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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  October 29, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> let's get some kisses. emil hersch lost 26 pounds for one movie and may have to gain it back for another movie. belushi left a live on an off screen which came to an end. sesame streelt takes on big tv drama again. this time, the muppets invade homeland. sesame street's take on homeland called home lamb. the hard-edged drama characters are reduced to sheep and a wolf, a wolf wo looks like a super-charged oscar the grouch.
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pop culture like the hands stuffed in a sleeper show puppet on the hot list. >> it seems like every day there's a new hot app out there. >> let's take a look at some apps that could possibly be real or could they? with almost a million apps out there, some of them just seem too good or bad to be true. or are they? starting our list is the dude app. this genius creation won't make you rich or fit in with the locals. but it does do this. and, yes, the dude app is real. wouldn't it be nice if there was an app to get rid of problem phone calls, like tell marketers. fortunately, the excuse app is
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real. coming in at number two. >> yeah, hey, man, it's dave. i'm going to need you to come in and dleen that up. >> yeah, i can't. i'm being attacked by a rabid wolverine. yeah, uh-uh huh-uh. >> if you're like me, you wish you had a better way to communicate with cats. >> what do you think of the show? >> technology couldn't help me do that, could it? she likes the show, yes. the human-to-cat translator is at the top list of our apps that are real but maybe shouldn't be. from dudes with excuses to talking cats, you're up to speed on apps that are real but shouldn't be. >> i always wanted to talk with a real chef to find out how the pros do it. i did. it's time for shelf shopping secrets on the break down. >> so what are the secret chef tips that you know that you guys might want to know.
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>> so, mr. theresa, number one, what the heck is that? >> i don't know. it's beautiful. >> if you're wondering around the produce section and you don't know what it is, just ask someone in that department to cut it open and give you a taste. >> they'll just let you taste it? >> yes. >> dragon fruit. >> it looks like a kiwi. >> there you go. number two, theresa, bakeries run on tight schedules. if you call the night before, find out the window of time when the freshest possible bread is going to be on the shelf, you'll have the perfect loaf every single time. >> so you show uprig right as i coming out of the oven? >> yes. >> people always battling over challa. you know how it is. >> how often do you call your bakery? >> they know me on a first-name basis. >> so you just call ahead? >> um-hmm. >> get a relationship with your butcher.
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there's always going to be a manag manager special. >> your butcher is an untapped resource? >> yes, absolutely. >> and the one thing you always want hot and fresh, viral videos. >> you don't want the ones that have been picked over. >> no, only the finest for your family and we picked the day's best. >> viralist. >> firsup, come on down. check out the cute kittens with the homemade attraction. i think they're a little more interested in attacking each other. >> next,shawshank redeposition. he opens the door by himself. look at the sweet out doors.
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he doesn't dash right away. he kind of lenge lingers to enj plirnment. oh, it looks like the rest of the free gang is making their escape, too. lastly, is this reality? improve everywhere is recreating the matrix of life. >> i need something that makes me look cool. >> the agents are coming in close and attacking. and they're really drawing in a crowd. naturally, he kicks down the masses. >> going to go down to the second floor. >> so you think that cough is a rare form of an incurable disease? it even says so online. you just may be suffering from cybercondria. your pet has done some very,
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very bad things. it's time to turn their shame into your amusement. next on the list. >> get it while they're hot. here's a list of apps trending right now. number four, wow camera pro. number three, spotify. number two, logos quiz game. and then when you get up -- can i play?
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and get this deal before it's gone. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. offer ends november 16th. technology that lets you play with the big boys. that's powerful. ♪ . >> top three reasons you watch the lis number one, you learn things, number two, you laugh and you found out you just won the emmy. >> you're on "the list kwsz. with so much shopping occurring online, shipping has become even more important. connor knight takes a look at how companies convince you to buy.
