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tv   Charlie Rose  PBS  October 30, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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we have high quality care. >> ever green is one of four networks on the exchange. once the state glitches are fixed, they're hoping to enroll more of the tens of thousands. a victim of veng porn is trying to -- revenge porn is trying to get revenge. >> she says her boyfriend posted nude pictures of her online. she hit rock bottom and says she even wanted to commit suicide. >> [technical difficulties]
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. >> now, just last year, the school board posted new rules concerning social media and bullying. >> this is something the school system takes very, very serious seriously which is demonstrated by how fast the school reacted to this. >> school officials will not reveal the type of punishment the kids face. a law making it a crime to
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bully a child online went into effect on october 1st. it's unclear whether legal action will be pursued in this case for some kids, the bullying never stops. log on to to bullies tomorrow is a big night for the kids, the costumes, the candy. >> what kind of weather can we expect? ? >> meteorologist wyatt everhart is here with more. >> he's dressed ass a meteorologist. >> -- dressed as a meteorologist. >> it's clear tonight. we hada few showers in the state before midday. look at the temperatures tomorrow going well above average. we have had some frigid halloweens, but none of that tomorrow. we do have a weather maker on the way but more and more with
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the slow speed of this thing, we're thinking overnight tomorrow more so into friday morning. throughthe day tomorrow, 50 then up close to 70 by midday. we'lltalk about how things look for halloween night in detail coming up we have the latest on the citations handed out to cirque du soleil and mgm after the death of a performer this past summer. the experienced acrobat died after falling nearly 00 -- 100 feet in june. osha sayscirque du soleil failed to properly prepare entertainers for the stupts you couldn't believe it when you heard it and you still
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can't. a san francisco patient missing for three weeks was found in a stairwell. tonight,we find out that a man was knocking on that stairwell door and a nurse let him in. >> so this person now, who was let in becomes super important. he may have information about her. >> so police want to find the guy and the family wants to know what took so long. anne arundal county teen took on a thief trying to steal a package. police say the teen saw him try to steal the package off his front stops and chased him down. the suspect pulled out a knife and cut the victim's pants. anyone with information is asked to call metro crime stoppers have you ever walked out on a bill? >> have you ever thought about
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stiffing a waitress. call themdine and the dasher. andrewpalmer has been arrested at least seven times this year alone for ducking out on a hefty tab. when the bill came recently, this time, servers say he put his head down and pretended to be passed out. >> the paramedics did whatever they could. shoved the tube up his nose and he didn't move, didn't make a sound. he justkept the game going until they took him away. >> this summer at sullivans, he ordered a steak and lobster cocktail. >> he also ordered duck. >> forget the candy, one woman is handing out a piece of paper to some trick or treaters. >> wait until you hear what she's written on that note for you parents plus, why you
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might want to pass on the pasta. >> and facebook is in the news again. it's something right there in front of you that could tell you where your relationship is headed. stay tuned for that. 65 at bwi today but tomorrow, we think much warmer. we'll talkabout how that impacts your halloween plans straight ahead.
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. all right caught on camera from a wisconsin police officers dash cam. the schas -- chase is fast and furious, then a lane change and life change. adeputy spotted a car driving the wrong way. he has reason to run. a two time drunk driver. deputies say he was once again operating while intoxicating and then the crash that marked
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the end of the road. both thesuspect and a deputy were injured in the crash. both areexpected to recover how about a hand for a bus driver in buffalo. he justpicked up 20 high schoolers when he saw a woman leaning over the overpass. he pulled the bus over to get out and ask the woman if she needed help. thewoman looked away for a second and he grabbed her and pulled her to safety. in the health alert tonight, a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs is apparently a recipe for depression. >> harvard researchers following some women for 12 years. those with diets high in carbs were more likely to be
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depressed. those foods are more loikly to in -- likely to imflame the body -- inflame the body. >> things that cause inflammation also cause depression so there's a link, exactly what that link is has not been determined. >> so what comes first, the unhealthy diet, the depression or inflammation, doctors don't know yet. if you're under 21, you soon will not be able to buy sick rets in -- cigarettes in new york city. the city'scurrent age limit of 18 is the federal minimum. advocates sayhigher age limits help people young people from picking up the habit most of us change our address online now before you do that, john matarese has a warning so you
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don't waste your money. . >> reporter: a caution to anyone who may be moving in the next year or may have a student moving soon, when you go to file that change of address, you may want to make sure you're filing it with the postal service. belinda warren recently moved to a new condo and changed had her address online. >> i just did a google search and was going to change my address online. >> the first thing that popped up on her tablet says usps, change my address so she clicked on it. she entered her info and credit card number for verification purpose scombls about two weeks after wards, i noticed a 19.95 charge. >> reporter: she then discovered that change my address was a private company.
