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tv   Charlie Rose  PBS  November 6, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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and whatnot that suggest they were a local family. >> within the past year, he caught a bigger break thanks to >> when this photo shown up. this is the father of the child that the tomb stone belongs to. >> it was the first poz tifsh step he made in decades. now he's searching for who posted that photo of her father. >> i'm thinking these people are out there and they are chunk of it sitting right there. >> we're helping out in a search. if you or someone you know has a connection and might be able to piece together where the tomb stone belongs, email me. you can reach me through twitter and on facebook. abc 2 news. >> he's more optimistic than the past. not only did he find the photo but because other
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resources are out there online, likely to get the stone back where it belongs. >> an intruder in a school. >> now some parents reporting to us saying public schools and police should have done more to protect their children. cheryl joins us now to explain. >> two big complaints here. the school system waited too long to call parents and allowed parents back in a too soon. we hear how this all played out. >> the focus of the story is a door that didn't latch. a man under the influence ended up inside brooklyn park middle school about one hour before the bell rang. >> at 7:08 this morning, why didn't you send the parents out that says we have a trespasser in our school, we don't know if he's armed, dangerous or not. >> refers to the letter sent home from the school. she dropped her daughter off around 7:45 unknowingly. police cars
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unusual. skyla and her classmates were shifted to the auditorium. >> some teachers were saying he had a gun. some were saying he had a knife and some were saying he was homeless. >> the confusion caused her to sent her mom a text. she dropped work to take her out of school. >> he could have had a bomb strapped to him. with this day and age, people are crazy doing crazy things. >> police say the response was less than two minutes after a staff member noticed kenneth%uó carpenter lying down in a hallway. he got in by a way of unlocked door. police say we knew where he came in. we followed him on camera to where he was confronted by school staff and mutual cooperation between police and schools allowed for a thorough search of the building. >> you are dealing with other people's children. you shouldn't be that careless. >> 20 minutes after school
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started, students were allowed to return to their classrooms. after a room by room search that included k-9, no other suspects were found. >> something this degree, you can't close a school for a day. come on. >> call me when it has something to do with my child. call me. that's why i'm here for. >> calls are made only when it's an immediate threat. >> you can't go on with your day like nothing happened. >> the school says there were students inside when the man was found. they were taken out of that exit. a letter went home to parents. kenneth carpenter was charged. abc 2 news. >> tonight the state has a message for a local county. >> it's called the storm water remediation fee and the state's largest counties are supposed to collect it from you and businesses with drive ways or
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parking lots and other services that rain water rolls off and into the chesapeake bay. >> in the news room as the fight heats up. >> yeah, the state's ten largest counties were supposed to put a law in place by july 1st this year to set up a system to collect a fee from residents and businesses depending how much impervious surface they have. carol county was one that did not put a new tax in place and soon could pay a big price for that. >> regulars got the news that carol county's resistance to the rain tax was being met with a serious threat from the state's attorney general's office. they had enough. they were already upset about the taxes in our state. the storm water remediation fee was the last straw. >> had our house on the market.
