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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  October 28, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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they are working on a beatle juice sequel. but you will never guess who want to star. hint, she kissed a girl and she liked it. that's right, katy perry. she would love to be lydia, who was originally played by winona ryder. tim keaton is expected to return as director and main character. there is a huge amount of heat coming out on julia roberts new movie coming out. >> i'm obsessed with julia roberts, you know this. >> i love that you love her. she was born on this date 1967. >> happy birthday, julia. >> i'm also just a girl. standing in front after boy. asking him to love her. >> 2.6 billion is how much
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roberts films have earned at the box office. >> i'm having a relationship with my pizza. >> little more than $464 million is what pretty woman brought in. >> roberts was paid just $300,000. one, as in the first, roberts was the first actress to receive a $20 million salary for a single film. >> that is my work. my sweat. my time away from my kid. >> for a title role in 2000s erin brockovich. it was worth it. she won an award for the fil shae been ninated times. for erin brockovich, steel magnoli magnolias. two is how many times she has been married. first from lyle lovett to 1993 to 1995.
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her current husband is cameraman danny motor. they've got throw kids. two is how many times ellen degeneres scared roberts on her talk show. >> when do you get to the point when enough is enough. are you patronizing me? >> we love our stars, but we love our quotes. but it might not be as good as we think it is. here is our list of the top five movie misquotes. >> at number one- >> if you build it, he will come. >> i always thought it was, if you build it, they will come. a common mistake in misquoted movies. well, it has happened to us all. >> that is mishearing, and someone will shorten it so someone can understand it. >> for example, at number two, dirty harry.
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>> he never said, do you feel lucky, punk. >> you have to ask yourself one question. i do feel lucky? well, do you, punk? >> at number three, casablanca. >> play it again, sam, makes sense. as opposed to the original line, what do you think it was? i said, play it sam. you played it for her, can you play it for me. or play the song again, sam. the answer in just a second. for now, number four on our list. one of the most misquoted movie lines in all the universe, from star wars. >> say what? >> yeah, you thought it was, luke, i am your father. i know. mind-blowing. and there's more at number five. dracula. everyone thinks at some point, i want to drink your blood. didn't say anything in the original movie.
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it was silent. ba back to kacasablanca. >> you played it for her, you can play it for me. >> while you were watching movies, i was watching football this weekend. true. so i was watching the lions/cowboys games. dallas was a minute from winning. detroit had the ball. then this happened. >> a minute left. time is running. reaches over. touchdown! unbelievable. >> remember this line from star wars? >> luke, i'm your father. >> here's what he really said. >> luke, i'm your father. >> mind blown. top movie misquotes. next on the "the list." worth repeating, here are a few of the greatest movie quotes of
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all time. >> brett butler, fracnkly my dear, i don't give a damn. >> the terminator. >> i'll be back. >> james bond. >> bond, james bond. [ telephone ringing ]
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. >> top three reasons you watch "the list." number one, you learn things. number two, you laugh. and number three, yofeel good knowing "the list" just won four emmys. including, best magazine program. thanks for watching. >> i'm teresa strasser, and you're on "the list." people talk about saving money but we're talking about your actual money. the paper in your pocket. or your wallet. conor knighton talks about which bills to you save and which bills do you spend? conor, what's the deal? >> if you want to save, it is
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good to understand how whoots in your head relates to what's in your wallet. the type of money you carry can affect the type of spending you do. here are two interesting examples. researchers observe the effect. you are less likely to spend money if you have one large bill than if you have the same amount of money but in more small are bills. the vending machine won't take a 20 so you end up skipping that snack. if you had 20 ones, you probably would have splurged. in our brains with $50, that's serious. that's a lot of money. and should only be spent on serious purchases. however a bunch of 5s and 1s are silly bills. they can be spent on silly things. we spend them. it adds up but each purchase didn't seem like a big deal. the quality of your bill makes a difference. in consumer research wrs they found consumesers are likely to