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>> i was upset and i said what kind of services go you -- do you provide that i couldn't have gotten for free from the post office. >> the better business bureau has over 500 complaints against the company. the company'sattorney tells me they have complied with the better business bureau request to clarify their business. butit's still confusing, such as this one, united address change. unlike the usps, none of these is free. bottom line, there is nothing illegal about this, but if it's something you can easily do for yourself for free, this might be a case of don't waste your money. all right, you're about to get dumped, you have no idea, but facebook does.
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>> have a plate of pasta. anew study finds that the social network can now predict how healthy your rilgs ship is -- relationship is. researchersfound that a couple's friend who is are well connected on site on 50% more likely to end the relationship than a couple that has friends that are no connected. that's another way of saying don't date your friends. >> i got pasta, i got facebook problems, come on man. >> multiple ways to look at that. radar, clear, clear set up tonight. what a difference, what a difference from the last
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several halloweens. two yearsago, we had rain on the radar, and this is what we had last year. sandy was on the shore, but she was still churning out the heavy snow some of the highest snow totals in america were delivered from sandy one year ago. in baltimore tonight, just the opposite. a calm clear night. 53 degrees and the wind is calm. humidity, moderatelyhigh and will stay high tomorrow. tomorrow we'll say around 70, 72 by 4:00. spookywith the cloud cover by tomorrow evening. i think we'll keep it dry tomorrow but things will change by midnight and friday morning. it's a mild evening tonight. no chance for rain.
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your morning commute looks dry, however, very high humidity that will likely cause rain into friday and fog for right now. we've got 25% normal vision in virginia. fog will be a factor overnight and in the morning so give yourself extra time in the morning. into the day tomorrow though, after we burn that off, we're talking about a warm and nice halloween by the standards of the last several years. itstays mild friday, but remember, friday we bring in rain and much more cloud cover so i don't think it's going seem quite as warm out there. the set up across the entire region shows quiet weather until you get toward chicago land. big longand slow frontal moving system that eventually gets here in the overnight tomorrow.
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but intofriday morning hours, look for rain to to west. in themeantime, it's the warm surge we'll feel tomorrow with that warm front from the south. again, low to mid-70s on tap tomorrow. again, that threat for rain, we think holding off. this is 6:00 tomorrow evening. we begin to bring in the rain after midnight. it looks like a wet commute on friday morning so fak sor that in. that -- factor that in. tonight, 48, mostly cloudy, patchy dense fog. thenas we look at tomorrow night, the trick or treat forecast, falling slowly through the 60s. next few days, there's the set up. rain chances going up significantly friday. on andoff rain could last into saturday morning and just cooler and trier as we fall
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back this weekend looking for a much more fall like feel by sunday. >> let's stay on that halloween theme all right. >> take a listen to this. these are actually kids from an elementary school in washington. though all dressed up for michael jackson's thriller video and staged a performance. it'spart of the school's art and music program. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] there are always great footlong values at subway.
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our hot topic getting plenty of reaction from you imagine getting a piece of paper to given to some kids who are
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trick or the treating. it's a letter criticizing some kids weight. she says she'll be handing out letters to children she considers overweight. theletter says in part your child is in my opinion moderately obese. it goes on to say my hope is that you will step up as a parent and not allow your child to continue these unhealthy eating habits. mostpeople are not on board. >> here, you get candy, you get a letter, like that kid is probably not having suffered enough. >> i would probably say that it's nobody's business really. >> this is more on an issue that parntds should be -- parents should be work wg their kids on. >> eating disorder experts say kids are very conscious of filting -- fitting in with peers and a letter like this could do more harm than help.
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just glad snooes north dakota and -- she's in north dakota and not in my neighborhood. leave herthere. quick check of the witch, she's already gearing up for tomorrow night. she's flying. i don't know if we can go to final weather. there. she's onthe move. she's ready for tomorrow night. here's whatshe'll find, 60s and mild. bythe way, the out look again shows a decent halloween day. three years ago, brutally cold, two years ago, snow, last year sandy and -- year, sandy and this year, 72. we've earned it. we'll be back.
