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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  October 25, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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down to the southern tip of the state. all the way down through the eastern shore counties tonight. your first freeze threat of the season and the deep southern areas of the state. to the west, few clouds, basically a clear sky already is going to help speed radiational cooling and tonight in to the morning, talking about 20s and low 30s, why the freeze is expanded throughout the state. hour by hour overnight. 30s by midnight. right around a freeze first thing in the morning. dress warm, we will talk about when things get back to 60 degrees coming up. two star witnesses expected to take this time and stand in a trial of a utah doctor accused of killing his wife. >> his alleged mistress. >> reporter: prosecutors insist gypsy willis is the woman who came between martin sp his wife of nearly 3 decades, michelle. willis is expected to testify
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about the love triangle that led to utah doctor to get his wife a deedsly combination of prescription painkillers discovered by medical examiners. >> defense claims michelle took the medication and died of a heart problem, found uncocious in her bathtub by the 6 year old adopted daughter who now 12. will soon take the stand. >> the state will be permitted to show the childrens justice center interview. ada will appear in court for cross examination. >> reporter: the judge ruled she can only be questioned about the testimony she gave after her mother's death because of the relationship she shared with her guardian. >> ada's memories were implanted or distorter bid alexis' interviews with her.
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>> reporter: it will be a delicate cross examination by the defense. alexis is also expected to testify. she and her older sister believe their father killed their mother. finding a deal on apple products isn't easy, because they usually don don't go on sale. how to get a discount.
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u be s is hiring, planning to
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hire 55,000 seasonal workers to help during the season. december 16th is the peak day. 34million packages around the world. 29million packages estimated the following day. this year, is the most comprehensive holiday shopping season since 2002 with 26 shopping days between thanksgiving and christmas. looks like now may see more electric vehicles in the area. maryland is one of 8 states that pushed the sale of electric cars, trucks, and buses. lower rates and financial incentives are expected to help consumers buy the vehicles. the goal is to boost car sales by 2025. apple announced the latest version of the ipad. >> price is still the same. that dupts mean we can't get a -- doesn't mean we can't get a
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deal. john matarese explains why so we don't waste your money. >> reporter: the ipad and mini will hit store shelves in november. the bad news, apple is not lowering prices. the god news, you can nab a great deal on ipad if you know where to look. when apple unveiled the air, it announced the price would remain $499 for the base model. apple made it clear it's not following goggle, samsung and other makers in to the bargain bin with low price tablets. the new i pads mean big discounts on the older models if you consider one of thoses apple is cutting the price on last year's ipad to $399, with refurbished models, the ipad mini drops to $299. in addition physician you want the up grade wal-mart will of you as much as $300 for a
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current model, which can apply to new ipad air. cnn says next worth and gazelle are offering generous trade in programs and while the apple store maybe the most convenient place to trade in an older ipad, cnn says you won't get the best price on the trade there. don't waste your money, i'm john matarese, abc2 news. . halloween is less than a week away. the search for a costume has said trick or treaters in a frenzy. >> if you haven't picked out your outfit, we have ideas. yahoo seen costume searches for everything from zombie make up tips breaking bad costumes, and the despicable medians. >> it's a closer to reality
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costumes, popular culture. >> other oh top costumes include willie. and the classics the princesses, super heros and the star wars. from abc2 news, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> trying on the mask. mask after mask. freeze warnings up for the entire eastern southeast u.s. down to atlanta, tuscaloosa, charleston south carolina. for our state, the first freeze warnings of the year for ocean city, across through poke mo, southern maryland as well. you got a freeze warning overnight tonight. annapolis south. areas in maryland not affected, are affected tonight. be advised get the tender plants inside. you have the freeze and frost warnings, every winter weather warning in the palm of your hand. check out ocean city today.
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vacant on the beach. cool, no waves coming in here, under a blue sky, same deal closer to home. haverly grace. quiet day on the mighty susquehanna, a look at dundalk on the east side, mix of sun and clouds. 54 degrees. dew point 26. very dry air. extremely dry for this part of the season already. that's what we get in to deep winter. low humidity, southwest breeze 5- 15. after a frozen dawn, again, if you are running early in the morning, want the extra under armour. temperature, 32 in the mountains, 20-degree spread across the state. baltimore in the low 50 #-s now welcomes the cold north wind coming in, dress warm as you head on the town this evening. it will be chilly and breezy. the winds will let up as we go past sunset as it does.
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you will have falling air temperatures to deal with and a chilly one out there. couple of showers, way north of us, towards cleveland, and the great lake states, up state new york with lake effect rain and snow mixed in. none of that this far south. looking gods in terms of precipitation. we have the cool dry air continuing. high pressure to the west. canadian high, 10:30 high, means a high pressure area, that's going to keep us dry throughout the weekend. lit keep the cool air comi. as we look at the overnight hours, see the deal down, to atlanta and beyond. big chill coming in, and this is going to be a cold one with charlotte, north carolina as cold as bangor maine. baltimore, down and the freezing mark, the northern and western areas, north and west, colder, upper 20s, likely towards westminster. 58 tomorrow after start maybe around 28 in spots. tomorrow not as cold. next several days slowly
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getting milder. back around 60 for several afternoons in a row. first thing in the morning, things get milder around here. there you go. >> wear the rip off jacket. light is going to shine on a 5 year old mystery. david reports on what happened to a young father. on one of of the crisp fall days, that's where his father and stepmother found their beloved son.
