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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  November 4, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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classy? real housewives of ber beverly hills are back. nothing like drama of rich people watching other people be richer than they are. so new richies were carlton and joyce should bring plenty of manis, pedis in season four. fire up the bag of microwave popcorn and watch people deal with their first world problems. >> i just want a normal life -- >> to newton bravo. >> and james dean never got a face-lift. but now the movie that made him famous has. >> how much does hollywood love a nip and tuck? they couldn't resist restoring 1955's "rebel without a cause." introduced at the los angeles county museum of art this weekend. by leonardo decaprio. it will be out on warn are home videos for the holidays. burning like the heart after
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rebel. on the hot list. >> james dean is the interessential romantic movie idol. >> romance is often born out of bore dom. >> romantic movies and their literary counter parts on the break down. >> do you want to dance with me? >> sure. >> "the notebook" is one of the best selling books by nicholas sporks. here are movies we bet you didn't know came from novels. >> you look nice. >> thank you. >> i wasn't flirting with you. >> didn't think you were. >> ""silver linings playbook"" but then the film based on his debut novel. >> she is my friend with an f. >> capital f. >> next, "princess bride."
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>> marriage brought windsor together today. >> william goldman wrote the book in 197 p. >> oh, no, is this a kissing book? >> 14 years before men everywhere said -- >> keith led >> heath ledger and ladies and gentlemen of the jury jill jake -- and jake gyllenhaal had everybody going on "broke back mountain." >> i wish i knew how to quit you. >> maybe this has more com an rom com but it was a book first written by amanda brown. >> this is so much better. >> first comes the back, then comes the movie. then comes the break down. >> thanks, teresa. you may have heard people call november, "movember."
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that's to bring awareness to prostate cancer. my mario special won't be growing in until next year. let's look at movember. >> most of you know me for this. >> years ago, movember started in australia when a group of 30 melbourne mates decided to revive a trend. a mustache. 450 guys participated the following year and raised 43 grand. raising over $146 million in 2012, there are between 10,000 and 20,000 hairs on a man's face an they grow average of half an inch a month. 14 feet is the length of the world's longest mustache. 740 times a day on average is the number of times a man touches it. ten glasses of beer is the amount of liquid a mustache can
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soak up. most firemen are. allowed to have facial hair because it prevents the breathing equipment from fitting properly. henry viii introduced a gratuity tax on beards and mustaches. man that dude was nuts. four u.s. presidents have had a mustache. arthur, cleveland, roosevelt and taft. >> m mustache is a movember mustache. >> may look like he has a centipede on his upper lip but it is for a good cause. >> viral tidbits in mustaches. so not good. the juiciest viral videos on the internet, bring it. here are the day's best. >> viral list. >> first up, all aboard. in new york city, train conductors cast a point at every sharp sign. at every subway station. just, you know, to prove they're paying attention. they wanted to make it more fun by adding funny signs. in the workers are really enjoying it.
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some are a little reluctant but it is through jobs. colorful ride. taking on the bright streets of chile. they even meet some not so nice friends. >> very nice local. wild dinner guests. check out this russian video of a raccoon chomping down on some grapes. >> so may need need lessons in etiquette. >> fit strips are everywhere. we will show you how to make your own and they will look just
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like you. well, your version of you, coming up on "the list." rom com, the american film institutes list of the best would rey ordon romantic comedies of all time. number four, the holiday. number three, this happened one night. number two, annie hall. ♪ i woke up to a lightbulb
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last week, if you didn't see it, here is what you might have missed. supermarket secrets. giraffe avatars are everywhere. >> easy way to make extra cash. >> and for your amusement, the "the list," you keep watching and we'll keep making more. >> this is teresa strasser. credit card companies allow to you pay with points. conor looks at how to get the
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most bang for your buck. conor, what's the deal? >> if you have been following my advice you have been putting all of your purchases on points cards and now you probably have a descent stash saved up. so please, i am begging you, do not redeem them for a blender. paying for a purchase with points or mite miles is one of the worst uses. programs are happy to give you the opportunity. if you have 11,900 united miles you with get a lego friend dolphin cruiser. sold for $64 at toys are us. which means you get less than half a cent value for your hard earned miles. this garmin gps says for $269 on amazon. 50,000 miles, that's enough for two round trip tickets anywhere in the u.s. one-way tickets to paris, close to $3,000. please, please, do not waste those miles on gps.