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. >> all right, are you ready? >> yeah, i'm ready. >> what assist your cost d what's your costume. >> i won't tell you. >> red sox win the world series, won't they be something to deal with. >> oh man. >> zombies in dc.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- sir ben kingsley, rob delaney lie witness news and music from nonono with cleto and the cletones. and now, at long last, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. welcome to the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming.
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[ cheers and applause ] very nice. i appreciate that. a big night, big sports night in america tonight. the baseball in particular game six of the world series. boston, the red sox/cardinals. not only was it game six it was ferret night at fenway park. first 10,000 fans in attendance went home with a ferret. the game is happening. still 0-0. >> 0-0 when i first came out here. >> jimmy: dicky is from boston. you can leave if you want. your work here is done, right? [ cheers and applause ] it happens every once in a while. you know tickets for tonight's game cost more than any baseball tickets in history. average price of a seat, average price was $2,000.
11:32 pm
so you could sell your car and buy a pair or grow a disgusting beard, pretend you are on the team and sneak in. $2,000. i wouldn't spend $2,000 on a ticket to see celine dion. sorry, i revealed something about myself. the fans at fenway park are pretty crazy. but they're crazy in their homes too. this guy was so passionate during the game, his friend had no choice but to get it on video and post it to youtube. >> that was a strike. >> come on! oh, my freaking god! are you [ bleep ], [ bleep ]! come on! unbelievable! >> jimmy: that's his inside voice. that's the -- he is even scaring
11:33 pm
the fish in his home. the cardinals were very late getting into boston last night. mechanical problem delayed their flight. they had to sit on the tarmac in st. louis for six hours. didn't get in until 11:00 p.m. ironically the team named after a bird, had trouble flying. the team named after socks. resting in bed. president obama want to boston, due to boston traffic, what his health care traffic did to the web. if the cardinals won tonight, game seven will be on halloween, which, how great would it be if the players dressed up for halloween? imagine -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wouldn't that be good? i know they're already in a kind of costume. look to see batman hit a home run off frankenstein. a version of this happened at san diego state. san diego state aztecs baseball team half annual halloween practice game where all the players dress up look this.
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it is an informal game. a guy dressed up as, a baby. a very serious baby too. this is probably the best one. this, this -- this is a group of five players as the jamaican bobsled team. [ cheers and applause ] i think that's five outs. one play right there. ha-ha. quintuple play. halloween is tomorrow. that can mean one thing. candy corn's time to shine. this is -- does anyone like candy corn. nobody likes it. it's like -- it's look a candy corn. the origin of halloween is interesting. i don't think most people are aware of this. halloween began 2,000 years ago when the ancient celts real ied few of their kids were diabetic. and halloween was born. a lot of kids will be trick or
11:35 pm
treating tomorrow. when kids walk up to a stranger's house and demand candy. they're cute. when i do it, i'm drunk. we are doing something fun for halloween this week. it's, halloween candy youtube challenge. we have done this the past two years, i ask those of you watching at home to pretend you ate all your children's halloween candy and videotape that. we have had hundred of great responses. and millions and millions of views over the years. things like this. >> there is always next halloween. >> no! no candy! >> where is my bag of candy that was out there? where is my candy! >> just kidding. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's fun. like a little roller coaster for
11:36 pm
the kids from the inside. so we are doing it again this year. i would like every parent within the sound of my voice to trick their children, upload to youtube, "hey, jimmy kimmel i told my kids i ate all their halloween candy." we will run the submissions next week. preemptive punishment for when our kids eventually put us in a home. oh, i have some -- [ cheers and applause ] i have some potentially troubling news for wine experts. a worldwide wine shortage right now. experts say demand rose for wine by 1% this year worldwide. supply fell 5%. resulted in an undersupply of 300 million cases warning if the trend continues by 2020 the world could be, sober, i guess. could be out of wine. if we're out of wine then how will the next bachelor tricking the will known thinking he is straight? the problem for us too.
