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tv   PBS News Hour  PBS  October 31, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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their kids go to these concerts. >> for the piece that airs tonight we spoke to a man who used molly. we are hiding his identity. he talks about the popularity and miley cyrus song. here is what he said. >> now it's main stream. what happened with hannah montana picked up the microphone is she brought a lot of attention to it. it used to be shall -- it was counter culture, underground. this is -- her doing that song and everything else sort of just gives the head nod to the fact that there is something going on that a lot of people aren't talking about. >> main stream is a word that will concern a lot. how common is it? >> it's everywhere. the kids are on youtube talking about it. they are texting about it. it's in madonna, in a song,kwayne west, miley cyrus is singing about it and it's become the buzz word and what's happening is its gee becoming more of a fad and these kids
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want it when they go to dances but as we said before they aren't getting it. they are getting bath salts. this is going to lead to more death than the four we have already seen in the last month. so, again, parents need to make sure when the kids go to concerts, the outdoor -- electronic music concerts, they need to be aware of this and need to really educate their kids about what is out there because they all want to do it, there is a -- a gressive approach here for them to really go out looking for it. it's on craigslist. it's a very dangerous drug. >> thank you so much for bringing your experience in here. much more about molly including what investigators have to say about it coming up tonight at 1 is 1 after scandal. >> weather wise some good news on this halloween night in terms that most of the shower action remaining just west of the baltimore area as we start trick or treating.
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i think through about eight, nine we should be generally dry. not that we couldn't have a passing shower but the heaviest rain looking like it'll hold off. very mild. no need for extra layer. temperatures are still near 70. could be uncole uncomfortable in some of the heavy duty costumes. big rain maker is inbound. it'll impact overnight and on and off throughout the day friday. planning for wet morning and afternoon but for tonight, a relatively quiet evening. upper 60's with spooky clouds, a few showers by midnight. >> all right. so far the weather is holding up which is good but bad if you run out of candy. kelley swoop, we sent her out. who are you? >> reporter: you got it. he guessed. who do you think i am? >> [inaudible] a pop star. >> >> reporter: i'm katy perry. jamie got it.
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you are kind of hip. >> i'm hip. >> reporter: are we ready to do what? >> trick or treat slrm. >> reporter: are you excited? >> yes! >> reporter: who are you? >> a zombie. are you? >> batman. >> reporter: what about you? >> snow white. >> reporter: snow white. we have everybody out here tonight. we are finally getting a crowd to get candy. i think mr. jim will join you at the front door so go get some candy. kids get ready. we have been waiting for them to join us but it's getting dark. we may have some older trick or treaters out here. come here for a second. who are you? >> i'm the light skinned rapper from toronto, drake. >> reporter: you are drake. who are you dressed as? >> a classy individual. i'm trying to bring the class back. >> reporter: you are scary. >> yeah. i'm -- i'm a [inaudible]
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grim reaper. >> reporter: this is the last year they will trick or treat i will say. they are a little big. coverage and have some of the pictures the kid's trick or treating at 11. it's a lot of fun. want everybody to have a good time. be safe and make sure you check the candy when you get home. >> thank you. another way to keep kids safe is to take a good look at all the candy and take it one step further, patient first, lockages are offering up xray machines between six and nine. they will xray the candy for things like glass, metal and plastic. patient first is also a free safety blinker so children can be seen in the dark. she is a sailer and is a student but it's not the winds off the bethea are pushing her to succeed. we will introduces to this week's student athlete of the week.
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and once the trick or treaters are gone its time to get ready for the zombies. >> 69, much warmer than a normal halloween in maryland. sunset coming up 6:07. we did not hit the two guarantee. we will talk about the rain edging our way. will it stay clear for the rest of the night? the answer right here at six. complicated as it is.
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. we are in parkville i think. look -- wow,. >> that's great.
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>> now it's carnie. there you go. you never know. wyatt will have a detailed look at the forecast coming up in about three minutes. with trick or treating out of the way, why not set your sights on real halloween fun tomorrow snieght? they will be shooting zom bies in middle river. it's to kill moving targets featuring the undead and there is no use shooting them in the heart because you have to shoot them in the head. the company said it draws participants from all walks of life. >> you know, obviously regular shooters, other hunters, maybe law enforcement. we even pulled some traditional standard people that have just shot once or twice before but they are just into zombies. > >> the winner will receive a survival kit complete with candy bars, bottle openers, duct tape and a raffle will be held for a shot . gun.