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spend dirty money that is worn and tired looking versus new crisp bills. we hold on to our crisp bills, we're proud of them for some reason and we can't spend those nasty wrinkly ones fast enough. >> this is lessened when we watched. the study also found consumers are more likely to spend crisper bills if friends are around. yeah, brand new bill. no big deal. size matters and try not to get too dirty. while we're talking about psychology, it is all about scaring people for halloween. >> remember when your mom would go to your halloween candy and pick out the reese's pieces. >> every time. >> i went to a haunted house to learn from the pros. >> sco --
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>>atusis across the u.s. recently voted number one in america. it is clear why. creepy, mind-bending and really scary. >> mess with your head a little bit more than your normal scare. >> what is place other than here to learn to haunt like the pros. first, i have to get make-up. >> this is how i look in the morning before i get coffee. >> let's get lessons from jacob. jacob says when playing a zombie, first, forget symmetry. >> like this. pretend like one arm doesn't work. drop that. >> next, lead with a body part. >> most people will lead with their knows and eyes. perhaps your elbow or perhaps your shoulder or perhaps your hip. >> now, make sure movements are jerky. >> popping and shaking. one, get my arm over here. it takes several thought patterns to get it going. >> lastsly, play with different sounds.
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>> yell a lot and project. you can only make different sound. >> oh, terrifying. >> let's scare my producer, sarah, with the rest of the haunted house gang. scary good acting. >> yin and yang. a guy in a zombie suit scares you. now let a guy in a wool suit amuse you. we pick the best bunch lines in the news. >> company now marketing something called the funky bod. have you heard about this? if they pat it on the sit fr men it appears tight tone abs, chest and biceps. i know what you're thinking. no, i am not wearing one now. this is me. i know you're oh, he must -- no, no. >> you know what i hate is traffic. they have the gridlock where you can't move, can't go anywhere.
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it's crazy. ways in a cab this morning and we got stuck in brgridlock. finally the cab driver turns around to me and said, look, i'm going to get out and walk. >> more news out of washington. all good news, of coe about the. new reports show that 700 irs employees owed combined $5.4 million in back taxes. when irs has the news, they are like, oh, man, i hope i don't find out about this. oh, can i hide this from myself? >> anthony weaner is back in the news. a big profile on mr. weiner. he said, if the internet didn't exist, he would probably be mayor of new york. all right. and i would be flying right now if gravity didn't exist. >> have no fear, grave travel channels list of best halloween attractions of 2013.
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that's scary normal. haunting of the brewery. walk off. haunted mansion.
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you're on "the list." we could be launching some kids live in a new direction. nicki mayo introduces us to some true rocket scientists around balt moral. >> reporter: at number one -- baltimore. >> reporter: at number one -- >> i've been on the space shuttle four times. >> reporter: now don thomas is being be --
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[inaudible] >> reporter: the students' goal to get the bottle rocket to fly the farthest on the field using math and physics. >> i was so excited when i got this project. >> i wouldn't normally build a rocket. >> reporter: in the end, all of the kids are dynamos. >> they are the ones that will be going to mars and designing fuel-efficient cars for us and pharmaceutical drugs to keep us hel had i -- healthy. >> reporter: an unusual suspect is in baltimore. >> they feel safe because they know i'm close. >> reporter: this man is bringing his autobiography to broadway. [inaudible] >> reporter: tickets for the november 16th show are on sale
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now. at number three -- no rocks being given out in baltimore. charm city was ranked the 19th top city for trick or treating. they listed five top areas, including these others. now, you are caught up and clued into what's happening around baltimore. i'm nicki mayo. looking for a sleepy duck? a pig in a wheelchair? oh, yeah. we got that -- next on "the list."