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>> pressurevwwm from the state s unnecessary. they've already spent millions of dollars building storm water runoff pools to comply with mandates and+e,  allocated money to payr even more. >> it's not our goal to do anything that's going to have neglect tifsh impact on the bay. we do take our commitment seriously. >> would be like flushing money down the drain. >> the money in our general fund isn't tied to any additional cost. a dollar costs us more than a dollar to collect. >> county commissioners received this letter from the attorney general's office calling on the county to comply. it reads in part quote, the county's failure to enact a storm water remediation fee constitutes a violation and subjects carol county to civil penalties of up to $10,000 of each day of violation. >> i mean, i can't imagine they would pay $10,000 a day in
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penalties. >> officials from the county plan to meet with the attorney general's office to talk about what's going to happen next possibly as soon as this week. abc 2 news. >> thanks, chris. we are working for you. we want to help you understand how rain taxes will affect you. we set up a special section breaking it all down by county. smart meters promise to put a stop on the overflowing charges you see. >> incorrect readings could be a thing of the past. the city voted on a multi million dollar project to upgrade the water meters. those of you in baltimore city and county, you'll have smart meters. will give you more accurate water readings and bills. >> i am determined to have a better system for the city of baltimore. this is a crucial step forward to make that
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happen. these upgrades are neet2q we work hard to make sure they are state-of-the-art. >> so the city says they have had the same water meter process for 75 years and call the smart systems a step in the right direction. a rate hike got some customers lining up the night with neon lights. >> protestors took to the streets tonight. this is the third of five hearings to get public hearings on rate adjustments. customers could be charged over $5. some are saying that's unreasonable especially in the tough economic times. >> at this time with the work recession, we can't afford a rate hike. it's too much. >> does know that any kind of rate increase is difficult for our customers. we offer several options for our customers. >> the money would go toward
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things that help bring power to your home and businesses like wires, polls and pipes. >> let's go to capitol hill. once again in the hot seat. >> answered more questions about what went wrong with the questioning was pretty intensive. he said that the white house promised like your plan keep your plan just isn't true. >> i'd just like you to ask you a simple true or false question. is that statement on the white house web site true or is it false? >> sir, i think the statement is -- >> is it true or false, madam secretary? >> the 11 million people who are in the individual market, a majority of those individuals will keep plans. >> my time is limited. i will ask the record note that you have refused to answer my question whether it's true or
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false. visit texas to convince the state to sign up for the insurance exchange is created under obamacare. >> some say he took orders a little too far. >> racist voicemails and text got him booted from the dolphins. what he's saying about the whole thing. >> don't get too comfy. why too much sleep can be forgúaiyour health. >> snooze alarm is not good? above average. not quite the record . as we look at the weather into the day tomorrow. rain on the way and cooler air behind this rain. we'll talk about that and a detailed look at the weather right here on abc 2 news at 11:00.
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for intelligent life. for a greater purpose. for our elusive soul mate.
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it's a journey enriched by the people we know and the things we share. shouldn't our searching online be the same? we think so. you see, while you've been busy creating social networks, we've been hard at work - expanding search to include social media. only at bing do you see what the web knows, what we know, and now, what your friends and the world of social media are creating moment by moment. all there. all in one search. it's a whole new world giving you everything you've been searching for. expand your search and see what you've been missing. bing. try it now. he is one of the greatest football players of our time. tony dorset. tonight sad news from espn. >> he found out this week he
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suffers from chronic traumatic sepalopathy. the former heisman trophy winner says he needs to cut it off all together. he has to live another 30 years. new developments tonight in the nfl case involving a couple miami dolphin's players. one accused. >> speaking out for the very first time. since he was suspended by the team, caught up with him tonight in a parking lot. >> there's an allegation that he left voicemails on jonathan martin's voicemail. what do you have to say about those? >> no comment right now. we're going to weather the storm and that's it. >> he's being investigated by nfl for repeatedly bullying
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jonathan martin. espn found he tormented martin with racist voicemails and text messages saying he would kill him. he still has plans to play football and the dolphins have kept him on the roster. facebook is trying to keep bullies off its pages. beefing up efforts to code bullying. making it easier fourteens to contact an adult. and teens can now simply press a button to anonymous ree report ana bus i have been post. facebook is releasing guides fourteens, parents and educators on dealing with harassment. the antibullying efforts do not apply to instagram. >> to see other antibullying efforts around the country and here at home, log on to our web site, we have an entire bullying prevention section. >> learning a second language can have disadvantages. do you think it could benefit your
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health? >> a second language may keep you sharp in your golden years. researchers looked at over 600 people. speaking more than one language delayed dementia for four years. even bilingual people who couldn't read had the same results. something about the brain that can think two different ways. >> after learning that extra language, might want to think again before catching up on extra zzzs. sleeping too much can be just as bad as sleeping too little. short-term problems like feeling groggy or out of it. and more dangerous long-term issues like developing hyper somnia. doctors say it's okay to get extra sleep but shouldn't become habit. >> and now from abc 2, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> working late nights. you are dry tonight
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. headed out in the next few hours. first thing in the morning, early morning commute. you are dry. late morning commuters, maybe not so much. just hours away now to the west. in here by mid-morning tomorrow at the latest. a long strip of rain into upstate new york tonight. that's what we're tracking as it heads our way. next day planner shows those showers coming in really any time after 7:00. could be more steady toward noon tomorrow. and tapering off by 4:00. i think we're actually clear by the time you go to dinner tomorrow night. late evening plans tomorrow even taking the kids to after school practice. should be dry but cooler breezier conditions. don't anticipate any more weather. get the alerts as they come out for your immediate zip code and gps location. one download on all your mobile devices. what a great november day. sunshine dominating.
