is probably good. if the doctor can't feel the pulse that's where testing comes. noninvasive with ultrasound is the way we make the diagnosis of pad in most patients. >> many people think diagnosis of vascular disease is
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complicated, painful, expensecy. most of the testing is done noninvasively with no pain, no must, no fuss. >> the doctor will be with us through 6:30. operators are standing by waiting for your call. 410-481-2222.
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are some of -- of your favorite actors some of the highest paid? we break down the list. >> forbes, the business magazine that seems to make money by listing how much others make has listed the highest paid tv actors. ashton kutcher is number one. >> uds' almost think i won the lotto or something, which i kind of did. >> with an estimated $24 million in the past year, he definitely did. the past and present stars of "two and a half men" made up
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40%. although this year will likely be his last. the former costar charlie sheen managed to make $10 m he used to be the highest paid. only three of the top 10 are pry arely dramatic actors. mark harmon $15 million and michael c. hall $10 million. and many round out in the top 10. the forbes list shows that big money is still on network television. forbes come piled the list by talking to industry experts.
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those stars, pumpkin spice champion, annoying twin body guards, that stuff gets expensive. >> you can catch more stories like this on the list followed by let's ask america. >> coming up at 6:00 a hooters restaurant giving notice, why she said she got fired and is fighting a claim of discrimination. >> a makeover for baltimore schools. those stories and whole lot more coming up at 6. here's a preview of what's ahead at 6:30. >> our team on the scene of the breaking news in nevada, the teacher is the by a student at a middle school has the teacher tried to protect other children what we learned about the young gunman.
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so the next time you grab a drink at your favorite watering hole, take a look. >> did you know lighting could affect your sense of taste? some bars are trying out this neurogas tron mi. they said it could bring out the earth tones of whiskey. >> the environment affects your perception of taste, depending on what you're listening to. >> the flavors are already in the whiskey. >> it enhances it, rather than creating something that doesn't exist or changing fundamentally
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the taste of the whiskey. >> okay. red lighting and curved red surfaces are supposed to bring out the sweetness in your drinks. experts said more bars are -- bars and restaurants are testing it. >> so they're trying to hide that it's not top shelf. why are police enforcing maryland's move over law. abc2 news starts right now. where three teens got am mew mission and why police don't think it's part of a bigger plot. >> it's been compared to a trip to the dmv, errors, glitches to the healthcare website. >> definitely said to plea you
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can't have blonde hair because you're black. >> she said her highlights cost her her job. now she claims she's being discriminated against. kelly swoope and jamie costello. a routine car stop nets three suspected burglars. it wasn't just car radios they're accused of stealing. >> police found rounds of stolen ammunition. >> ammunition disappeared from a marshal's trailer, the bullets made specifically for law enforcement. the thieves didn't get very far. just before 2:00 sunday morning. an anne arundels police officer saw a car hit a curb. >> three teenagers under the age of 21, clearly in the position of 70 boxes of ammunition and then the burglary tools there.
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were bolt cutters, latex gloves and a flashlight. that rises to the level of probable cause. >> reporter: the driver 18-year- old brandon sharif and two other teenagers were inside. they admitted to breaking into the trailer and stealing the rounds. police don't believe this is part of a bigger plot. >> these guys didn't have weapons in their possession or access. we didn't have a huge public safety concern that there was any type of plot. we think they got their hands on some ammunition and randomly went into this storage container. >> police said they breck into a ford mustang and stole car parts. in hanover, don harrison, abc2 news. >> 16 and 15-year-olds are dharged as juveniles. he is wanted for stealing
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copper from a bge substation in gambrills. the substation has been a target for copper thieves. if you have information call anne arundel county police or metro crime stoppers. now to a developing story out of nevada. a middle school student opened fire before the morning bell wounding two boys and killing a staff mem better about 30 students at sparks middle school witnessed the shooting which also left the gunman dead. late this afternoon the staffer identified him has michael landsberry a math teacher. investigators are still working on a motive. if you hit the highways, you might have noticed more flashing lights. maryland troopers came out in full force ticketing drivers of the move off law. it requires drivers to merge into another lane or slow down. emergency crews are parked on
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the shoulder. >> the problem we're having now is we have to split our attention between the violator that we have in front of us and the traffic pattern behind us. na makes -- that makes our job twice as hard. >> the enforcement comes after jacqueline kline was struck and critically injured. trooper kline is expected to be moved to a rehab facility soon. weather wise, south breeze and a mild evening. the winds are subsiding, still 5 to 15679 the temperatures are comfortable. 06 in annapolis and 61 in chester town. this is after we topped out close to 70. it was mild with the sunshine. we'll got another day but mild. the cold front. you see the line of showers up toward detroit, kansas city. that is the leading edge of
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air. the overnight hours will be chilly but back up to 60. that's in the forecast straight ahead. if you thought waiting to be seen by your doctor take last long time it's nothing compared to trying to sign up on the new healthcare website. wrong information plagued the site. the president admitted the rollout has been anything but smooth. he said no one's madder than he is and the site is going to get fixed. meanwhile, republicans continue to hammer on the glitches. >> there's no sugar coating it. the website has been too slow. people have been getting stuck during the application process. it's fair to say no one is more frustrated than i am. >> it's like a trip to the department of motor vehicles. >> health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius had drawn most of that fire with


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