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connor, what's the deal? >> last week, amazon raised the minimum-order ice required for free shipping. seems like a small change, but it was big news. >> amazon is upping is spending minimum-for-free shipping. now you have to spend $35 from $25. >> we love free shipping. free shipping offers from amazon. they're all designed to make you spend more money. walmart makes you spend $50. then there's deal site rulala which offers the rude 30. you pay $9.95 for your first order, but then for the next 30 days, everything is shipped for free. there are savings clubs, amazon prime and shop runner. and then you get free shipping for a year. you want to get your money's worth. so you end up spending a lot hr money. at a 2012 shopping holiday
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study, 23% of consumers were exclusively for sites that offer free shipping. not a good saving strategy. you should only care about the total price. but as con soumers, we're more likely to pay $5 for something that is free. shipping charges are number one reason consumers abandon their shopping carts on line. who can forget this? i just shipped my pants for free. >> i just may ship my pants. billy, you can ship your pantds, too. >> there's nothing wrong with free shipping. but before you ship your pants like crazy, make sure you're looking at the total cost. >> hey, thanks, connor. you probably heard of
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hypochondria. >> yes, but have you heard of cyber chondria? >> yes, let ariel west show you what it is. doctors and psychologists nationwide are seeing cyberchondria. >> it really leads to a lot of medical and health anxiety. >> these days, we can all find a wealth of information online that wasn't available 10 years ago. but health experts say because of that, more people are looking up their symptoms and stressing out. >> oh, my gosh, i have a brain tumor instead of oh, yes, i forgot to have my morning cup of coffee. >> doctors say the bigger problem is it p out critical details people need to make good decisions. >> they want us to go right to
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therapies that are inappropriate. >> it's really a small percentage. >> everyone web m.d. can make investigating health matters even worse. you're resisting your doctor's diagnosis and your anxiety increases when you browse the >> use your position to be that, for lack of a better word, interpreter, between what you're reading and what the truth is. don't make yourselves sick thinking that you are. >> you're not dying, you just can't think of anything good to do. >> for "the list," i'm ariel wester. >> stop fretting about intestinal rasites. we watched all the late-night talkhows and picked the 's the . >> spiraling women on the home page is gone.
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>> i'm not sure the new home page is an improvement. >> trick or treating is expected to decline this year for the tenth straight year. experts say kids still love candy, they just hate the walking. if there's anything better than getting fired on halloween, it's getting fired by a clown. >> today is the deadline for nfl trade. so here's a list of some of the most unbelievable trades in sports history. boston trades babe ruth to new york. baltimore trades john elway to denver.
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girl scout cookie flavors, out of the box and into your coffee-mate. nestle. good food, good life.
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you're on the list. [audio not understandable] >> reporter: they are batting it out on line to claim the hashtag. >> we were getting thousands of these messages. >> reporter: abc is almost ready to concede but not without calling a truce and
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holing an online fund-raiser for the mard food bank. here is a list of halloween hot spots around the harbor. serving up sushi. halloween is all about triblg -- trick or treats. raw sushi spider rolls and vampire chicken. >> come on in and enjoy yourselves. enjoy the music and the costumes and the food and drink. >> reporter: like this great ghouling. it's a drink. >> it's a martini style drink that's soaked in gren gre nadine -- grenadine. >> reporter: here's your opportunity to trick or treat with the oriole bird. all you have to do is carve your best orange and black pumpkin and upload the photo to
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instagram. now you're caught up and clued into what's happening around baltimore. i'm nicki mayo. your pet's destroyed your home for the last time. see how he likes it in the hall of shame -- next on "the list."