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ellie wells is a senior. she is the belaire student athlete of the week. she is on the sailing team but it's knots the wind that pushes her. it's her friend. >> reporter: where else would you want to be? on the water. sailing the severn where wind takes you to where you want to go. >> she is my drive, my inspiration and the reason i set out to achieve my goal. >> reporter: there was no wind at one time, a beautiful day turned worse than ugly. ellie watched her great friend drown. olivia did everything right, when everything went wrong. >> it was a pretty traumatic event but i moved forward by dedicating myself to sailing in her honor. >> reporter: she now has a second win. >> every day when i go sailing
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i kind of talk to her. i remind myself i'm here to in her memory. >> reporter: the way she sails, the way she stud y social security dedicated to her friend. she wants to be a teacher when she graduates, while the wind is at her back she wants to return the favor and give back. >> really i just think i have embodied her spirit and personality and have been able to give back. >> reporter: in sailing you don't run, you don't throw, you think. >> i have set a goal to sail in college and receive n all american which is a really high award for college sailing in her honor. >> reporter: elli will walk off this water onto a college campus to sail for the next four years inspired by her friend who will make sure she stays the course. >> everything i do in sailing and really all of my life now
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is centered around honoring her. >> reporter: she reads her wrist every day. sail fast for oliv ivia. >> wow. do you know someone who should be the belaire student athlete of the week? log onto the website. >> and now from abc2, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> talking about it for several days, rain will be close on this halloween evening. it is. we have had even a couple of showers glance parts of the baltimore area in the northeast carroll. as we look at the snap shot, a few showers out toward hagerstown and now that activity has cleared out. it's a changing sessions up to say the least as we look at the broader perspective across maryland and across the eastern third of the united states. look at the size of this
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frontal boundary. a lot of moisture and the main rain on the back half of this line of cloud cover, yet to really get in here but expect all day tomorrow to get this whole mass of moisture cleared out to the east and off shore. its going to take a while. we think rain could be around spharting overnight into the day on early saturday morning. take a look -- tough to see. baltimore county north of the beltway we did find some partial clearing today but it's a haze on the horizon. still a little fog in the distant valleys, spooky look on this halloween. 68 degrees, a unusual, much warmer than average -- last year dealing the wind from sandy. the leftover wind gusts. 6:07 the sunset. you still have some daylight. bottom line it stays mild, still the scary clouds, i think most of the wicked showers will
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hold off until midnight and into the morning hours. good news i guess weather wise for everybody. temperatures have been running mild and will continue to do it tonight, tomorrow, we will be back in the 70s. south winds picks up tomorrow. going to be a gusty day tomorrow with the humidity staying high. i tell you just on usual pattern for the first day of november. overall we timed the rain out. coming in mainly after 10:30 tonight. could get heavy and steddy toward the morning. this is a round five and of course that morning rush hour, never fun on friday and we will be less so tomorrow. maybe at least have some leftover candy in the passenger shaft the car. then we look at the trend into friday night. i think there could be some rain. especially on the earn shore but we will clear it out. dry it out saturday. saturday looks cool, breezy and cloudy. i don't think a lot of sun for the weekend though sunday looks cooler and sunnier, 50s with sun to finish out the weekend.
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again a huge amount of rain to get through before we get to sun on sunday and you see a lot of cooler air will wrap in on the back side of this very slow moving front where this late in the fall season. normally they start to pick up steam. haven't seen it with this frontal system. back in the 70's tomorrow. teen with the rain -- even with the rain and wind. then the chill into saturday morning. certainly will start to feel the difference around here for the weekend. for halloween night looks good, mild, 60s, showers coming in, mainly late overnight. into the day tomorrow 74, rain will be likely. next several days here we go. 60s down to the 50s on sunday. the fall chill comes back. won't be chilly this halloween night but it does come back as we finish out. >> you don't know but maybe
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you do. scandal is on tonight. >> i have not been hiding under a rock. i'm the biggest scandal fan. we will take a look at the art of her clothing. >> really? >> her life is often a mess but her outfits are always on point. it's scandal thursday and that means its time to fall in love with olivia pope and her fabulous wardrobe once again. >> she has a closet and that -- not like anyone. she has to mix and match. >> reporter: it's the --. >> who? >> she is a real trend setter. the creams, whites, ta, pes. >> reporter: carry said that the white trenchcoat set it off and then after that everybody is looking for that perfect white after labor day coat. love the outfit. we will tell you how to be here. >> like sex and the city used to be? >> better.
