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tv   PBS News Hour  PBS  October 28, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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him by the boy's family responded to the shooting san. two men is the in annapolis are expected to survive. he was hit in the torso and marcus johnson was hit several times in the leg. police said a crowd formed around a fight outside an apartment. moments later the shooting started. still no word on the gunman. >> remember this guy? we told you about christopher harriet on friday. the convicted sex offender failed to report to baltimore city in october. he had been missing since september. baltimore county police found him and arrested him. our investigators went looking for missing sex offenders and found dozens of them even though the state's sex offender register has been listed as encars rated. you can see the full story by heading to a judge sentenced this plan to 25 years in prison for
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sexually abusing two boys. john charles villers-farrow began abusing them when they were niefnlt villers-farrow was ordered to register as a sex offender for the rest of his lie. he is the brother of actress mia farrow. hurricane diseaps turned into superstorm sandy and made landfall on the east coast. don harrison went back to see how the recovery is going one year later. >> reporter: today crisfield, maryland is recognizing a one- year anniversary. patty greene's antique and gift store was devastated. her shop is downtown near the
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shops where tourists used to flock to. she hasn't received any money from the government but she knows she's in the alone. >> a lot of people were devastated by the loss of their home and furniture and displacement and we still got a lot of that going on but it's getting better. >> reporter: a year ago this was a thriving business much the water is about 100 yards from here. when hurricane sandy hit it ruined everything inside, including their inventory. the business shut down and had to move. now crisfield, computers is a couple miles up the road on higher ground. he is trying to make it. >> we haven't seen any help from an go. we had a few businesses in town help us with a few minor things. mostly, we've done everything on our own. >> reporter: he said his total
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loss was around $25,000. >> i was not prepared for the longevity of the effects that hurricane sandy had on us. >> reporter: the cutting edge hair salon had to move their shop also. >> the initial loss from losing everything, having to replace everything and losing two to three months of income, you're still feeling the jolt. >> all you can do is move forward and have a positive outlook. >> looks like help is on the way. senator mi cull ky -- mikulski announced there would be aid. a different look, a different feel. the sun setting at 6:15. partly cloudy skies. that's the team to the forecast
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coming in tonight. temperatures starting to cool down but not dramatically cool. 61 in the city. go south of the city, south of maryland, you're finding temperatures close this watt what the degrees. so there is mild hair on the move. we'll talk about that in the full forecast at 6:17. this hors thursday -- thursday the only thing on your child's mind is which candy to eat first and the thing on your mind is keeping them safe. stick to sidewalks. make sure costumes and shoes fit and your little ones do not trip. keep your home brightly lit and clear your walk of any debris. >> take a flashlight. another way to keep them safe is to take a good look. patient first locations are offeri up their x-ray machines. between 6 and 9 they will x-ray
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things for glass, metal plastics and they're offering a free safety blinker so your child can be seen in the dark. >> you know it's bad when you and up the target of a saturday night live skit. >> the government's healthcare shut down completely and how the white house is responding. >> we're talking about your child's nutrition, to immunization, to their smartphone. >> a gorgeous sunset. how about a spring fling. we'll talk about that on the news at 6:00.
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mt. airy, beautiful sunrise. clouds, coming in. mike will be back with his detailed look of the forecast in five minutes. the redskins weren't the only team to take hits. the white house. >> the website went offline for several hours and questions about the international phone line tapping continues. >> reporter: more obamacare website embarrassment. the obama administration is coping with a comedy offer throors is making the work of snl comedians too easy.
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>> how it's been crashing, breaking. >> have you tried restarting your computer? >> reporter: the emergency for, the system is down at the moment, actually several crashed moments due a technical mal mufntle after hours passed, the white house said -- >> glad to see that the website is up and running. we're continuing to work. >> reporter: the administration grappling with fresh revelations from the nsa spying scandal. a spanish newspaper reports they collected data on 60 million phone calls in spain in a 33-day -- 30-day period. >> we're conduct a review. we're mindful that some of the disclosures have caused tension in our relationships. those relationships are vital to help keep americans safe.
