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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  October 21, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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is in the works. >> ♪ we will, we will rock you >> who is going to play front man freddy mercury? sasha baron cohen was originally tagged to play him but no more. queen guitarist brian may thought he would be quote, very distracting. >> wtf? >> and dust off your '90s groove. a new pic about tlc drops tonight. vh 1 "crazy sexy cool", the tlc story lks dceably gd.ha sile "meant to be" written as an homage to the trio used to chant before concerts. >> and steve corell played one
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of the most annoying characters. >> on a scale of 1 to 10, what do you think you are? >> 6. >> i think you're a 3. >> best kept secret of this year's movie crop, the way, way back. >> i'm afraid i have to ask you to leave. you're having way too much fun. it is making everybody uncomfortable. >> steve plays the stepfather after shy 14-year-old who goes on summer vacation with his family. the boy find a friend, and you'll be happy you bought or rented it. >> speaking of hot, there is no actress hotter than sandra bullock. her film "gravity" is out of this world big. and she is a front-runner for oscars. let's look at america's sweetheart by the numbers. >> explorer's been hit. do you read me? >> 6801 hollywood boulevard is where sandra bullock's star on
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the hollywood walk of fame is located. she is the only actress to ever win for best actress for razzie for worst actress in the same year. oscar was for "the blindside." the razzie for "all about steve." a lifetime gross of bullock's films. how many movies with keanu reeves? two. a pay jack for the sequel of $11 million. >> this is much better. >> 17 years is the age difference between her and her co-star, ryan gosling in "murder by numbers" but they still ended updating. that's cradle robbing by numbers. five is how long she was married to motorcycle tycoon jesse james. $1 million is the amount sandra donated to the american red cross after the september 11th terror attacks in 2001.
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she gave another million when the tsunami hit in 2004 and another after the haiti earthquake. that's sandra bullock by the numbers. >> and on the subject of numbers, let's talk about the dirty dozen. not the movie, the environmental working groups annual list of the 12 dirtiest fruits and veggies. the ones with the most pesticides. what are they and what can you do about it? let's check it out on the fit list. >> dirt on food. >> we talked with nutritionist janet little about fruits and vegetables with the most pesticides. the ones where, whenever you can, you should splurge for the organic. take me through some of the vegetables that made the dirty dozen. highest ranking on the list will be fruits that are very sweet. because bugs like sweet just like we do. sweet bell peppers. beside the sweet stuff, things
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in the ground will also be higher on the list. choose celery organic. potatoes is another thing grown in the ground. >> wait a second. i'm very concerned now. janet, this affects my bloody mary. >> we're a show called "the list." >> and this is number one on the list. the apple. bugs love to eat apples. strawberry number two. >> yeah. one grape can have 15 pesticides. >> we can have the pesticide wine. >> kale is the lindsay lohan of vegetables. >> don't let it twerk out. >> i just learned that like a week ago. >> don't eat this now. it has been on the floor. probably better than pesticides. your conventional apple will probably have pesticides or fast-food. any time hands down buy the
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fresh food. fast-food, yucky. . >> in the words of an expert, fast-food is yucky. you're about to commit a serious offense. painful price. only to find that item on sale next week. don't do it. we've got the stores that always have sales. next on "the list." >> strange to say the least. check out this list of the world's most bizarre tourist attractions. bubble gum alley. >> the hair museum. >>
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"the list" is on-line. incredible photos. hottest viral videos. get clud in on the hottest show.
