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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  November 1, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> that's right, dude. turning your apartment into the playboy's called manfluencing selling unlikely products specifically to men: it's what's trending. >> there's a long list of products. now, even soda like dr. pepper 10. >> it's only 10 manly calories, but with 2 flavors. >> advertisers are now trying to speak to the manfluencers of the household. a new survey revealed 47% of u.s. men now do most of the grocery shopping in their homes. we spoke to ad agency roger her honoren. >> what's the deal with these products. . >> it's to ensure the responsibleties of home.
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it's a good sense to market to them and have them be part of that conversation as opposed to alienating them. >> frozen yogurt. this ain't your girlfriend's owe gurt. >> believe it or not, manly yogurt is a real thing. that's not the first food to target men and it won't be the last. it's the ultimate game-day fantasy. >> it's been around that we were trying to get into the men's psyche a little more.ey see opp. >> there's going to be tooth paste. instead of beef jerky, we have to have beefier jerky. >> thanks, brian. in you're a red sox fan like me,
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you may be gloating over your defeat. it's an emotion called shodenfreuda. it's the pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. don't blame yourself, it's buy logical. let's check it out on weird science. researchers from princeton found that it's a widely-felt human response. participants in an experiment were more willing to shock people they felt envious of. >> so why is this part of our human nature? i would say if you're happy for the misfortune of others, there's probably something wrong with you. the first one is an extreme sense of justice. we like it when we see others get what bethink they deserve.
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the second is extreme loyalty. we cheer for those we like and we boo those we don't. think about sports fans. some of the most aggressive sports fans experience shodenfreuda. the third reason is extreme competitiveness. especially in the workplace. somebody didn't get the promotion, they didn't get the corner office they really wanted. it's really good for productivity, but it's really bad for morale. >> is the kompl tigs the best way to psych people up? or does it want to make us want other people go down? and when they do, it will probably put a little grin on your face. >> thanks to the internet, there's even a shortcut. we picked the best for this week es edition of smart phone media.
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>> you take some water and a goldfish. that's awesome. >> no, she wasn't ready. ♪ and i >> big stores want you to stop window shopping, then buy somewhere educational. it's called showrooming and it's a thing. plus, of course you insure your car. but what about your bear trap
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collection? weird things people actually insure next on "the list." >> who's the most powerful of them all? this is forbes list of the world's most power poofl people. number four, pope francis. number three, she jenkins. number two, barack obama.
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top three reasons ewe watch the list. number one, you learn things. number two, you laugh. and numb per three, you feel good knows the list just won four emmys. hey, everybody, youm're on the list. i'm matt gallant. theresa has the day off. best buy? well, we haven't had the best luck of competing with rivals like amazon. now they're trying to get customers not just to browse and
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research prices, but to actually buy from them. connor, what's the deal? >> best buy is already in full holiday mode. recently, they debuted their first holiday ad featuring will aerks rnette. >> that phrase, your ultimate holiday showroom, is an interesting market choice. showrooming, the rack tis of going to a retail store to see something in person before you eventually buy it on line is a big problem. a recent support from business insider suggests that best buy is at a higher than average risk to be threatened by mobile showroomers. for years, best buy has been a well-lit place. but they've instituted a more aggressive guarantee focused on news new ads. >> he knew he'd never pay higher.
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>> today, best buy will match a range of online stores. if the price is really the same, then the showroom is an asset. check it out here. buy it here. get it today. >> a recent study by vibe says that since 2012, there's been 156% increase from consumers who purchase the product from a competitor while in a retail store. after all, it's best buy. not best browse around and then pay somebody else less for it. >> thank you, connor. you know, everyone is focused on health insurance right now. but we want to talk about the whackier aspects about insurance. you know, the bizarre things that can be insured. let's check out the list. >> you know how insurance works.
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prsual this,ik vin clinko, who wants protection for his epic hot tub collection. sound odd? it's nothing new. here's the list. bruce springstein's voice for $3.5 million. the legs of betty gravel. >> dolly parton's assets? for $3.8 million. vick has with him some rare bottles of hot sauce. >> definitely very collectible. >> to get insured, he'd have to estimate the total value and then have his insurance agent work out the details. monthly premiums can vary wildly depending on what it is you're protecting.
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it's real tough to find something you can't insure. 800 grand worth of antique bear traps. and they'll even insure your fantasy football players. ask a passionate, if not obsessive collector and they'll sell you a policy on a hundred grand wor grand worth of hot sauce is well worth it. >> now to some guys who ensure that you always laugh at the end of the day. we watched them all and picked out the day's very best punch lines in the news. >> the former director of the c.i.a., robert gates, has been nominated as the new president of the boy scouts. he went from the c.i.a. to the boy scouts. don't be surprised if he asks hey, little boy, what's your
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badge for? if i tell you, i have to kill you. >> women are expected to wear sexy outfits, but not men. ladies, here's a tip. if you're with a guy who wants to dress up as a woman on halloween, it's probably not the first time he's done it. >> congratulations. the boston red sox, what do you think of your current world champions? the mvp was david ortiz. after the series was clinched, they got rowdy and a bunch of punks tipped over david ortiz. >> the last time the red sox clinched the world series at home, it was 1918. babe ruth was still on the team. he was, babe ruth was on the red sox. woodrow wilson was the president. >> you can count on it, this is consumer reports list of the moegs reliable cars. number four, audi.