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>> reporter: meanwhile, the wall street journal reported a at to eavesdropping on 45 leaders after learning about it on saturday. we're still taking calls in our house call segment. thank you for joining use happy to be here. >> tell us about your clinical background and your special in pediatrics. >> i'm a general pediatrician. we see kids from birth into their early adult hood. we focus on all areas of their health. if they have specific diseases, we work with the special iflts at the university of maryland and make sure they get good preventive health care from birth on up. >> what advice would you see to keep your kids health thy? >> definitely getting a flu shot is a great way to stay healthy, keep them in school or
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worst yet, and new a hospital. the best way to stay healthy is washing your hands frequently. we're already into the cold season. we're seeing lots and lots of kids with viruses. the most important step is to make sure you have good high jean -- hygiene. >> talk about the obesity epidemic. >> we can model better behaviors. we need to be eating those fruits and vegetables and teaching them that fruits and vegetables can be delicious and finding out ways they clan enjoy them. we certainly need to be active all the time. we need it make this fun. so it doesn't have to be -- if your child doesn't like running outside, you can think of a different way to keep them
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active. doing a dance party every day or jump rope or racing up and down the stairs. >> all right. this week is halloween. everybody's going to want their candy. there's a whole moderation thing. >> absolutely. i'm not going to be the one to say we can't do those special treats once in awhile. certainly, we enjoy fun on halloween. the key is moderation. not necessarily eating that whole bag of candy. maybe, you know every few days you get to have a treat and making sure that's clear that this is a once in awhile dream. >> just once a year. >> exactly. >> we have about 10 minutes left to get your questions answered. that number is 410-481-2222. let's send it over to mike.
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>> a gorgeous shot, just a mixture. 57 at the airport as of 6:00. the dew point is bone dry. just the gentle wind coming out of the southeasterly direction at 5. bay water temps starting to fall, 64. so the warmth of the day goes to the chris autumn feel. 49. we're back on at 11:00. yes, some 30s well north and west but not 20s. it's not going to be as chilly as the last several four or five nights. we're back up to 60 by lunchtime. we made it to 65. that's above average. should be 63. the record on this date 1919. it hit 87 degrees. the temperatures range 50s along the bay front. coolest spot in woodbine, 52. you'll be on your way into the 50s. broken cloudiness, clouds down toward ocean city. it's clear overhead.
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notice a couple of scattered showers over southern virginia out toward hatteras and the carolinas and a monstrous storm, 4, 6 feet of snow. denver will get into some of the action and as you get toward kansas city look at the storm f you will travel plans, absolute -- st. louis, this could be a bad situation north of tulsa up toward des moines. the wild west, the weather pattern will live up to its name. while it's a mess out to the west, it's mild to the east. pair of sevens over new orleans. our 50s will be traded into the 60s. the low 70s by the mid-week. it will feel fantastic. call it a spring fleck. 58 tomorrow. go down to the south. 80s across new orleans. so this is the heat -- or the
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warmth pushing in our direction. it's finally average, and high pressure tries to build in. we will a call it a blend of sunshine. it will be cooler than where we were today. 59 to 63 for tuesday. the forecast for tonight. 38 degrees. partly cloudy skies but a dry solution. tomorrow 60 is your 2-degree guarantee. then 46 degrees but it will stay breezy and milder overnight. this is maryland's fra. wednesday 66. how about 70tor -- 70 for halloween. you shouldn't have to worry because upshouldn't being out that late. >> no pressure. earlier today the mayor was out spending some time at
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moravia elementary park. it's called second reads. normally they -- they held a special edition because the mayor was visiting. the program stresses the importance of young men has role models to young children in schools.
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we'll wrap up our house calls shortly. talk about manage all the technology. >> technology is good. technology is bad. it's how you use. it use it to your advantage it can be great. there are great things to help kids learn. there are great things to help kids spend their time properly. like everything else, it's a tool. parents need to get involved with the technology kids are using and make sure this doesn't replace exercise and actual conversation between people. >> you need to manage the screening time. >> you need to manage, like everything else, one more thing to manage. you need to know how to use it. because if the kids know and you don't, they got one over on grew got a couple minutes as we wrap you -- up our house calls seg mcht -- segment.
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the number is at the bottom of the screen.
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here's a lock at what we're -- look at what we're working on. halloween is spooky for the kids but can be frightening for parents. >> we'll show you some apps. >> an app for that. >> got to keep an eye out for where mike masco is. >> i'll be here. it's a tale of two sides of the country. it's a winter storm in denver. it's mild here. wild to mild. we're looking good the next couple of days. the halloween forecast looks good. during the day it's mild and at night cooler. we'll have more at 11:00. >> all right.
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we'll see you.