11:37 pm
it is really hard to kind of imagine all the negative effect a wine shortage could potentially have. for instance without wine this is what the fourth hour of the do day show would look like. -- "today" show would look like. ♪ >> maybe time for gina to make a come back. one of our guests is the hilarious, wonderfully strange, rob delany, a twitter account. his tweets are weird. people love them. i love them. people are confused by them. we thought it would be fun to head to the farmer's market, down the block, asking people if they may not have heard of rob to read his tweets aloud. here they are. tweets of rob delany's read by senior citizens. >> roses are red, violets are
11:38 pm
blue, daffodils are yellow, mike is a [ bleep ]. >> which do you think was softer yoda's balls or roy orbison's neck waddle? >> when you go out of the room i ask your dog what you look like taked? >> wal-mart, i was wrestling with byron last night and made vanil vanilla -- >> hope i get to kiss a frog butt this weekend. >> which mumford is the dad? >> i am a fat idiot and everyone in my condo association hates me. >> whenever i post a fitness tip and you pieces of [ bleep ] don't redwight, i don't know why i didn't write it on a banana peel and throw it in the sea. >> life is like a box of chocolates.
11:39 pm
>> i saw sir ben kingsley throw a frozen checken at a little boy. >> and my daughter was killed by a bear yesterday when he tried to offer it toilet paper, you son of a [ bleep ] -- [ cheers and applause ] >> and candy, very important subject this time of year. a lot of nonsense going on with trick or treating nowadays. halloween is simple. kid knocks on the do. you give them candy. that's it. some people don't understand that. that's why this group of concerned children has come together tonight to help set everyone straight on the night before halloween. please welcome the jimmy kimmel live children's choir. ♪ we go from door to door ♪ hoping to collect candy that's what this bag is for ♪ ♪ so when your handing out the
11:40 pm
treats there's something we suggest ♪ ♪ ♪ please make sure it's something sweet consider this request ♪ ♪ save the toothbrush for yourself ♪ ♪ put the apples back on the shelf ♪ ♪ don't even bother with the snacks ♪ ♪ and shove those pennies up your butt ♪ ♪ save the toothbrush for yourself ♪ ♪ put the apples back on the shelf ♪ ♪ don't even bother with snacks ♪ ♪ and shove those pennies up your butt ♪ everybody! ♪ save the toothbrush for yourself ♪ ♪ put the apples back on the shelf ♪ ♪ don't even bother with the snacks ♪ ♪ and you can shove me up your butt ♪
11:41 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: beautifully done. thank you, kids. point well taken. we need to take a break. we will be right back. we have a new edition of lie witness news, and it is a good one. (man on tv) touchdown!
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>> jimmy: welcome back. sir ben kingsley, rob delany and
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nonono's music. i feel compelled to share this. an update. there is a sculpture garden in windsor ontario. a bush looks like this. the city cut it into this shape. because a mystery botanist cut it into this shape which they found objectionable. always a shame when governments repress artistic expression. after laying low for a while the sculptor struck again with a new bush that is right next to the old one. and, yet another triumph of tenacity. there are three undercover cops hunkered down dressed as shrubs waiting to pounce. that they did on purpose. this i think was an accident. a new church in illinois, christian science society of dixon, some a saying when you look at it from the sky from a satellite view it resembles a --
11:47 pm
familiar shape of some kind. christian science, look at things that might be a little jewish too. the best part is this is how god sees it from above. what is that? that's where people gather to worship you, lord. kidding it is a parking structure. funny that people even think about this. when i saw this picture, to me if you added some colors, and you know you paint the end parts white it looks like a rainbow with two cloud on either end. i don't have my mind in the gutter like the rest of you. what i really want to know who typed the words church and penis into google earth to accidentally find this. and one more item of note. this is an interesting product. a japanese company has a new iphone accessory called sente, a device plugs into your phone and releases the smell of your choice whenever you got a
11:48 pm
message. which is, it is great for, people who love their phone but, just wish it could be more like a candle. so every time you get a text message or e-mail your phone will have a puff of scented air. the device costs $35. each cartridge which lasts 100 puffs costs $5. if you have $40 to make your text messages smell look roast beef, you probably have too much money. we wanted to see what americans thought of the scente, unfortunately, available in japan. instead we want out on to hollywood boulevard we, told people we had a scente on our phone. we didn't actually. just a piece of plastic. we told people if they named the smell, said a smell into the phone, whatever fragrance they named would, have a smell that would come wafting out of it. here is how that went on imaginary smell edition of "lie witness news." there is a new iphone application that emits a scent. you say a common smell into it. and it come out. want to give it a try.