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those redemptions are feature. there is an e-mail you can brag with shops with points at a penny a point, it's the better deal than the united mall but still not that great. points can be used to pay for travel at 1.25 cents a point with no exclusion or black-out dates. they can have several more lucrative programs. new yorkers can pay for taxies with thur points. plenty of points. again, one of the worst uses for amex points. i'm happy you get something no for fro for free. i just want you to get the biggest bang for your buck. it is worth applying a little bit of strategy into how you redeem them. >> now that conor saved you a big pile of dough, it is time to reach into your wallet and divvy it up. >> time to hand out envelopes to the stylists, sitter, cleaning crew. >> your cohost.
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>> here are your tipping tips. >> 20%. >> we were just wondering what you usually get for a tip. >> all right. since jerry and elaine asked, so are we. mrs. hancock will help us out. >> we tip for excellent service. >> here is our list of the dos and don't. i'm sure you know food service workers get 10 to 20%. how about the barista or even the guy at the deli county. if they get to know you and your favorite, 50 to 75 cents a day is good. >> all right. so you are at the salon and maybe people worked on your hair. how much do you tip? >> that's a very good question. and unfortunately, i found the answer. >> i want to go to shampoo my hair or say, she will split it up. >> as for as tipping your stylist. no rule. just what you feel is appropriate for a job well done. >> i put a lot of tipping situations here about.
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>> what about closer relationship. like your baby-sittebaby-sitter. landscaper. especially with the holidays coming up. >> i think it is important you take care of your service friends that work with you throughout the year. >> maybe this time of yar you don't tip. instead get personal. consider a donation to your baby-sitt baby-sitter's fund. or get your landscaper's his favorite hunting license paid for. >> thanks, broi an. terry washington was the guest host on "saturday night live" over the weekend. snl used the opportunity to make fun of the lack of diversity in their cast. it makes for a biting punch line in the news. >> good to see you mrs. obama. we will give you privacy. >> i will leave and in a few minutes oprah will be here. >> producers at "saturday night
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live" would like to apologize to kerry washington for the number of black women shell be asked to play. miss washington is an actress of considerable range and tal and also, snl doesn't currently have a black woman comedian. >> i'm here! >> mr. president, great news, beyonce just arrived for dinner too. >> beyonce. >> don't even. >> what have we learned from this sketch? >> as usual, nothing. >> america's backyard. huffington post's list of the most beautiful hidden plas e s. gnd dramatic springs. garden of the gods.
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she has set her sites on the
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games. ♪ >> reporter: rockdale just kick odd of their latest tour but not before dropping off a few items at the newly renovated hard rock cafe. >> you walk into the hard rock baltimore, immediately we're tipping our hats. ♪ >> reporter: the band's memorabilia fills the walls at the rock and roll restaurant. >> you have to love any rock band. >> reporter: imc mag steen is out with their -- magazine is out with the fastest-growing companies. 131 of them are right here including i.t. company nrs solutions which tops a 65% increase in sales over the past three years. a cloud-based company brough in $497 million and planet
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agency grossed over $10 million. now you are caught up and clued into what's happening around baltimore. i'm nicki mayo. forget about making our own graphic novel. you can tell your own story with this strip starring you. [ female announcer ] breyers.