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welcome to "world news." tonight from miami and right here president obama one-on-one, for the first time the president on the controversial spy program. how does he explain the u.s. listening in on world leaders, our own allies. the pictures coming in from the deadly storm in london and the u.k. right now. we're on it all. the tight squeeze, those incredibly shrinking seats and what they're doing to us out to save you from this. fusion is here, behind the scenes of america's newest cable network coming to life as we come on the air, the most famous
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journalist you haven't met. see it right here first. good evening on this monday night from miami. diane has the evening off. we're coming to you tonight from fusion headquarters, the newest cable network about to be in millions of homes across america. look behind me at this high tech news room, 150,000 square feet, they are about to address america, report to america in a whole new way. abc's partnership with univision. we begin tonight with their first exclusive, the fusion one-on-one with president obama, under fire for america's spy games, new allegations tonight. is america listening in not only on world leaders but millions of private phone calls of citizens overseas, tonight calls for a major review, president obama facing those questions and more in an exclusive interview with
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white house correspondent and of course a member of our team, jim avila who asks the president to explain the reports that we were listening in on german chancellor angela merkel's private phone calls. here's jim avila. >> reporter: the president and the german chancellor in better minute just four months ago. did obama know american intelligence has been monitoring her cell phone calls? the "wall street journal" reporting that the u.s. was not only listening in on her calls but 34 other world leaders setting up outrage across the globe. in on exclusive interview with fusion today, president obama assured the american people that national security operations will only be ud to protect them. >> their capacity is to continue to develop and expand and that's why i'm initiating a review to make sure that what they're able to do doesn't necessarily mean they should be doing it. >> reporter: the president's
6:28 pm
comments come amid new complaints about allies. today spain added to the list of countries excusing u.s. intelligence of spying on its citizens, joining france, germany, brazil and mexico. a union delegation in washington today to complain that america has gone too far. >> it's a question of limits. the limit is a target of fighting and not spy on everybody in the citizenship and also spy on the leaders. >> reporter: but the white house reaction has been calmed down. everybody does this. perhaps not as well, but they do it. those in the know agree that's reality. >> all great powers engage in espionage, all great powers use it as a tool to advance their national interests. >> reporter: in today's fusion interview, the president also responded to criticism of obama care while still clearly irked by the website. he claimed a new study to be released tonight shows that even
6:29 pm
young people will be getting cheaper insurance. >> if you are between 18 and 34 right now about half of the people can get high quality health care for less than 50 bucks a month, less than your cell phone bill or cable bill. >> reporter: senator dianne feinstein says she believed that president obama did not know about the spying an chonsler merkel and that she says is a problem. president obama said he couldn't comment on that because it's can classified information. >> jim avila with the fusion exclusive tonight. thank you. we head overseas and to europe to that storm hammering the u.k., the netherlands and france right now, these pictures saying it all, a crane in london in match for hurricane strength winds. on this quiet suburban street a mother and daughter navigating around a giant tree toppled by the storm. abc's lama hasan is in the middle of it all from london.
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>> reporter: the storm named saint jude has left a devastating mark with more than a dozen killed. in the heart of london, a crane buckling under the wind, collapsing, the building below evacuated. the deputy prime minister forced to call off a press conference. hundreds of trees up rooted. the gas lines of this home exploding. the storm marched into northern europe, tossing trucks and snarling trains in the netherlands. in germany, the auto bone closed. winds reaching 120 mile per hour in denmark. the storm devastated homes and ripped down power lines, leaving more than half a million people without electricity. while tonight after the ferocious winds with gusts up to 90 mile per hour we're beginning to see the full extent of the damage. >> from that storm heading london and much of europe to
6:31 pm
rough weather on the move right here at home tonight. i want to bring in abc's meteorologist ginger zee at the weather map in new york. those tractor-trailer in california knocked over. we know two drivers were hurt. what are we in for with so many families to take the little ones out for trick or treating. >> this is going to affect some folks but i need to focus on the wind. parts of california, utah seeing 30 to 40 mile per hour winds, sustained above 60. it also comes with snow. the rudy mountains could pick up to a foot and a half of snow and also in western colorado, then the dakotas. tomorrow minneapolis should see its first measurable snow fall mixing in with rain. on the southern end severe weather, texas into southwest oklahoma you could see damaging winds, isolated tornados.