11:49 pm
>> yeah, let me give it a try. >> say common smell. >> common smell. >> say a smell? >> roses. >> roses. three, two, okay, it's ready. >> roses. >> it is coming out now. >> oh, my god. futuristic iphone. wow. are you serious? >> want to try another one. yeah, yeah. >> cinnamon roll. >> cinnamon roll. well, i'm be -- >> pick any scent, say it in there. >> orange. >> shut up. that's crazy. are you serious? it's like a scratch and sniff sticker without scratching. >> popcorn. >> wow. wow. that does smell kind of look popcorn. >> say a common scent into the -- >> weed.
11:50 pm
ha-ha, no. >> three, two -- oh, good. try that. i am getting some of that. smell it? >> that's dope. >> what do you think? what does that remind you of? >> like, laffy taffy. purple laffy taffy. >> apples. >> go ahead. >> smell it? >> oh, yeah. you smell it? >> nor like apple pie. >> apple pie. >> coffee. >> two, one. now it's coming out. anything? >> can you smell the other people who i shoved this phone up their nose? come on. come on. >> there is a new iphone application that emits a smell. you say a certain scent into it. and give it a couple second. it will make that common scent. want you try it? >> yeah. >> say something, flavor, smell? >> purple. >> purple. >> three, two, one. give that a smell. does it smell like purple?
11:51 pm
>> yeah. >> yeah. >> yeah. go ahead try another one. >> bread. >> bread. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: tonight on the program, rob delaney, music from no-no-no. and we'll be right back with sir ben kingsley. don't go away. ♪ it's an extremely simple tool. but also extremely powerful. it could be used to start a poem. or finish a symphony. it has transformed the way we work, learn, create, share.
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>> jimmy: tonight on the program -- he is one of the funniest people on twitter. and now, he is one of the funniest people in books. the book is called "rob delaney: mother. wife. sister. human. warrior. falcon. yardstick. turban. cabbage." it comes out november 4th. rob delaney is here. and then with music from their debut ep, "pumpin' blood," not to be confused with pumpkin blood -- which is something you get when you make a jack-o'-lantern. making their u.s. television debut, nonono from the sony stage. we've got a big halloween show planned for you tomorrow night with mindy kaling, joshua malina, music from rob zombie and the return of our half and half halloween costume pageant. which i hope is half as much fun
11:57 pm
for you as it was a nightmare for our wardrobe department. our first guest has two golden globes, an oscar, a grammy, a star on the walk of fame, a knighthood, six super bowl rings and four stanley cups. you can see him now in the new science fiction thriller, "ender's game." >> you can't absorb these losses, not a game where you can reboot and start over. not going to happen. you understand? >> yes, sir. >> do you? i have trained others, each ultimately a failure. >> all right, colonel, he understands. >> sir, i am not the first. >> no. but you will be the last. >> jimmy: "ender's game" opens in theaters friday. please say hello to sir ben kingsley. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
11:58 pm
♪ >> jimmy: how are you? very, very nice to have you here. [ cheers and applause ] it's not often that we, especially, americans, we get to be in the presence of a knight. >> i soak it up when i can. american enthusiasm is beautiful. american enthusiasm. >> jimmy: is it not -- >> nothing like it. nothing like it. in the world. so unique. so unique. so, no. this is the first for you. >> jimmy: what's that? >> having me on your show? are you nervous? >> jimmy: i am terrified. because i know you can call the queen and have me beheaded if you want. >> no, no, only if you speak imof her. >> jimmy: i would never. >> no, no, it's odd. but actually, i do, it is part of my obligations as a knight to
11:59 pm
defend her majesty, so if somebody is insulting toward her, i am obliged to smack them around the face. >> jimmy: are you? have you ever found yourselfen a situation like that. >> nearly. nearly. >> jimmy: what happened? >> i made him change his mind. >> jimmy: you did. >> i gave him the look. >> jimmy: yes, i think that would do it. >> it would. >> jimmy: you know what look would do it. the look you have in the movie "ender's game." >> isn't that beautiful? >> maury: if mike tyson had finished the job. you know? >> may i tell you about this? >> jimmy: please do. >> these -- these actually, i was quite privileged to wear these, seriously, ladies and gentlemen, because, they are tattoos, tomiko, the tattoo gives you the lineage of your whole family, your, your status as a warrior, in my case, my father's status as a warrior, all of his forebearers, all mapped out in the face.


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