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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  October 30, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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personal cell phone for years. >> it became clear that the damage done is so high that something has to be done. >> it's been confirmed that the united states listened in on 35 allies and documents obtained from edward snowden showed the agency breck into yahoo and google data centers around the world. all right. your high school seniors are probably pulling their hair out over these college applications. the problems with common apps. you've already heard this, students in school, send money. we'll explain how you can send it easier than ever using email. >> that's great.  
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all right. college application time also known as one of the most stressful times of the year for seniors amount tool used by seniors and accepted by
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universities is supposed to make it easier. >> the common app is online only and it is plagued with problems. how current students are coping with those deadlines approaching fast. >> reporter: the most stressful part of getting to these beautiful campuses is this -- the dreaded application process. it's a ritual so fraught with anxiety that it has become a national thing. for this year's crop of high school seniors, there's more anxiety than usual. the process is plagued by glitches like delayed applications. the common application was dined to let students apply to multiple schools by filling out a single application. this year the common app retired the paper version and
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went exclusively online. that's when the problems began. >> i'm sure i'll get through it. >> reporter: common app estimates about800,000 will submit applications to the university of north carolina at chapel him and even harvard. it was supposed to make the process easier. >> the kids who are applying want to make sure their applications get in in a timely manner and look good. >> reporter: one part that is working wool, their facebook page. students are veptsing their frustration. my daughter still cannot log in. help, please. the common app did not respond to multiple interview requests. a statement to cnn they said as we approach the busy deadline season we are fully committed to a complete and timely review
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of application for all members, particularly those with november 1st deadlines. at catholic university they've gone old school, retreating to the basement to scan them. >> universities around the country rely on the common application. we need them to fix this. we do hope there's a resolution soon. >> imagine that. i'm going to stay offline tonight. >> now what mr. schools like hopkins, mt. st. marys and others, all accept common apps. >> most early decision deadlines is november. some schools have extended those deadlines because of all the problems they're having with the common app. start off with a look at
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temperatures. 80 in columbia, south carolina. this will bump up our temperatures maybe another 10 degrees or so. we'll talk about rain chances for trick or treat. mt. airy. the clouds roll in and the blue sky trying to fight back a mix of clouds, enjoying a few last late sun sets because we fall back this weekend. sunset will be earlier. havre de grace, nice on the susquehanna. winds are east, southeast at nine. the sunset is 6:08. it looks partly cloudy and warm and just spooky as we go past sunset tomorrow evening. i think the possibility of rain will come in late tomorrow night. unless you're out doing some of the more adult halloween
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festivities, you probably won't get caught in the rain. low 60s. set to warm up another 10 degrees or so by this time tomorrow. our wind speed out of the southeast, that's a fairly warm breeze. the water temps are in the low 60s. along the immediate bay and ocean areas, those spots not so much milder on the southeast wind. when that wind comes over land it is warm. 80% humidity in baltimore. warmth and humidity. overnight into the upper 50s and low 60s. then we're not low 70s tomorrow afternoon. yes, toward d.c. we could be death mid-70s. the day after halloween still mild but i caution you. these will feature clouds and rain showers. so it won't seem has mild on your friday. the view shows basically more active weather to our west. we've got a warm front just to our south. it's creeping slowly north.
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by the way, it's amazing to think one year ago as we pushed into halloween it was all about sandy, the snow still coming down in garrett county and tremendous water born damage. all that coming to an end as we look back a year ago, interesting loop there on sandy. as we look ahead we see rain coming in late halloween night into the day on friday. on and off rain could linger. we'll get another surge out of the south. tonight 48, mostly cloudy with a light southeast wind tomorrow. 712 balmy degrees. the chance for rain late tomorrow night into your friday. as we look ahead to the weekend, i see the chance for a couple showers on saturday. doesn't ok like much and temperatures beginning to cool off saturday and continuing to cool off sunday as we fall back, we find only 50s. a couple mild days for halloween and it goes back the
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other way. >> never know this time of the year. >> never know. >> but he does. >> we've had some wild halloweens the past couple of years. nice to see a calm one. >> you'll be putting the fin knishing touches on your kid's halloween costumes. >> we have some tips for keeping your little superheros and princesses safe on halloween. >> trick or treat. >> reporter: halloween, a time when kids can be anything they want, when angel and devil, superman and super woman come together with one goal. >> this is a hard decision. >> reporter: experts caution though all that fun can come to a stop if an injury were to occur. >> this is the time you have to be most village lappet. >> reporter: brush up on your street smarts before heading out. for children 12 and under
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adults should be present for all times. for everyone -- >> the best advice plan, strategize your routes. >> reporter: flashlights help see and be seen. glow sticks help and motorists need to pay extra attention. more than twice as many child pedestrians are hit and killed on halloween than on any other day of the year. teach kids to cross at crosswalks, not in between cars. >> if you take safety precautions, we won't have to see you. >> reporter: and night won't be so scary after all. >> the state highway administration wants to make sure your little ones will be seen, so the sha is handing out reflective vests. you can pick them up tomorrow from 8:00 in the morning until
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4:00 in the after. they're available. at this time next year, next halloween we'll have a gladiator baby. scandal star kerry washington and her husband are expecting their first child. she and the nfl player got married in a secret ceremony in june. kerry is about four months along. wait until that scan did hits. we don't know if olivia pope's pregnancy will make its way into the show. the industry is experiencing a shortfall of 300 million case as year. production has dropped 5% mainly because of bad weather in france and argentina.
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imagine finding your dream use and finding the extra occupant, a ghost. there could be a paranormal past. does the seller have to disclose it. we'll show you how you can send money using email.