6:32 pm
on wednesday that threat moves to the east from kansas city including oklahoma city. we're be watching for that in the mid week. there is the halloween forecast. it moves from indianapolis to houston. we'll keep on eye on it as we go through the week. >> ginger, great to have you with us tonight. we're going to turn to a developing story, that jail break in the heartland tonight. a manhunt under way this ek oklahoma. you will remember last week two convicts walking free after using a forged document. tonight four men walking free after escaping through plumbing. police say their bright orange jump suits helped them get away. authorities thought they were in costume. here's abc's ryan owens. >> reporter: tonight the long arm of the law caught up with two of the four inmates who escaped this oklahoma jail sunday. officers spotted them at this convenience store. >> the cops swarmed up, like ten of them.
6:33 pm
we got outside. that one just dropped his stuff. the only one ran down the block into the alley. >> reporter: less than 20 miles from the jail where they made their well orchestrated escape. >> they have all the time in the world to think how to do things. >> reporter: they gathered in a jail bathroom and unscrewed a metal plate above the shower and hoisted themselves up to a crawl space and snaked along the jail's plumbing system. at the end of those pipes authorities say the men had knocked holes in the concrete. they dropped to the ground floor and they walked right through that door. out here on the street, a woman spotted those orange jump suits almost immediately. she called police but couldn't be sure if it was just some guys in their halloween costumes. but this was all too real. so was the one next door in arkansas back in july. this inmate dove through the jail's tiny visitation window and ran to freedom. he was eventually tracked down in florida and the sheriff here is confident soon all four of
6:34 pm
these crafty convicts will be back behind bars, too. ryan owens, abc news, oklahoma. >> ryan, thank you. a headline tonight about another convict, former penn state football coach, jerry sandusky behind bars as penn state has reached a settlement. the university will pay nearly $60 million to his alleged victims. a headline out of texas this evening, you remember wendy davis who took a stand in those pink sneakers to block restrictions on abortion in texas. she lost that battle. late today word of a triumph for her. a federal judge now ruling that some of those restrictions were unconstitutional meaning they will not go into effect tomorrow. the battle does go on. to these images out of massachusetts, nearly 1,000 people turned out today to pay their respects to colleen ritzer, the 24 teacher allegedly
6:35 pm
killed by one of her students. that church overflowing. meanwhile the mother of the 14-year-old boy charged with the teach's murder saying her heart is broken for the ritzer family. new questions surrounding the thrill ride of the north carolina fate stair. prosecutors say he tampered with the ride causing it to throw passengers to the ground. but why? abc's gio benitez tonight. >> reporter: this new video obtained exclusively by abc news shows the chaos as the ride at the north carolina state fair roomed out of control, injured people pulled out and a panicking woman raising her arms at the ride, the vortex which restarted without warning thursday, leaving five injured and three in the hospital. the ride's safety devices had been tampered with and today ats operator, tim tutterow was in court charged with assault with
6:36 pm
a deadly weapon. tonight the charges are serious but there is nothing evil about him. he would never intentionally do something to harm a person. >> when you look at this video, if it was intentional, does it necessarily mean that he woof wanted to harm these people? >> it may have been financially driven. does the safety women slow the process of exiting the vehicle and filling it back up? i don't know. that could be a possible motive. >> reporter: police have made it clear more arrests are possible. to the reason we're in miami this evening. it's america's newest cable channel taking flight on the air tonight. the a partnership between abc and univision. this achannel will be in english and tonight it's very clear who they're trying to reach. >> reporter: this is what it looks like as america's newest cable network, 150,000 square
6:37 pm
feet comes to life and hits the air tonight. abc and univision out to reach the fastst growing groups in america. on the move, young families, young professionals. the newest numbers revealing an evolving portrait of america. 18 to 34 years old, there are 70 million of them in the u.s. by the year 2050 one in three will be latino. jorge is one of the most famous in america. tonight he starts asking questions in english. first up his fusion exclusive, one-on-one with america's most controversial sheriff, joe arpaio. they toured the so called tents where inmates are forced to live outdoors. >> how many times have you been here. >> too many. >> you must like it here.
6:38 pm
>> i hate it here. >> why did you come? >> why do you hate it? >> the food tastes like crap. it's hotter than hell. >> well, he made me sad. >> why? >> he's honest. but one of the reasons i do this so you don't come back. i'm very, very disappointed that you have been here before. >> reporter: tough interviews and tough topics but they're hoping to make us laugh, too. doing for news what modern family has done for entertainment, reflecting all of america's next generation. medical enyals are deciding elections, deciding what we buy which is why advertisers have gone after sophia vergara. it's estimated she makes $19 million a year. here at fusion they want that audience too. >> what we want is a place where we can talk about the headlines and be a part of the conversation. >> the network is called fusion.
