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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  October 24, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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next, it's the 300th episode of c.s.i. and they're celebrating with an appearance by red hot red-headed super cop. >> the number 300 will be hidden 14 times during the episode, giving fabs something to look for while the crew is stopping. next, the first baldwin wroer shares his second thought. >> sir alex says he was horrified in new york. he tried to get out of the 2012 stinker. baldwin told the audience he knew it was going to be a disaster from the get-go.
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now, he's pimp slapping the people who pay him. >> hot list, hot deals. looking for some spooky good bargains on halloween? here's a few options for stweet treeltings. what's the deal? >> chipotle is a word so ridiculous, it makes you laugh every time you say it. a free burrito if you showed up in stores dressed in a costume. this year, the burrito is $3. still more than half off the regular price. it's turned into a charity event. all proceeds up to $1 million
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benefit the foin dags. it rooks horrible. perhaps the only redeeming factor is they call it count spach ewe la. >> it's from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. one dollar gets you a booklet of free frosty, jr., coupons. >> oh, what a cute costume. i'm going to give you a piece of paper that your parents have to take you mrp to get redeemed. >> five frosties for a dollar is a fantastic deal. and you're going to need something to dip that $3 burrito into.
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>> since the charles ton chton took out one of my fillings back in the '80s. >> we ate all of your halloween candy. >> no one wants to be a buzz kill on halloween. but let's be realistic. you can make it just a little bit easier on the old shoppers. >> it's retty nice. >> we operate on the four good groups. >> number one, avoid sticky candies. they're full of sugar. >> it will stick on the teeth and pop up an old filling or an old crown. >> and laugh fi taffy, no one is laughing when your fillings are
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coming out. >> i can chew this gum while i'm getting the toilet paper out of my trees. >> chocolate is loaded with sugar. but studies have shown that the antiox dant in dark chocolate is good for the heart and it can now, here are the day's best viral videos.
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they've always been enemies and this is no different. hopefully, this wild little guy hires himself out soon. >> next, some letter eye candy. check out this calming video of a pinstriping audience spelling out round hand letters in round hand lettering. u no now, if only you could do this on the beach. the golden lab is playing the blues.
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>> costumes for under 6 bucks. sure, there's the whole cutting a sheet and going as a ghost theme. next on "the list." >> whiteout. ta a look at this list of the world's most popular car colors. number 3, black. number 2, silver. and number
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and top three reasons to watch the list. you learn things. number two, you have. number three, you feel good knowing the list just won four emmys. thanks for watching. holidays coming and time to get your costume ready. >> haven't you been a wolverine for four or five years?
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>> can't you see the resemblance? but if you want to change things, we have a greatly to do it. a thrift store. here are a list of the best costumes. >> goodwill. a great place for second hand finds and the official sponsor of halloween. thrift shops like goodwill are a great place to get your costumes. >> the quality will be so much better. >> it is not only my producer but she is a fashion blogger specializing in everything thrift ty. >> that is a perfect costume. no one will ever see your face. >> first on the go to thrift store costumes. >> get uh-huh way yen shirt, a lei. >> and a bill cosby costume. >> wear a sweater, some jeans.
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jello. >> jello pudding popsn't >> and work on your dance moves. >> the flannel and then some jeans and then a roll of paper towel. >> braun ney man, instant. >> i love that. >> next, honey boustany. >> sparkles. sparkles. you get a bottle of mountain dew for go go juice. >> the easiest costume, a zombies. >> a wedding zombie. >> a tv host zombie. >> totally. >> which i am anyway in the morning. [ laughter ] >> [ laughter ] >> go to goodwill costumes on the break down. right? >> thank you, matt. >> at the risk of looking leak one of those retailers jumping on the christmas train too
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early, we have to share this. >> elf on the shelf has become the major thing and he is expanding his elf in reach. jack explains. >> ask the business world elf on the shelf is a multimillion dollars book. >> they sold 6 million books and experienced a 70% growth every year since it came out in 2005. >> but ask kids like twins hannah and mia and you get the reason why. >> it is elf, it is really magical. >> he has that little mind of his own. >> the elf gets into a little trouble an he is supposed to be keeping an eye on the kids for santa. he is drinking mom's starbucks and hanging out with barbie. >> we laughed so hard. >> their parents take pictures and post to social media.
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>> everyday he is going online, reading, facebook, twitter, trying to figure out different ideas to come up with to make the girls laugh. >> all the shenanigans are all the tradition of what she grew up on. >> it is turning into what has become truly the centerpiece of christmas tradition. >> if your elf on a shelf hasn't reached enough havoc, the birthday edition hits shelves this week. it comes with a little cupcake outfit for the elf. noel if though. you have to buy the first book. >> that would be awesome. let's eat the birthday cake together. >> happy elf, happy self. >> the list. hosts with the most. we watched all the late night comedy shows and dugout the best. >> somebody in the white house
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used a fake twitter account to send out hundreds of anti obama tweets. >> boo. >> now, the account was immediately shutdown and malia has been grounded. >> two armed robbers stole $60,000 from manhattan whole foods store. considered armed and organic so be careful. >> the record 58% of a earthquake ma cancer want to legalize marijuana. >> yay! [applause] >> then they are like say it is unanimous. >> group effort. check out this list of halloween costumes for you and your closest friends. social media. ?z'v crayons. rock, paper, scissors.