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blue skies. high thin clouds. this is our view . as we look at it out there, we see conditions 56 degrees on a south breeze. high temperatures reaching right around 70 in winchester. 68 in baltimore. 67 in philly. this was an above average day. not record breaking. when you are pushing 70 into the first week in november, you are a little out of the normal range. tonight we see numbers 50 to near 60. 62 at the beach. we stay mild into most of the day tomorrow. we'll stay in a south breeze. we have a south breeze tonight. gets gusty tomorrow. humidity stays rel tifsh lehigh tonight. it also fuels those rain chances. more moisture at the surface as the boundary comes in and lists that moisture over the front which is back behind the second rain line. you have to think of that moisture as lifting and being edged up over the cool air boundary. on and off showers.
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i don't think it's going to be a steady rain. on and off showers beginning in the morning and extending through midday. could be the steady evident rain. a low pressure area and that could accelerate the rain. then it's all clear right through 7:00 tomorrow evening statewide. we sit dry as the cool winds blow in friday just partly cloudy with sun. boy, you will feel the change, low 50s about it into the day on friday. here's a look at the frontal system extending well to our south and west and all the way up into eastern canada. it's a large frontal system. not particularly powerful. it does pack rain and replacing that pattern we've enjoyed the last two days. and temperature wise, tomorrow, low 60s. even with the rain, we'll peak midday. and the chill descends tomorrow night behind the front. 40s and 30s will be the story north and west tomorrow night. could see spots getting down to close to
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freezing. tonight is 52. clouds are increasing throughout the day tomorrow. especially your morning and midday. by tomorrow evening, sitting dry and cooler. 30s. that's going to be much cool her and the outlook into friday only 52. that is going to be a difference you notice. sunshine looks to dominate into the weekend. looks like a november classic coming our way. back to round veteran's day still looks good at 60. some questions about a storm next week. still more than 7 days out. we'll keep an eye on it. the navy and maryland gave saturday both look good for tailgaters. >> beautiful weather. we'll be right back . enough.
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all right. comic book fans, meet ms. marvel.
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first muslim american super hero. a new jersey teenager transformed into ms. marvel of new monthly series. she can apparently grow and shrink her body and learning to shape shift into other forms. >> you just watched the cmas and george strait entertainer of the year. another big award the cmapenicle award. >> you might have thought lady gaga was out of this world. soon she will be for real. gaga will blast off in a galactic ship and sing a song in space. it will be in 2015. she's going to have to train for this.
11:23 pm
make sure her vocal cords can handle the change. what's next? >> justin bieber is next. the pop super star invested more than a million dollars of shots of me. a new social media network geared towards teens. will be available later on. >> all right. quick check of the outlook here. i love gaga. i'm just saying. midday tomorrow rain possible by morning. most likely toward the lunch hour. give yourself time on the road. the outlook looks like a classic fall. we start to moderate saturday. warmer on sunday. and there you go. looking pretty good into veteran's day. my budget and i are good,
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you are almost out of time. still not too late. still run to taco bell at this hour. grab some chips and celebrate nacho day. chips, salsa, guacamole. you can make yours however you want to. >> this late at night doesn't sound like a recipe. >> give you the munchies. >> got to sit next to you. >> won't comment on that one. y see you tomorrow night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight dr. phil mcgraw, erin andrews and music from
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florida georgia line. with cleto and the cletones. and now hour, do you like this? here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ [ indiscernible ] >> jimmy: i know there are so many things you could be doing with your wednesday night. you could be sleeping, reading, could be making love. oh, wait a minute you are making love. did any of you vote yesterday? yeah, right. it's all right. you will get to it eventually.