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it's dc but with flair. >> what else? >> we also take a look at some of the cutest little lion cubs new to the maryland zoo and we are chilling at the baltimore arena with disney on ice. >> you get around. >> i'm so busy and tired. i don't know how i do it. >> happy halloween. >> there you go. >> there you go. >> catch the list tonight here on abc2 at seven. good call on the subway tuscan chicken melt,
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. so far so good. >> i think so. i think we will just get in most of the trick or treating. let's take a check. the rain already trying to edge into areas west of hagerstown. rain will be more and more likely into the morning. in the meantime, i think spooky clouds, watching that. warm rain friday. if that mains sense. warm rain. we cool it off for the weekend. don't forget to fall back and change your smoke detector batteries on sunday morning. >> all right. we will see you after halloween
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tonight. kelley will be back. we will see you then.
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welcome to "world news." tonight the halloween nightmare playing out across a big part of this country. the flash floods, the rescues by raft and heptd, families hoisted to safety. the breaking news late today, the justice department suddenly stepping in. the mysterious case of a teenager found dead in a high school gym. you'll school the surveillance tape. ready for takeoff, ready for change tonight. the fliers sending us their videos. what happens when you buy a so called haunted house, the americans families turning to the real life ghost busters.
6:26 pm
good evening on this thursday night, great to have you with us. diane has the evening off. we do begin tonight with that wicked weather on this halloween, millions of families taking a rain check on that trick or treating. a giant system on the move this evening, some of the worst flooding in a century. in texas a church under water. a highway broken into pieces by the rushing water. look at this tonight, families huddled on rooftops waiting for help. more than 50 million americans in the storm zone tonight. abc's meteorologist ginger zee standing by with the forecast for the next few hours. we begin with ryan owens in the middle of the mess tonight. good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you, david. we're inside one of an estimated 500 homes that look like this. talk about a muddy mess. this was a flash flood so most
6:27 pm
of the water is gone but what a mess left behind. how high did it get? look here, this is the water line almost as tall as i am. a whole lot of people here with a whoet lot to clean up. more than 100 people woke up to a real scare across central texas and had to be rescued from highsing waters. helicopters had to pluck people from tree tops after a flood washed away their suv. both are expected to be okay. emergencies crews in boats went door to door. they found families complete with their dogs stuck on the roof. firefighters climbed ladders to bring them to safety. >> everything i have, everything is gone forever. >> reporter: they seen rescued one woman who went into labor while she was trapped.
6:28 pm
evacuees had minutes to get out. more than a foot of rain fell in the austin area overnight. roads reduced to rivers, cars swallowed. one motorcyclist was killed when he slammed into a barricade. the storm is affecting an estimated 50 million people. missouri has been hit with high winds and hail. kids in chicago are stuck trick or treating on the wettest halloween in almost two decades. people had no time to decide what they wanted to take with them so the woman who lived in this house got creative. she actually -- see that chest down there? she stacked that on top of the dining room table and that's where she put all of the family's photo albums. they're all in good shape. as for the rest of the house you can see that. >> glad to see the photo album is okay and the family is okay, too. thanks for leading us off. ginger is with us now.
