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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 5, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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workplace. >> reporter: espn said they were told that martin feels as if the weight the worm has been lifted off him. abc news, washington. >> wow. for the second time in its history the dc council has called on the redskins to change the name. by a 10-0 vote they approved a resolution today urging the team to abandon the nickname which some consider offensive. they have really no power over the team. they previously called for a name change in 2001, redskins owner has called the name a badge of honor but said he respects the fool eggs of feelings of those offended. >> rob ford said he smoked crack cocaine. he said yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. am i an addict? no. the pressure increased when the police chief announced
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investigators recovered a video of him showing him smoking a crack pipe. ford made the admission today outside his office in toronto. >> you can keep your shoes on and your laptop in your bag. security will be faster at the airport. another line opened. this is located in concourse b. travelers who qualify for the program are allowed to move through without the hassle. there is already a precheck line at concourse d. the program launched in november of 2011. in an effort to keep you safe at the airport the tsa is pushing for law enforcement status. the union wants a new tsa force with greater authority. this new class of tsa officers would work among regular employees but would be armed and will be able to make arrests. the announcement is just days after one agent was killed and two others hurt at lax. the goal is to create a larger
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and more consistent tsa presence in the areas. >> the power bill is going up and you don't seem worried. not a single person, not one person showed up at a hearing to discuss the pending rate hike. people from the maryland pub service commission waited 30 minutes before leaving. they want to increase the electric bill by four dollars per month and the gas bill by about two dollars a month. there are still some hearings the rest of the week. we have a list of those locations on the website at abc that was in annapolis yesterday. espn taking over the naval academy. they are hosting sprint center coming up on friday and will be featured as part of the veteran's day program. it'll lead up to the airing of the armed forces classic men's basketball game friday between georgetown and oregon. there will be two live broadcasts, an lower from nine in the morning until 7:30 at night right there in navy.
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>> and surprise for people on the white house tour, the president and first lady greeted a long line of visitors, even bo was there to say hello. tours returned today for the first time in eight months after officials canceled the program back in march siting the forced federal budget cuts. i still can't get over the football story. if you are just to bus busy to find a relationship pay someone to do it for you. >> a new service to take all of the leg work out. >> and ladies, we always suspected this but now there is research to back it up. what we do more than men. >> weather wise, just a little bit of blue sky over the river. otherwise, a mildler day. we get even mildler tomorrow. we will talk about that and annapolis for pretty good- looking veteran's day.
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that's straight ahead.
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before you pop the thanksgiving turkey in the oven you can get a head start. k-mart will open at six in the morning on thanksgiving morning. they will stay open for 41 straight hours until 11:00 on black friday night. it appears to be the earliest opening yet of any retail store for black friday shopping. shopping. here we go. 6:00 thursday morning. >> well >> it has two all beef patties, pickles, onions, it's burger king's lattive sand wife. -- latest sandwhich. they say it's an adig to the permanent menu this week. they said it previously offered the big king as a limited time offer. >> money can't buy you happiness but perhaps it can buy you love. if you don't have the time or the money there is a new
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service to do thatter for you. for 5,000 dollarse harmony will provide you with a dating specialist. for that -- a counselor and match make we are the mission to do nothing but find the match for you and make it work. it'll do all the leg work, they will then present you with their findings of who they believe will be the best love match for you. who works more, men or women? when you include the unpaid work around the home it's not even close. while men work longer hours maybe at the job women do a lot more cooking, cleaning and child care and when both paid and unpaid worker combined, it's women who put in the longest hours. researchers found in 22 out of 28 developed countries study, women work longer hours than men every week, women in the united states average 33 hours
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a week and more than 17 hours working around the house. >> and now from abc2 maryland's most accurate forecast. >> -- you can related related re-- rehate to related to that. we go extended range mode, we find heavy rain and snow. yes snow coming down north of omaha up to minneapolis. this same system could bring maryland rain by early thursday and i say rain specifically, just rain. take a look. cloudy skies across dundock, couldn't find much sun in most of the state. one of those days, a lot of midlevel cloud cover. though the air was dry. we have high pressure in the air. 56 at pwi. thurgood marshall. 30.50. sunset coming up -- happened at
