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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 1, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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in tonight's health alert, premature births is a national crisis costing $26 billion a year. now there is a report card on the nation's progress. so how are we doing? >> a healthy happy baby is the
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hope of every parent to be but for years now the chances of having a premature baby have been higher in the u.s. than any industrialized country. the good news, the rate of premature babies in the u.s. is at its lowest in nine years. the bad news one in 9 are still born too soon. premature births is the leading cause of deaths and is linked to verb yal problems and cerebral palsy. what can mothers do? if you're pregnant, take prenatal vitamins, avoid alcohol and tobacco and most importantly, see your doctor regularly for prenatal care. with this medical minute, i'm
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dr. timothy johnson. >> let's start off with the radar. you see most of the precipitation has moved offshore. really, we can't find a shower in the state. the only shower is if you're traveling well east and headed to oat heat this friday eve fling. otherwise, continuing to clear out. this is part of a large frontal system. it's been a slow mover. as it continues to pull offshore we'll see cold air wrapping in. so cooler air will come in with this boundary. it's just a slow moving scenario. see how nice and clear things have gotten. we were cloudy, rainy early on. now we're in the blue skies. tonight and tom night with the post 6 p.m. sunsets and it's a thing of the amount of sunset will move up a full hour as we go into sunday and fall back.
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looks like a great one for you. mid to low 60s through the day. winds will be turning west. cooler layer will be funneling in. look at the temperature. this is pleasant. what a way to start the month of november. yes, we had the november rain but it want chilly. the south breeze keeping things mild tonight and into the day tomorrow not so bad, in the 60s. we'll see a day of lit and miss clouds. i think generally dry, nothing more than a passing drizzle. sunday blue skies, beautiful but much cooler as we struggle to get out of the 50s. you can see the slow moving frontal boundary. cooler air is behind it but not directly behind it. by november typically the front comes through land you feel that cooler change immediately. we're still in a pattern reminiscent of late september.
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24 hours later you feel the cooler air. take a look at the future temperature map. the bottom line we're not so bad, upper 50s but then tomorrow into the day, only mid- 60s. somewhat cooler and significantly cooler as we go tomorrow night and into the day on sunday we see widespread 40s and 50s. that's going to be quite a change. tonight down to 48. most of the evening in the 50s. we'll bounce up to the mid-50s by tomorrow, your two-degree guarantee. the most sick shot moves in. low 40s. north and west suburbs 30s. so the coolest days of the outlook right now are sunday into the early part of next week. then we get a warming trends again as we move into the middle part of next week. we could be back close to 70 by thursday of next week. it's back and forth we go and a
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little bit of everything in the outlook. >> nothing leak november. >> one more late sunset. >> jamie. central texas and part of thes of the midwest slammed. in austin, texas, the weather meant for a deadly halloween. we have more tonight. >> reporter: the community near austin was swail led with flash flooding and a record level of rain. nearly 13 earns fell in the area. they had been suffering from drought. it uprooted trees and took down power lines. >> absolutely horrible. things started bending and cracking, all the transformers. >> reporter: a school bus with 10 children on board went off
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the road. the busilied on its side forcing the students to flip the emergency hatch and get out. fashs credited the kids' calm response for getting everyone out safely. many faced the grim task of cleaning up. >> i wouldn't go in there until someone takes it all away. i have nothing left. just take it all away. >> reporter: officials believe the cresting colorado river which runs through austin will do more damage. as for the rest of the weather, the system is moving through the northeast. in new york city it's running lightly and is expected to last into the evening. looks like flex workers are
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embrags obama care. they're spreading the message trying to get others to sign up. they use a burlesque act. they even printed out paper a plea cations to -- applications to make sure the crashing site wouldn't stop them. >> all right. if you're like most people, when you log on to a website it is too busy, you move on. companies are noticing. >> and it's a he is that little princes and prin spence want to see. we take you behind the scenes of disney on ice in baltimore.
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when things are so complicated -- >> companies are taking note, giving us simplicity. >> keeping things simple can be complicated but according to a strategic bradding company, it could -- branding company, it could be lucrative. they surveyed over 10,000 consumers to rank local brapsd. it doesn't have to do with how financially successful the company is but simplicity sells. number one on the list, even though they have expanded their business, it's maintained super simple features like one click ordering and a shopping experience that is straight
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forward. streaming rival netflix is number two. google is above yahoo. that's because yahoo's home page looks like this. google's home page looks like this. mcdonald's and subways gets high marks for fast food simplest ti. number nierntion southwest is the highest ranked travel company opt list. unlike other carriers which tack on a host of fees, southwest has more transparent pricing. apple is simpler than samsung but worldwide, samsung gets a higher rating. that's bad us in for apple. according to the report, consumers are willing to pay a premium for a simpler service. you can see that in successful
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start-ups like uber. will you pay more for simplicity? let us know. >> got all that? >> i got it all. you can watch "the list" right here at 7:00 followed by let's ask america. >> we have new information about a new phone scam. scammers claiming to beers agents are telling you to pay up. they load money up on a prepaid card. if they argue, the scammers threaten to deport them. one of the reasons they fall for it, the fraudsters make sure the toll-free number pops up on caller i.d. a change is coming to your mac and cheese.
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kraft will remove dyes from some shapes. it will be the variety that comes in the spongebob squarepants and halloween shapes. walmart is getting a july start on the holiday shopping season. they're often deals on several items. they want you top spend. you can purchase those items online today. among the sales, for this a 42- inch tmed v, $299. how about one of those tablets for $49. come on. other holiday specials are out there. >> if you don't want to weight, ipad air lets the store -- hits the stores today.