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>> number three, acura. number two, toyota. [ telephone ringing ] [ sniffs ] girl scout: [ clears throat ] hi. i just finished an energy audit of this building and started my own dog walking business. what did you do to deserve that thin mints flavor coffee-mate? it's only one of the most delicious girl scout cookie flavors ever. i changed the printer ink. really?
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it's actually tricky. you're lucky i like your tie. [ male announcer ] your favorite girl scout cookie flavors, out of the box and into your coffee-mate. nestle. good food, good life.
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out of the box and into your coffee-mate. why choose land o' lakes butter it's pre-measured.? fresh tasting. and it's only from land o' lakes.
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>> this sunday, we turn the clock back an hour. oh, how nice of a time people to give us extra sleep.
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hey, guys, you're on "the list." this is matt gal lant. are you ready, sir, for daylight savings time? >> yes, brian. and i hate to do this to you, but there's actually no extra s. it's daylight saving time. and that may just be one of the things you didn't know about falling back. >> so let's break it down? >> spring forward. fall back. yes,it's confusing. first of all, you don't save an hour. it just gets shuffled around. it can be good because in the winter, kids don't have to go to school in the dark. and in the summer, they get an extra hour out doors. here are five things you may not know. first, dst was put into effect to save energy. the department ofnergy found it makes u.s. households use 25%
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less power a day. but not everyone observes clocks changing. arizona and hawaii, they don't father or mother low tfollow th rules. when time is changing, it can throw your stress levels into a tizzy. on the bright side, in the springtime, the u.s. law enforcement assistance administration says it lowers crime and traffic accidents. and lastly, over 70 countries observe some form of daylight savings time. bud, in 2005, kazakhstan follows the time change after 51% of the citizens said nah. so enjoy that extra hour of sleep on sunday. that's daylight savings time on the break down. best of all, happy birthday, brian. >> thank you very much.
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and thanks to my mom in cleveland. i just got your text. i didn't get you a gift this year, but you are getting an extra hour of sleep. >> hey, thanks for watching the list. here's what we're already working on for monday. >> this holiday, you have one less thing to worry about. how much to tip everybody on your list. from your favorite barista to your cherished babysitter. tip that is will get you on their good side monday, on "the list."
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this is "let's ask america"! the show where you don't have to brush your teeth to win $50,000. people from all across the country are on their webcams and want to play. let's see who we've got today. from sunny side, new york. tom. from palm beach, florida, courtney. and from ohio it's ron. welcome to the show, everyone. here is how this works. it's incredibly simple. we ask the topics. all you have to do is correctly guess the results of our polls and you could win $50,000. you guys ready to play? let's get into it. the first question is worth $100. here are the two answers.
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ex-girlfriend or justin bieber? the question is, whose name did men in their 20s say they would least want tattooed on their arm? is it their ex-girlfriend or justin bieber? for $100, the answers are in. let's go to our resident superher superhero deshaun. tell me about yourself. i am dead curious. >> i'm a big superhero fan. always have been. i like them so much i started making my own costumes. somebody had to do the job. >> awesome. flip those cards around. ex-girlfriends or justin bieber? courtney reluctantly turned her card around. the correct answer for $100 with 47% of the vote, justin bieber.
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it's still very early. our next question is worth $200. two possible answers here. during school or after bed time. the question is, when did teenagers say they sent the most texts? during school or after bed time? all right. the answers are in. west palm beach, florida, say hello to courtney. how are you, courtney? >> hello, i'm doing great. >> what is your story? >> i run a duck store in downtown west palm beach. i've got my duck whistle here. it's a sightseeing tour. we show you some of the sites and history of the area then we take you straight down the boat ramps into the water and show you some beautiful mansions that line up on the island. >> awesome. >> i wish you the best. here we go. this is for $200.
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is it during school or after bedtime? when are they sending those texts? rob and courtney agree. for $200 with 52% of the vote, very close. it's after their bedtime. athena in first place. courtney, we've got to get you some cash. this question is worth $300. two possible answers are -- a bikini party in hawaii or a costume party at comic-con? hold on. wait for the question. you've got your answer do. which of these vacations did guys who are comic book fans say they would prefer?
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bikini party in hawaii or the costume party at comic-con? ron, we are going to go to you to east lake, ohio. how are you, sir? >> good. how are you? >> i'm doing very well. what is that there? >> italian pazels, almost like flat waffle. they are a traditional italian thing for weddings and parties. >> fantastic. i'm coming other tomorrow. for $300 more. is it the bikini party or costume party? athena you think bikini party in hawaii? >> yeah. i think guys are still guys. i don't think they want to give up sexy girls. >> with 60% of the vote, you've got it. the bikini party in hawaii.


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