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>> i'm teresa strasser, you're on "the list." painful price, but for suckers at least these stores always seem to be having a sale. conor knighton takes a look at retailers with constant coupons. conor, what's the deal? >> if you're a brg an hunter, that implies there is some sort of a hunt. but there are a few stores where sales are so frequent, it is like shooting fish in a barrel. there are a few stores where if you're not using a coupon, you're doing something wrong. first, macy's. macy's is always on sale. super saturday, sunday, columbus day, arbor day. if there is something you like at macy's, just wait 15 minutes, there will be a sale. some sales are bet are than others and some items are excluded. but for your average merchandise at macy'macy's, a quick check o paper usually yields coupons for around 20% off. full price at banana republic is more after suggestion. i'm constantly seeing offers or at left 30% off full prices and that regular lay highlights how
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to get over 50% off. gn upoecve banana republic, they will send you a special offer. that offer is 25% off coupon code. can you stack that on top of other deals. bed, bath and beyond, you would have to be beyond foolish to pay full price for anything in this store. i could walk out of my house with a 20% coupon with what the triple b sends out. there are expirations on them, but typically stores honor coupons no matter what the date is. you can find coupons for around 40% off. any items pretty much any day of the week. these are marked off like crazy. a picture may be worth a thousand words but apparently a picture frame is worth nowhere near its retail price. >> on the topic of shopping, nike jawbone and fit bid all rolled out high-tech wrist bands. track your steps, track your
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sleep, and even monitor what you eat. which gives you the most bang for your buck? wrist wars. >> check it out. >> that's what they'll call us. >> first up, fit bit force. and it is a powerful force for everyday fitness. this super sporty wrist rocket tracks your daily activities and sleep patterns. while automatically syncing with your computer or smart phone. it comes in two colors and features a silent vibrating alarm, so this will never happen again. >> fit bit ones $129. next is up by jawbone. also, $129. this va bracelet shares features with the fit bit but they one-upped with a longer battery life were more color options and an app that tracks what you eat or drink and patterns in your day-to-day activities. on the down side, to sync you have to plug it in and it doesn't tell time.
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>> it's 10:33. >> what? >> out on november 1st, is nike's fuel band se. this wrist wrap costs a bit more at $149 but offers four colors and motivation. it's not only tracks your fitness activity and intensity but uses nike social media platform called fuel could share your achievements with other fuel wearing friends. like fitness facebook. share progress, encourage friends and earn fuel points. like a personal trainer that doesn't whine about you being five minutes late, risky business today on -- >> the future list. >> speaking of electronic media, i know you were horrified this morning when face book was down. >> i desperately needed to know what my friends were eat willing for breakfast. >> hard to go on without that knowledge. matt, that's calls fomo, or fear of missing out. >> log off for a moment and let
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aria explain. >> having the overwhelming that something really great is happening without you? >> if so, you're not alone. a recent study shows 56 % of media users suffer from fomo, a fear of missing out. >> that the major population we're working with right now. >> this video from folks at college humor says it all. >> having so much fun without me. >> a new research now shows all that anxiety could be actually driving our addiction to social media. >> face book, facebook. got to check my facebook. >> another 26 % of users said they would rather give up cigarettes or reality tv before giving up their social networking file. >> this concept is not necessarily new. >> but social media made it that much worse. >> one look at our news feed on facebook to present us with so many options at once, we can't decide where to go or who to hang out with. >> hanging out at an ale house and tgi fridays.
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i have to choose. >> by constantly bombarded by social media, we have these constant pokes. instead of feeling good, we feel like we're not as good as everybody. >> first, look at the situation. >> those are great things of what happened but it is not a hundred percent of what happened. not perfect. >> don't fe insecure. >> you don't have to feel insecure about that. >> write down things you're grateful for everyday. to find out if you have fomo, we posted a quiz on our website, >> money wasters. here is a list of things that dave ramsay says we waste money on. number four, atm fees. number three, appetizers. number two, deal web sites. number one, credit card
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you're on "the"." michael phelps is swimming again. nicki mayo dives into the waters of the pool around baltimore. >> reporter: at number one. according to espn, he's back in china to promote the company's new workout line in shanghai. >> i think the hardest thing about this, attempting to learn mandarin again. >> reporter: do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth? maybe he'll prepare by swimming in the yankee river or climbing the wall. no word when he will be back
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here to get ready for the real games in 2016. at number two -- >> where's the beef? >> reporter: this is going vegan. >> the area gets excited about this new option. >> reporter: the mexican grill rolled out a new vegan menu today with grilled tofu as their protein source on their burritos and tacos. >> all right. thank you. vegetarians and vegans are always looking for new options. they know we're always looking for fresh and healthy alternatives. >> the only word -- [inaudible] >> reporter: this man loves his restaurant as much as he loves life. with his passing over the weekend, we thought we would honor him with creating the ultimate menu starting with breakfast and eddie's first restaurant, the bagel place, a grilled egg bagel with egg and cheddar cheese. one of their newest items and a
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shirley. get your grits on. now you're caught up and clued into what's happening around balt moral. baltimore. i'm nicki mayo. they are running for their lives. just another day in southern california -- next on "the list."