11:33 pm
the city of new york has a new mayor, bill de blasio. and chris christie. the measure in portland, maine, the first city to legalize recreational use of marijuana. [ applause ] joint is a m-- >> jimmy: it is legal for adults to possess 2.5 ounces of marijuana. a lot. like a zip lock bag. enough to get an elephant stoned. which would be hilarious by the way. the measure passed by 70% of voters said yes to marijuana. there is not an nba team in maine. that is rob ford is still mayor after admitting he smoked crack in office. reason he admitted this, they
11:34 pm
report lead have a video of him smoking crack. a video he claimed did not exist until last week. mayor ford changed his story from i did not smoke crack to i did smoke crack. says he was probablieny ein a drunken stupor when he smoked it. he was not sure. he was on crack. he says he wants to see the video for confirmation. he said he does not have a drug or alcohol problem. just as confusing as it sound. to get more clarity on this. we contacted the may your's office. surprisingly enough the mayor agreed to speak with us via skype. he joins us now, hello, mayor ford. awe thank you for having me. >> you have had a tough week, huh? >> oh, yeah, it's had its ups and downs for sure. >> jimmy: must have been hard for you to finally admit smoking crack after telling everyone that you don't smoke crack.
11:35 pm
>> wait a minute. hold that right there. let me ask you something, did i admit to smoking crack? >> jimmy: yeah, you did. yesterday you did. >> wow. wow. are you certain of this sns. >> jimmy: yes. saw it on the news. did you smoke crack? >> do i smoke crack? no. did i smoke crack? i think so. but, the question is, will i smoke crack? >> jimmy: yeah, a good question. will you continue to smoke crack? >> how could i continue to do something i don't do. >> jimmy: you said you did it. >> no, no, no. i said i did it. i didn't said i do it. big difference. >> jimmy: but you did say that you. >> sir, sir, sir, have you ever been in a drunken stupor. >> jimmy: i never smoked crack.
11:36 pm
>> have you ever been in a drunken stupor? >> jimmy: yes, i am not the mayor. >> i was in a drunken stupor. why am i being held accountable for something that i did in a drunken stupor? does that sound fair to you? >> jimmy: yeah, actually it does sound fair. >> what happens in a drunken stupor staysen ein a drunken. stupor. unless some [ bleep ] video tapes it. >> have you kiddconsidered givip alcohol? >> that is ridiculous. >> jimmy: why? >> if the good people of toronto want me to stop, they can stroet stroet -- they can vote me out next october. >> jimmy: smoking crack cocaine in office and lying about it for month yooz are not stepping down. >> if i was going to step down
11:37 pm
for something i did while in a drunken stupor. it would not be for smoking crack. >> jimmy: have you done things worse than that? >> in a drunken stupor? >> sure. >> jimmy: like what? >> baby smuggling. grave robbing. cannibalism. you name it. >> jimmy: that is quite a list. >> yeah, i know. you should have seen the tapes. >> jimmy: mayor rob ford. thank you very much. pleasure to speak to you. >> thank you for having me. jimmy, jimmy, quickly, is it true that you have dr. phil on your show tonight? >> jimmy: yes, we do have dr. phil on the show. >> do me a favor and tell him to call me, please? >> jimmy: yes, i will. i will. >> just for a friend, okay. okay. this meeting is adjourned. >> jimmy: thank you, mayor rob ford. finally. an honest politician. [ cheers and applause ] probably shouldn't make fun,
11:38 pm
because there is a fierce political debate going on in this country over something on spongebob square pants. monday, nickelodeon will air episode, sponge bob, gets fired. sponge bob begins begging for mun money on the street. somehow this blot has become a political allegory. because sort of "new york post" said sponge bob is mooching off social services. liberal media manners, applied fox news is using the episode to attack low wage workers. >> are any of the parties aware they're debating the motives of a cartoon sponge. i don't think it was nickelodeon's intention to make commentary. or sponge bob is a right-winger. i wonder what he and pat wreck are up to. they have a new episode next
