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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  October 31, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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if robin gets sent to the slammer, he's got the outfit. and movie fans wait on pins and needles. this time, it's the wolf on wall street. sure, the new trailer is great. but all you hear is the movie is 165 minutes. relax, "casino" was a whopping 178. that was the number one movie last week. and this week, look for some real old-timers to cash their 401-k. >> it's an age-old story. old friends go to vegas for a bachelor party and have a grand old time. in this case, old is the real deal. >> i can't smoke, drink, eat sauce or stay up past 9:00. >> as far as vegas movies go, this is more about white hair than blackouts.
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pop culture burning like icy hot on robert deniro's knee. >> it's october 31st. let's look at halloween by the numbers. >> trick or treat. >> 158 million people will celebrate halloween this year. down from 170 million last year. 6.9 billion is what they'll spebd. >> explain the title. >> $1.2 billion of that is for adult's costumes. 1 billion for children's costumes. and 330 million on pet costumes. the number one pet costume? a pumpkin.
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>> over $20 million is the amount of candy corn sold in the u.s. the number one? snickers. 50,000 par tis paints take part in the village hall weenl parade. more than 5 five minnon adults plan to dress as a witch. 2.9 million will dress as a batman character. lle one ofepele drseas that's no trick. that's halloween by the numbers. >> matt here can't have watermelon. >> that's right, brian, id work around it. so how do you meet for dinner
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when your date's diet is unr not compatible with yours? dinner dates just got a lot more difficult. a large percentage with the match-making game to find you a date with your exact taste. for the vegan valentine's check out planet earth where you can get into green dating and keep it all ecosexy. >> i'm allergic to glute! >> by finding a syliac, get mating medically.
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prescription for love dot com. it's your one-stop shop. you want your heart to go bitter pat. you don't want your throat to close. fruit lover passions. whether you're on a paleo diet, weight loss diet or you just love to indulge. if you break bread together,you may web together. >> you can check the web for videos that are good for you. we picked the day's three best viral videos. first up, look to the stars. from arizona to wyoming to new mexico it took over 10,000
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pictures to compose the final product. next, adorable overload. every day is cat day on the internet. these cats snuggling up in the box is just what we need. >> he's just going over the alarm from his siblings. lastly, where we're going, we don't need roads. we don't know if this guy's dog impression is really good or really bad. >> well, people are enjoying this. it's going up to 88 on the viermist. the holidays are here. you'd love
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and then when you get up -- can i play?
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top three reasons you watch the list. number one, you learn things. number two, you laugh. and, number three, if list just won four emmies. thanks for watching. >> hey,gang. you're on "the list ". if you have some orphank9eu gif cards. >> this week, sears announced it was considering splitting off lands end on the rest of the company. your first reaction was probably sears owns land's end? but behind the is is scenes typically don't matter to most people, unless you're stuck with
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a gift card. have a langds end gift card you don't want? several companies allow gift cards to be used across their portfolio. got an olive garden gift card but you hate pass too? you can use that at any of the other restaurants. most people know that gp, old navy, piper looirn and athleta are affiliated: but you might not know that a gift card from one works for four. of course, these cars all have separate logos.
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buyers appear to put a little thought into a gift that requires very little of it. you know, i want to give you $25 for clothes. technally, it could be this any of these stores. but you seem classy, so here's a banana republic. >> when times are tough, you've got to watch every dollar. that means being creative, right? even a room for rent? people are finding new ways to make extra money. >> you never finished cleaning my desk. >> sorry. >> a list of ways for you to find your cheesy pay day. >> there are a wealth of web sites ready to help you run out just about anything to anyone. the sharing economy. worth an estimated 26 billion dplars.
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it was a quick wdla. an esy way for people around the world to rent out their room. for $58 a night, you get your own bedroom, bathroom and breakfast in the morning. >> are you ever afraid? >> not enough to keep people hosting. and then this's ride sharing. making an average of $250 a month. or if you don't trust strangers with your car, you could give them a ride and become your own temporary taxi service. >> using kpaeps like lift and side cars. >> hey, where are you head snd. >> airport. >> hop on in. ever heard of task sharing? task rabbit allows you to run
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all kinds offer rands in your neighborhood. j just think twice if it's going to be right for you. for "the list ", i'm ariel spgs wexler. >> we watched all the late-night talk shows and ruled out the day's best punch lines in the news. >> i don't think most people are aware of this when they realized that very few of their kids were diabetic. in 2001, they were given access to any tangible thing. that's the phrase that's in the patriot's act. some grocery stores refused to
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sell eggs to takers on mischief night. that makes me feel bad. >> congress would like the wizard of oz. if republicans have no heart, the democrats have no courage and the people on the web site have no brains. >> drinks to die for. black devil martini. witch's brew. pumpkin spees punch.