6:29 pm
you say the totals are stallering. >> this gives you a good picture of where it fell, the numbers above a foot in some places. w where this rain is going is to the east obviously with this tremendous cold front, birmingham to atlanta gets an inch and a half. there is a target on the northern peninsula of michigan and the upper peninsula. david, the wind gusts come behind it. we're talking about 40 to 60 mile per hour winds down through parts of louisville and nashville. tomorrow windy. >> a lot of wet costumes tonight. be safe out there. the candy tastes the same. thank you. we're going to turn to that headline about a high school athlete who was found dead under
6:30 pm
mysterious circumstances for ten months those parents have searched for answers. federal prosecutors now saying they will investigate. now new surveillance tapes from inside the school revealing their son's final moments. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: this is the surveillance video that the u.s. attorney here has now asked the fbi to study tonight, from that cold afternoon in january. 17-year-old kendrick johnson, in the white shirt, walks into a busy high school gym in georgia, and never walks back o. >> we are just one step closer to finding out what happened to my son. >> reporter: what happens next wasn't caught on camera. the sheriff, the school system and a state pathologist all say that johnson most likely dropped a show into a rolled up gym mat, and then suffocated trying to get it out. johnson's family refuses to believe this, and they've now convinced their attorney to help. >> at this time, i am of the opinion that a sufficient basis exists for my office to conduct a formal review of the facts and investigation surrounding the death of kendrick johnson.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: the parents hired their own medical examiner who said this was a killing, blunt force trauma to the neck. when they exhumed his body, many of his internal organs were missing. authorities blamed the funeral home. >> it's a tragedy but it's a real life murder. >> reporter: on facebook, johnson's father posted this picture of himself wondering how in the world anyone could squeeze into a gym mat. supporters from around the world writing, "i smell a cover up," and "this case makes no sense." we talked with school officials and investigators who insist they have nothing to hide and are saddened by johnson's death. a judge has ordered authorities to turn over their entire case file to the family including the names of the minors seen in these videos, and exactly what they told police. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> steve will stay on this case. breaking tonight, the new york city police department's highly controversial stop and frisk program back in the news. a judge has blocked an order to
6:32 pm
change the practice after a judge ruled it violated civil rights, keeping the program going for now. critics say it unfairly targets minorities and in 2011 almost 700,000 people were stopped by police. video of how drugs are smuggled into the u.s. from across the southern boarder. this drug tunnel was one of the most sophisticated they have ever seen. they found 8 tons of marijuana and hundreds of pounds of cocaine. three people under arrest. to a brand new job tonight for the man who revealed america's sweeping spy program, edward snowden who of course is now living in russia. it comes as forbes magazine this week named president putin the most powerful leader in the world putting president obama at number two. putin's rise in part due to his handling of snowden. tonight new reports that snowden is now employed again.
6:33 pm
brian ross on the case again tonight. >> reporter: in looking for a job with a moscow internet company, ed snowden didn't have any references from his last employer. he remains perhaps america's most wanted fugitives as he freely acknowledged. >> they're trying to persecute someone to told the truth. >> reporter: while congress is now considering changing laws because of snowden, u.s. officials testified he is nothing but a traitor. >> you're asking me, absolutely. >> reporter: much of the outrage has to do with the embarrass the of the u.s., revealing spice on chancellor angela merkel. >> we have to repair the damage, otherwise it's going to spin out of control. >> reporter: the german parliament scheduled a special
6:34 pm
segment next month. and there are discussions he might be going into asylum. >> that would entail germany taking an extremely strong step against the u.s. >> reporter: u.s. officials say they expect the worst is yet to come from snowden. his example has actually led several other current and formal nsa employees and contractors to come forward with their own secrets to reveal very soon. >> they're telling you the worst yet to come. >> yes. >> thank you. now to syria and what could be a break through in the effort to dismantle chemical weapons. word that so far syria has kept its promise, the plants where the weapons were made now destroyed. "world news" was there as that team began their high stakes mission three weeks ago. abc's alex marquardt in the region tonight. >> reporter: this is a very good sign.
6:35 pm
syria has destroyed all of its equipment that it used to produce deadly chemical weapons and beat the deadline by a day. we have to remember that chemical weapons are just a small part of that war that shows no sign of letting up. we went time on both sides of this brutal fight. the next date to watch closely is november 15th. by then syria's plan to destroy its stock pile more than 1,000 tons of the most toxic chemicals on earth must be approved by inspectors. the world will be watching closely. david? >> alex, thank you. to a developing story tonight affecting millions of americans getting ready to board a plain, a big change under way. many passengers will learn that they can leave their gadgets on even during takeoff. "world news" hearing from passengers across the country as they heard the news late today. some airlines racing to get started. here's david kerley. >> reporter: stephanie.