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if you've got questions about our eye health, we have answers. a lot of people are concerned
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about cataracts and dplaw coma. can vision return to normal after surgery loo there are two distinct differences. glaucoma is the disease of the aye -- of the eye that has to do with pressure that can cause damage to the eye. with glaucoma, once there's vision loss, that can't be restored. so the treementd is geared toward preventing vision loss or if there is some vision loss preventing further vision loss. surgery is often part of the regimen for treatment. cataracts different story. cataracts early on can be treated, lots of options. >> the number to call is right there on your screen. give us a call and get your questions answered right here.
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if you need to send money, all you need is email. tech companies are making it easier than ever for you to send money. >> dear banks and credit card companies, you need this watch your back. tech companies are making money transfers a lot easy are and cheaper. square, the has been doing pretty good. you probably signed for a purchase on a register powered by square but now they have
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scwawr cash, a way top send money. you type the email and type the amount and cc cash x the first time using it you will directed to a website to enter your card number. then the app facilitates sending an email. there's a $250 a week limit. google also offers a way to pay via email. send it as an attachment. transfers are free but dards -- debit card incurs a 2.9% fee. while square and google insist
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theirs is secure, it will take scary emails to scare it. have you tried either service? would you? send us anemail and money if you'd lick to. coming up at 6:00, we're beginning to see some glitches with the rollout of the state's healthcare exchange. how many have enrolled. how many are about to lose coverage. and mcdonald's is about to unveil its new menu. what all will change come monday. we have those stories and whole lot more coming up at 6:00. good call on the subway tuscan chicken melt,
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imagine finding the perfect house for your family. the only problem there's a ghost. >> most places do not require the seller to admit the suspicion of a haunting. we have more on houses where the buyer should beware. >> reporter: like a scene from the amityville horror, the dream house turns out to be a night mairmt buyers beware. if it happens to you, don't rely on protection from the law. >> we closed and found out there had been a death in the proper pi ti but occurred over 10 years owing, so there was no recourse. >> reporter: most estates don't require it. try this new website, died in enter an address. for a price find out if any
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murders, suicides or deaths happened on the site. 38% of buyers would change their mind if a house could be haunted, but that leaves the majority of us who would consider buying a haunted house. after the sale some real estate agents recommend to clear the air and call in the modern day dose of the busters. >> if you like this house, don't let something like that turn you away. >> reporter: this pair is called in to investigate. >> we've lived here for a couple months and we hear footsteps upstairs when there's no one there. we hear doors slamming. you can negotiate with them enough to where they will just move on. >> i've helped hundreds of people to the point they felt empowered enough to feel comfortable in their home. >> if your new home, that can
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go a long way for peace or peace of mind. in alexandria, virginia, reporting. >> that's good. >> creepy, just in team for halloween. coming up, a teen watches someone try to steal a package from his front porch. >> abc2 news at 6 starts right now. i figure i have insurance at work. >> tens of thousands of marylanders may have something to worry about losing their private health insurance. >> a picture with a nasty caption out out there on social media. now 11 high school students are being disciplined. we'll tell you what happened. >> a dpiep orders a pricey meal at a restaurant, eats up and needs medical attention.
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this isn't what it seems. he is dubbed the dine and dasher. as abc2 news jeff hager tells us tonight, the news has clouded the healthcare problems. >> reporter: it all seems simple enough. >> as far as i'm grandfathered in and my cost doesn't go up, that's the best i can help for. >> reporter: people who already had health insurance didn't have to worry. >> it would probably help if i looked into it but i have insurance at work, so i don't know how i feel about it. >> reporter: but the new healthcare law requires new requirements, levels of care and cost caps that prompted several companies top send out letters informing customers that their current policies would be terminated by the end
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of the year. this doctor is the ceo of one of maryland's health networks. >> there are well over 2 million people or getting letters from their insurance carrier saying their current insurance cannot be continued or renewed in january because it doesn't meet the requirements of the affordable care act. there's 73,000 at least in maryland who's getting those letters. >> reporter: those letters should arrive any day. he's hoping the shocked customers will turn to his co- op. in the first month the website has experienced its own problems. some of those who have policies canceled and will be scrambling to find an option for them. >> i would take a look once i hear the website is working. >> the website they can fix.
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the cancellations, they've got to come up with an answer. >> in hampden, jeff hague are, website -- jeff hager. >> he says state health leaders expect to enroll about 150,000 by the end of march and said he still feels its possible if the state works out the glitches in the next month. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius spent more than three hours answering questions about the rollout of the affordable care act. even as she testified before a congressional committee, the site showed an error message. second base speb told everyone to held her accountable and he is was responsible up until this. >> while it's great you're a team member and taking responsibility, it is the president's spobs. >> usually -- whatever.
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yes. he is the president. he is responsible. >> it should be fixed by the end of november and she said she didn't see a need to enroll the -- extend the enrollment period. one of the contractors behind the been side said the site wasn't fully tested and said a complex schedule wouldn't allow it to test properly. that lack of testing raised concerns within the administration. officials worried that the lack of testing posed a high security risk to the site and they tried to row assure members of congress that personal information entered into the site is secure. weather wise, not bad. had shower action. midday, even the eastern shore is clear. we're getting set for a gorgeous evening. 59 in wood byne. most spots at 60 degrees, pleasant out there and milder
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air poised to move. low to mid-70s. at air mass is headed our way tomorrow and friday. it gets milder after a fairly cool night and somewhat cool start. it will rapidly get warmer. we'll talk about that and look at your weekend. it's all coming up. a victim of revenge porn was tired of getting turned away by police so she took action. ann marie said her ex-boyfriend posted nude photos of her online without her permission. she hit rock bottom and attempted suicide. a bill has been drafted to criminal reveption porn. >> it's treatenning in some ways because there's a lot of backlash. at the same time this proves it's ever more important that victims of


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