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5:01. next day, tomorrow, we are looking at basically 50s. in fact as we look at the bay you can see -- air temperature, both on land and on bay, only into the low 60s tomorrow but that will be warmer than today. today was a improvement over yesterday. you like the mildler conditions today we were in the mid to upper 50s. tomorrow probably mid60s. today was about a 14 degrees warm up over this same time yesterday at sunset and as we go forward here. expecting another five degrees or so on top of that. by tomorrow afternoon. even mildler for your wednesday. probably the mildest day of the week. humidity coming up quite a bit. that makes it feel mildler. as we take a look at the set up across the area, just generally cloudy skies, dominating, well west of us, that again will not get in here soon. we are talking late week a window for rain in the meantime giant dominant high pressure up here over main and eastern
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canada. really helping stall the weather pattern just to the west. dry, cool conditions dominate though we will have midlevel cloudses like how we had today. set up temperature wise, again, mildler each afternoon. we will look to ramp up into the upper 60s . 70s in the carolina's and that trend set to continue into the day on thursday. the thursday we bring in rain chances. tonight dry, 42, not as frigid. tomorrow 64, abc2, two degree guarantee trending mildler and then beyond that into the day onight we look for partly cloudy and cool conditions. the next several days low 60s. we cool off friday into the start of the weekend. mid50s, 30s by night and sunday 62, pretty good tailgate and beyond that into veteran's day, right now weather looks good for the vets and the holiday with low 60s, so there it is a dry outlook i must say by november standards, not a lot
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of november rain but for part of the day thursday. >> nothing to complain about. thank you. >> the pope wants to hear your opinion. there is a worldwide survey on how parrishs deal with issues like birth control, divorce and gay marriage. they hop for acceptance and understanding between the church and catholics who have a vision of family that's different than the traditional one. catholic churches seeking input ahead of a major meeting on the family planned by the pope for next year. break. >> hundreds if you have more money you are likely to respond more. >> everything from the condition of your money to who are you with determines how you will spend it. >> and nothing stays a secret in hollywood. good news for drew barrymore.
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told you time and time again size matters. >> how the type of bills in your wallet determine your spending style. >> reporter: if you want to save it's good to understand how what is in your head relates to what's in your wallet. the type of money you carry can affect the type of spending you do. here are two interesting examples. researchers have observed that are you less likely to spend if you have one large bill than if you have the same amount represented by several smaller bills. partly that may be because it's hard to break a larger bill a vending machine won't take a 20 so you skip that snack you have 21 you probably would have splurged a lot comes down to mental accounting. in your brain a 50-dollar bill,
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that's serious. it's a lot of money and should only be spent on serious purchases. however a lot of five's and ones, those are silly bills, they can be spent on silly thing. it adds up but each purchase doesn't seem like a big deal. researchers have shown that quality is a difference. in a study they found consumers likelier to spend dirty money verses new, crisp bills, we save those, we are proud of them. we can't spend those nasty ones fast enough. this effect is lessened when we are being watched. the study also found that consumers more likely to spend crisper bills if friends are around. yes, it's a brand new 20, no big deal. saving is mental. size matters and try not to get to dirty. >> to see more stories like this watch the list.
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you can watch it week nights rit here. >> drew barrymore is pregnant. the actress is expecting her second child with her husband. this comes after photographs taken many her at a gala in la kind of showed a noticeable belly bump. she hasn't been quiet about wanting more. >> a spokesperson for michelle pieffer confirms what she said in a interview. she was in a cult. during a profile of her she referenced being involved with a cult in the early days, not really new information but a representative for her points out she had spoken openly about her experience in the past, especially in a late 90s. happened more than 30 years ago when she first arrived. the cult trainers were among the first people she met. >> coming up, a new program out in carol helping girls and
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giving them something to cheer about. neighbors aren't to happy with plans to shift lines in baltimore. you are looking at a protest going on right now in townsend. those and more coming up at six. now here is a preview of world news at 6:30. >> one father --. >> 500 children. >> think it can't happen? we aren't talking fiction. we are talking reality. >> how do you know you don't have a hundred? >> i don't know. >> the baby making business is booming but is that a good thing? opponent world news with diane sawyer. complicated as it is.
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but it gets down right overwhelming when you multiply it by the business of life.