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starting this tuesday through thursday, buy one jalapeno kicker quarter pounder or premium chicken sandwich, and get a free medium fries and soft drink. there's something for everyone to love at mcdonald's. ♪ i'm matt gallant and this is we're gonna talk to you about bit strips. >> those are those comics popping up on your facebook
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page. >> is this my profile picture? >> bit strips rolled out earlier this year but they've only recently started to catch on. they are great for moms making cute comics of their kids, couples sharing adventures or socialites looking to jazz up the status updates. with 10 million monthly users, the tiny sales are not going anywhere any time soon. if you are thinking of buying into bit strins, here's what you need -- strips, here's what you need to know -- take your time to make it look expectly like you and put it -- exactly like you and put it in a fun know pose. >> sitting there watching me. >> next, choose what kind of comic you want. this is the step where you put you and your friends in a seemingly endless variety of weird, wacky or everyday
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situations. ♪ >> finally, you will customize your creation. move your characters and objects around. type in a clever caption and boom, you're done. here's the steps to block the annoying ones. click blocking on the left side of the screen, scroll down and type in bit strips. bit stps are what's trending. >> a new way for us to bore our friends of the details of our eferred lives. >> speak for -- of our everyday lives. >> speak for yourself. >> thanks for watching the list. here's what's coming up for tomorrow. how cool would it be if your dog can talk? well, he can. he's trying to tell you something. apparently, the cat lies. be your own dog whisperer. that's tomorrow on "the list." lies. be your
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hello there, everybody! this is a very special edition of "let's ask america," where you don't even have to get out of bed to win $50,000. people from all across america on their webcams want to play. on this show will have you seeing double. all our contestants today are twins! yes. from ohio welcome grace and dana. from new hampshire, it's mark and david. haynesville, ohio, it's tyler and spencer. from greensburg, pennsylvania, it's linda and laurie. welcome, everyone to the program. it's very, very simple. we ask america their questions and all kinds of crazy topics. all you have to do is correctly guess the results of those polls
7:26 pm
then you can win $50,000. we'll hop right into it. our first question is worth $100. here are the two possible answers. we've got, he likes the way i kiss or how's my breath? the question is what did single women say is their biggest concern when making out with a new guy? does he like the way i kiss or how's my breath? all right. everybody's got their answers down. let's go to ohio and say hello to skyler and spencer. how are you, guys? tell me about yourself, guys. >> i'm skyler. >> i'm spencer. >> we are originally from ohio but go to school at lake erie college on a twins scholarship. >> what? that's a real thing? >> that's a real thing. >> a pleasure to have you guys here. let's get you some money and start right now with the card.
7:27 pm
does he like the way i kiss or who's my breath? let's see those answers, everyone. skyler and spencer say kiss. mark, david, linda and laurie say, how's my breath? 57% of the vote goes to, how's my breath? $100 to mark and david and linda and laurie. the next question is worth $200. it's still very early. preteen athletes or their parents? the question is, who did gymnastics coaches say are more likely to throw a tantrum? the preteen athletes or their parents? let's say hello to gce and dana from columbus, ohio. how are you guys? where are you playing from right now? >> from where we coach at in columbus, ohio.
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>> the two of you are gymnasts, as well? >> yeah. we grew up doing gymnastics. we do everything together. >> and we have twin powers. >> wait. are you talking about wonder twin powers you can activate? >> like twin telepathy. >> you can finish each other's -- >> thoughts. >> sandwiches. athletes or parents? everybody said parents. the correct answer is their parents. everybody got one. everybody's on the board. here we go to the next question worth $300. two possible answers are, george w. bush or willie nelson. the question is, which texan did men from dallas say would make a better addition to mount rushmore? george w. bush or willie nelson?
7:29 pm
mark and david playing from new hampshire. how are you, gentlemen? >> how are you? >> hello. >> hello. >> hello. what's your story, guys? >> well, as you can see, we love our man caves, we love our bars and we love our sport. what you don't see is awesome wives and our family we love even more than that, believe it or not. >> they love sports, too. this is a good place for all of us. >> nice. a family man cave. wish you guys the best of luck. you've got $300. you can add $300 more to your total. is it george w. bush or willie nelson? grace and dana say willie nelson. the correct answer with 58% of the vote, it's willie nelson. you got it. just like that, grace and dana in first place.


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