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it's launching this evening. we can't wait. what would you like to see? tweet us. use the hashtag this is fusion. this is "world news," much more ahead from miami. you'll remember that moment caught on tape, the female passenger falling asleep on a strangers lap. tonight what you haven't seen, the night vision experiment revealing why it's about to get more uncomfortable. later tonight we take you inside the famous kitchen in miami, back to the vault that you need to swipe a finger print to get into. the most prized meitem on the menu, can you guess what it is? they make me prepare it. max and penny kept our bookstore exciting and would always come to my rescue. but as time passed, i started to notice max just wasn't himself. and i knew he'd feel better if he lost a little weight. so i switched to purina cat chow healthy weight formula. i just fed the recommended amount...
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or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. imany cold medicines may raisee your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin hbp it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart. coricidin hbp. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box. moving on here tonight, your next airplane flight may be a tight squeeze. we're not talking about your carry on bag but your seat.
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cecilia vega with a sleep test that can change it all. >> reporter: as i recalls trying to squeeze every nickel out of passengers customers have become a casualty. on planes that used to have nine seats in a row, some are squeezing in a tenth. one of the world's largest plane makers says enough is enough, airplane seats should be no smaller than 18 inches. airbus commissioned a test on passengers simulating a test on passengers and found that even one inch makes a huge difference. overall the quality of sleep for travelers in an 18-inch seat was more than 50 percent better. >> 18 inch versus 17 can mean that a passenger will fall asleep six minutes faster and have fewer disturbances during their flight. this youtube video posted by a traveller who become another passenger's pillow touched a nerve we could all relate to and
6:43 pm
went viral. >> you think you need more room but you're not getting it. >>. the trend is to get as many bodies on that plane as you possibly can. >> reporter: it's not just that airline seats are shrinking. travelers are getting bigger. compare to other places you park yourself, movie theatre seats, 8 inches wider, train seats more than 3 inches. you can seen get more space in crammed baseball stadium seats. the good news, airlines will be using slightly bigger planes with more seats this thanksgiving but here is the bad news. tickets this holiday season will cost even more. >> the good with the bad tonight. when we come back here, they put me to work in a famous miami restaurant. can you guess the most prized item on the menu. and the bloopers never before seen from a galaxy far, far away. star wars fans, stay tuned. that came around to the front of my body.
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starts with a blooper real from the galaxy far, far away. never before seen outtakes from star wars, return of the jedi. keep your eye on harrison ford's headset and luke sky walker breaking character. >> how do you pronounce super nova? >> that's right. they were asking how do you pronounce that. look who wandered into this drugstore, a flock of ducks, 30 of them in a cvs in new york city. they wouldn't leave so customers left a trail of popcorn. it worked. as they say only in new york. you'll remember the ohio state marching band that thrilled us with their own version of thriller? ♪ >> they are back at it tonight paying tribute to hollywood's first man of steel, superman, then the boy wizard harry potter and final a t-rex, a nod to
6:48 pm
jurassic park. the other job they gave me while here in miami, tackling the most wanted item on the menu here in miami. can you guess? take a crack at it. we do when we come back. you missed the meeting again last week! it doesn't affect my family. your coughing woke me up again. i wish you'd take me to the park. i don't use my rescue inhaler a lot... depends on what you mean by a lot. coping with asthma isn't controlling it. test your level of control at, then talk to your doctor. there may be more you could do for your asthma. explaining my moderate to severe so there i was again, chronic plaque psoriasis to another new stylist. it was a total embarrassment. and not the kind of attention i wanted. so i had a serious talk with my dermatologist about my treatment options. this time, she prescribed humira-adalimumab. humira helps to clear the surface of my skin by actually working inside my body.