6:36 pm
>> cell phone, laptop, tablet. >> reporter: and stephanie. >> reporter: travel a lot with their gadgets. which they are about to use a lot more on planes. >> i read on my tablet. playing candy crush. fun stuff. >> reporter: after an exhaustive study, the government today announced using your device is not a problem during takeoff and landing. >> most commercial airplanes can tolerate radio interference from portable electronic devices. >> reporter: here's what that means. if the airlines meet new guidelines, flyers can use smart phones, tablets, e-readers, in airplane mode from gate to gate. but no cell phone calls, no texting. only heavy devices. mostly laptops will have to be stowed for takeoff and landing. we asked some flyers to react, on a device. >> i can listen to my music when i take off. i don't like takeoffs. >> i enjoy reading electronic book. >> my kids are able to travel with these. >> reporter: but flight attendants worry, we'll be so
6:37 pm
busy with our devices, we won't listen to safety briefings. >> every flight is different and that you understand where your exits are in the unforeseen event of an event that you would have to do an evacuation. >> reporter: airlines are racing tonight to meet the standards, and the head of the faa is ready to join the rest of us. >> if i see you on a flight will i see you reading your kindle or looking at an iphone? >> reporter: the faa received requests today and said it will protest them soon. does that mean you can use one of these starting tomorrow? >> we'll see. now to boston tonight where the party isn't over. the red sox clinching their first world series at fenway. big papi looking at the heavens. look at this. we love this. this moving moment, kissing at the finish line of the boston marathon, the scene of that horrible attack earlier this
6:38 pm
year. rob nelson on the city proving once again it's boston strong. >> it hasn't happened at fenway park for 95 years! >> reporter: it was so much more than a game. in a city where the wounds are still fresh from april's destating bombing, the red sox's world series title is as much a victory as it is validation of a city's spirit. >> the spirit of boston is the boston red sox. >> reporter: you could hear it in the homegrown music. and see it in today's headlines. that boston spirit also captured these powerful moments last night at the finish line of the marathon. the carnage of six months ago replaced by celebration for a moment nearly a century in the making. perhaps no one in boston better embodies boston strong better than mvp david "big papi" ortiz, rallying in its darkest hour. >> this is our [ bleep ] city!
6:39 pm
>> reporter: and again last night. >> should i keep it clean? this is our beep city! you guys are the greatest of all time, so proud to play for this city. >> reporter: today mark wheeler and his son bobby telling me big papi's story is boston's story, too. >> he is inspirational. to always come through, and that's what this city does. it always comes through. >> reporter: and david, the party here in boston is far from over. on saturday the city will host its traditional victory parade. >> they deserve it. love my time in boston. thank you. much more ahead on "world news." last night we showed you some children sleeping straight through a smoke alarm. tonight is your family ready to handle a different kind of
6:40 pm
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healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. . next tonight here real answers, last night the children who slept through the smoke alarm, tonight abc's byron pitts is back with one brave family taking a new test and what they learned. >> reporter: every family in every part of america is susceptible to wild weather, ready or not. for the mascot family of brookville, maryland, a windy walk in the park this is not.
6:43 pm
the kids had fun and experiencing the high winds made the family realize how important it is to have a plan. >> in something like this it's hard to think straight. >> with fema's help we put the mascot family to the test. here's the scenario, a severe storm is in the forecast. do they have the proper supplies to stay home. >> you guys will gather everything together. one, two, three, go. >> reporter: like any normal day brent is at work so amy and the kids gather what they think they'll need. >> what are you getting buddy? we don't need apple cider. >> >> reporter: we brought in gwen camp to see how well prepared they are. >> for the thought and effort we'll say they get a c. it's going to be very, very easy to get this to an a plus. >> reporter: fema suggests supplies for at least three days, remember this, warmth,
6:44 pm
blankets, check, a few bottles the water, check. fema recommends a go bag, the mascots didn't have one but they had a flashlight and first aid kit. they didn't have copies of important documents, cash, prescription drugs, food for the pets. something very important they got right, a place to go where all the family can meet up. >> our thanks to byron tonight and the mascot family for taking the test. when we come back here tonight, listen to this. ♪ >> there is a reason why we're not showing you the singer. can you guess how old she is? she stun tuesday us all. wow...look at you. i've always tried to give it my best shot. these days i'm living with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. at first, i took warfarin,
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our "instant index" starts with that unforgettable voice taking the world by storm tonight. you heard it before the break. look at this tonight. she's 9 years old. when she steps on stage, this is
6:48 pm
what happens. ♪ >> the judges in disbelief, the rest of us today. her performance now viewed 2 million times. she's self-taught. it's halloween and who doesn't love a scary movie. which is the scariest of all. they monitored heart rates as we watched scary movies. the top three, nightmare on elm street, the exorcist and the number one scariest movie, the shining, the number one scene that got the hearts racing, this one. >> here's johnny. >> when we come back here tonight, what happens when you buy a haunted house and try to sell it. we'll take you inside. well ladies, now there's big news in controlling your overactive bladder symptoms. thinking less about them with new oxytrol for women.