11:39 pm
week that seems to take this, a agenda, a step further. >> on a two hour episode, spongebobrick visit the obama care website. sponge bob square pants. only on nickelodeon. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: maybe sponge bob is a republican. here's a weird story. in dallas, this story confirms one of my deeply held beliefs. if you are going to have a near death experience make it funny. >> dallas police believe a sleepy driver behind the wheel fatigued crashed a pickup truck into a mattress store. it ran deep inside the sleep expert store. the driver wasn't hurt. >> she sound disappointed. fortunately she ran right into the memory foam. according to the police report. this is not the first time this
11:40 pm
woman has done something like this. you see, here she is, picking up. a cake for her mother's birthday. you see there is, more video. see right here trying to buy lottery tech ets lot lott lottery tickets at a convenience store. sheer she is, pulling into, oh, yeah, a record store. later that day, meeting her dad for dinner at a diner. and finally, this its footage of her showing up late for work. at, a hospital or something like that. her insurance premiums must be -- through the wall. how can any one fall asleep at the wheel when there is so much texting to be done. researchers at university of tokyo invented a robot. the jankin robot. robot cannot be defeated at rock p paper scissors. it wins every time. there it is. see here, look like a hand. beats the human hand over and
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over and over again. it senses hand movement. it can tell this robot can tell whether you are about to show rock, paper scissors. it cheats really. it has the potential to become the most powerful cheating robot since arnold schwarzenegger became governor of california. [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ] should we skip to the game? a fun game, doesn't make any sense. we are going to do it tonight. we played this before. it involves guillermo. time to play "guess what animal is on guillermo's head?" >> jimmy: that's guillermo. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
11:42 pm
hi, gym mow. >> guillermo: hi, jimmy. >> jimmy: blindfolded can you see anything at all? >> guillermo: no. >> jimmy: you have got a lot of gel in your hair tonight. crucial. we played this. remember how the game works? >> yeah, unfortunately. >> jimmy: he doesn't like the game. put an animal on guillermo's head. you can ask, three questions to find out what answer. if you guess one correctly, you will win a prize, okay. >> okay. >> jimmy: very good. bring out animal expert. here with animal number one, the famous turtle man from animal planet, ernie brown jr. from "call of the wild." hello. how are you? all right, now guillermo do you hear ernie behind you? >> guillermo: yeah. >> jimmy: are you concerned at all? >> no, it is okay. >> jimmy: okay. ernie, put that -- animal.
11:43 pm
on guillermo's head. are the animal as ls allergic tr gel. go ahead, ask questions. >> guillermo: is the head very big? >> two fists size. >> jimmy: yeah, a big one. next question. >> guillermo: oh, is the animal can be indoor or outdoor? both? >> jimmy: not a yes or no question. >> it would be more outdoor. >> jimmy: what kind of, yeah, outdoor animal. >> guillermo: oh, ow. >> jimmy: what does it feel like on your head? >> guillermo: oh, terrible. >> you'll probably have warts. >> jimmy: guillermo, one more guess. did you hear that, warts?
11:44 pm
>> guillermo: i can give it as a gift? >> jimmy: can you give it as a gift? >> no, no gift. you couldn't buy that for a girlfriend, would you, jimmy. >> jimmy: do you have a guess what the animal its. >> guillermo: oh. oh. >> jimmy: it is getting mad. guess fast. >> a parrot. >> jimmy: lift up your blindf d blindfold. you've will see that what is on your head is, you know what that its. >> guillermo: frog. >> yeah. a frog. >> jimmy: we will take a break and when we come back we have more animals. we have one head. we are going to play the exciting conclusion to "guess what animal is on guillermo's head." stay right here, guillermo. all right? honestly, i'm a little old fashioned.
