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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  October 28, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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controlling -- shower ceiling. they unscrewed the plate and it followed the plumbing system. they escaped to the ground floor and walked right out this door. the sheriff said they had no idea the machine had escaped until a resident alerted them to four men dressed in orange jump suits running down the street early sunday morning. >> more alert today, more on our toes. >> reporter: two of the inmates didn't get far. a d.a. officer followed them into a -- convenience store. state police have been called in to help track down the criminals. they're going door to door to
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check on their family landed froms. the two men were behind bars for burglary and drug charges awaiting transfer to state prison. police found their prison suits ditched in a leal fire station. the sheriff said the men should be considered armed and dangerous. reporting for abc news, los angeles. after a concussion, you want your chilled to stay off the field, but should they stay out of the classroom. there's a room to help teachers and coaches deal with a child with a concussion. the rec men drags is for a gradual transition into the classroom, depending on the severity. research shows they recover within three weeks. if symptoms are mild or tolerable, parents may consider sending their cleld back to school. more severe symptoms might mean the child has to kept home from school at least for a day or
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so. >> three go through first period, and they feel fine. second period, a little bit more challenging. then they back off, put their head down, go to the nurse's office. they rest, they refer and they return. >> students who have concussions may have trouble learning new material or remembering what they learned. more resources on recognizing the signs, just log on to our website. you can find our complete concussion guide at a worker, chris brown lands behind bars, accused of punching a man outside a d.c. hotel l it result in an extended stay in jail. is your child staring at a screen right now? we'll talk about new guidelines recommended for kids and screening time. >> all right. take a look will the disun dock today. it was a case of high thin
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clouds, no precipitation. temps in the mid-60s. how long can this really hold up as we knock on the door of halloween. your forecast right after this. why choose land o' lakes butter in half sticks?
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it's pre-measured. fresh tasting. and it's only from land o' lakes.
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all right. it looks like the bad boy of r&b is at it again. this time chris brown is causing trouble in d.c. >> brown was arrested and accused of assaulting a man over the weekend oar chris brown was due in court today in washington. he is facing a felony assault charge after an early sunday morning incident. recount and a man with him were arrested after allegedly attacking 20-year-old isaac adam parker. park are suffered a bruised and swollen nose. what happened after the party is now a matter for the court. the victim said he attempted to
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get a photo with bron but the singer said i'm not down with that gay expletive. i feel like box. according to police brown punched parker in the face and the body guard threw a second punch. brown and his body guard tried to stop him from getting on the tour bus. >> the only time you can punch someone is when you fear great body harm. >> reporter: he is still on probation for a 2009 assault conviction involving his then girlfriend, rihanna. since then he has gotten into a bottle throwing brawl with break and a scuffle with frank ocean over a parking spot. >> this is his third violation. the judge will probably throw the book at him. >> reporter: chris brown could face jail time. he will almost certainly face a
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civil suit from the victim. the man convicted of causing michael jackson's death walked out of jail. a change in law allowed his time to be reduced due to the time served. two years ago the former cardiologist was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for giving a deadly dose of prop follow p--- prop an ol to jackson. he has always hasn'ted his innocence. he already filed a petition in texas to have his med clam license reinstated. let's talk about a 3d perspective.
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it did bring some shower activity to points south of us. for now we continue to see a relatively quiet setup. that is likely to continue into the day tomorrow. maryland's most powerful radar, where is the nearest precipitation. we have to scan toward roan knock. unless your travel plans take you south of staunton, you're going to stay dry in the mid- atlantic. fog in the low valley. could see patches of fog. it's possible. high thin cloud cover after that fog lifted in northern baltimore county and phyt billion finish to the day. st. vincent pilates, a beautiful day. clouds are 25 feet up. a bright, bright finish to the day. 64 at thurgood marshall.
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high pressure is in control, also lefthanding it self-to milder than average temps. 62 in ocean city. 62 in fellly. this is a mild, mild pattern across the mid-atlantic states. light and variable from depending on where you're sitting and we're going to see a couple of wind shifts. that's cooler and milder overnight. the humidity likely this stay vi low that will help keep our rain chances minimum even with boundaries shifting through the area. all the action has been confined to the south. as we look at the rain no virginia, likely that diminished into the overnight. we're left with a partly cloudy start tomorrow and then a mex of sun and clouds, but really we see little if any chance for precipitation. wednesday into thursday, just in time for trick or treating, there could be showers around by thursday evening, but the setup for the rest of the night
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keeps the shower action well to the south. by the way, mixed boundaries, it will drift south of the cool front tomorrow. we think it will trim five degrees off. and then it will pull the mild day tomorrow. back and forth we go here. by the way a year since sandy was encroaching on e maryland coast, the super storm, now a quiet tropical season. this one may go down as one of the most quiet in the atlanta pick hurricane season. we do have some action in the pacific but that's in threat to us. tonight 38, partly cloudy and dry. quiet pattern. 60. sunny and breezy and sleetly cooler. by night we think this trends milder overnight of the. that front is shifting around. the next few days, i think, a warming trend once we get that front back through tomorrow night. that will hold up into
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halloween day. the threat for showers coming in friday into saturday. again, for those trick or treat plans for now, i would plan on the chance of and miss showers. it looks like most of the rain holds off until we get into the dray on friday. so that would be good news for all the ghouls and goblins. stay tuned. >> what kind of candy will you be handing out? eye think apples. kids love the apples and silver dollar. no, peanut butter cup. are your kids spending too much time in front of the tv. a kid between 8 to 10, as many as -- the american academy of pediatrics is putting out guidelines. parents have to set limits. >> for kids under two you want
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to have no tv. for older children, you want to limit their immediate time to less than two hours a day. for the teenagers, the major cause of insomnia for my teenagers in my practice is cell phones in the bedroom. take them away. >> hello? over here. a party should be a role model. set limits. woman on. come on. blink. he's in the blink. near the is mom. just go to the journal pediatrics to learn more. >> you'll be glued to the screen tonight for disans dance -- tonight for "dancing with the stars." >> you don't want to borrow from your child's trick or treat bag. we'll tell you what businesses are offering halloween deals for you.