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only this time, levi wasn't working under the truck, he was trapped under it and this was the desperate plea. >> the truck fell on my stepson. the sheriff. >> he was right inside this barn here. it didn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary. appeared to be an accident. . >> that was david reporting. see the entire story of what happened to carl carlson, airing tonight's on 2020 at 10:00, leave it here to catch us at 11:00. i know you are too young, but in my they wees youd to have a library.
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place where they have books. coming up, here on abc2 news at 5:00, why even in the digital age, you should still get them.
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weekly trips used to be a must for leaders. now you can download a book and read the first chapter in less than a time to go for a library visit. why you should still hit the stacks. >> i know a way to get unlimited movies, e books, i'm
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only whispering because it's the whri library. >> physical copies of books can seem outdated. public libraries remain the best deal in town, modsernizing the offerings -- modernizing the offering to stay relevant. several are trying out hoopla, a service allowing patrons to stream movies, tv shows and audio books from home. all you need is a library card. unlike checking oh out a physical disk, you don't have to wait for a rental to become available. stream it on demand immediately just like netflix. there is an app for ios and android devices. override has become popular for thousands of libraries. a service for audio books, and e books, check out via the local website and listen using the overdrive app. select libraries have media stations on site basically everything you can finds on line, pretouch interface.
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it feature as limited video selection, documentsries and foreign films as part of the overdrive e flicks collection. and backbone for the kindle public library check out program. thousands will let you send books to kindle. only keep e books for a limited period of time, just like physical books. if your library is partnered with -- read magazines for free. log in through the website to browse the selection of available titles. if you are looking for an internet cafe without the annoying hum of a espresso machine, most libraries offer free wi-fi. to see stories like this, watch the list, catch it weeknights with our nicky male at 7:00, followed by let's ask america. coming up, tonight at 6:00, big problems with the state sex
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offender registry. now explaining how offenders fall through the cracks and why their information isn't always updated.
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mcdanielerned the name ridiculously photo genic.
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regular people but the internet loves to look at. remember this? i couldn't believe so many people were looking at my photos. >> don't get excited. cam has a fian. >> cam mcdaniel. >> i wouldn't say ridiculously cute. >> the maryland zoo ramps up for halloween. >> we will show you how they kicked off zoo boo this weekend. the station that works for you. abc 2 news at 6:00. >> a murder in port deposits, a break in the case. who police arrested and how they tracked down the two suspects. >> the problem with the state sex offender registry, offenders on the streets even though it lists them in custody. >> there is a plan in the works
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to shrink. why they want to build two storage tanks and what it means for people who use the park. i'm jamie costello, thank you for joining us here at 6:00. we have an arrest after a man is murdered in the driveway in from of his home. >> as jeff hager tells us, police say they know jeffrey meyers, why he was shot at point blank range. >> the peaceful rolling farm lands served as a backdrop for the murder of 33 year old jeffrey meyers. as he sat in his truck, motorists along prin sippia witnessed the shooting. >> we got reports from witnesses there was a black ford mustang parked on the sides of the road, right in front of the vehicle. also we had one witness who identified two people outside of the vehicle shooting in to the vehicle. reporter: it didn't take
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long for police to identify a suspect. two days earlier, johnathan cope land accused meyers of stealing $6000 in cash or drugs from his home. it was followed by a threat to kill him. cope land drives a black mustang. while investigators don't believe he fired the shots that killed the victim, they believe he planned it and now in custody facing a first degree murder charge. police also picked up his alleged accomplice. >> we have a second person who we believe was the actual shooter, in custody. he has not been charged at this point. we have not released his name. we are planning on charging him in the near future. police say that cope land and the gunman fled to del aware after the shooting but the car broke down. copeland was arrested after he returned later the same night. a officer struck along 83 while working an accident, doing to be okay, this was bad. police say the officer was pulled over to work an accident
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in the southbound lanes near cold spring. when another car didn't slow down or move over and struck his squad car. the officer was transferred with neck and back injuries since 2011, baltimore police department says four officers have been injured along 83. with the narrow shoulders and high speed traffic, 83 is one of the most dangerous roads for police to work on. the department says if drives, us, would obey the move over law, many of the accidents would be prevented. >> our concern is the speed. however, if even like everything else , if they slow down and take precautions, that would keep further accidents from occurring. >> that's how clip became critically injured he was struck two weeks ago. good news tonight, he is released from shock trauma.
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man accused of shooting a police officer landed behind bars today. map he is now charged with attempted murder. if you have seen hims give him a call. that's the kind of problem that our abc 2 investigators uncovered while digging in to the sex o fender registry.
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learning because they are in jail doesn't mean they will be tracked on the way out. joce sterman tells us why. republican you check the sex offender registry to see if up with is living near you. >> i need to know what is new. >> investigators found old and incorrect information on the registry. some belief puts you at risk -- believe puts yoat risk. >> it's designed to protect the public and the victims. it is a tool we rely on, and if the registry says someone is jail we expect the perp to be in jail. >> sex offenders listed as in jail, who were out on the streets for weeks and months. the department of oh corrections blames human error for the failure to update the registry. others we found were let go from local detention centers who are independently responsible for letting the registry know


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