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purina cat chow healthy weight. finally on this halloween, what happens when you try to sell your house but the whole neighborhood thinks it's haunted? abc's david wright at the open house. >> reporter: for sale, 4 bed, 4 1/2 bath mansion in sin city, marble floors, celebrity neighbors, and a ghost story! inside this once stately mansion lives an entity that
6:52 pm
has physically attacked its former residents. >> reporter: the reality show "ghost adventures" filmed themselves confronting the ghost of a mob hit man. that's made selling this property a real nightmare. who you gonna call? randall bell, that's who. >> i've been called master disaster, dr. disaster, dr. damage -- >> reporter: his specialty: properties "haunted" by tragic events. for instance, the brentwood condo where nicole brown simpson was murdered. haunted houses are tricky. as phil dunphy on "modern family" can attest. in vegas bell's research found no evidence of murder or mobsters.
6:53 pm
>> you're saying it's not haunted by ghosts. it's haunted by reality tv? >> i hadn't thought of it that way but that's a good way to put it. >> reporter: the current owner but it at a $100,000 discount and fixed it up. >> will you make money when you sell it? >> i think so. >> reporter: that accent, transylvan transylvania, real estate ghost buster. >> we want to thank you for aring your halloween photos. some amazing costumes you sent us. keep them coming all night long. go to to find out how. for all of us at abc news, have a safe halloween tonight.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
>> on "the list," if you eat too much fast food, don't blame mcdonalds. it's your friend's fault. they're fun at movies, but not so much in your home, especially when it comes to resale. >> hey, guys, happy halloween. theresa has the day off. our team of list warriors has been in search of some pretty cool stuff. not unlike red sox fans looking for new ways to celebrate. here's the biggest red sox fan of them all with the top five things that you need to know right now. >> at number one, like my red sox, good news airline fliers, you can take your kindle off the terrislist. how is m kindle going to scoop things out. >> today, the faa announced that soon you won't have to turn off all of your electronic devices when you take off and land.
6:56 pm
this story makes the list because it's a talker. quite frankly, who knows why in the world we had to take them off in the first place. >> you're saying that a $90 million aircraft can't ignore the signal from my $80 shuffle? >> you can do the same things during takeoff and landing. look on rotten tomatoes for a review of the in-flight movie. check out pick-up liepsuplinesp. >> what's wrong with you? you're supposed to eat that thing, not scalp it. >> we chosethis story because we all love to eat. and, face it, we all love to blame things on other people. a new study shows people who tend to dine in groups chose the
6:57 pm
same items in healthy menu categories. >> you look like you're breaking up. >> so if you want to keep the calories down, order first and hope they don't order a 2200 calorie onion blossom for the table. >> facebook all up in your face. facebook is working on technology that will allow you to track your mouse cursor. >> are you one of those people updating your status five times a day? if so, we were wondering if you could get a twitter account. talk about a mouse trap. in an interview with the wall street george, they want to know you even more so it can better target, what else? its ads. facebook is already a hot bed of tmi.
6:58 pm
>> ac problem? we've found the fix. no, no. not this. we chose this story because it could change your life, actually, with more than 16% of u.s. energy used to climate control buildings, it could kang your world. check out this bracelet. if the witch had this, maybe she'd be out trick-or-treating right now. at number five, talk about a hot mess. a shortage of hot sauce. a dispute between the city of
6:59 pm
irwindale california sent hot friends into a holt stoir. today, a judge ruled in favor of the factory, even though the city complained it smelled of pungent garlic. 200,000 bottles are being made every day. >> and now you're caught up and on the top of the list. >> can i get a witness? the kids of r&b legend marvin gay claim they crossed the line. >> nick and his crew


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