11:45 pm
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when you buy two or more. hurry in for this limited time offer. ♪ >> jimmy: welcome back. dr. phil, erin andrews, and florida georgia line on the way. a hostage situation or about to make a horrible sex tape. we are in the midst of an exciting game called guess what animal is on guillermo's head? and put an animal on guillermo's head. have to guess. three guesses you. like this game, guillermo? >> guillermo: no. >> jimmy: turtleman ernie brown jr. from animal planet handling the critters tonight. go get another one, ernie. >> get it now. >> jimmy: grab another. bring it out. oh.
11:50 pm
when people make noises like that does it concern you, guillermo? >> guillermo: i think it is terrible. >> jimmy: do you feel that? go ahead. go ahead make guesses now. >> guillermo: this animal need a lot of exercise? >> they run all night long. night time critter. >> eat meat? >> he eats dead meat. seen this come out of a dead cow one time. >> jimmy: drooling on you. >> guillermo: oh, man. >> jimmy: don't worry, guillermo, you are arrive. oh, it is drooling all over you. >> yeah, they do a lot of drooling. if it bites you it can be bacterial. >> jimmy: let's hope it is not bacterial. >> only if it bites you. >> jimmy: if you make a guess,
11:51 pm
we'll get this over with. >> ah, ah, ah. >> you don't want the tail wrapped around your neck. might choke you. >> alligator. >> jimmy: take off your mask. guillermo and it is an -- oppossum. or chupucabra. grab the next animal. two more. >> two more. >> jimmy: oh, boy. oh, boy. [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: guillermo? >> guillermo: it fly. it fly. >> jimmy: do they fly? >> yes, they fly.
11:52 pm
answering the questions. >> jimmy: ask the questions directly to the animal. >> do you eat red meat? >> no. >> jimmy: no red meat. >> guillermo: in the watt tear? >> in the water on the land. >> jimmy: no jungle. >> guillermo: no jungle. that one. yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: what is it? >> guillermo: ah, ah, ah. >> sound look a car horn. >> guillermo: duck, duck. is it a duck. >> jimmy: you were very close. duck, duck, goose. all the. one more. one more. >> all right. one more. >> jimmy: okay. are you ready for the last one, guillermo. you know how this goes, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: yeah. don't worry. here comes our next.
11:53 pm
>> jimmy: oh, boy. >> guillermo: [ bleep ]. >> what this one is. >> jimmy: make a guess. >> guillermo: kids can play with it? >> jimmy: kids could play with it, yeah. >> he heals them up. he can make them cry too. >> guillermo: how big can he get? >> jimmy: what do you think? over 6 foot long. over 6 foot long. >> guillermo: oh, wow. it is not a dog? >> jimmy: not a dog. guillermo, guess. what animal is on your head?
11:54 pm
>> probably see them every single day. see them every single day. >> guillermo: oh. ooh. >> live action. >> guillermo: a chicken. >> jimmy: is it a chicken. lift up your mask, gym mow. is it a chicken. what chicken is 6 feet long. >> guillermo: oh. >> jimmy: dr. phil. >> guillermo: oh, dr. phil. >> jimmy: it is a human. >> i think, would have a hard time explaining to robin why i have gel and possum drool on my chin. >> jimmy: like being back home. a gift, courtesy of dr. phil.
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>> something i want to give you. how to get that animal off your head. >> jimmy: there you go. thank you, guillermo. we'll be right back, with erin andrews, and music from florida georgia line. so come on back. ♪ it's an extremely simple tool. but also extremely powerful. it could be used to start a poem. or finish a symphony. it's been to classrooms, boardrooms, even to space. and we can't wait to see where you'll take it next. introducing the thinner, lighter, more powerful ipad air.
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