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i'm teresa strasser. are you looking to cut back
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on carbs. >> no. >> we have viral videos guaranteed gluten free. >> we picked the day's best in a segment we called -- >> viral list. first up -- [inaudible] >> if you do not fix the next 27 seconds, it will overflow. >> yeah. seems just as annoying as you would assume. >> well, at least he doesn't take up a lot of space. the running of the balls in venice beach, california. onlookers are really excited, too. did you see that? that guy just gunned it. ♪
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>> lastly, ♪ >> the most adorable politician one of the most inspirational songs of the year. ♪ >> can bebe elected to -- can we be elected to washington now? kidding around on the viral list. i think those are full- sized candy bars, too. thanks for watching "the list." here's what's coming up tomorrow. everyone knows the best way to prevent the common cold, one, wash your hands, two, get plenty of rest and three drink a lot of water. now we'll show you something that's not so common. tomorrow on "the list." tomorro
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hey, everybody. i'm kevin pereira. and this is "let's ask america," the show where you don't have to get out o your recliner to win $50,000. they want to play, let's see who we got today. savannah, california, it's jay. she's from ft. wayne, indiana, it's kim. from tennessee -- from tampa, florida, say hello to melody. welcome everybody to the show. here's how the madness works. very simple. we ask america their opinions on all kinds of crazy topics. all you have to do is correctly guess the rumts of those polls and you can win $50,000. does that sound good? let's get into it. our first question is worth
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$100. here are the two possible answers. a too small dress or a too tight parking space. the question is, women said they'd have the most anxiety trying to squeeze into what? is it a too small dress or a too tight parking space? i think we have a bachelorette party in progress out of van ives, is that the case? >> we are partying it up in style. >> love it. >> jenny, what's your story? >> well, i am engaged to the love of my life. we've been together for seven years. and we're going to be getting married pretty soon and we are just having a bachelorette party. >> let's get it going. let's start with a hundred bucks. everybody flip those cards. is it too small dress or too tight parking space? let's see it. melanie says small address, adam
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agrees, looks like everybody says the small dress. the correct answer with 56% of the vote, it's the too small dress. you got it. $100 for everybody. it's that easy. we're going to move onto our next question worth $200. two possible answers here are, a new casino being built or an old casino being demolished. the question is, what did people who live in las vegas say makes them more excited. is it a new casino being built or an old casino being demolished? let's hit the links with matt from cookville, tennessee. how are you, matt? >> how's it going? >> going well, yourself? >> doing well. >> that's a nice collection you have back there, matt. >> yes. this is a collection my dad and i started playing golf when i was little and everywhere we played i picked up a ball. and the collection followed. >> i love it. let's add $200 to that total. everybody flip those cards. is it a new casino or the
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demolishing of old? people love the destruction. they want to see it crumble. watch the world burn with 90% of the vote. you are wrong, it's a new casino. got to bring in the new life. some casinos are timeless, some of them need to go. i don't disagree. our next question is worth $300. here are the two possible answers. we've got comedy central or soap net. the question is office workers said a reality show about their workplace should appear on which network? is it comedy central or soap net? all right, the answers are in. let's go to tampa, florida, and say hello to miss melanie. tell me about yourself and your little co-pilot there. >> oh, this is my best buddy in the world, i love him to pieces, he's my border collie. i have ten cats and he helps herd them and keep them in line. >> welcome to the program,
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melanie. let's get you $300. is it comedy central or soap net? flip the cards. everyone. two for soap net, two for comedy central. with 51% of the vote as close as it can be, they said comedy central. jenny and adam now tied at $400 a piece. matt and melanie at $100 a piece. and that brings us to the final question of this round. this is worth $400. more importantly, this decides who gets eliminated. here we go, two possible answers are, their kids friends or ex-boyfriends. the question is, which of these did moms in their 40s say they've secretly looked up on facebook more often? is it their kids friends or their ex-boyfriends? all right. looks like the answers are in. let's go to ft. wayne, indiana and say howdy to adam. how are you? >> good, buddy. how are you? >> i'm good.


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