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apple said it's 72 times faster than the orange one. the cost is $500. coming up at 6:00, we continue to educate you on the danger of the popular drug molly. christian schaffer continues his investigation into the club drug and its impact on our children. >> and we all like that extra hour of sleep but why do we we fall back anyway? those stories and more coming up at 6. here's a preview of what's coming up at 6:30. >> heroes on the court, but who are these mascots and what stuntses do they make david muir do?
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disney on ice is back in baltimore. >> all your favorites are here, set to light. >> and he talked to several members about the show and their stay in charm city. >> reporter: with the show, disthey on ice has a celebration for all. >> we'll go through some of the typical celebrations, your birthday, wonder lanld and halloween. >> reporter: during one celebration, the audience is asked to help. >> change minnie mouse into a ball. so we need the magical words.
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>> reporter: for the skaters, the looks on children's faces is cr three love what they do. >> when they see them, they jump out of their seats. >> reporter: as the skaters are in the middle of a nine-month tour -- >> europe, asia, australia and south africa. >> you get to enjoy different environments and cultures. i probably know people from 53 different countries and probably been it over 50 different countries. >> the inner harbor is a great place to be, the food, the maryland crab. i also have a great time when i come to baltimore. >> reporter: with air travel so expensive, carrie has a word of
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advise. >> you don't need to go to disney because they come to your hometown. all right. this weekend it's all greek to you. for three days you can chow down on home cooked baklavas, gyros and hear the music. it runs through sunday. >> always, always. a lnldmark theater is open -- landmark theater is open again. >> a gunman opens fire on tsa agents at l.a.x. >> we introduced you to molly. tonight we'll plain those who buy it may not be buying it at
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all. >> less food on the tables of many. good evening. i'm kelly swoope long with jamie costello. we begin with the breaking news out of los angeles. a gunman opens fire at l.a.x. >> the gunman is anthony ciancia. he had a net that said he wanted to kill tsa. thousands of passengers try to figure out what are they going to do. we have more on the san francisco tick moments inside terminal 3. >> reporter: a tsa officer was shot and killed by a man who was wielding what's being described as a long gun at  l.a.x.'s terminal 3. at least three others were injured and confirmed only one gunman. the gunman is in custody. >> this was a loud bang, like boom. it was a loud one.
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from there we all ducked down. i see nothing but things around me. >> reporter: the first report came after 9:30 local time. they set up triage and a man wearing a blue tsa uniform could be seen coming out holding up his arms stained with blood. inside the terminal the news came from an airline official. >> security in terminal 3. >> reporter: there was a huge response from airport police. officers could be seen enteri with guns drawn. terminals 1, 2 and 3 were closed. travelers were evacuated, exiting anyway they could. >> it's like what you see on tv. >> reporter: car traffic into l.a.x. was stopped along with outgoing flights.
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though incoming flights were allowed to land. there are hundreds of passengers lining the streets with their flights delayed or canceled. it's not known when traffic will be allowed again or when flights will resume. >> that airport is a mess on a regular. i can imagine what it's like tonight. >> we had three flights. >> then two flights were scheduled to arrive at bwi from l.a.x. the flight happened before the shooting and arrived before time of the a southwest flight was supposed to get in at 9:00. it won't be here until well after midnight. you can sphiepped us at or sign up for our breaking news alert. as you heard in our investigation last night, one of the problems with the drug molly, often when they buy it,
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they're not buying molly at all. >> christian schaffer has more on that part of the story. >> reporter: it's an intense party atmosphere and both inside and outside the club there's something for sale other than $8 beer. >> there's a guy selling it and it's not hard to find it. >> reporter: selling what? molly, the club drug marketed to young teenagers but there's no possible way to know and be sure that the dealers know that. >> the marketing and publicity for molly has been so huge that all the kids want it. so there's an amazing amount of demand for molly. now the suppliers are saying, hey, we cancel these kids anything. >> reporter: and a hit of what is supposed to be polyp isn't cheap. it can cost $60 or more.
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over the summer three deaths were linked to polyp and it is considered a dangerous threat. >> you have these kids thinking they're getting mollies or ecstasies when they're buying something totally different. >> reporter: this man, whose oift we're con skell -- identity we're concealing said he has been taking it for years. >> it can have a big impact. the dangers of eating something that you don't know what it is, that's real. >> reporter: he said parents need to educate themselves about polyp and other drugs. now we have put a lot of information including links on our website at christian schaffer, abc2 news. >> you can see christian's full report on our website and we've got a link showing you other new drugs that parents should know b just head to
5:58 pm new details on the lawsuit against the hopkins doctor who videotaped his patients. the dr. representing thousands of women treated by dr. nikita levy said they are moving forward on a settlement, although, that could take months. as many as 9,000 plaintiffs could be involved, some of them minors but they praised hopkins. >> it would serve the hospital to and this disaster. it would serve the community, and it will also serve the court system because you can imagine how long this might take to move 4,000 to 6,000 separate cases through the court system. >> the attorneys said in addition to videotaping his patients, some said that levy
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crossed boundaries touching them inappropriately. this man is accused of sexually abusing victims. one victim said fernandez abused him in 1993 during youth group functions at hernandez's firm. the other was a member of the group in 1997. detectives believe other victims may be out there and they're encouraging you to come forward. some of the last remnants of the economic stimulus package are drying up but cutbacks could leave many people struggling to put food on the table. >> reporter: standing outside the supermarket, you may not have any idea which families are counted among those who relee on food stamps


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