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[ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. finally tonight we went in
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search of one of the most sought after items on the menu here in miami locked in a vault but we cracked the code and then had other cracking to do. >> reporter: they take us straight back toward the kitchen at the famous joe's stone crab here in miami. this kitchen is a mad house, stone crab season has just begun. >> you can get run over. >> i'll keep that in mind. >> reporter: in the back, what they call the vault, the locked freezer. you have to scan your finger print just to get in. it doesn't work for me because only 8 people have access. stone crabs harvested off the coast of florida. they fetch a big price. the cooler kept at 30 degrees. we could see our breath. they're about to get me ready to crack them. the white coat, the blue bib and the glasses. >> i'm ready. >> reporter: this is their cracking station. they have been doing this for 100 years now. it all started with this shack, a couple from hengry, the weiss
6:52 pm
family still at it. clinton and both bushes, first lady barbara bush sending a thank you note. >> you got to hit it just right here, just right here and right here. >> reporter: do it wrong and you've wasted a lot of money, not to mention someone's dinner. >> are you ready? >> am i ready? >> reporter: putting on the gloves. >> was that too hard? >> yeah. >> that was too hard. >> that was good. >> all right. it's my first one. >> reporter: getting the hang of it and that's a good thing because this order, 80 bucks for just five jumbo claws. >> this plate that i just cracked, this goes out to somebody out there, some poor soul is go to eat it? >> that's exactly it. >> we find a waiter. >> you're taking my stone crabs out to someone. >> did you crack it? >> i did. >> reporter: one unsuspecting family. >> is it perfection? >> perfect. >> patricia and her daughter,
6:53 pm
taste test. >> how did we do. >> reporter: what follows for them is coming from the back. the famous key lime pies. >> did you make these? >> i did not. >> but you serve them? >> we serve them. >> reporter: finally when my shift was over, the reward. >> amazing. >> a rough assignment for me. fusion has hit the air. take a look over my shoulder here. they're on the air. we'll give you a little hint of what fusion is all about. for diane and all of us here at abc news and fusion, good night.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
on "the list." news flash. fashion magazines are wrong, again. we actuly like our curves. and remember this? what he really said, and other movie misquotes. plus, bust out the benjamines. why carrying bigger bills can actually save you money. >> hey, gang. happy monday. i'm teresa strasser and you're on the "the list." we have been looking for news by listening to the phone conversations of world leaders through the use of illegal wiretaps. oh, no, that's the nsa, never mind. here are the top five things you need to know right now. >> i'm matt gallant. right now, it is probably not your job, it's your boss. >> did you say that about this. >> pointing the finger at management as the primary reason for workplace depression. we picked this story because who hasn't add boss that makes their life miserable. this study went so far as to measure levels of the stress hormone cortisol in employee
6:56 pm
saliva. the truth, some bosses can make you spitting mad. >> jonathan, you're fired. number two, the biggest the girl, the bigger the grin. new study by british retailer little wood found that women size 12 and above are happier than smaller women. we're doing this story because who hasn't worried about their weight? research shows 75% of plus size women have greater confidence and body image. in other words, the more of you, the merrier. so yes, when it comes to putting a smile on a well's face, size does matter. >> crush it. >> at number three, we know divorce is epidemic. now it turns out, it's contagious. >> marriage is like that show everybody loves raymond. but not funny. >> the domino effect of divorce. youeed to know this because if you have a friend or close relative splitting from their spouse, you are 75% more likely to get a divorce as well.
6:57 pm
researchers at brown university found that even friends of friends breaking up can pave the way to the divorce court. in other words, divorce is socially contagious. >> if there was a vaccine, it would feel like a sharp stick in the eye. >> at number four, how long will you be married? take a look at your face, facebook. facebook social scientist. yeah, there is a thing such as facebook social scientist. you can tell how long a couple will stay together based on the number of friend they have. >> my wife and i talked about it and we share. >> those who list themselves as married or in a relationship and studied their friends list, the more mutual friend, the longer the relationship will last. the logic, people who introduce their partners to more of their friends usually stay together. at number five, turns out 4g may
6:58 pm
stand for ga ga goo goo. new research shows more than a third of kids from age 2 are using a smart phone or tablet. yeah, you heard that right. under two. >> just a man and his thoughts. and smart phone. >> according to common sense media, those little kids are doing everything from playing games to jamming with a garage band. seriously? kind of sad when your kid's first word is siri instead of mommy. and now, you are caught up and clued in on the top of the list. >> grab your scotch and some leather bound books and get ready for anchor man 2. hotter than veronica corningstone on the ht list. >> wow, right on the lens. >> i'm sorry, sweetie. >> first, don't act like you're
6:59 pm
not impressed. angorm anchorman 2 can have mor jokes. >> writer /director adam mckay said we did so much improve on this one that we can do new jokes on the movie. it can end up in dvd extras, either way, great news for anchor maniac. get ready for pop star fun. monster's university is snarling its way into your dvd tray tomorrow. >> oh, scary. >> in this prequel 2 monsters inc., billy crystal, the walking eye ball, and john goodman sully, the color after smurf, go to school to be the best scarers they can be. >> didn't work out. >> me neither. i didn't want to get too big. >> a treat for


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