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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  November 5, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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next, pamela anderson. breathless. the 46-year-old bay watch star finished the new york city marathon in under six hours, which isn't bad because we thought the only way she knew how to run was in polomo. that's her, stretched out with a tv remote with her racing placard on her face. but still looking amazing. and if you'll buy selma hiyak as a dam sandalrs wife, adam sandler's character decide to move his family back to his hometown so he can hang with his old friends and their kids. but old and new bullies,
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psychobus drivers makes him realize trouble follows you. pop culture. on the hot lisz. >> let's go from the hot list to hot, sizzling foods. >> most of us love fast food. bud it's actually fat food, right? >> yes, but there are ways to make fast food delicious and nutritious. amazed? i'll tell you right now on the ridiculist. >> ever since the documentary "supersize me," most of us consider fast food as unhealthy. it's enough to make you sick. but it's registered dietitian to the rescue. >> if we go healthy, are we going to lose that? >> absolutely not. there is nothing on a fast food
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menu that is not delicious. >> number one, be aware of what's on your plate. fast food portions have increased a lot. it's important to notice what you're being served. number two, make sure that half of your plate is full of vegetables and fruit? >> so does that mean chips and french fries? >> no, sorry. >> number three, ask for what you want, like extra veggies on the side or french fries without sault. >> take back your plate. >> i'm taking it back. >> you can have a little bacon. you can have a little sauce and a little salt. my advice is to get as much as you can on the side so you can add it yourself. >> can i get a cupful of sp spinnach, please? >> sure, can i have some bacon on the side? >> absolutely not. together at last on "the fit
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list." >> after you turn some things around post it on twitter, hash tag, transformation tuesday. we lay out all of the hash tag days of the week on the break down. hash tag mania. each day of the week has one. whether you're on instagram or twitter. today's hash tag is trobs tor mags tuesday where users can post before and after pictures whether it's weight loss or even a little girl all grown up. sounds like somebody's got a case of the mondays.
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post an inspirational quote with a backdrop. a chance to shard your most mortifying photos frommiester year. that's me with a follow friday. a ware for tweeters to move on to the weekend. and there's no rest for the zefl-involved. on the zempbt day, break out your phone. it's a day full of pictures of you taken by you. thiez are the ways to fill digital days. here are the days most dazzling. >> viralist. >> first up, it gives you wings, but not these skills. check out this artist draw a
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realistic picture of a can of red bull usie ining pens, marked colored pencils. this 2-d replica? 4:49. next, a blowout. >> the guys are back with their biggest education ploegs yet. and then last week, has all gone dinner time. where he stops, nobody knows. poor puppy on the viralist. >> it's a once in a liefd time holiday and it's ault about food. and later, yourd dog wants to tell you something. apparently, the cat lies.
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be your own dog whisperer coming up on the list. >> merryist of men. this is a list of the happiest countries in the world. number four, sweden. number three, canada. number two, switzerland. and number one, norway. 
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last week, here's what you might have missed. shop smarter with supermarket secrets. it's time to turn their shame into your amusement. the list. you keep watching. we'll keep making more.@q]6 connor knight takes a look at the tladoff. connor, what's the deal?
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>> when savvy consumers want to upgrade, they know to sell their old gablg ets for cash. the market has exploded in even just the past year. apple started offering cash for trade-ins. i've sold old iphones on gaze e gazelle. the process was super easy and it gave me cash to put toward my new device. apple's latest ipad has offered folks to trade in their old ipad. gazelle gave me an offer of $175 for my flawless edition. how much are they going to get for it? you can get a pret tie good idea. the same day they offered me 175 for my ipad, they were spelling me a very good conditioned for $264.99. a 50% mark-up. next, we'll give you $78 for a 674 gigabyte first generation ipad.
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now, i don't begrudge these companies for making a profit. but before you trade in, it is worth knowing what that profit is. if you'd sell it directly, you'd almost certainly make more money. trade-in programs make it super easy. but it's because they make a loot of money in return. it's up to you to decide how much your time is worth. just know that going with any professional trade-in program amgs has some financial trade off. my people will be celebrating thanksgivica. >> it's just three weeks away for the first time since 1888, hon can and thanksgiving fall on the same day. >> thank giving always falls in november. and hon can, the jewish festival of lights, usually lands in december. but not this year.