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halloween doesn't have to win tonight but if you're going to the party, why not do it with disney on ice. >> we have carella deville. >> minnie and mickey are celebrating more than halloween. disney on ice, let's celebrate runs through sunday. at number two, it's scandal thursday and that means it's time to fall in love with
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olivia pope and her fabulous wardrobe once again. >> olivia pope has a closet and like any other woman, she has to mix and match pieces with each other. >> olivia is a real trendsetter. the creams, the whites, the tape. it's fantastic for fall. >> if you need a little last minute idea, go glam and dress up as your favorite washington, dc victor. check out what olivia is wearing tonight on scandal on abc two. >> at number three, get ready to say ahhhh. welcoming a male and female cub october 4th. we have a link to how you can enter the contest on the list now you're caught up and clued in to what's happening around baltimore. i'm nikki mayo.
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this just in. ghosts don't help your home's resale value.
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>> hey, guys, i'm brian. this is matt and theresa has the day off. >> okay. so it's halloween and brian, you know i just had to check out a haunted house. but got one of those ones where people jump out and touch you and scare you. this is a legitimate house. >> this house has a bit of history to it.
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and the history haunts these walls. >> i don't think it's a good idea to put that information on the listing. >> we talked to marge peck who got dressed for the season. it's good for movies, but not so super for retail. but marge gave us a list of signs that the house is haunted. >> number one, levitating objects. >> if i walked into a house and i saw an iron floating through the house, i'd be, like, next? >> number two, super natural the house, i'd be, like, next? number three, flickering lightings and appliances. i don't know about you, but i'm getting goose bumps. what was that?
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number five, ghost sightings. you think exterminators are pricey, try ghost bustersment. >> definitely think we'd be looking at something else. >> real creepy real estate on the break down. every now. >> every now and then, i feel a cool breeze down my neck. >> hey, thank reallies for watching "the list ". here's what we're working on for tomorrow. your mom says she sings like ma rye ya carey. would she bet 5 million drars on it? we've got the weirdest one
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hey everybody, i'm kevin pereira. this is let's scare america, where you don't have to leave your house to win $50,000 dollars. people from all across america on their web cams hoping they've got a ghost of a chance. so let's see what we've got today. it's victoria from orlando, florida, he's from kirkland, ohio, it's john and greg in florida and from cleveland ohio, it's allen. well come everyone to the show. here's how this works. it's very simple. you can america their opinions on all kinds of crazy topics. all you have to cois guess the correct results of our polls and you guys can win 50,000 dollars.
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you guys ready to play? this first question is worth $100. here are the two possible answers. we've got the front half and the back half. we asked married men if you and your wife dressed up as a horse for halloween, which half would you rather be, is it the front half or the back half. let's go to wind mere, florida and say hello to austin powers. >> he low, everyone. it's groo vi to be here. >> greg, tell me about yourself. >> well i am originally from north carolina, i live in central florida. i have been an impersonator of austin powers since 1999. >> what would you do with 50 grand. >> i would invest a good part of it in my daughter's education and the rest, i would spend it on booze and babes, maybe.
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>> well, greg, mr. powers it's a pleasure to have you here. put the cards up, is it front half or back half. john is hoping it's the back half. with 57% of the vote for $100, it's the back. you got it, john. alan, greg, victoria, do not worry. the next question is worth 200 dollars. the two answers are perfectly manicured nails ore dirty nails. and the question is women who love nascar said they would rather goen a date with a man who had what, perfectly manicured nails or dirty nails? we are off to cleveland heights, ohio to say hello to alan. >> originally from akron, ohio. got a wife and 18-month-old daughter. we love halloween. my daughter is going to dress up as a duck this year and she absolutely hates ore costume. >> why does she hate it?
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>> she hates anything on her head. you're 18 months. you don't know why they do what they do. >> just please stop crying. let's get you some cash, is it dirty or nails or perfectly manicured nails. flip nose cards. everybody says dirty nails with 80% of the vote, it's perfectly manicured nails. unfortunately i can't give anybody 300 dollars. this question is worth 300 bucks. the answer is class clown or valedictorian. which of these junior high school students did teachers say ends up the most successful? is it class clown or the valedictorian. let's go to kirkland, ohio and say hello to john. how are you? >> hello. >> who is with you right now? >> well it's my son and his
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football team. >> the season going well for you? >> going very well. >> what's your story, man? >> i'm a father of two, i'm a federal agent. i love many my job to death and i love being a dad. i love halloween. >> everybody flip those cards, is it valedictorian or class clown? four or valedictorian, the correct answer with 66% of the votes, you all got it. it's the vol dick toirian. it's valedictorian. this is the final question worth $400. more importantly, the person with the least amount of money will be eliminated. the two possible answers are boo or pumpkin. the question is what term of endearment did women in their 20s say they


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