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"the list" is jn line. like us on facebook. follow us on twitter. "the list," get on it this is matt gallant and we love animals. >> we sure do. lions, bears, tigers, eagles, cardinals. >> i guess mine would be ducklings, piglets, dogs. we've picked the best. first up, bacon buddies check out the little pig with the wheelchair and his furry friend walking around. chris was born without the use of his legs but clearly, he's a little happy one. then he goes through the
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agility course. okay. maybe not. next, a sleepy quack. ♪ >> students, you are not alone. even this little duckling is getting sleeping in class. ♪ >> but the real question is, what is he doing in a costume? ♪ >> lastly, all low wean is near -- halloween is near and these kittens are ready, dressing up as some tootty rolls -- tootsie rolls and apparently they are playing. >> you know, i'm going making it a point never to follow kittens dressed as tootsie rolls. let's get out of here.
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thanks for watching the list. for tomorrow -- >> wonder what the pomegranate knit or ugly fruit tastes like? go ahead. your supermarket wants you to try the produce for free. tomorrow on "the list." free. job smart with sup et secrets. tomorrow on "the list."
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what's going on, everybody? i'm kevin pereira, this is "let's ask america." the show where you don't even have to leave your house to win $50,000. what a deal. people from all across america they're on their webcams. let's see who we have today. from kentucky, it's stacy. from los angeles, california, it's al. from new york, it's steven. and from indiana, it's susan. welcome to the program, everyone. it's nice to see. you know how this works. all you have to do is figure out americans opinions on all kinds of crazy topics and then you win $50,000. that sound good? let's get into it, shall we? our first question is worth $100. here are the two possible answers. we've got, her cat or their wedding ring. the question is what did
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cat-owning husbands say they'd be most afraid to tell their wife that they've lost. is it her cat or their wedding ring? looks like everybody's got their answers down. got to start with the king of the roller disco. al, how are you, sir? >> hello. disco going on. >> tell me about yourself, al. >> i'm coming to you right now from my 1970 roller palace here. while i get my groove on, my family gets their groove on, we roll anywhere. >> feeling but disco balls and hukas and pup pies running aroud to the left of your camera. >> got the lights, the ball back here, hey, 1970. >> that's it. you're two for two, that's all you need. her cat or wedding ring. go ahead and flip your cards, everyone. see what you got. two for ring, two for the kitty cat. for $100, the correct answer,
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their wedding ring. they know what the men should fear. our next question is worth $200. two possible answers here are, use the mens room or hold it in. the question is, what did women say they'd be more likely to do if they had to go to the bathroom but the ladies room had a long line? would they just use the mens room or hold it in? i see women face palm each other out of the way to get to the restroom. i feel like that should be an option. we'll go to susan. how are you, susan? >> hey, i'm great. >> susan, tell me about yourself. >> i'm an auction neeer sitting front of my collection. >> that's awesome. contestants go to flip the cards. let's see what you got. three for hold it in, susan says, huh-uh, going to the mens room. for $200 the correct answer with
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54% of the vote is hold it in. stacy in first place with $300. steven tied with $200. susan has one hundred. the next question worth $300. two possible answers, governor chris christie or bruce springsteen. who did new jersey republicans say they'd rather drive cross country with. governor chris christie or bruce springsteen. everybody got their answers down. got a question about bruce springsteen. we got to go to the music man. steven, how are you? >> how are you doing? i'm doing great. >> that's quite the collection behind you. what's the story? >> thank you very much. i was an aspiring rock star until i lost my hair a little bit. didn't quite work out. but i still play every day. >> very, very cool. what do you play, steven? >> i play guitar and drums and i'm learning piano and sax sa
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phone and clarinet. governor chris christie or bruce springsteen? three for bruce, but, steven, you say chris christie? >> yeah. i got to go with chris christie. bruce is the man, but i don't know. i have a gut feeling. >> all right. let's see for $300 with 70% of the vote, yeah, we got it, steven. and you got it as well. governor chris christie is the correct answer. steven leaps into first place with $500. now folks time for the final question of this round. it is worth $400. more importantly, susan, you need to get this correct if you want to stay in the game. this will decide who gets eliminated. the two possible answers are, take a nap before or take a sick day after. the question is how did most people in their 40s say they would survive an all-night party?


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