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than thanksgiveica is making national headlines. >> pret te soon, they'll think thanksgiving started when the yams lasted for eight nights. the unique holiday was featured on the coverf kwt the new yorker kwt. the spinning top will be part of macys thanksgiving day parade. you can find everything thanksgiving. meanwhile, chompies deli has been preparing for weeks. i got the low down from the
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chef. >> this year, you can dip them in a special cranberry apple sauce or a pumpkin cream fr fraiche. >> and if you prefer to go straight to desert -- >> this is a pumpkin loaf and this is an orange cranberry loaf. >> these two holidays won't cross paths for another 79,000 years. >> now, it's time for a late-night hybrid. we wamp watched all of their sh and picked what you would like best. >> british scientists are now saying king tut died in a chariot sdebt. . yeah, chariot accident. apparently, he was texting.
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>> he tied an nfl record by throwing zichbl touchdown passes in a single game against the oakland raiders. he couldn't have done it without the help from the team. and then the raiders said well, you're welcome. >> a man from kenya, jeffrey muthai was the winner of the new york city marathon. he ran the marathon, collected his first place medal and then ran back to kenya. >> willy nel sonl will be released in 2015. it will be how marijuana affected willy's life. for example, willy started writing the book in 1946. >> here's a list of food to be sure to include on your thanksgivica menu. golden panko latkas.
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i'm theresa strosser. have you ever looked at your dog and you wondered what they are thinking? >> yes. >> when a dog is wagging his tail, he's happy or is he? >> people assume their wagging tail is sa dog's version of a smile. that means he's happy but that could be like saying anyone who is smiling is happy. it may not be that black and white. a new study suggests that tail wags may be something different. >> just like people, we have a universal language like smiling, wherever you go, you smile. dogs and then wolves, there is a universal language as well. >> a tail swinging to the right means he's in a good space. >> right would mean he's happy or content. things can change from second
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to second. moment to moment. >> what about a tail wagging hard to the left? >> it could mean he's on prehencive or -- apprehensive or nervous or concerned about the situation. >> and when the tail bean his legs -- between his legs. >> nervous and apprehension. >> they are not people. they are dogs. >> they have their own language and observe culture. we have to interpret it from that perspective. >> your dog's tail and the tale of tales. >> [inaudible] >> i do know we're grateful that you watched "the list" today. here's what is coming up tomorrow. >> heading some place new, don't worry. you will know as much as the locals without a tour guide. from that confusing airport to the little hole in the wall. travel apps that show you around town tomorrow on "the list."
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>>. >> hi, everybody, this is "let's ask america"! you don't have to put on pants to win $50,000. people across america have their webcams and want to play. first up from kentucky, it's john! from newport beach, california, it's kendra. from minnesota it's katra and from indiana, it's evan. welcome to the program, everybody. good to see you here. you guys know how this works. figure out america's opinions on all kinds of topics. you guess correctly, you get $50,000. it's that he'sy. easy. ready to play? first question is worth $100.
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two possible answers. we've got tall or short. the question is, if they had to choose what did men say they would rather be, is it bald or short? everybody's got their answers down. we'll go to hebron first, john, how are you? how you doing? john, tell us about yourself. >> we are in my music room. i have my wife and daughter here with me. >> that was fantastic, john. everybody go to flip your cards. is it bald or short? for $100. the correct answer with 54% of the vote, short. you got it.
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don't worry, our next question is worth $200. absolutely anyone's game. the next two possible answers. we've got stay home from work or go to work any way. the question is, what do nurses say they would be more likely to do if they were feeling a little under the weather? stay home from work or go to work anyway? let's go to sarah. how are you, sarah? >> i'm great. how are you? may i dance with you? the webcam is a limited format, maybe you could give us a wave or pop and rock or robot? >> i heard about this thing in the '80s. >> i know that one. everybody flip those cards. is it stay home from work or go to work anyway? everybody said go to work anyway. for $200, the correct answer is go to work anyway.
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$300 a piece. our next question is worth $300. two possible answers are correct the fan or sign autographs as the star? the question is, if they were mistaken for a movie star, what did americans say they would do? would they correct the fan or would they sign an autograph as the star? ebony, look out, you are being attacked by giant children. >> oh, my gosh! >> what is going on there? >> i am in my living room where my kids are my life, thing one and thing two. they decided to join me today to win some money. >> i love it. let's see what we've got. correct the fan or sign autograph as the star? everybody else says they are going to lie. the correct answer for $300 with
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77% of the vote, casha, concerned about your answer? don't worry, you got it right. it's correct the fan. pasha is in thirst place with $600, ebony with $300, john and sarah $200 a piece. final question of this round is worth $400. more importantly, it decides who will stay and play and who will be eliminated. the two possible answers are, thanksgiving dinner or birthday cake? the question is, what did single people say was the saddest food to eat by yourself? thanksgiving dinner or birthday cake? let us say hello to miss pasha. that is a gorgeous back drop you have there. where are you playing from? >> i'm


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