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all those bills, budgets, accounts and taxes. it's a complex problem, but you don't have to solve it by yourself. at intuit, we make tools to help you simplify it all, so you can focus on what matters most. intuit. simplify the business of life.
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another high scoring couple sent home on dancing the stars.
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>> once the votes were put in the couple was eliminated. >> brandt and vita. >> brian was sent home despite high price from his guest judge cher. he broke down in tears as his name was called. >> i just learned how hard it is, how tough it is. i learned i'm capable of it. it's amazing. honor. >> six couples remain you can watch the show right here on abc2 on monday night at eight. all right. when we turn back the clocks did we also turn off the crime? >> the link between the two at six which starts right now. >> you're watching the station that works for you, now, abc 2news at six. >> thousands of dollars of marijuana taken from a home with hip-hop connections. >> a car goes barreling in to a building tearing down a wall.
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and a man arrested for exposing himself to women. first, a deadly shooting in upper fell's point. police are on the scene -- which is not far from wolf street academy. they say a victim is dead. no word on the condition of the second victim so stay with us as more details slope on this breaking story today. ankle -- happening right now plans for school redistricting in front of the board of education. >> that's right. neighbors opposed to the changes making sure their voices are heard. we are live tonight with the details. >> reporter: we have done a number of stories about school over crowding. they built a new school in west townsend. there is a controversial one being built in maple chapel. they expanded others. as it turns out. the expansion and -- redistricting plans also extend
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east of townsend along with people aren't happy. >> no voice, no choice. >> no voice. >> no choice >> people who live in the community say they were left out of the planning process. among the plans, they would reopen lock wood, the halstead academy would be opened for a county wide magnet school. the people who live in the neighborhood aren't so upset about each of those changes, it's the total of them they say will have a negative impact. also feel they weren't included in the planning. >> we just want our fair shake. that's all. we want to have a voice and that's what everybody is here
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to say. >> reporter: yeah. they are protesting in front of the school board headquarters a lot of those chase tonight at seven. the protesters hope their delay -- that item is on the agenda for a vote tonight. live in baltimore. >> the ex-husband of little mo is in some big trouble after a raid. >> police found a marijuana growing operation with a street value in excess of a hundred thousand dollars. >> reporter: by day the cars slow down and speed away from this house on 230th street in pasadena that is well known to its neighbors. >> we would walk out late at night and kind of get hit in the face with the smell. it was just high traffic people in and out all the time. >> reporter: a tactical narcotics team raided the houseo on monday and found the source of the smell, marijuana
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in bulk including 158 towering plants. >> executed a search warrant yesterday and seized loose marijuana and also, marijuana there at the home that was being grown, plants if you will. totaled about $127,000. >> reporter: police arrested a 40-year-old augustus stone, the former husband of little mo who once lived in baltimore and divorced him after a number of affairs. some neighbors say roofers suspected pot use in the spring when they smelled it from the smoke stack. based on the amount and other evidence, stone faces a series of charge charges including possession, manufacturing and distribution. >> look out the window, -- >>
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>> at a dc area gas station. six months later they were divorced. following the arrest stone was released on bail. new developments tonight in the robbery and stabbing of a university student. the suspect now sought in connection to the robbie robbery of another student. the student couldn't give a detailed description. septemberors think the same suspects robbed a student last night along burk. the student said that one of the suspects threatened to stab him and his cash was taken. investigators are looking for three suspects tonight. >> all right a car smashes into a building tearing down the wall. it happened ono west north avenue after a potential robbery suspect fled from police. police spent the afternoon drilling, hammers, having to board up the hole outside the store. >> i was in the window and i seen a car coming up the street
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and i was like it's going to hit the building and it did, bam. i was shaking. >> police think the suspect tried to run after the crash but didn't get far. nobody was hurt. >> howard county police have arrested a man in connection with two more exposures. mario garcia was driving a tan mazda through a strip mall when he exposed himself to a female passerby. detectives also believe he did the same thing the day before to a woman in the parking lot of mall of columbia. police have yet to release more details about the case or a mug shot saying the investigation is ongoing. last month a woman reported seeing another man exposing himself just off the walking trail. >> if you are heading near mercy hospital you better ignore the intersection of saratoga and st. paul. crews working to fix a water main break. it's a six incher and crews are


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