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we're talking about pediatric issues. talk about obesity. >> it's such an important question. we're seeing more and more observations all the time. parties play an important role. they're the ones getting the food, bringing it into the house so it really starts
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early. we want to see kids getting good habits. juice is a major, major culprit for childhood obesity. parents think they're getting something dpoorksd 100% fruit juice. really, it's a lot of sugar and empty calories and not giving them the knew tri yets they need. so we want water, milk and exercising every day. >> all right. dr. carter will be in the studio with us. the number is right there. give us a calling.
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there's a way you can score free food on halloween. we have details on where top find halloween -- to find halloween freebies. >> chipotle's burritos. it makes you laugh whenever you say it. in 2009. chipotle would give you a free one on halloween if you showed new stores dressed if costumes. the promotion was a hit, too big of a hit. since then the cost has been creeping higher. they raised it to dloor 2 -- $2. this time it's $3.
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all proceeds benefits the cult spray the fun dation. i-hop is offering kids a free scare face pan cake. no costume required. it looks here belt candy corn -- horrible. candy corn mouth. certain places are offering a free kids meal. wendy's is offering their deal. $1 a book of free from they coupons. you know how much kids love costumes. i think i will give you a pose of paper that your parents have to take someplace to redeem. some keep them for themselves. five for $1 is a fantastic deal. >> all right. to see more stories like this,
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watch the list every week night at 7 followed by let's ask america receipt here on abc2. >> all new at 6, an inflight scare send as plane ledded from baltimore into tennessee. >> with the tricks and treats come scare for parent. how to keep your little goafts and goblins safe. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. here's a preview of what's ahead. >> wild winds. so many natural disasters taking lives. do you know how to protect yourself? real answers, staying safe, this week with diane sawyer on abc.
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all right. who do you think will go tonight? >> i don't know. >> the bottom two couples get a second chance on "dancing with the stars" after being saved by a voting mishap. jack osbourne and cheryl burke and bill engvall and emma slater will get a chance. both couples are still stunned they were sent home last monday. >> the way they went about it is weird. >> the last two couples, jack and cheryl, bill and emma. >> it was scary. i was sure it would be us. i said, jack, i had the best season with you. you're an amazing person. >> you're safe. >> don't listen to anything i just said.
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>> a lot of last-minute drama. you can catch it tonight on "dancing with the stars," 8:00 right here on abc2. >> all right. coming up, as parents we always have questions about our child's health. we have doctors to hans those questions. we have details, which starts right now. >> a flight bound for baltimore makes an emergency landing after striking a flock of birds in mid-air. >> the plane was carrying 110 passengers and it set back down where it took off from in nashville. >> reporter: as the plane prepares to land at bwi marshall, the birds angled to get out of their way. >> wherever they have shelter,
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food and water, wildlife will be present. >> reporter: they make sure the birds don't share the same air. airports across the country have stepped up their efforts to create bird free flight zones. >> things like removing standing water. wheel they can't access the water, as far as we work a lot with airport maintenance. they do their mowing schedule. they troy to keep the grass between 6 and 12 earns, so it's not -- inches, so it's not short grass. >> reporter: it's in the whom focused on the 3500 acres but a five mile zone surrounding the facility to prevent the birds from wanting to feed or nest here. when the fowls do run afoul, they are met by large bursts of
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propane cannons. >> activity on the airfield has dramatically increased. >> reporter: fortunately, no one was injured on southwest airlines flight 3387. while birds and planes are sharing the same airspace, there's in cairn tee it won't happen again with planes coming and going from bwi alone on any given day. bird strikes on planes average about 10,000 per year and it dates back to the earliest flights with the wright brothers. a fare -- a firefighter is in critical condition after being struck. it happened friday in the westbound lane of 40.
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david garcia was directing traffic. a car came by and hit him. he is in delaware hospital in critical condition, leaving his friends and family wondering why the driver didn't move over or slow down when they saw the emergency vehicles. barr's daughter was also on the san and witnessed what happened -- scene and witnessed what happened. >> reporter: horrific. i don't know how to put into words watching your father-in- law being struck by another vehicle. >> this is probably thetiveth case of a driver violating maryland's move over law. charged the driver with failing to move over when he slammed into the back of a trooper working an accident on the outer loop. the wounded police officer in the shootout last week is
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out of the hospital. steven houk was shot once in the torso when he confronted a man outside a collar dealership. that fan led police on an overnight manhunt. stephon prather faces a number of charges glen burnie is hurting with the killing of a couple. 27-year-old baltimore firefighter andrew hoffman and his 26-year-old girlfriend a rue hartman were shot -- marie hartman were shot by christopher robinson. now a strange are is donating his two bur pal plots -- burial plots to help the family. >> touched my heart. to give up two burial plots so
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marie and andy can be together for eternity, it's amazing. >> for that, we can't thank him enough. >> hartman's parents said they don't know yet the exact bur am plants-- bur allans. ial plans. the mayor spoke. >> it's a tragedy. everyone looks at police officers to serve and to protect. for this to happen is a contradiction of everything that they stand for and the terrible loss of a young woman. it is shad all the way around. >> you probably remember andrew hoffman's name. over the summer he rescue lad little boy. the same officers who


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