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>> we're rolling through baltimore from roller derby to bike tour. big wheels keep on turning next on the list. @yo⌟] @yo⌟]
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you're on the list. you may need to buckle up your helmet if you plan to play this weekend. nicky has what every one will be tweeting about around baltimore. >> at number one, get ready to role with the baltimore bike party tomorrow night. >> the goal is to take you somewhere you have never been before that you normally wouldn't go to. see the sites in that area and meet the people in that area. >> this month's ten mile ride is neck named the brew ha ha. you can dress up like a terror on wheels. >> we're going to pull out all the stops for halloween.
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>> get ready to see napoleon dynamite. number two, it is fun to have the rivalry. the battle of i-95. the a least on roller-skates. the roller girls are taking them on in this week's roller derby. >> we have a better, stronger game and we're baltimore. we're tougher. >> it will be transformed into a grudge match and another way for us to beat up on dc. >> you make it look so simple, but. >> there you go. >> you have to be able to take a hit because you have at least four if not five girls on the other team trying to knock the crap out of you. >> number 3. marking 30 years of wildlife, trick-or-treating an candy eating at the maryland zoo in baltimore. >> we have pumpkin snatches by elephants.
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wart hogs and birds enjoying some of the treats as well. starts tomorrow morning and runs through sunday afternoon. >> now you're caught up and blued into what is happening around baltimore. i'm mickey nayo. a single leap, an empty gum wrap ter. these everyday items just may save your life. >> are you listening macgyver? >> survivor light packs next on the list.
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today we're going man
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versus wide. if you want to be a contestant on survivor this is your kind of story. >> we'll show you how to use stuff to survive in the great outdoors with survival light packs. >> mosquitoes, pack them away by tossing rosemary or basil on the fire. bugs can't stand that snell. >> that is good. >> now for some cooking acts. let's turn that fire into function. >> foods in aluminum foil so you can put them in the fear. cut open a box leak this. grilled cheese and shrimp. get two containers and a piece of cloth. make it slightly higher and connect the two with a cloth.
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in a little while you'll have crystal clear filtered water. >> a little water, a leaf and a sewing needle. at night fall your tea can isn't throwing off enough light. make a coke can lantern. reflected light shining bright. learn to survive with light packs. >> i guess i am usually a hack. >> thanks for watching the list. >> here is what we're working on tomorrow. >> the update, today will be huge. stay tuned people are so awful. more facebook activity nobody really likes. tomorrow on the list.
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hello boys and girls. i'm kevin pereira and this is "let's ask america" where you don't even have to put on makeup to win $50,000. people from all across america their webcams if they want to play. let's see who we've got today. first up from clearwater, florida - and from california, it's jack. and from georgia, it's megan. hello everybody. welcome to the program. good to have you all here. this is very, very simple. we ask americans their opinions on all sorts of crazy topics. all you have to do is correctly guess the results of those polls and you can win $50,000. let's get into it. here we go, this first question is worth $100. the two possible answers are, take a peek or look away.
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the question is, what did married men say they would do if their sister-in-law was wearing a low-cut blouse? would they sneak a little peek or would they look away? all right. the answers are in. let's take a trip to clearwater, florida and say hello to monica. how are you? >> i'm doing great. how are you? >> i'm doing great. thank you for asking. what is the madness behind you? >> this is our kitchen at our family run pizzaria. >> what's your story? >> i'm 35, mom to two beautiful girls 9 and 5, also an accountant. i love the beach and kayaking. life is good. >> monica, good luck. this is for $100. let's flip the cards everyone. is it sneak a peek or look away? monica look away, the correct answer with 60% of the vote what did the soon-to-be divorced men say? it was sneak a peek. chris and megan, you got it.
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each awarded $100. still very early. it's anyone's game. we're going to keep this moving along. next question worth $200. two possible answers are, too much coffee or not enough coffee. the question is, administrative assistants said they're the most dangerous to be around under what circumstances? too much coffee or not enough coffee? let's say hello to jack in california. how are you, jack? >> pretty good. how are you guys doing? >> doing well. what's your story? >> you know, i'm a life guard here. i've been there for three years. >> how good is your slow motion run? >> well, you know -- >> you would come off the hoff? you would challenge him? >> i would. >> on the board very early for $200, is it too much or not enough? everybody says not enough coffee.
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trembling butter knife in their hand. for $200 the correct answer with 55% of the vote it was close but you all got it, it's not enough coffee. around the board tied $300 a piece, monica and jack now on the board with $200. this next question is worth 300 big ones. two possible answers are, a student driver or a garbage truck. the question is, what did californians say they'd least like to be stuck behind in their car? student driver or a garbage truck? all right. let's head to georgia and say hello to miss megan. how are you? megan, i love the enthusiasm and cheering squad behind you. tell me about yourself. >> i am 27, currently live in georgia with my four children. >> good to have you guys here. megan, $50,000 is a lot of cash. what would you do with that? >> first off i would take this enormous family of mine on a nice well-deserved trip. and then after that we're just
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going to blow it. we're going to spend it everywhere. >> forget college savings and everything else, we're going to toys r, us, we're going to have ourselves a time. wish you the best. you've got $300. this is for an additional $300. flip those cards and see if you said garbage truck or student driver. audience, you can it's gbage truck? the correct answer with 74% of the vote it is garbage truck. nobody gets the cash. audience nailed that one. we're going to move on to the final question of this round worth $400. more importantly, this decides who stays and plays and who gets eliminated. good luck everyone. two possible answers are, shirt pocket or top of head. the question is, where did senior citizens say their lost sunglasses are most likely to turn up. in their shirt pocket or on top of their head? again, this is the final question of the round worth $400. this will decide who gets


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