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you're on "the list." probably the single greatest contribution the internet has made, owners take photos of their owners with a sign
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detailing transgression. today we've got the best. >> how to train your puppy with verbal humiliation. >> shaming, it's controversial when we do it to humans but somehow when we do it to our pets, it's adorable. how can we be mad at this fluff nugget for hiding meat in the couch? cuddly creatures, it's sad, silly but also cute. >> i do not like the shame. >> it's so popular there is a list of categories. there's the happy face message. that combines your pet's face with the impression. also on the list, the guilty as charged, the walk for pups, it
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often includes evidence of the crime to match the shame on your pup's face. then there's the double jeopardy where a pair of pets are forced to endure the shame together. >> they know when they are the butt of rid ka kuehls -- rid ka duels -- ridicules. pet shaming it's what's trending. i'm so sorry. >> i didn't steal anything. >> thank you so much for watching the list. here's what's coming up tomorrow. ♪ going to work dressed up for halloween. there is a fine line between bewitching and just wrong. finding creative costumes that won't come back to haunt you -- tomorrow on "the list."
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hello everybody. i'm kevin pereira, this is "let's ask america." the only show where you don't even have to get out of bed to win $50,000. from all across mesh on their webcams and they want to play. let's s who we've got today. from surprise, arizona, it's kyle. from new jersey, it's amy. from baltimore, maryland, it's maria. from spring hill, florida, it's john. welcome to the program everybody. you guys know how this works. all you have to do is figure out america's opinions on all kinds of crazy topics and then you win cash. you ready to play? let's get into it. the first question worth $100. here are the two possible answers, we've got medical
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marijuana shop or victoria's secret. the question is, where did high school teachers say they'd least like to run into a student outside of school? because you know those high schoolers and their glaucoma. is it a medical marijuana shop or victoria's secret? all right. everybody's got their answers down. amy, tell me about yourself. >> hi. i'm coming to you live poolside. >> very nice. i'm assuming from the gear that this isn't your first trip poolside. >> it is not. i've been swimming since i was 12 it's like a second home to me. >> fantastic. are there some medals dangling around your ck? >> yeah, these are a couple medals i've won throughout the year. it's my pride and joy. i just love it. >> pleasure to have you here. good luck. hope you get $50,000. good luck to everybody. let's flip the cards. medical marijuana shop or
7:27 pm
victoria's secret. looks like three for the old medical marijuana shop. brian says victoria's secret. the correct answer for $100 is, the marijuana shop. amy, john, they get the hundred bucks. brian, worry not. next question is worth $200. anybody's game. two possible answers are in bed or in the bathroom. the question is where did men in their 40s say they do the most reading. is it in bed or in the bathroom? john, we'll go to you. tell us about yourself. >> i love to ride motorcycles as you can see from behind me. and that's really my livelihood. i live to ride. >> pleasure to have you. let's flip those cards, everybody, for $200 is it in bed or in the bathroom? three for the bathroom. calila says the bed. the correct answer with 65% of the vote, calila how do you feel
7:28 pm
about your answer? you're the only one that said in bed. >> i think i'm right. >> you should. it's in bed. she's in first place with $300. brian, we got to get you some cash. next question is worth $300. here are the two possible answers. we've got comfy soft or knee brace. the question is which of these items did runners say is most crucial to have during a marathon. is it comfy socks or a knee brace? calila, where are you playing from today? >> i'm actually playing from my baby's room. i just had a baby three whole days ago. >> oh, my word. congratulations. >> thank you. >> baby tatem is three days old? >> yes, he is. >> and what's he going to be in 30 years from now? >> hopefully he'll follow in my footsteps and become an architect and furniture designer. >> oh, very cool. let's see what you picked. everybody go ahead and flip the
7:29 pm
cards. for $300 comfy socks or knee brace? three for comfy socks, again, calila goes her own way. the correct answer with 53% of the vote, calila, what are you doing? you got it right again. it's knee brace. calila extends her lead. she now has $600. and that means it all comes down to this final question of this round worth $400. but more importantly this decides who stays and plays and who gets eliminated. good luck. two possible answers here are moms or dads. the question is, who did parents say is more likely to give into a crying child? >> oh, man. >> is it mom or dad? sir brian, we'll go to you now. where are you playing from? >> straight to you from my man cave up here. you can see my poker stuff back here. i hold my weekly poker tournaments and try to make some money even


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